Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2007

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Every speck of space in which we draw our daily, hourly, every moment's breath, is rich with the inexhaustible abundance of Goodness, of Godliness, of Beauty.

One has to widen one's consciousness, and deepen one's spirit, to be able to develop the vision that sees God shining in and through all matter, and the divine Reality revealing itself in and through the unreal phenomena.

Swami Omkarananda

1st week

Not only is suffering not something permanent in your nature, but there is another factor that is permanent in you: that is bliss, delight or happiness. Endless peace, endless wisdom, endless life, these are permanent features of our inner soul and consciousness. It is because there is latent in man this infinite happiness, man is seeking for happiness on earth. If there were not happiness in him, then there would be no call for happiness.

The emphasis on sorrow and suffering hinders us from progressing quickly. Mind has a tendency to get caught up in what it is thinking of. If you think more of the sufferings and imperfections of your life, the more difficult it is to conquer them. The more attention you give to the imperfections, sufferings and unhappiness, the stronger they become. The best thing is to leave negative things as they are and always proceed towards achievement of something positive.

2nd week

Let us not stop and contemplate upon our suffering, imperfection, weakness, difficulties and deficiencies. This way we are only wasting our precious time and also our more precious energy. And, what is worse, we strengthen our difficulties, deficiencies, suffering and unhappiness.

The wisest and the best thing for us would be to go on concentrating upon, and pursuing happiness, purity, goodness, greatness, nobility, holiness and divinity. Always move towards the positive, and the negative will die a natural death and in your life there shall be no more imperfection and no more suffering.

Though we are seated here in a room, let our thoughts and feelings rise and envelop the entire world in love. Let the power of love and vibrations of that power circle round the earth, reach the universes themselves, and reach the heart of the Divine.

3rd week

However difficult it may be to remain positive when we are deeply suffering, try it. What happens? We will not succeed because the suffering, the sorrow is so great. It does not matter, try again and try for the third time. Try twenty times. Slowly a little strength comes. Try for the hundredth time, more strength comes, at hundred and first time it becomes very natural and spontaneous for you to be positive. Not only this: if you don't want to be positive, what other way is there of escape from the suffering?

We are not bound for misery and unhappiness or limited power, limited knowledge, or limited life and happiness. The very genius of the evolutionary nature in you which is every day pushing you forward to acquire more power, more pleasure, more happiness, more peace, that will take you closer to an experience of unlimited happiness, peace, perfection.

4th week

In truth, in fact and in reality what is, is that infinite Consciousness of endless wonders and splendours. The limitations, the misery and also the limited happiness that we experience are our mental constructions and creations. They are the products of ignorance. In contra-distinction to this ignorance, when we awaken and arouse the omniscience in our inner being into activity, what do we experience? We experience nothing but God, God, God here, there, everywhere. And what are we in God? In God we have endless creative power. In God we can work endless wonders, miracles and marvels, because the divine Consciousness knows no limits. And our peace, perfection and power will be altogether unlimited and infinite.

Develop your talents, see God in everything, serve God in all, try to grow by every hour and every second. Address yourself to the divine Presence which you don't see now, but which is seeing you.


5th week

We have to be universal in our nature and love. The adoration of the Divine must come to us automatically, instinctively. We must be in a position to shake hands even with the empty space, because what our senses report as an empty space is in fact full of the endless wonders of divine Consciousness. Infinite strength, power and consciousness are not only in us but also in every speck of space, in each leaf. It was not the privilege of Mira alone, and the thousands of saints who have gone before her and came after her, to enjoy God's consciousness, to express God's perfection. This is your privilege, your right and your prerogative.

The divine Being is infinite reality, infinite knowledge, infinite consciousness, is also infinite love and infinite beauty. It is conscious of each of us at all times and in all places. It knows the past and the future. That is the marvellous reality, the wonder of all wonders.


6th week

Let us remember the simple fact that the greatest, mightiest, almighty power is God Himself. All powers in the world, all the forces and energies in the universe are subject to the central power of the Infinite. It is good for us to go on generating noble thoughts, great thoughts, positive thoughts, but this is not sufficient. Our own strength is inadequate. Let us add the power of God to our will-power or thought-power. Then we will be in the best position to drive away all the negative thoughts or the influence of bad evil forces by not only generating noblest, holiest, divine thoughts, but also by constantly loving God and asking God to give us more and more grace.

All the happiness in the whole world, if you sum it up and squeeze it into a cup, in comparison to the happiness of the mere thought of the Divine, is pain. All beauty in nature in comparison to the beauty of the Divine is mere darkness, limitation and ugliness.

