Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2003

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


God is absolute Love. He is unlimited in His love for you.

Therefore, He loves you even when you cut yourself off from Him, turn away from Him. When you turn Him out, He does not turn you out. He, in His Love, gives you even the freedom to turn against Him.

By turning against Him, you do not find Him cut you off from Himself, it is you who cut yourself off from Him. But as you cannot subsist without Him, your condition of being cut off from Him causes you so much of unhappiness, misery, helplessness, problems and trials - ultimately - that you once again turn to Him.

The wise turn to Him, without having to undergo the trials of turning away from Him only to turn back again to Him.

God loves you even when you are not with Him. Though you are not with Him, He is yet with you.

- Swami Omkarananda

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1st week

Our prayers, Mantras, are not hymns in words, but organic Powers establishing between us and the Divinity organic relations, blood relations, relations which were there always and are always, - establishing in the sense of revealing, disclosing our blood relations with the Divine.

It is on the basis of this fact that you are supremely blessed, and it is in this relation I stand to you for ever and ever consciously.

Every Mantra is not only a God-revelation but a God-Presence, God Himself. It is the Divine Power which reveals itself by means of a Sound-body through the tone.

For this reason, a spiritual seeker should do all in his power to become one with the Divinity, by means of the Mantra. As far as he succeeds, the Mantra-power is joined to the strength and warmth of his adoration. The Mantra is awakened by the power of the surrender and the adoration.

2nd week

Every time you repeat the Mantra you are in immediate contact with the Divine Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience.

Breathe a breath of the Mantra upon your hands, they will be divinised.

Breathe a breath of the Mantra upon your food; it will be consecrated, vitaminised, rendered pure and wholesome.

Breathe a breath of the Mantra upon your bed, and it will grant you sound sleep, and health and a repose in the Divine Consciousness.

Mantra grants you highest Self-knowledge.

So long as you are repeating the Mantra, you are living in your own world of God-consciousness! To that extent the external world is shut out. Though you are living and moving and working in the external world.

Thousands of greatest Yogis have realised highest Divinity, through Mantra. Why not you?

3rd week

As you walk and repeat the Mantra, hundred of the angels and invisible higher beings, walk with you, though unseen by you, to listen to your Mantra-repetition.

Though they be millions of kilometres away from your place, they at once receive telepathic, spiritual intimation, and in minutes, there they are with you. They at once know that these mystical syllables are their life, their sustainer.

The invisible entities on the mountains, in the forests, anywhere in the world, will befriend you, hear your Mantra, unseen by you. When you acquire mystical powers, you will be able to see them directly. Till then it is enough for you to place faith in the reports of those who have gone before you, and have recorded for your welfare those experiences. Do you not have faith in a doctor when he says that you have such and such a complaint, and its remedy is this? Even so you must have faith in the spiritual Master and his words.

4th week

Condition the Heart to greatest feelings, entertain them again and again.

Long to burn as a Light for the world.

Long to be like a tree which goes on bearing fruits year after year, by the thousand, for others' benefit, and never eats its own fruits.

Long to be like the sun, which shines for others, and on all equally, whether one be good or bad, rich or poor, great or small. Develop equal vision.

Live the life heroically, bravely.


Send the force of your love, and the power of your Mantra-repetition through ether, through the Space, through all Matter, through the element of Fire in manifestation.

Travel back in time and repeat the Mantra. Travel forward in time, a million years hence, and repeat the Mantra. Conquer time, and be timeless and repeat the Mantra.

Spread yourself all over the universe and the cosmos and repeat the Mantra and meditate. Thus let there be no space where you are not, and be spaceless and adore the Divine.


5th week

Do not leave the air to pass by, unless it discloses God's presence. Ask it to disclose God's face. Do not allow the birds fly, ask them to disclose the Presence divine. Do not see any man pass, unless in your inner heart you ask him to disclose God's presence.

Repeat the Mantra, standing out of the body, and by being of the form of God Himself. He is accessible to Himself, He knows Himself. Be all in thy being God, before you fully adore and experience Him.

Sometimes become all the creatures great and small, and as creatures great and small adore God.

Sometimes become the heart in all men and women in the world, and adore God.


6th week

In meditation, we move from the natural to the Supernatural, from the world of the senses to the world of Consciousness, from the finite to the Infinite, from the multiplicity to Oneness, from the creation to the Creator, from the world of pain and pleasure to the Kingdom of Heaven, from time and space into the timeless and spaceless world of light.

