1st week

As you repeat the Mantra feel the Divinity sitting right in your eyes, in your heart, in your mind, in the whole of your consciousness.

Let there be the picture of the Divinity inside, outside, extend the same picture of the Divinity all over the space, everywhere, fill it up, let there not be a point of space anywhere without the same image of the Divinity.

Every day, for some minutes, we should expand our heart, and pour out in consciousness, in thoughts and feelings, vibrations of divine Love to the world. Wish the best for everyone and everything, also for the trees, the grass, the Earth, the rivers, the oceans, the water and the air. Leave blessings with everyone and everything you meet. Be conscious that your own Soul is residing in the Soul of all human beings, all things, all creatures.

2nd week

Whenever you repeat the Mantra, repeat it with all the force and strength of your heart and mind and consciousness. Nothing else is as important as the Divinity.

So, with all the force and strength and power of your heart and mind and soul concentrate on the Mantra and the image of the Divine Mother.

Value nothing else except the Divinity. If you are offered now the emperorship of the whole world for one full million years, discard it as worthless.

Value nothing except the Supreme Divinity, that the Divine Mother is. Become completely fearless, unattached, detached from everything. The only thing that matters is the Supreme Being that the Divine Mother is. If you have That, you have the power to create more wonderful worlds and universes than the world which this physical universe is.

3rd week

A wise person always clings to the Divine with a sense of urgency, in all conditions, at all times.

A worldly person clings intensely to the Divine only when he has a big incurable disease, or tragedy or difficulty. He does not pray in normal conditions. A wise person prays intensively in all conditions, even while eating and walking, even in all the happiest conditions, when he is young and healthy, rich and successful.

Wisdom makes a person cling to the Divine all the time, in all conditions. Wisdom makes a person constantly assert the truth, that he is rooted in infinite Joy, Peace and Light. He always inwardly dances in joy. Such a dancing heart does not know problems, it is always healthy, always cheerful, always blessed, always creative, progressive and productive. It is a sunshine in all conditions.

4th week

Let us fill ourselves with as much Light as possible and constantly exercise control over ourselves all the time, self-watching. See what is happening. Why has a work not been successful? Why is the mind not concentrated on the Divine? Why is the heart, now, not happy and not always happy? Why is the mind not peaceful now and not peaceful always? Why is the whole life not completely absorbed in the Divine now and for ever? All this one has to find out for oneself and constantly keep the flame of the heart burning for the Divine.

Every minute we have to renew our spiritual life. It becomes old every minute, because of the pressure of the old nature, therefore it has to be every minute made new. All the spiritual knowledge gained must be brought forward and reflected upon again and again.

5th week


One has to be a wonderful psychologist in order to progress more quickly on the path of development. A wise person understands the workings of his own mind, a bad person does not correct himself even when others understand his psychology and point it out. The heart begins to revolve around the Divine always, while working, while eating, while sleeping, while bathing, only when the nature is free from imperfections, psychological and moral defects, such as misunderstanding, false understanding, inability to understand, inner cunningness, lack of efficiency, lack of patience and endurance, lack of clearness, easily hurt by the environment, unnecessary words, unnecessary actions, doing a thing in a way that is disorderly, etc. All kinds of such things interfere with spiritual progress and make it impossible for the heart to revolve around the Divine.

Therefore, these imperfections have to be detected and eliminated.

6th week

Not only to know all the positive and powerful spiritual methods is necessary for development, but one should also know the whole psychology of one’s own undeveloped nature, so that one can master it and become superhuman.

When that is mastered, the Mantra repetition goes on automatically in the heart, the eyes always see the picture of the Divine, no matter where you are, in the toilet, amidst people, alone, wherever you are, always the eyes see the Divine, wherever you may be, always the heart repeats the Mantra and the soul is peaceful and happy.

One’s nature becomes more and more selfless. The more selfless it is, the more divine it is. Selflessness is an expanding quality, it is a divine quality. Selflessness and Purity are one and the same. Greatness and Selflessness are one and the same. Divine nature and Selflessness are one and the same.

7th week

Make the whole life a powerful God experience. No matter with whom you are working or sitting or standing, consider that person to be the Divine Itself. The Divine which is all-seeing, all-knowing, at once understands your attitude and stands by you, emerges from that person, without that person knowing anything about it. That person is not better for it, but you will experience the Divine. The Divine will establish contact with you – no matter whose voice you hear, good voice, bad voice, melodious voice or crude voice, at once take it to be the Voice of the Divine, sincerely, devotionally, truthfully, then you will find the Divine takes the responsibility.