7th week

Life is slowly leading you towards this grand experience of the divine. We will have no real peace, happiness, power and immortality unless and until we set our whole being in continued God-consciousness. And therefore we will have to develop the whole of our nature, exalt all of our being. Our eyes must be charged with love of God. With every breath let us draw into ourselves something of the power and strength of God.

Therefore by not fighting the evil forces but by preserving yourself in the centre of your devotion to the all-seeing, all-responding divine Presence, you will be in a position not merely to dispel the evil forces but also to cause in yourself a great and tremendous invincible power.

8th week

What is more powerful is not evil, but goodness. Therefore so long as you are pursuing the good alone exclusively and concentratedly, be sure that the evil will never attack you and what is most powerful, and more powerful than goodness itself, is love of God and God Himself.

After all we are not living in a mechanical, material world of maps, walls, automobiles, trains, electric lights and bricks, we are living in a world of universal forces, universal energies, universal powers. Therefore the thoughts and feelings of each individual are more valuable and more powerful in determining the destiny of humanity than what they are attempting to do with their hands and feet.

9th week

This love has its own power, this sweetness has its own power. The power of love and sweetness are far greater than the power of power. The power of power can only break, it can be crude, it can be harsh, - but the power in love is all-conquering, sweet, calm, serene, divine, all-effective, all-conquering, all-victorious, all-harmonising.

Nature is aware of what I am, because nature is not set in the limitations in which the human mind finds itself. Nature is pure and is worked by the mind of the Divine, and therefore is in a position to reflect the whole of our inner being.

The greater the concentration, and the more we are with only one thing, the more is the intelligence and the richer it is, though it seems to be always empty, luminous. So, go on repeating the mantra always, control the mind, bring it back again and again to the Divine.

10th week

Reason brings you a powerful experience of the Divine. If you are merely told "There is a God, please believe in him!" then it is only a mere faith, a mere belief which is constantly broken down. The students say that there is no God. The professor says that it is stupid and primitive to believe in God, and the faith breaks. Anything can break the faith. Reason on the other hand strengthens real faith in the Divine. If there is only one Truth, one Reality (as reason has discovered) then that Reality is everywhere. If it is everywhere it can be contacted anywhere, at any time - in the table, in space, in the air, in the body, everywhere, in all places, in all beings, at all times, in all circumstances. It can be experienced, it can be perceived, it can be known and its peace enjoyed, its happiness shared.

11th week

Mind is a Principle that operates in the world of dualities. Mind is something that tells you it is night now, something that tells you it is cold now, something that tells you that there is the tape-recorder. Something that gives you understanding that the person next to you is your enemy, something that makes you feel that the person opposite to you is your best friend. So mind is the creator of this world of limitations, of oppositions. It is a Principle that functions in time and space, whereas the divine Consciousness in you is beyond time and space, the divine Consciousness in you is timeless, spaceless, infinite and unlimited. That is God in you.

If someone somewhere has devotion and faith, this divine Principle which is nameless, timeless, spaceless and which is knowing everything, at once understands the demand of the heart of the devotee, the faithful heart of the human individual, and responds to the demand.

12th week

Is love a characteristic, a quality of matter? Certainly not, it is a characteristic, a quality of the spirit of God in us. It is because the spirit of God is in us that we have larger impulses, wider views, greater thoughts, faith in the divine. And a readiness to do everything in order to follow the footsteps of the great Lord who leads us into salvation. Because there is the spirit of God in each of us, constantly there arise spiritual aspirations in us, constantly there springs up a mood to pray, constantly there arises a demand to know God, to feel Him, to recognize Him.

Our inability to perceive God should not give us any stupid courage to deny the existence of God. Your inability to see your own intelligence does not empower you to deny the existence of your intelligence. More so the denial of the Divine becomes impossible.

13th week

Today I think it is not the East but the West which is in search of higher values and an earnest demand for God and God-experience. This is a natural consequence of the material opulence that Western humanity has built up for itself. Today the Western mind at its best, and in its cultural sensitivity, is deeply conscious of the limitations of a purely materialistic life. People are growing increasingly conscious of the limitations, short-comings and inadequacies of a purely economically self-sufficient and materially well-furnished life.

By your own power, strength and wisdom you cannot conquer negative emotions such as anger. A power higher than your own, a will other than your own must also be brought into play in order that your conquest may be perfect and immediate.