Meditation is a process by which we become inwardly united with God-consciousness and enjoy that infinite peace, which can belong only to God-consciousness, that joy that is His.

Meditation is the keeping of an unceasing flow of God-consciousness.

In the preliminary stages, meditation is the art of looking within. If all in you is not yet a beautiful garden, chisel the rock into a statue, cut down that forest, clear the ground here, plant flower-plants there. Thus make a beautiful garden.

7th week

Meditation is not a mental discipline; mind is suspended in its activity. Meditation is an energization of the inner spiritual consciousness in us. Meditation is the functioning of the highest consciousness in us. And meditation is not possible until we transcend, not only the body, the environments and the limitations, but also the limitations of the mind.

Meditation is shifting the attention of the consciousness from the appearances to the Reality, and fixing the consciousness upon the essence of the Reality until the consciousness is full of the Reality, its power, its grace, its peace, its perfection.

All that precedes the attainment of such a state, cannot be called meditation as such, but only the preparatory to it. It is by courtesy and in concession we tend to designate even such preliminary disciplines as trying by the mind to counteract something, or rendering it still, as meditation.

8th week

Why it is always best to meditate on some recognised great Mystic or Incarnation of Godhead? Because, how can you establish very intimate and dynamic relations with the Divine, which is unseen, invisible, infinite, indescribable, absolute? It is possible by that, which you can understand, know, feel, recognise, see.

Also because it is infinitely better than meditation on a black dot, or on the breath, or counting your breathing, or meditation on the blue sky, or meditation by attempting to empty the mind.

Give yourselves greatest benefit by meditation on GOD, rather than on a black dot, or on counting the breaths, or on any such fantastic method. Always it is GOD that must be touched.

God comes to you as a personality if you so desire. If your approach to the Divine is difficult, you can choose some Personality of the Divine itself, for meditation.

9th week

Keep a meditative mood all through the day. From the very morning when we leave our bed, we should enter into a meditative mood and keep this until we go to sleep. Heavy work will be put on us. It is normal that we shall experience many difficulties. Modern life is complicated, for there are far too many duties which must be 'absolved'. Therefore, we should relax from time to time and think of the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of God.

Before Meditation: Should any thought other than the Divine seek to come to you, at once start arranging the altar for God in your inner consciousness, and bring the very best articles, mentally, from all the world, and arrange the altar.

Always greet each other with the Mantra, and bid adieu with the Mantra.

10th week

The "I am" in you is all-wonderful. By this continued consciousness of the 'I am' in all, in everything, by this consciousness of the One in the many, and the many in that One, you acquire universal existence, cosmic existence, divine realisation. You behold a new world, in the old world of names and forms that the things and persons disclose to the senses.

When the 'I am' in you puts forth its capacities, you have intuitive perception, revelatory wisdom, direct knowing of things. Your modes of knowledge are fare more perfect than the workings of the reason at its best, of the intellect in its supreme power and order.

When you are conscious that there is the 'I am' in everyone, and that 'I am' in you is the same as the 'I am' in all therefore if you love others truly, you will be loving yourself truly; if you bless others truly, you will be blessing yourself truly. If you in any way harm or entertain thoughts of harm, you will be harming yourself.

Behold the truth that you are living in a world wherein you predominate, you alone are everywhere in all things, persons, beings.

11th week

Sometimes it so happens that the inner concentration on the flame of the Divine, and the image of the Divine therein, is difficult - at such times, quietly look at the external flame of a candle, and perceive in that flame the Divine. This physical aid is necessary to secure inward mental concentration.

There have been some saints who by nothing more than mere repetition of the Mantra, have scaled the highest heights of God-consciousness.

Adore the Godhead in yourself, the Godhead in the humanity. Adore the Godhead in all nature. Adore the Godhead in His own Transcendence. This fourfold-adoration will work wonders.

12th week

Even as the contents of the unconscious in us are brought into conscious experience, by their own laws of expression, the contents of the Superconsciousness in us come into active operation in our conscious life, through laws of their own self-expression.

And, even as one can bring some of the contents of the unconscious into conscious awareness, by the methods devised by psychoanalysis, we can by practice of spiritual disciplines, bring into operation in our conscious mentality, the contents and capacities of the Superconscious being in us.