The greater the love you bear in your heart for the Divine, the greater is the Divine Love for you. It is no one-way street.

8th week


Take up a divine attitude, hear all sounds as the sounds of the Divine, know everyone, man or woman or child, a big or small person, a good or bad person, a friend or enemy to be the Divine Itself.

Let their voice be the voice of the Divine, change everything, transform everything in your consciousness, even the most negative things hear them as the most positive things, as divine things. Even if you have to react to the negative things outwardly in a different way, yet inwardly be entirely divine.

Perform your services most energetically, dynamically, with a great sense of urgency and emergency. The sense of emergency and urgency brings out the best from you, quickly.

Every little meditation, every little Mantra-repetition, helps the whole of Nature.

9th week


Always imagine that the Divinity is standing by you with blazing Light. Look upon the work place as lit up with the Presence of the Divine. Look upon every pillar of the building as the Divinity Itself, standing with brilliant, blazing Light. Imagine the Divinity working through all, imagine the Divinity standing all around you by the millions. Imagine the Divinity sitting with you.

People in the world pursue several values,

e.g. wealth, because wealth yields goods which satisfy the senses and offer sense pleasure. All these values in the world, in comparison to the central value of the Divine, are something like ash. Instead of eating cake, if you eat paper, how do you feel? Exactly so, all the pleasures are like a paper. Whereas Love of the Divine, Love of the Truth, divine Love as Experience, divine Love as the whole life, divine Love determining your thinking and feeling processes, such a Love is real Joy.

10th week

All through the day, at every turn of life, go on communing, connecting yourself with the Divine. Let everything that is beautiful at once put you in communion with that Beauty of beauties, indescribable Beauty that God is. Let every sound you hear, at once put into you the Name of God. Let every person you see, at once put your heart in communion with the Creator of that person. Let everything which you see be associated with God. When you see fruits or food, at once know God to be the supreme Nourisher and Sustainer, the never eating Being who enables all creatures to eat, the supreme Source of all supply, the infinite Abundance. Let everything remind you of the Divine.

Beauty is to be found only in that which is eternal, that which does not change and is all-perfect, that which sustains itself from within, the Divine.

11th week

Try to possess real Knowledge by contacting God. Give up pride, give up vanity, give up wrong feelings, wrong thoughts, give up impatience. Beg God for greater humility, for greater discrimination, for greater purity, for greater goodness, for greater faith, for greater devotion. Beg God for these treasures. These treasures you can carry with you when you die, but not your money, not your coats, not your shoes, not your money purse, not your house, not your darling wife or darling daughter. Nothing of these you can carry, but you will carry devotion, humility, faith, purity, goodness, wisdom, discrimination, all these you carry. So, get this wealth which is permanent with you. Get these treasures which are greater than all other treasures of the earth.

12th week


God is boundless Light. Combine the brilliance of millions of suns, how brilliant will that be. More brilliant than that is the Presence of God. He is the Reality of realities. He is the Truth of truths. He is more real than the Light that we see now, in this hall. He is closer than the intelligence we use in order to understand the words that are being uttered. He is the Wonder of wonders, the Timeless, Immortal, Eternal, Indestructible and Indescribable Being. He is timeless Reality in us. It knows everything, It sees everything, from It has proceeded everything.

If, in great purity, in great devotion, in great meditation, your inner soul becomes one with this Reality, you can be called the Eternal. You can be called the Immortal. You can be called the Indestructible. And you can be called the all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent Being. You can be called the Creator and Maintainer and Sustainer of the universe.

13th week

Illuminate the mind with spiritual knowledge, you become stronger in personality, you have a new outlook, your inner nature is illuminated. Pursue the spiritual knowledge, more and more, discover the secrets of your inner strength, gain a direct knowledge of That which is imperishable, immortal, indestructible, all-perfect within you. This is the meaning of life, this is what the greatest philosophers of the world have done. This is what the immortal thinkers of the world have done. This is what the greatest men of universal love, purity, truth, goodness, devotion have experienced. Until we arrive at this stage of evolution we pass through trials and difficulties. However, every step of progress on the path of evolution enriches our inner peace, strength, happiness, power.

Let us try, then, to devote our lives to a deeper knowledge of the Truth within us, the Truth around us, the Truth above us, the Truth everywhere.

14th week

Let us dwell in the constant consciousness of the wonders of the divine Reality.