14th week

There are so many Saints who did not have masters. How did they achieve perfection and God within? So, God does provide us with the help within us or from outside. But it is a great blessing if we have an external master. But I pray to you, don't accept false masters. Try, examine, cross-examine the master first. Wait and see if he is always good, always pure.

Wait and see if he is the person for you. Be calm, be gentle, and go on thinking about it and let your inner heart, your conscience disclose to you if he is the right person.

The cosmos is not great, the mountains are high for the ordinary person, but they are a tiny pin-point for the spiritual heart which is wider than the skies. All the cosmos is like a small carpet for the soul that has expanded in God-consciousness.

15th week

When we become pure more pure and full of love of God, naturally something of the Omniscience of God slips into our heads. The past and future is disclosed to us, as an open book. Not only see what has happened 10,000 years ago, but also the inner consciousness is in a position to see what is going to happen 10,000 years later. All these are unbelievable to the scientific mind, to the human mind, but they are everyday experiences of the inner mind, our mind.

Our hatred, evil forces, bad thoughts and bad ways release forces which must find some expression somewhere. And this unfortunately affects the elements and the elements react in that manner which results in the natural calamities.

16th week

But there are also several other truths operating simultaneously with this truth. It is not necessary that a human body should be subjected to periodical sickness or bodily difficulties in order that it may remain in harmony, that necessity arises only when we have violated one or two health Principles, and natural rules of life. Even so, the calamities that visit humanity are not inevitable or very necessary, but they become necessary when humanity in the years past has consistently been on the wrong path.

It is possible and also inevitable that you should constantly seek to widen your wisdom and deepen your love. Ultimately and in the final analysis there is no force, no power, no circumstance in life, no situation which you cannot master by your love for God and by your approach to the divine Grace. God is not someone who is far away from us, but a power and a presence available to us here and now.

17th week

The divine consciousness is unaffected by whatever is happening on earth or in the universal systems. Not one atom-bomb and one nuclear weapon, but 10,000 atom-bombs and nuclear weapons cannot affect the inner soul. The nuclear weapons can destroy only what is perishable, not what is imperishable. In the vast universal system such explosions are constant, thousands of worlds are being destroyed and recreated with every second. Humanity cannot create one life, but God is unlimited in His capacity for creating millions of people within the twinkling of an eye. Our small little earth is but a speck of dust in the universal system, and the entire universal system is nothing for God. He can simply roll it up like a small mattress. So, atomic bombs and nuclear weapons can frighten the small hearts, but do not move the hearts that are reposed in God-Consciousness.

18th week

There are about one hundred types of meditation. I personally feel that all these types of meditation are not generally directed towards God-experience. They are employed for purposes of relaxation, finding some kind of mental passing peace, for quieting the nerves, and for some other similar purposes and aims. If our aim is approaching the heart of meditation, as all of us are seekers of the Divine, our goal is God Himself.

The Self we are required to realize is not the psychological Self, not the emotional, weak-willed, sinful little personal self, it is the Godhead in us. It is the pure self-luminous, self-contained, immortal Principle in us. It is the pure and all-perfect Kingdom of God within us. Therefore anyone who is seeking for an experience of God is also seeking for an experience of the Self, because the Self is God,and God is the Self.

19th week

Ancient minds have tumbled upon some invisible reality as the basis of all life. Man in ancient times raised a specific fundamental question concerning life, having observed nature in its action and self-expression with a keen intelligence. He had sought to unfold some of the higher powers of his heart and mind, and sought an answer to the question whether or not there is a God. The results of his best efforts are with us as an ancient legacy. Therefore we have the richest legacy with us, come down to us from ancient times concerning the existence and nature of God. The search for knowledge of God by the ancient man has been successful.

Some prayers, though they are extremely worldly are also answered, because the praying mind in its attempt to pray for a split second forgets its wordliness and is conscious of the Divine. That split-second is enough - the prayer is answered. The praying mind has been touched by the all-wondrous Divine Grace and presence.

20th week

Now, among the forms of prayer there are some which confine themselves exclusively to asking of God worldly gifts. There is nothing wrong in such approach to the Divine. Every child of God, everyone born on earth has a right to ask from God everything that is essential for a happy, progressing evolving life. So we might go to God even for worldly gifts. But it would be wisdom on our part to go to God for grace, for light, for knowledge, for more faith, for we know from our experience in life that though we have all the gifts, and all the essentials of life - all that we think is necessary and needed for a decent and happy comfortable life - yet we are unhappy.

Mysterious is the creation of the Divine. All the mysteries are resolved when the human heart deeply loves the Divine. One's own being stands fully illuminated by the divine knowledge. That is the final fruit of devotion, of divine love.