Instead of depending on nature for the manifestation of the light, the creative powers of the higher being to be unfolded, we can consciously aid it by our endeavours.

The being of man (the human being, man or woman) extends beyond all this, all that is visible to his physical vision and mental perception. Herein is the true man, in these illimitable extensions of his being.

13th week

The question is not whether of God or no God, but of God and gods. The Western man, when he has no God, is bound to make of his car a god, or of his science a god, or of his machine a god, or of his sense-pleasure a god.

The threat is not to gods from science. Science need not have to break gods, they are already broken by monotheistic religions, - and they will always be broken by real religion, the religion of the Real, and the Eternal.

Why not investigate into the Reality of Godhead?

To live by a faith in the Godhead gives us a psychological integration, which no amount of psychological treatment can afford, an emotional satisfaction, which can come to us from nothing else, a health, which we can never hope to obtain from balanced diet and vitamins.

14th week

Let the living and wonderful Image of the Divinity you adore, become visible to the occult vision of the great spiritual individuals.

They can see above you, someone standing - and it would be the form of the Divinity you are adoring.

As you meditate, as you repeat Mantra, let this form at once stand, or emerge from your soul and stand above you.

In your psychic atmosphere, in your colours, in your aura, this Image of the Divine must be visible to those who can see, or be photographed by extraordinarily sensitive photo-plates.

Neither love nor truth promote or support in any manner any form of war or killing, or injustice. Rather they unite all, uplift all, illuminate all; render everyone deathless in love and in the Truth.

15th week

Who is the experiencer in us? Is our body the experiencer? No. Many states there are in which our body is inoperative, and yet we have experience.

A hypnotised person's body is motionless. But he has every kind of experience.

A person sleeping has a motionless body. But he has his inner experiences in dream.

Who is that experiencer?

Is it our emotions and feelings? No. We have experience even without the emotions and feelings.

Who then is the experiencer? Is it the mind? No. We have experience, even when our mind is suspended in action. In deep sleep we have experience of the deep sleep. Who is the experiencer of that deep sleep? Not the mind, for the mind is asleep. Not the heart, it too is asleep. What then is the experiencer, what is that which is not sleeping, but yet is experiencing sleep?

Discover that real Experiencer in yourself. Therein is God. That real, unchanging, ever-present, ever-awake being in you is God. Know Him. Experience Him.

16th week

Experience the infinite strength and beauty. Experience the infinite love and joy.

Experience the Infinite, and spread the experience to those who are ready to receive it.

Experience the infinite Happiness, and spread the infinite Happiness to those who are ready to receive it.

Experience the infinite Peace, and spread the infinite Peace

Experience the absolute freedom, and spread it to those who are ready to receive it.

Experience the absolute perfection and spread it

Let God be the staff of your life, the central strength of your life. Just see how very old persons are inseparable from their staff? Even so let God be your inseparable staff.

Expect help only from Him, and let it come from Him, even it comes through the circumstances around you and through the people.

17th week

Intensive, all non-passionate, all-tranquillising divine love for all living beings, complete total freedom from lust, greed, rage, jealousy, pride, delusion; peace of mind even under trying situations, difficult circumstances, humiliating conditions and persecutions; indifference to pain and pleasure, success and failure, gain and loss; extraordinary capacity to stand above the worst of temptations from the world; fearlessness, desirelessness, absence of the sense of the self and body, perception of the Divine everywhere, - these are among the many results and signs of high spiritual development and progress.

Price nothing above God - not only wealth, but also genius, nothing is to be priced above God. He is the One Source of everything. If you have Him, you have everything and more. Always turn to God.

18th week

The heart has to be softer than butter - always melting in love for all beings. Pour yourself as honey and sweetness and love upon all mankind.

Wish everything wonderful to everyone. Fill the pockets of all with gifts of love, all the treasures their heart desires. Close your eyes and rain flowers of adoration on all. Experience in everyone the Divinity you adore.

Those who are trying to discover a meaning to their life, tumble upon God.

Man discovers God when he sits and begins to inquire thus, "Who am I? Why am I here? From where am I? And from hence, where do I go?"

