H.T. Question 7:

You can ask Swamiji his opinion on (a) abortion and on (b) unmarried men and women living together in the same Ashram. (c) And you can interview individual inmates of the Ashram. Ask them about their experience there.




a) Abortion

Abortion in any form and for any reason, is bad and should be discouraged. However, Hindu Dharma permits abortion in very exceptional cases, but there is no case that can be quickly defended as an exceptional case. One has to study scrupulously any special case before one can call it a very rare and exceptional case.

b) Disciplined and divinely protected men and women in the same Ashram

With reference to your question on unmarried men and women living together in the same Ashram, we do not answer concerning other organisations, institutions, Ashrams, but we refer only to our Ashram. Unmarried men and women in our Ashram follow absolutely the principle of Brahmacharya and abide by all codes of conduct dictated and determined by all-absorbing love for the supreme divine Mother, Parashakti, Parameshwari. All men in our Ashram look upon all women as direct Manifestations of the all-seeing, all-pervading Divine Mother. Moral lapses are not possible and unknown in the Ashram. Should anyone feel unable to adhere strictly to the principle of Brahmacharya and not be able to keep up his divine attitude to women as divine Mother's incarnations, he is asked to leave the Ashram.

Omkarananda Ashram is a Sri Vidya Ashram, where every lady, young or old, is adored as Divine Mother, and not as a woman. With this well established attitude, there is no question of sensual thoughts. Should however any Ashramite feel attracted to the idea of marriage, he or she will leave the Ashram.

c) Ask inmates of the Ashram about their experience there.

See the Fourth Supplement, printed as the last pages of this Questions and Answers Text.






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