21st week

The wisdom in us, our love for God, must persuade us to seek from the Infinite the materials of the kingdom of heaven, not materials for a world we wish to build. Science and technology have answered our needs for making a heaven around us by improving agriculture, increasing our life-span, fighting against diseases, and placing almost superhuman powers in our hands. In an hour we can cross thousands of miles, we are masters of nature, of land, water, sea and air. But if we are as unhappy, as restless as the man thousands of years ago, it is not an act of wisdom to ask from God just those very conditions and materials which have failed and are continuing to fail in their promises of giving us peace, joy and happiness.

Every second must be used to its full capacities. Time is very precious, every second must be fully utilized, all the capacities of the mind and heart and will must function to their full capacity.

22nd week

There is no prayer that God does not hear, he is an all-hearing ear. He is an allseeing eye. We are not in a material world, we are beings in His all-sensitive heart. Every movement of our hand receives a response from the Divine, and every prayer arising from the love of a heart, from the faith of a soul, and from the knowledge of a purified mind is answered. God is always hearing. We have not developed the capacity to hear Him.

God is always seeing us, we have not yet opened our eyes to see Him. God is always feeling for us and pouring His infinite love into us. By our ignorance, egoism, vanity and conceit, we have not yet learned to open the doors in order that His love, light and grace might flood us.

23rd week

The whole life could be made a life of prayer. To render the life a life of prayer is very essential. Everything in life must remind us of God. The burning candle must at once tune us to the Infinite Light everywhere. The beauty in nature at once elevates our minds to an experience of the ineffable, infinite beauty of the Godhead. The tenderness and the affection in our mothers must at once make us intensively conscious of the all-merciful, all-loving nature of God. Whatever we see, it must at once remind us of God. Every circumstance and impact of life must put us in tune with the infinite Divine Consciousness.

Offer to the Divine the whole cosmos, everything wonderful, everything beautiful, and also the powers of your intelligence, your will, your heart, your life and all your possessions. This is the way to prosper immensely.

24th week

God is a river of all-purifying, all-transforming, all-healing waters. There is no use of standing on the bank of this river, reciting a few prayers, crying, "Lord, Lord!" Such a prayer is of no consequence. If the prayer has to be effective, the praying person must step into this river, take a dip in these waters. Such a prayer alone is the most fruitful prayer. That drenches us in the waters of all-purifying, all-transforming, all-healing God-consciousness.

Prayer is the greatest need of the soul in us, it is a tremendous power that alone can break all the human chains, bondages and limitations. Man as he is, is a finite individual, exposed to every kind of misery, trial and tragedy from every side. Man is never safe on earth: the only way out for him is somehow to touch the Infinite, somehow to associate himself with this absolute divine Consciousness, to call upon this Godhead within him, around him, everywhere; somehow to attune himself with the Infinite. That 'somehow' is prayer.

25th week

Prayer is something that is required of us, not by superstition, not by a blind belief, not so much by the religion into which we are born, or even by the very trials we face and encounter in daily life, but by the very nature of our inner being. We have to get back to the source of infinite power, of God-consciousness; and therefore no man on earth will ever escape the need for prayer. Millions who do not pray today are numbered among those who are to pray tomorrow. If it is not knowledge and goodness that drives them to prayer, at least the hand of suffering will. Blessed are those few individuals whose hearts are pure, and therefore without any external pressure or trial in life, are responsive to the divine Presence, and by such very responsiveness are in a condition of prayer.

26th week

Prayer in this sense is a wonderful art of growing into Godhood. It is a magnificent process of transforming ourselves into divine nature. Since in the condition of prayer the whole heart, mind and soul of man arise and sense, feel, know and experience the Divine, we should say that prayer transforms human emotions, exalts all that is divine in our being, liberates us from human limitations and releases us into a world of indescribable peace, joy and strength, into a world of knowledge, light and creative consciousness.

Every prayer must be a kind of spiritual experience for us. And therefore we have to go to God with a heart full of love, trust and confidence, with a self that is surrendered to Him, and a nature that is submissive to Him. So that through that very submissiveness it may absorb into itself the strength, the light, the grace of God.