19th week

By moving towards God we are moving towards infinite happiness. By seeking God, we are seeking infinite happiness, it is a joyous journey. The pain results because while running towards God, we have to abandon the fleeting sense-pleasures, and this seems to be the cause of the pain, but for those who are inspired by the very idea of infinite happiness, this giving up is nothing, and is done in joy.

Always remember that the Divine is the real Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend. Twameva Mata, Twameva Pita, Twameva Bandhu

Everywhere we are in Heaven, if we are in uplifting, joy-giving Love, which is God.

Love is a wonder-worker. It has all virtues and all resources in it.

20th week

God is the Highest Consciousness within us - here and now. Therefore He can be experienced here and now.

God is not an external Being. He is not there outside you, difficult to be contacted. He is right there in your thought and feeling. He is a matter of your thought and feeling.

The means to contact Him are through your thought and feeling. Watch and see where your thought and feeling are. With God or with something else.

We are everywhere in God, in the Ocean of His Light, Love, Perfection. We are asleep, not seeing Him, not recognising and experiencing Him.

Everywhere we are in Heaven, if we are in uplifting, joy-giving Love, which is God.

Love is a wonder-worker. It has all virtues and all resources in it.

21st week

How God comes into your Life:

He comes in the form of growing and expanding love, in the form of spiritual experiences, in the form of constantly rising noblest and divine thoughts, in the form of charitable feelings, in the form of divine deeds, in the form of spiritual friends and spiritual circumstances which inspire you to spiritual growth and progress.

Wherever you be, you are in His Presence, since He is Omnipresence.

His Presence is fullness of Joy. Joy is the nature of His presence.

Whenever selfless, universal divine love arises in you, He is arising in you. He is Love.

22nd week

Two Powers there are not. God alone is everywhere. Consciousness Infinite is the Substance, the Surface and the Spirit of all Being.

Therefore, how shall you fear anything, what will you lack?

Two Powers come into existence only when your mind works. Therefore, be not ruled by mind, but rule mind by God-consciousness.


Of course, this formula "All is God" is for the scientists of the Truth, those who have latent self-control, who are transformed in inner psychological nature, who are pure in heart, and their soul catches instantly the Light of the Divine.

This is God:

A mighty Consciousness that touches Einstein, enables and compels him to say: "Ha, this is God, there is a supreme intelligence governing and maintaining the whole universe."

23rd week

How to see God?

There are not many things. Everywhere there is only GOD. When this God is seen through your senses, God appears as matter and the physical world. When this God is seen through the mind, there is only an intellectual experience. When this God is seen through your sex-instinct, there is the perception of man and woman. When this God is seen through God's own eyes, there is everywhere God and God alone.

Learn to see God as God, God with the eyes of inner Divine Consciousness, - you will live in God-consciousness at all times. There will be no more any time-and-space differences for you. You will experience Him here, there, everywhere.

When we see through the glasses of the senses, we distort realities. We should see by the eternal sight of the inner Divine Consciousness.

Knowing you to be the formulations of the Divine in the Divine, I offer my humble adorations.

24th week

The dependence of the smaller on the greater enriches the smaller. This dependence in relation to God is not a dependence on 'someone else', but on one's own higher being, reality, life of life - strength of strength, joy of joy.

Nineteenth-century science, spoke of solid matter, and made belief in spirit impossible. Twentieth-century science speaks of non-materiality of matter, and demands the acceptance of the reality of the spirit.

We are like the little girl Alice in the Wonderland. Science has aroused our powers of reflection, and spirit of inquiry. It is difficult to live like barbarians and animals, in an earthly paradise that science has created.

Now come back to the other descriptions of the Divine Science. The Soul in man, the real Man, the real Self in us, is indestructible, says the Gita. It cannot be cut by swords, nor burnt by fire.

25th week

No view of man is finally complete, adequate, unless it has full insights or knowledge by direct experience of the Reality in man.

Though man arises from the biological world, he is not meant to be a biological organism, and his evolution has long ceased to be biological.

Though physical, a part of matter, a part of the universal nature, man is not meant to be a creature of nature, but its master.

To fail to recognise this uniqueness would plunge us in difficulties, and surrender us to frame mis-leading, mis-guiding, dangerous, fragmentary, partial, unhelpful, harmful views of man, and in consequence a false Weltanschauung.

Such a view of man redeems him from the Procrustean bed on which psychology, sociology, have put him. Such a view of man also restores to him his fundamental and imperishable dignity, in the nature, and in the cosmos.