Even when we think of our home or house, let us find it in the Light of the Divine, protected by the Divine. When we think of others, let us find them enveloped by the cloud of God’s Grace and Love and the divine Reality. Let us take our life as a grand and golden opportunity for the development of whatever is excellent in ourselves and whatever is excellent in the deep inner Consciousness. Let us try to taste, here and now, from this minute, something of the grand Peace, Happiness, Power, Beauty that the Truth is. Knowing It to be omnipotent, let us fear nothing. Knowing It to be omnipresent, let us be conscious of the fact that Someone who loves us supremely, Someone who is all-wise, all-blessing, all-peaceful, is with us.

15th week

Let us repeat the Mantra of the Divine Lord. While repeating His Name, the consciousness within you should be radiant with the knowledge of His divine Nature.

Every time you repeat His Name, let the heart and mind and the entire being focus themselves upon the luminous Nature, Presence, Grace, that He is. Know Him to be omnipresent, one with the ultimate Reality, and therefore omnipotent.

If He is omnipresent, then He is with you now, around you, and if He is omnipotent, He is capable of averting every harm, danger or trouble that might come to you.

Supposing fear tries to take possession of your heart. If you are repeating His Name, and your whole consciousness is aware of His immediate Presence and Omnipotence, your fears disappear. You are surrounded by Omnipotence, nothing can harm you, no misfortune can happen, as long as your heart is beating with His Name and your consciousness is vibrant with the knowledge of His Nature.

16th week

Even as the capacity for walking is latent in the child, even as fragrance and the beauty of colour are latent in the little bud, so are the capacity and the richness of intuitive Consciousness latent in every soul. The capacity for experience of the Divine and intuitive Consciousness in all its richness is resident in every soul.

Our life becomes a grand joy, a creative happiness, a heaven in itself the more we seek to unfold these latent capacities of our inner Consciousness.

God or Truth we do not see, but we can feel Him. We have the capacity to feel Him, and this capacity to feel Him grows more and more as we develop our devotion to Him, and that further unfolds the higher capacity of perception. And this power of perception will enable you to see God.

When you see God, your life is fulfilled, no matter what the outer conditions are.

17th week

When purity in the heart increases by the discipline of seeing the Divine Presence in all beings, and things and objects, the love and knowledge of God also increase and multiply. When this is strengthened and perpetuated over several years, then one has continuous experience of God. Continuous experience of God is the same as continuous and unbroken experience of infinite Peace, Strength, Light, Power, Grace, Perfection, Beauty. In order that this full experience of the Divine remains a common, normal feature of everyday life, always keep the heart in a praying state.

Whatever you see, see within it the Fire of the divine Presence, and because it contains the Fire of Consciousness and divine Presence, you must behave in relation to it, as you would behave, if you are face to face with God. Everything must be sacred to you; the Peace and the Love must flow from your heart to the whole cosmos and everything therein.

18th week

You have the highest treasure in you. If you recognize this, you are a scientist. If you know it, you are a philosopher. If you experience it, and express its Light and Love, then you are a Saint, then you are immortal, then you are one with the Heart of the Divine. Then you could say: “I have conquered nature.”

It does not matter to me what my body is, old, diseased, broken or even dead. It does not matter, whether my bank checks are burnt or multiplied, the Divine is with me. The Supreme Intelligence is with me. It is pure, it stands back from thoughts or feelings. It is neither good nor bad, it is divine, it is all-wonderful.

It is all-seeing, it is now with us. It is all-pure, It is all-hearing. It is hearing us now. It is all-Happiness. It is all-perfect Happiness, absolute Happiness, infinite Pleasure, Beauty, Power, Wisdom, Grace, Perfection.

Now, let us attune our whole being to It.

19th week

Constantly tell your Heart:

“Not in space I live, but in the Grace of the Divine. The hardness of the floor on which I walk is reminding me of the indestructible, imperishable character of the Truth that God is. The air that I am drawing in with every inhalation, is not the air but the Peace, the Blessings and the Love of God. The people amidst whom I live, are not people but manifestations and formulations of the Divine. Whatever may be my outward behaviour in relation to them, in harmony with their status and position in life, my inner heart constantly communes with the Divine they bear.

“Under no circumstance, under no

situation, would my heart fail to be in constant communion with the Divine in the people around.”

20th week

    Dedicate all your capacities, talents, possession, everything to the Divinity. Give your little love in all its entirety to the Divinity, the Divinity makes it infinite Love. Give your life to the Divine, dedicate it to the Divine, let all thoughts and feelings and energies flow towards the Divine, then your life becomes eternal, immortal, abundant, infinite. Dedicate all that you have, and your possessions, to the Divine, and you have eternal treasures. You will possess treasures which will never perish. Gain infinite Knowledge, infinite Peace. Any other knowledge and peace are not worth having. Today’s knowledge becomes tomorrow falsehood and ignorance. The peace that you have now disappears two hours later. Look for a knowledge and a peace beyond this knowledge and this peace, and then you will be in touch with the Divine.