27th week

Man is like a drop, and God is the ocean. If in self-conceit or egoism the drop isolates itself from the ocean, if it seeks to remain apart and separate from the ocean, it perpetually lives under the threat of being dried up. But the moment the drop sinks into the ocean through the power of prayer, it at once acquires the illimitable strength and proportions of the ocean, all the vastness and grandeur of the ocean. The moment man, through the power of prayer, sinks into the ocean of God-Consciousness, he becomes a super-human individual, he grows conscious of the infinite strength, power and vastness of the inner Consciousness. It is then that he is conscious of his intimate relations with the Godhead, the Father in Heaven. It is from then on that his attempt at being as perfect as the Father in heaven begins. So prayer is something that intimately binds us to the vastness, the power, the nature, the grandeur of Godhead.

28th week

Prayer is a mode of talking with God, it is a way of walking with God. Prayer is any condition of our inner consciousness in which we are intensively aware of God's presence and power. Prayer is a way of communing with God. It is the art of elevating our mind and staying it upon the divine Consciousness. It is a kind of fellowship with God. It is a recovering in our experience of our intimate and dynamic relations with the Infinite. There are many ways by which we can pray, there are many forms of prayer. As a matter of fact, each individual soul has its own peculiar and individual way of approach to the Divine.

Consciousness was in the beginning. From consciousness has emerged matter, and all nature is founded upon matter. In nature there is life-phenomena. In life-phenomena there is something called the operation of mind.

29th week

Now we understand another secret that all of us are one. Where? Not in our bodies, not even in our minds. One mind is more educated, another mind is less educated. One mind is more cultured, another mind is less cultured. One mind is idiotic, and another mind is brilliant. So we are not one in our minds, nor are we one in our hearts. One heart is full of love and mercy, another heart is now loving, now hating. So we are not identical with each other, either in our hearts, or in our minds, or in our bodies. Where are we one with each other? In that divine Consciousness. The divine Consciousness in me and the divine Consciousness in Mrs. X is one and the same. Whatever may be her relations with her body to her children, she is part and parcel of my inner divine heart, in her inner divine Consciousness.

30th week

We have been living in a profound ignorance concerning our relations with the Divine. Therefore we have behaved as human beings and have accomplished only human pain and pleasures, human love and hate, human frustrations and attainments.

There is a happiness which is independent of all these - a happiness which is natural to us, a happiness which does not depend on anything, a happiness which is entirely divine; and this happiness is the characteristic nature and feature of the divine Principle in us, which is imperishable and immortal. Greatest men of mystical experiences, wisest men who have obtained highest heights of spiritual development, are in constant and continuous possession of this independent, imperishable, permanent, happiness. This knowledge or happiness emerges from a dynamic experience of the divine Consciousness.

31st week

There are many types of pleasure and forms of happiness, but none of these are lasting. None of these forms of happiness are independent - the happiness of the philosopher is dependent upon his philosophic activity, the happiness of the sensuous person is dependent upon his senses and his sense-objects, the happiness of the philanthropic, humanitarian, moral individual is dependent upon his acts of service, selflessness and his spirit of sacrifice.

Mind is simply magical in its manifestations. But this power that is called mind is itself a negative shadow, a nothing projected by the divine Consciousness which is all-luminous, all light. When such a negative force as mind is capable of such marvels, how many more indescribable marvels is not the inner Consciousness within you capable of?

32nd week

I do give common mantras to people, but these also will lead to the same goal, but it takes time. Where the mystical mantras are imparted the pupil himself will have supernormal consciousness after constant practice under the right conditions. That supernormal consciousness will enable him to establish continuous contact with the master, he need not have to be in my physical presence in order to exchange ideas. The contact he establishes is through consciousness. In this case, supposing he dies at this stage, in the next life he will continue just from where he left. Even when he is at the age of seven, a master comes and initiates him into the same mantra. That master could be the same master, or it could be that Divinity of that mantra - for the Divinity, the mantra and the master are one in the inner divine Consciousness.

33rd week

If that person begins to talk of his divine experiences Divinity will turn its back on him, and he shall no more have any divine experience for several years to come. So, in this way there are many things concerning the life of that person which cannot be disclosed and which are not a matter for publication or for the public; but the master who is initiating or giving a mantra to that person is himself one who has experienced the final results of the mystical mantra.

A master in this field is not bound by the physical body and its limitations. The inner being compounded of divine Consciousness and light can be withdrawn and can move about anywhere, can manifest itself in hundreds of places around the world.

34th week

Take the instance of Einstein: shifting his attention from physical things and the physical world to the stellar regions, when he observes the wonders and wondrous activity of the universes beyond, he is drawn to the conclusion within himself that it is all governed by some universal, infinite Intelligence. In his own heart he is bound to conclude that there is some infinite consciousness or intelligence operating in the universal processes. At this stage the universe is being explained, and accounted for, in terms of infinite intelligence. Here the approach to the experience, to the nature of the universe is not in terms of matter, of motion, of blind universal infinite energy or force, but in terms of an infinite all-conscient Intelligence.