Our sorrows have emerged from our loss of our knowledge of man as the measure of things, as the microcosm.

26th week

Know this truth. Everything is Now, and Here. The past, the future, the present, all are now and here, in the boundless infinite Consciousness. Nothing is ever lost. Everything can be recovered even if that thing was lost several million years ago, or in the back-cycles of creation.

Everything in Creation is leading to God-Experience, the snow, the grass, the people, the stars, the breath of life, the air, the rain.

Man emergent on the experience of the supreme scientific Reality:

It is as natural for our inner consciousness to perceive the Divine, as it is for our physical eyes to perceive the external world.

27th week

The method of becoming conscious of God in Nature:

Behind all nature, all manifestation, all creation, discern and behold the Creator.

Wherever you see Nature, go into an inspired, an ecstatic admiration, adoration of that Power of powers, that Energy behind all energies, which has brought the Nature into being, and sustains it from within.

Reflect on the implications of Immanuel Kant's statement: he says that there is nothing so wonderful as the stars in the sky. And listen to what the Psalmist says, while looking at the sky: that it is the Creation of God.

The splendour of Nature is the material grandeur of God.

God is within, the invisible King, who is the immortal part of us, the indwelling God, the Inner Ruler.

God is an infinite Presence, a supra-universal Being, a universal presence and power.

28th week

Nature a Garment of God:

The whole Nature is instinct with God's Energy. Our life is beating with His Breath.

We can listen to the birds, talk with animals, preach to the plants, and ourselves receive sermons from stones, lessons from running brooks, everywhere it is God-consciousness at action, at self-expression.

The atom is itself an all-inclusive universe, and the whole universe is nothing more than an atom.

All of Godhead is contained in man, and man embraces in himself the whole of the universe.

Time and space are bondages of mind: they are nowhere in God-experience.

We are everywhere, and all that is anywhere is in us.

Such is the endlessness of the creative power of the divine Consciousness within us, that we can assume any beautiful and immortal divine form we may choose. Why then this attachment and this over-concern for this perishable body and its appearance?

29th week

Parapsychology will be successful in its efforts, only when it can produce or make of its subjects, sages and mystics and occultists, and that it cannot do. It could also succeed in its efforts if it could make its subjects ghosts, or black-magicians - and that would be a disaster for humanity.

Parapsychological Knowledge: it is valuable but not essential. It is good to make a science of it, but it can also be and mostly is perverted, and can be most harmful, - as the nuclear energy is also potentially dangerous, for at any moment, any of the great nations of the world might use it for destructive purposes.

Every man is an image of God, but the man in general is a latent image of God, whereas the fully evolved individual is the patent image of God, he is the manifest image of God.

To know himself, to be himself, the image of God, this is the aim of man, this is the meaning of his life.

30th week

The human individual is the centre of a triple Reality:

1. The Reality that constitutes the super-personal ground of all cosmos.

2. The Reality that subsists as the transcendent being and which is approached by all highest flights of highest spiritual experiences and religious insight as God.

3. The Reality that subsists in the individual as the basis of all human light, activity and experience.

This threefold Reality in the human individual makes him of supreme importance in all nature. If nature is to see and experience God, it is through the human individual.

Dreams bring us a knowledge, which we cannot obtain from the conscious process of the mind.

Knowledge comes to us also uninvited. Great ideas flash across our minds, when least expected, and at all odd hours of the day.

31st week

You cannot go beyond the body, unless you are absorbed in God-consciousness. This absorption is not possible, unless there is concentration. Concentration comes automatically when there is great inner psychic purity. How to get psychic purity? Go on repeating the Mantra, for six years, and grow in spirituality through spiritual disciplines.

Let everything around you repeat the Mantra. Let all the world, the clouds, the trees, everything, the stars, the sky, all repeat the Mantra with you.

Draw all the spiritual light from all the great centres of worship in the world, into yourself. Extend yourself into all the places of worship in all the world, and adore the Divine.

32nd week

Scientific knowledge is marvellous. We cannot dispense with it, nor today live without it. But the divine Science says, all the knowledge of the scientists is a darkness, not light. It says, this is exploration of the passing, the changing, that which leads humanity to peacelessness, restlessness, greater ignorance, and unhappiness.

