Flowers of Homage to

Omkarananda Ashram



HIS DIVINITY Vedadarshanacharya Mahamandaleshwar Sri SwamiGangeshwarananda, the most celebrated exponent of Vedas and Vedic rituals and the recognized All-India Leader and founder of the G. Gangesh Chaturved Samsthan and G. G. International Ved Mission, in Bombay, who at the age of over 95 years visited the Omkarananda Ashram in Winterthur for Ved Pratishtha, was particularly delighted with the unbelievable activities of this unique Ashram, with the most holy atmosphere of its Temples and with the high quality of performance and purity of the young Sannyasis. Here are some extracts of his Tribute to Swamiji and his spiritual community:

... Ved Mata Gayatri drew us here to breathe the intoxicating Vedic atmosphere and to feel the divine touch of various mantras. I have visited a number of Ashrams and Mandirs in India and abroad, but never have experienced such a deep spiritual happiness combined with purity and simplicity.

Bhagavan Veda has chosen the most beautiful seat, where, in the constant flow of Vedic mantras, Omkar Anand is reflected. Our young teenager sister reciting Shree Suktas, Purush Suktas and Rudradhyaya mantras fluently in perfect original Sanskrit accents is indeed remarkable and highly creditable."

In his recorded speech at our Temple (which was simultaneously translated to our Ashramites by
S. Krishnamurti), he exclaimed with great joy:

I never had such an experience as I had here in Omkarananda Ashram, where I heard the children reciting the Vedas. In India even the top class Brahmins cannot pronounce it so well, and here the children did it. I had one worry that I must spread this Veda Bhagavan, the book everywhere. Now Swami Omkaranandaji has removed that worry, I am free of worry."

Sri Krishnashanker Shastri, the Founder and Trustee of both Sri Bhagawat Vidyapeeth and Sri Vallabha Nidhi, and the Editor of Janakalyan from Ahmedabad, India, visited Omkarananda International Ashram. Here below we give excerpts of his Divine Flowers" laid at the Lotus-feet of Swamiji and his devotees:

I had longed to see the Ashram, having read about it in books, and having heard from the renowned scholar of superhuman intelligence, the eminent and profound Philosopher, Shri Badrinath Shastri of Baroda, about its Founder-President, Sri Swami Omkaranandaji Tapasvi, ascetic, highly intelligent, attached to the Lotus Feet of Mother Maha Tripurasundari a pure-hearted Yogi whose fame has spread far and wide....

Moved by the divine Power, I happened to travel to Switzerland to this holy and unique place, the Ashram, during the special Puja celebration of Shri Mother Tripurasundari and Nava Durga. A heavenly grove! I have no word to speak or write but I cannot help saying that this Tapovana is nothing but the everflowing Waters of the holy river Ganges, or a hermitage made supremely divine by constant chanting of the holy Mantras and by penance a blissful state of Liberation (Nirvruti-Ananda)!

Instead of making the futile attempt of describing it in words, it would be more proper to have a bath in this holy water. When I beheld the Swamiji, I felt that I saw the Incarnation of Muni Bharadwaja, who continuously offered Ahutis at four altars and practised Mantras, Tantras, the mystic rites and philosophies. Administering the institution, discoursing, and guiding for twenty-four hours a day, with an ever-smiling face for all residents and visitors, remaining in the state of detachment, blissful, happy, and like the ever-glittering sun, one who has transcended the ego, Swamiji also advises like a close relative and benefactor, like a Divine Father and Divine Mother to all those who come in contact with him. He is proficient in whatever work is being undertaken, and is always wishing the good and welfare of all humanity. Irealised the presence of Mahayogi King Pruthu in humility, Vachaspati in morals, Bhagirath in industry, Jaimini in preaching, innocent like a child, an orator like Vasishta, like Kubera in charity, Dhruva in devotion and Prahlaad in the constant chanting of the holy Names of Divine Mother.

The Ashram is as great as the greatness of Swami Omkarananda. The Ashram is like a huge hermitage, full of devotees, who are spreading culture, spiritual ideals, faith, and all the highest values of character; and induces in visitors tranquillity, divinity, bliss and joy. What is more, the place bestows honour upon everyone; and all the aspirants seem to be the living angels of the earth, and the living souls of our most revered Swamiji."

His Holiness Sri Swami Shivapremanandaji, a direct disciple of the Sage Sri Swami Sivananda, who has his own Ashram in Argentina, commented in a letter to Swami Omkarananda about his impressions during his recent visit in his Guru-Bhai's Himalayan Ashram:

This whole day I have experienced the immense joy of being in the company of the five blessed Devaganas, devoted disciples of Yours, who have made this Omkarananda Ashram such an inspiring abode of selfless service and abiding peace... They have turned their devotion for their Guru
into marvellous institutions of social and spiritual service, of which this ancient land is in so much need and which you can really be proud of... To be with ... <them> is like being enveloped in the highest form of love and devotion that one should have for their Guru. Your spiritual presence is, of course, constantly here, in every building and in all the work done..."






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