Any limitation is an unfortunate condition. To exceed the limitations is the primary function of the Truth, and its attributes. Harmony , beauty and love are also attributes of Truth. Through all these one exceeds the limitations of life.

35th week

Some scientists restrict their study to accounting for experience and the universal phenomena in terms of vibrations. In the same way psychologists could also speak of vibrations. They could say every thought is a vibration, they could say that every feeling is a vibration: anger is a vibration, love is a vibration, your experience of the world is a vibration, your breath is a vibration. The spiritualists and the occultists can account for the world in terms of vibrations. They could say when you are in love with God you release creative, beneficent, marvellous vibrations; when you hate someone or are full of jealousy, your vibrations are destructive and so on. So, it is true but this is one way of explaining experience and the world.

The disciplines essential for the realization of every power and nature of Godhead are purely disciplines of mind and heart. External physical disciplines might help the internal disciplines, but by themselves they have no virtue.

36th week

If you are given endless youthhood, and this world is converted into a paradise for you, and if you do not taste the pleasure of this eternal youthhood and the paradise; or if you are placed right in the heart of hell where you see ghostly, horrifying figures and you are presented with sights of terrifying, heart-breaking sufferings, and if nothing in you is touched by sorrow or unhappiness, if you are in the same state of consciousness of infinite joy, peace and perfection, - then you are in cosmic Consciousness.

No poet can compose any wonderful piece of poetry without entering into a high state of inspiration. Therefore the poet struggles hard to elevate himself to an inspired condition. Only in an inspired condition can he receive new knowledge, perceptions, ideas and images. So, only in a condition of inspiration does the spiritual aspirant perceive the Divine and receive new divine revelations. It is only in a higher state of consciousness that there is the possibility of perception of the Divine.

37th week

By constant repetition of the mantras all the invisible worlds are touched. The divine Reality, which is pervading everything, is touched. You need not have to go to the distant star and touch it; you have only to repeat the mantra, and automatically you touch the star. You need not struggle hard to see the invisible worlds, you have only to repeat the mantra and automatically you are put in touch with the invisible worlds. Thus the mantra is the wonder of wonders, it is the Reality Itself, the Divinity Itself, it is boundless, illimitable, the essence of everything, subtler than space, present everywhere - within space and 'outside' space. It is the wonder of wonders. Though the ignorant man thinks nothing is happening when the mantra is being repeated, there are a million changes that are taking place with every repetition.

38th week

All great things are perceived inwardly - beautiful ideas of the poet, the beautiful palace of the architect, the face of the divine in the saintly person or a new truth of the cosmos in the scientist. All these are perceived inwardly, they are not seen externally. Externally one sees only what is physical, changing, perishing. It is through the inner consciousness that all these persons see higher realities. Though sometimes the physical eyes are employed by the inner perceiving consciousness, yet the inner perceiving consciousness is independent of the physical eyes; therefore it can see even without physical eyes. So mantra opens this inner perception.

To sleep a little more is easy, natural, everybody does that, - but to sacrifice a little of that sleep for studies or meditation is difficult. To do the difficult things is to be purified. Purity comes as the result of doing difficult, impossible things.

39th week

Spiritual aspirants are the daring spirits on earth. Their whole inner being is aflame with a knowledge which is fundamental. They are satisfied with nothing in life, except endless knowledge, endless illumination, endless peace and joy, endless power and consciousness. Wealth, however great, holds no temptation for them. Pleasures of life, however great, do not tie them to the earth. Nothing in the world can detain them or attract their attention. They are men of vision, of faith, of tremendous intelligence. They are governed by discrimination and a restless pursuit of higher knowledge, a knowledge beyond the best books in our libraries.

Concentration is the secret of genius, the secret of unending happiness, peace, stillness and creative consciousness. Where there is concentration there is genius, there is highest saintliness, there is experience of the one thing.

40th week

Man's strength does not lie in millions, in the possessions of the kingdoms, nor in the possession of scientific genius, in being world-famous, nor in any of the things of the earth. The strength of man lies in Godhead. The strength, power, glory and happiness of man consist in his intimate relations with the Infinite. As a finite being, as a mortal, as a human individual there is no access open to him to endless peace, happiness, power or endless life. Unless he transcends the limitations of the human personality, unless he ceases to be one object among the millions of objects that animate the universe, unless he regains the God-consciousness which is already in him and becomes the king of the Kingdom of God within himself, he cannot have the peace that passeth understanding, he can have no perfection that is really perfect, and he cannot have the power that is unlimited and therefore all-complete. This made Buddha renounce his kingdom and family, and go about the world as a beggar, into the forest in search of enlightenment. In this, what method of God-realization do we discover? In this we find a grand detachment from earthly things.