The question is: the instrument of our knowledge is human intelligence, we have to inquire into the origin, nature, limitations and possibilities of this investigating, questioning, experimenting intelligence.

It is here that philosophy and spiritual experience stand wiser and richer in knowledge.

Science cannot be built up without intelligence. Intelligence cannot be derived from anything except Consciousness. Consciousness has no being apart from God.

33rd week

All forms of matter, all elements, all time and space and everything therein, constitute the field of scientific studies, investigation, manipulation. But all forms of matter, elements, time-space, are inherent in the ultimate Consciousness, Being, Existence called God - and a study of this first Principle would be the science of sciences.

All types of urges, instincts, capacities, abilities, talents, human self-expressions, inhere in the supreme Consciousness. A study of it would be the true psychology, the psychology of all psychologies.

Intelligent minds will not fail to see science not only affecting every department of life, from household management to warfare, but that it is influencing our spiritual thinking and awareness.

34th week

There is one thing the scientist will never discover, and that is GOD. He can only infer of the Presence of God; even as he, not having seen electricity directly, infers its presence from the effects it creates.

And that Something can be known only by being it. When you know it you do not 'know' it - for there is no more a mind to report it to you.

To know the Knower, to discover the Discoverer, to understand the Understander, to experience the Experiencer, this is the central theme of divine science.

The scientist cannot know God. He can infer God's operative Presence, from outer evidence, effects - like that of electricity or of atoms.

People think too much of science, because they know too little about it.

35th week

We have to look at ourselves in relation to Time and Space, in relation to that which was before we were born, and that which is or is not after the physical death.

We have to see ourselves in terms of the Spaceless and the Timeless, the Eternal and the Infinite.

The meaning of life is not in life but in something that life bears, and of which life does not know.

The meaning of mind is not in mind itself but in something that mind bears, and of which mind knows nothing.

Granted that the only pathway to knowledge is the laboratory - but there is also another laboratory: in the mind of man.

36th week

Though all are incarnations of God, not all are conscious of this fact, and of those who grow somehow a little conscious of it, not all are conscious enough to find the eternal fact of the immortal and all-perfect Being a living reality to their very senses, to their whole sight, to their experience.

To the extent that our inner awareness, our inner Consciousness is effectively, actively conscious of this Infinity of Perfection and Godhood in ourselves and in all, we are the real Incarnations of Divinity; to that extent we become Sages, to that extent our lives are purer, full of peace and wisdom and power; to that extent we are Godhead and Divine.

Reason is not to be admonished, but developed, until it becomes Revelation.

The irrational is not God, God is Rational. Hegel the great philosopher tells you, the Real is the Rational.

37th week

When you breathe in and breathe out you could make it a wonderful remembrance of God's sustaining Presence.

You could breathe in one Mantra, and breathe out another Mantra, thus you would be put constantly in touch with God.

Breath is Joy of God. Should someone hold your breath, you will feel restless, and pant for breath, there is a pain of not breathing. Therefore, breathing is a joy of which you have grown so very unconscious. For this joy of breathing, if you could only be thankful and grateful to God, breathing itself becomes a way of worshipping God.

What are these Mantras?

They are syllables of Truth, they are not words of any language.

They have nothing to do with India, or Europe, or one country or the other, one culture or the other, one cult or the other.

They are purely bodily manifestations of God.

38th week

As you repeat the Mantra, the heart must bloom in devotion. The whole being should become a flower of love and adore the Divine.

It is vain to sit in meditation when one does not sit in a boundless light of the divine Presence, and allow every faculty of one's mind, heart, will and body to absorb themselves in the adoration, and the assimilation into ourselves, of the richest qualities, attributes of the all-illuminating, all-enriching Beauty, Delight of the Supreme Being.

This little meditation makes each hour for you the holiest hour and each day a festivity of Divine Consciousness.

Let there be nothing in the cosmos which does not express your love for God. Let your love for God become all the cosmos and adore God.

39th week

Become all the clouds in the sky and repeat the Mantra.

Become all the waves on all the seas of the world, and repeat the Mantra.

Become all the leaves on all the trees of the world and repeat the Mantra.

Become everything in every world, visible and invisible, and repeat the Mantra.

Sound the Mantra in all planes of existences, into all worlds inhabited, into the Heaven, into all regions.

Become all humanity and repeat the Mantra.