21st week

Man is an extraordinary creature in creation, he is full of potentialities, possibilities. Endless are the powers within him. He is a creative being. Our view of man is such that he is a formulation of the Infinite, an individual formulation of the Infinite. Even as every wave on the sea is a finite individual formulation of the whole ocean, so is man an individual formulation of the Infinite Consciousness.

Each of us is an expression of the Infinite. Each of us is an expression of the absolute Consciousness and our Consciousness is

marvellous beyond description.

Divine experience, that is the aim. All education, all philosophy, all scientific disciplines or sciences, all life, all activities, should lead to this experience.

22nd week

What is the spiritual Life?

A life lived in accordance with the highest spiritual qualities of the inner Consciousness is the spiritual life. Spiritual life is a life of harmony, of inner happiness, cheerfulness, of strength, of a sense of immortality, of a sense of our relations to the Infinite. Spiritual life is a life which has discovered the meaning of life, the value of life. Spiritual life is a life lived in the constant consciousness of our inner relations with the inexhaustible Sources of highest Beauty, Knowledge, Peace, Order, Harmony in the Divine.

Again and again let the Heart say: “I am in the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of the Divine. His Omniscience knows everything about me. His Intelligence is seeing me now. His all-hearing ears are hearing me now. His Omnipotence protects me under all conditions and at all times. I shall use every minute of my life and every unit of my energy for the glory and service of the Divine.”

23rd week

Always keep your aspirations high, even if you are not in a position to realize your aspirations now. Let the aspirations be very high, and with all the strength of your will, try to realize them. Try to keep the attainment of the Omniscience of God as your goal, the Perfection of the Divine as the goal, the abundant and eternal Life of the Divine as the goal, the inexhaustible, imperishable, treasures of the Divine as your goal.

If you desire a flower, if this is the aspiration of your life, well, someone may give you a flower, but before evening it fades out, or in a few days, it is all over. Whatever you could aspire after in the world, in the material universe is brittle like this flower. Therefore, aim at the imperishable Treasures of the Divine.

24th week

Tell your heart: “My goal is to attain Omniscience, the Peace of the Divine, the Happiness of the Divine, the Treasures of the Divine.”

Among the Treasures of the Divine there is Love, there is Faith, there is Beauty, there is Truth. Try to express these Treasures. In a very small degree you have these treasures already, use them. They will lead you to your final goal of attainment of all the Treasures, imperishable and splendid Treasures of the Divine.

You get what you give. Love God, and you will receive His infinite Love. Be always conscious that Someone is watching you, seeing you, Who knows you and helps you, and you will see how mistakes and errors vanish from your life, and you become a Power in yourself.

25th week

Hard and continuous work is the best proof of your devotion to the Divine. Service, continuous and hard service, makes you a great personality. It is a wonderful discipline, it trains various capacities of yours, it liberates you from idleness which is the cause of so many problems and difficulties and imaginary fears and anxieties.

It frees you from your debt to the earth and to the world, and it makes God work through you finally.

So, engage yourself in constant and hard work, service, and constantly renew your attitude.

The sense-experience, the world-experience, constantly makes you dull and insensitive to the Beauty of the divine Presence, it robs you of all your aspirations, it deprives you of your spiritual susceptibility. Therefore, constantly renew your attitude, your spirit, your inner view and understanding.

26th week


The heart must expand. Be generous, broad-hearted. And even where it is not possible for you physically to give to others, mentally do so, in spirit do so. In spirit you can do everything. In your inner heart you can do everything. Keep up this mental discipline. In the heart wish welfare for all creatures. Let the heart expand. Unless you are noble you cannot be spiritual. Disciplines do not bear fruits because you are not noble. So, nobility is most important, goodness is most important, love is most important, patience is most important, peace and perseverance are important.

So, be ready to sacrifice, ready to serve, ready to show a strong will that carries the dictates of the good and loving heart.

27th week

God, the Intelligence of intelligence, the Life of our life is more real than the light you see here, more real than the air that you breathe in, more real than the bones in your body and nearer to you than the pulse beat of your heart.

He is the Reality of realities. You cannot move anywhere without touching Him. You cannot do anything without His knowing it. You cannot do anything without His seeing. You cannot feel anything without His remarking.

So, this Reality of realities is everywhere. It is infinite Peace, infinite Happiness, infinite Perfection and Freedom.