41st week

Constantly withdraw your mental consciousness from this world of time, space and causation, by a continuous reflection upon the nature of the timeless, spaceless, causeless Godhead within you, around you, and everywhere. While all the time the physical eyes report the diversity of the universe, the manyness and the multiplicity in the world, put the eye of the mind, of the consciousness forward, and see everywhere the same substance, the same power, the same light, animating, throbbing, ruling. You have to be yourself infinite if you wish to know and experience the Infinite.

Godward-movement is not the physical movement of the body towards some destination. It is a movement of our inner being. It is a growth in our love and knowledge, it is a development in our faith and vision. Spiritual unfoldment means the unfoldment of the highest divine consciousness in us. The science of divine perfection is essentially a science of consciousness.

42nd week

With the constant singing of the mantra the spiritual heart finds the whole world filled with the light and beauty of the Divine. Everywhere there seems to be the presence of the all-beautiful, all-blessing, all-protecting divinity. As the mantra is being repeated, the consciousness expands and everywhere the light and the beauty of the Divine is visible. A new world is entered, a world of the wonders of the divine Consciousness. The Divine is present here and there, everywhere. One becomes a cosmic personality, one is filled with the joy that is derived from the largest and the holiest and most divine thoughts and feelings.

While repeating the mantra the centre of the consciousness has to be focussed on the Divine, something in the background must occupy itself with the Divine, with every repetition of the mantra, though all works are being conducted with the marginal consciousness.

43rd week

True spiritual life is a flower of God. It is most wonderful. It knows peace, it is treasured by God Himself, it is a wonder. Thus the spiritual heart lives here on earth as an ambassador of God sent into this difficult world in order that he may quickly accomplish many good works. The secret of this intense and absorbing work is that it lifts you above your limitations. One idle moment is sufficient to introduce doubts and difficulties, depressions and problems, comparisons and worries - all kinds of difficulties. So long as you are occupied and absorbed in doing something good, you are liberated. You are free from all limitations.

Life is a challenging circumstance calling each individual to rise up to a constant and permanent experience of this abiding beauty of the divine Presence. The meaning and central hidden aim of the art of an artist and a sculptor like Herr Cobé lies in going beyond this external art into the heart of infinite divine beauty.

44th week

So pure is the heart of the spiritual aspirant that it speaks the truth, and if somebody asks, "What is your name?" inwardly his heart answers, "My name is infinite happiness, divine joy, continuous unbroken spiritual happiness." When asked "From whom have you descended?" He does not say the usual answer like other people. In his heart he knows he is descended from the Divine, and the highest sages and saints are his forefathers. All the world is for him his home, secretly he loves everyone as dear to him as the Divine. He is secretly serving others, he is always engaged in works for others, and he has always has the feeling that he is in the highest heaven.

All artistic works and all musical phenomena are only a springboard in order that we may plunge ourselves into the ocean of delight, beauty and perfection. It is a mere school which leads us to something beyond itself, and that which we are led to is the divine Reality. If you know the Divine you will know everything else.

45th week

As you repeat the mantras, repeat with all the strength of your heart, will, mind, spirit and faith. Every time you repeat the mantra it must explode into the whole cosmos, it must penetrate into all matter - into the astral world, the psychic world, the spiritual world, into all worlds, into the air, space, everywhere. Let it penetrate everything, and produce for you the divine light, presence, grace, beauty, peace, strength and happiness.

Cultivate a wonderful nature and see that God's own light, grace and intelligence will express itself through you. Mentally fall at the feet of everyone whom you have disliked or you are jealous of. Thus wash away some bad karma and try to cling to the mantra, and do all your works with joy, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. The more difficult the work is, the more you are blessed. Anybody can do easy work. To do the difficult work cheerfully, that is greatness. That is godliness, that is the way to progress.

46th week

Let God rise from your eyes, from your hairs, from your body, from all around you. See only God, feel only God, express only God. Work for God, live for God, breathe for God, eat for God, do everything for God. Be inseparable from God as the shadow is inseparable from the person who is walking in the sunshine.