Contact the Divine in all and repeat the Mantra with it, or make it repeat the Mantra for you.

Become the Divine Mother in all thy being, and repeat the Mantra.

Fill all space with the millions and billions of the same form of the Divine Mother, and find all of them repeating the Mantra with you. Within you and without you see the same picture of the Divine Mother. Dream of the Divine. Breathe the Divine. Be in the Divine, as the Divine.

During your daily life, in all objects see the same picture of the Divine Mother.

40th week

Every time you are repeating the Mantra, you are executing a function, you are doing a thing, which is infinitely more valuable, important, superior to your functions as the President of the UNO, as the President of the world's biggest organisations, as the world's greatest genius, scientist, engineer, author.

For you are generating a rare Divine Energy that carries vast potentialities for world-transformation, for altering the very soul and countenance of the human life on earth, and you are putting yourself one with that Infinite Being which is the very Source of all.

Repeat the Mantra, in many ways, standing, walking, lying.

Go to God in meditation, and come out sweet in disposition, with smiles on your face, and radiance on your face, and smiles on your lips, and strength in your will, and with love in your heart. Or else meditation is useless.

41st week

The relationship between the creature and creator is baffling, complex, and inseverable.

The artist, the moment he creates something, has that something different from him, is apart from it.

But the Creative Artist God is such a wonderful artist that he places Himself in what He creates while all the time exceeding, transcending the creature that he has brought into being, and in which he dwells.

The works of a writer subsist after the death of the writer. The works of an artist can live without the artist. But the creation of God, man, cannot live without his Creator. No man can subsist even for a second without God being present in him, and with him, as the very basis of all his experiences.

Of God alone we have direct experience. We have no direct experience even of our own bodies. Of God alone we have direct experience. God is the Subject who experiences in us, in fact.

42nd week

The consciousness of our imperfections, proves the existence of perfection.

If there were no such thing as perfection, there would be no haunting sense of imperfection in human life.

The very restlessness of man, points out to the reality of a realm that is all-peaceful.

To know that we are imperfect is to implicitly demand perfection. The demand for perfection would not exist, if there were no such thing as perfection.

Feel and perceive a great Light walking round this house; sitting in each of its rooms.

Whenever you put on a cloth on the body, or dress yourself, feel that you have put on the Grace, the Protection, the Love of God.

43rd week

It is a mistake to dismiss man as a creature. Here is a strange creature. He bears in Himself the whole of the Creator. The Creator is in this creature called man. The possibilities and potentialities of the Creator are the possibilities of this strange creature called man.

All that is possible for God becomes possible for man. The nature of the transcendent Divinity is then the essential nature of the creature called man.

Cleverness is not sufficient. Our resources are not adequate. We gain immensely by the thought that there is someone right around us, in us, who loves us immensely, unconditionally accepts us for what we are, and makes us what we can be, kings and queens of infinite perfection. Someone who accepts us infinitely more than the mother accepts her child, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, useful or useless.

44th week

The world becomes adequate, only when the individual has reached completeness in himself. Creation in fact attains its completeness only in and through its individuals and cannot by itself be complete.

Even if it were complete, man would never experience it to be complete as he himself is incomplete, and inadequate in his response to its environment.

By its incompleteness and inadequacy the world makes of man an adventurer, a seeker, a knower, a growing being, a discoverer, and a master of the world.

Completeness in the world is found by those who have found something besides the world, the Creator. Without the Creator the creation remains incomplete. The creation is a complementary aspect of the Creator, and unless the Creator is discovered the creation remains inadequate. The house may be magnificent, but we have not found its value and enjoyed its treasures unless we meet the house-owner, the liver in the House. Creation is the house and God is the house-owner, the dweller.

45th week

The creation is only a means to something beyond itself and is therefore not meant to be complete. Creation is merely an instrument for the attainment of perfection, and not perfection itself. That is not its purpose and for that it is not made.

There is the Devotee's meditation on the form of his loving, all-seeing Godhead. He meditates on the presence of God, on the love of God for him, on the beauty of God's person, on the sweetness of God's nature, on the omnipotence of God's will, on the omniscience of God's mind.

There is the meditation of the man of action, who seeks to find in each soul he serves, his Being he works for, the Godhead he enshrines

Every child can claim intimate relations with God, and can think herself or himself to be the only daughter or son of God.

46th week

Find yourself in every point of space, and pray-ing.

