Adishankara, Saint Jnaneshwar and Omkarananda



Sri SWAMI VENKATESANANDA, a direct disciple of His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda, who became himself a renowned spiritual leader and founder of an Ashram in Mauritius, published in an introductory note the following statement about his younger Guru-Bhai Swami Omkaranandaji:

This intuitive genius possesses the wisdom of a sage at a very young age. He has been literally burning with such a fire of thirst for knowledge that at an astoundingly early age of 25 he shines as a master of several fields of knowledge; and in his insatiable eagerness to expand the frontiers of his knowledge, he often exalts himself to heights of wisdom, from where he is able to direct the gaze of the very authorities on a subject to the truth in it that they missed. This intuitive capacity has been made possible in him, not only by his penetrating insight into men and things, but by an inborn ability to realise within himself all that he perceives and desires to understand.

This ability to realise everything within himself it was that lit within him the Lamp of Discrimination and Dispassion while he was yet in his teens.
'I realised that even the life of a monarch or a millionaire is not worth my aspiring for,' he said once. This realisation was born of his actually living the life of a monarch or millionaire within himself.

Endowed with this supreme dispassion, Omkaranandaji shines today as a bala-Jnani, a great lover of seclusion and solitude, with a fiery spirit of renunciation that knowingly, willingly, gladly and constantly spurns all the enjoyments of the universe as straw. Like Sri Sankara and Sri Jnaneshwar, Swami Omkarananda has, even while he is so young, been guiding spiritual aspirants all over the world with sublime and deep wisdom born of his enlightened intellect. He hides himself and you can hardly meet him; but his fame and his life-transforming thoughts have girdled the earth today. Hard working and devoted to the Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, Swami Omkarananda blends in himself the best among Karma Yogis, the devout Bhakta, the fiery Yogi and the resplendent Jnani. He is the best interpreter of Sri Swami Sivananda's Philosophy."

Sri Swami Venkatesanandaji closes his introductory note with a salute to the spiritual Light of his Guru-Bhai:

May we all be enabled by Gurudev's Supreme grace to walk in the footsteps of Swami Omkaranandaji and thereby make our own lives blessed."

The present President of Sivananda Ashram, His Holiness Sri Swami Chidananda Maharaj, introduced in his recorded message his Guru-Bhai Swami Omkarananda with the following words:

... a holy spiritual brother of mine, young Swami Omkarananda, whom Swamiji, our beloved master Swami Sivananda, used to call Bala Yogi, or the 'Boy Yogi'. Swami Omkarananda, a young boy Yogi, whom the master loved, and held in high esteem for his great philosophical abilities, is coming to you as a true representative of the spirit of Sannyasa, of the holy men of India. He brings to you the fresh breath of the Ganges and the Himalayas, and he is an embodiment of the silent Sannyasin who teaches by the power of his ideal life preaches through personal example more than through so many words."

Swamini SHIVAPREMANANDA, a disciple of Sri Swami Sivanandaji, a well-known German Yoga Teacher and President of the Dorschhausen branch of The Divine Life Society, stated in a letter to her students (translation from German):

"Sri Swami Omkarananda reached in very young years Self-Realisation, as was stated by his famous teacher <Sri Swami Sivananda> himself. ... A long cherished dream and deep longing to meet a selfless Yogi of Self-Realisation coming from the solitude of the Himalayas to us here in Europe out of love for the struggling humanity has come true. ... Swami Omkarananda is the highest and finest we can meet today on this earthly plane, in the fields of Spiritual Arts and Science, Yoga, Vedanta, Philosophy, and so on."

We Need the Ideal of Swami Omkarananda as presented by Dr. phil. Erwin R. Jacobi, UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH, Switzerland:

"When Swami Omkarananda came to us, he was of the very same age as Albert Schweitzer was, when he first departed for Lambarene. We as the 'Underdeveloped' and the 'Illiterate' of another type here in Central Europe than the inhabitants of Equatorial Africa yet not less needy in our poverty than they require and demand Swami Omkarananda's help and services in a great and steadily increasing number, and this in spite of the achievements of some of our big and powerful organisations which seem so secure and unfailing. It is left to the reader to continue this comparison in accordance with his own experiences and lived events.

Not only do we need the Ideal of an Albert Schweitzer in order to adjust our living and thinking in the sense of his 'Reverence for Life', but we need also the example of Swami Omkarananda, who by his very life and work is called to teach anew Goethe's 'Being Pious' in order this Piety may unfold and bear fruit in our hearts and lead us to real peace."

Dr. A. B. Maalakaraddy, M.D., Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore, India, expressed his deep reverence after his visit at Omkarananda Ashram and its Temples, which was crowned with Swamiji's Darshan:

The day of our visit to Sadguru Omkarananda Swamiji's holy Ashram shall always be remembered and cherished in our memory. The profound knowledge of the disciples at the Ashram, Sanskrit prayers and the ways of the practice of spirituality at the Ashram has astonished us. By visiting Paramapoojya Omkaranandaji's Ashram myself and my wife were enriched beyond measure to say the least. Discussions with Sadguru Swami Omkaranandaji has given me and my wife a new dimension for attainment of peace. I have come to the conclusion that he is one of the greatest
living seers who leads a perfect Vedic life of a Rishi. When I saw him, my memories went back to the ancient Indian Vedic times which have given eternal and imperishable truth to the world. Sadguruji was extremely kind enough to Bless us and he was kindness personified."






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