How intensely does a man meditate on the Divine, a person on his death-bed who knows that in half an hour he has to die? So intensively meditate intensely on the Divine. Let the face of the Divine with the brilliance of a hundred suns shine before you. Intensely concentrate on the beauty of the face of the Divine, the beauty which makes you happier than if you look at the most beautiful person in the whole world, a beauty beyond description. Let that beautiful face of the Divine haunt you. Let the light of a hundred suns from the face of the Divine shine in your body and render your world brilliant. As you repeat the mantra, find the Divinity rising from every point of space, from every wall, from every person, out of everything. Intensely concentrate on the Divine.

47th week

One little meditation in a pure place where the people do not eat meat, where the people do not subsist on killing an animal and eating its flesh; one minute of meditation where the people are constantly thinking of God, where the people serve God for God's own sake and not for money's sake; one minute of meditation where the lights are burning all the 24 hours, where the names of God are being uttered all the 24 hours; one minute of meditation in a place from where strength, light, peace, and joy are conveyed to the world through words of divine wisdom; one minute of meditation amidst ten or twenty people whose hearts and minds are centered on the Divine, - is infinitely more valuable than all the pleasures of the world. One minute of meditation in such a place is infinitely more valuable than all the treasures of the world. Therefore, in this meditation concentrate all your attention on the Divine.

48th week

There is the Divine in man. The human individual's greatest delusion is that while God is everywhere man does not seem to find Him anywhere; that while the Divine is constantly living in and by and around him, he does not know it. We are generally so preoccupied with many things that we are not conscious that we are breathing and that we subsist on the breath. Even so all the time God is walking with you as you walk, sitting with you as you sit, watching you all the time, and you do not know it, even as you do not know that you are breathing. You are so preoccupied with other things, things other than the Divine, that you do not know that God IS at all. This delusion has to be broken by constant spiritual inner practices.

49th week

Instead of a monkey trying to find its expression through our intelligence, will and actions, we must permit the knowledge of the Divine to express itself through our intelligence. We must permit the impulses of the universal and boundless spiritual love to find their expression through our heart. We must express a divine character, we must know that we are infinitely more than what we are in the body. In our consciousness of the Divine and our inner oneness with the Divine we are timeless, spaceless, beauty, love, perfection, and grace. These must be expressed.

Not only are we descendants from the heavenly kingdom, but we bear the whole of the kingdom in ourselves. We are shrines of God-consciousness. We are points and centres of an infinite, divine Being. There is in us an illimitable joy, peace, perfection and light.


50th week

Yes, there is much that the human individual shares with the monkey. But this is only a superficial thing, it can be outgrown. Man has higher capacities, he has faith in the Divine, he can love the beautiful, he can pursue higher divine knowledge. He can transform himself, he can gain divine grace and liberate himself from all human weaknesses. He can become one with the heart of the Divine and, sharing the perfection of the Divine, consciously experience immortality and divine perfection. These higher capacities distinguish man from the rest of the animal kingdom. These must constantly express themselves in our lives. We have to execute our daily works with a spiritual attitude, and with surrender to the all-seeing, all-blessing, omnipresent, all-loving Divinity.


51st week

Within this body and psychological complex there is the supreme Principle. By its very Presence it inspires the highest creative activity and greatest aspirations in the human individual, because it is itself the greatest thing. It is infinite beauty, absolute reason, harmony, peace and happiness. It is a condition of indescribable and infinite perfection. That is God, that is the supreme Principle. The outer manifestation is a limited condition, and can find no real rest until it reverts back to its infinite condition of infinite perfection. And therefore we find everything that is manifest, being bound in limitations, tend towards That which is unmanifest, That which is all-perfect, That which is full of knowledge, peace, joy, power, and perfection in life.

The extent of creation, visible and invisible, baffles the human intelligence, so grand is the creation; and more grand is the creative divine Presence and Intelligence. Relate yourself with that Intelligence, depend on the Divine, increase your knowledge of the Divine.


52nd week

So long as we are completely dominated by the knowledge and the experience of the body and the psychological entity, this divine Reality, - the supreme Principle, to which we have a greater access and an easier access than to the space, - this has to be reflected upon. It has to be understood, it has to be known. Yet, unless our intelligence is highly developed we are not in a position to conduct an independent inquiry into the nature of the divine Principle in ourselves. Therefore we need the aid of the experience and the knowledge gathered by the greatest minds in the world who have dedicated their lives to the discovery and knowledge of this supreme Principle. Here the great thoughts of the greatest philosophers would constitute a valuable aid. If you understand those thoughts, reflect upon them, you find that your own intelligence becomes more luminous and clear.


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