Worship and repeat the Mantra in every temple, in every church, in every synagogue, in all the higher worlds, in all planets, everywhere.

Feel that while meditating, you alone are everywhere, sitting and contemplating on God. Leave not a speck of space empty, fill it all quickly with yourself repeating the Mantra, or with the form and energy of God. Let all be light, light within, and light without.

Results of the consciousness of the Timeless as the Unmanifest God:

This consciousness of the Timeless leaves us masters of everything in the field of time-space world.

The fear of death, age, is totally lost. We become unaffected observers of the scene of creation. We transcend all limitations.

47th week

Seek knowledge, more knowledge: knowledge that dispels ignorance, that shatters superstitions, that enlarges your vision and view of life.

Seek knowledge of yourself, knowledge of nature, and knowledge of the Consciousness that is in yourself and in nature.

An Indian scientist, J. C. Bose, who was accorded the Nobel Prize, proved by experiments that there is life and consciousness in the plants; and it may be, when science makes a little more progress, they would prove that there is a rudimentary consciousness even in stones.

Develop your capacity to think, your powers of philosophical reflection. Study not only the literature from the scientists, philosophers, literary men, but also of mystics, saints, seers, men of God, of all religions, of all cultures, of all countries.

Let all in you be God; see life as God sees.

Allow all things to flow from a powerful God-consciousness.

48th week

Mental culture:

Acquire a greater capacity to appreciate music, to appreciate works of art, to admire nobler things in life.

Render your mind a pool of knowledge, high knowledge, permanent knowledge, knowledge over which time has no power, which will not be discredited by future knowledge.

Gain insights into the limitations of life as lived by normal individuals.

Gain knowledge of the potentialities of your mind, consciousness.

Moral culture:

Live by the law of good, love, purity, peace. Live by reason.

Difficulties cut away Karma, polish the soul, and hasten evolution. They refine, try, and make us great.

49th week

Adore the Divine as the all-Witness everywhere. He is the Witness in all beings. He is the Witness in everything, and everywhere.

As you walk, let the world, all persons who observe you feel, "Here walks the Infinity; Here is walking the Eternal organically, visibly, palpably."

Relate yourself to the Eternal and Infinite. You become in all your being and conscious life imperishable, and your dignity is as great as that of the Infinite and the Eternal.

Be a child, a point, a form of the Infinite.

Keep one eye on the Divine permanently; Sometimes both the eyes keep on the Divine.

Keep one hand on the Divine permanently; sometimes both the hands.

Keep the heart always on the Divine.

50th week

Adore the holy persons. The power that they generate by their presence is beyond human estimate, understanding and analysis.

Remember the mental law: that we think in pictures. Therefore make a strong and dominating mental picture of God.

What is meant by 'graven image' is that we should not confine Him to any one idea of Him, or image of Him. If we think that He is only father and nothing more, it is a graven image. He is infinitely more than the father, more than love, more than truth, more than spirit.

Therefore imprison yourself in no particular conception of Him, yet through one specific conception make rapid progress, so that God will reveal to you in all fullness and illumination, all of Himself.

51st week

Develop great humility. Everything around is greater than you, and there is the Greatest within you, compared to which you are nothing. Adore that Greatest Being, let it flood your life with its treasures.

God is the greater in you. Existence is the greater in you. Positive attitude is the greater in you, and Love is the greater in you.

There are self-exceeding and self-transcending capacities in you.

It is unworthy of man to accept anything uncritically, and it is more unworthy of man to rely entirely on the evidence of the crude senses.

Unceasing happiness through unceasing prayer.

52nd week

We see only things as they seem, never as they are, and far less as they are in themselves. No wonder then that great minds, thinkers, should despair that what we know of man is so inadequate. That they exclaim in many ways, and one of such statements was voiced by a psychologist of the calibre of Jung, thus: "the profoundest roots of personality are hidden in mystery."

All that is visible and observable to our unaided vision, our naked senses, and our superficial intelligence of scientific observation is the mere outer psycho-physical structure consisting of the aggregate of matter and form, feelings and sensations, instincts and impressions, thoughts and propensities.

Our knowledge of the unconscious beneath our superficial active consciousness, - through its outer expressions, and indirectly, - is so little that we may be excused if we not only did not know anything of the superconscious in us, but doubted and denied it.

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