Not to know this, not to experience this, is the greatest ignorance, it is the greatest damage to ourselves. It is the greatest misfortune. To know this is the greatest blessedness, the greatest good fortune. We search for pleasure in other things, but infinite Peace is filling you, Happiness is filling you, is around you, all the time.

28th week

To the spiritual individual all life is divine, the earth on which he stands, no matter where the place is, is sacred.

Women are no more women to his view, to his attitude and to his behaviour. They are embodiments of God’s Presence and Light. In his outward feelings and behaviour, they are mothers and sisters, and nothing else. All his attitude is wonderful, elevating, transforming the forces of the unconscious within.

The spiritual aspirant is constantly inviting, by his very style and pattern and goodness and divinity of his life, all the immortal Saints and Sages of the world. They are his friends, they are his guests, they are with him. They are in his heart and in his mind. He is constantly comparing himself with their lives. He is always asking himself: “Is my life as good as their life? In this situation, how would they behave? In this condition, what would be their attitude? How would they respond to the world around?” He is constantly trying to approximate his character and behaviour in life to the character and behaviour of these greatest Saints and Sages.

29th week

The Saints and Sages are not dead. They are immortal Lights. No one, who has experienced God truly, ever dies. They have no death. They are Immortals, they always subsist. They can respond to the human needs.

The spiritual aspirant is constantly in association with the greatest Saints and Sages of the world.

The place he lives in, is the most sacred altar of the Divine. The work he has in his hands, constantly requires of him the expression of the best of his intelligence and of his will, and his capacities and his energies.

He does not look for admiration or appreciation, he is working right in the immediate Presence of the all-witnessing divine Being.

He is not affected if his work is criticized and condemned. He is concerned with the Divine, he is conscious that the Divine is strengthening him from within.

He is begging the Divine to govern every capacity, every energy in himself.

His attitude is uncompromisingly spiritual in all conditions and in all situations. He is living in association with the Divine.

30th week

The spiritual aspirant is preoccupied with wishing only the good and the best to everyone.

He looks upon himself as the servant of all. He has no sense of superiority, no egoism that he is someone, no pride that he is wonderful. He is an embodiment of humility and an embodiment of the spirit of renunciation.

Nothing attracts him in life, not wealth which perishes, not pleasures which pass away, not the world with all its beauty. He is above all temptations. He is conscious that his treasures are imperishable and eternal. Wisdom is his treasure. Sense of Immortality is his treasure. Strong sense of the Presence of the all-beautiful, all-blessing, all-wonderful, all-luminous Divinity is his happiness.

31st week

For every little pleasure that you take in life, there is a corresponding pain waiting for you somewhere. This is the law of matter. Therefore, the wise man, the spiritual individual says: “I have enough of these pleasures. Whatever is necessary in order to maintain life, such as good food, or a good place, I shall use as a medicine, not as a source of pleasure. I do not depend upon these outer things for my pleasure, I derive all my pleasures from the Divine, that is unending pleasure, that is the inexhaustible pleasure, that is a pleasure without any negative results.”

So, he lives a hard life, disciplined, a life of service. He owes nothing to anyone, but many ow to him many things. He owes nothing to the earth, the earth owes him. He is a restless worker, constantly putting everyone and everything in his debt. He is a giver not a taker, he is a producer, not an exploiter and receiver. He is a blesser and not a beggar for any blessing from anyone. Such is the greatness he bears.

32nd week

Close your eyes and cover the whole planet with the light of devotion. Always cultivate a blessing attitude.

Never ask, “Why the others are not working, why I should work?”

Be great in heart.

Resolve in your heart and say, “Now I shall labour so that a thousand persons may live. Let them all sit and enjoy, I shall work. That is my privilege and my delight, that is my adoration of God, and the more I do this, the more are the energies I am given. The inexhaustible Spirit within sustains me in endless energies.”

That must be the heart – great, grand, blessed and blessing.

True Love is the Love that exists between the lover of God and God. The moment you recognise the Divinity in everyone and everything, true Love, the divine, pure and all-problem solving Love, arises in you.

33rd week

If you want to make rapid spiritual progress, be great in inner spirit and consciousness, develop a big heart. Do great things in thoughts and spirit. Know with certainty that the all-seeing Intelligence is watching you, that God is omniscient and omnipresent. And for every good thought that is arising in you, you are rewarded. So, conduct mental worship, mental charities, and you will see these qualities manifest in the outer actions. Put great thoughts in your mind, live with them. Let the greatest Sages of the world be your companions.

Sometimes, when you are working, feel that you are rendering a service directly to the Divine, directly to all the Sages. Be a builder of the divine Kingdom, with the stones of devotion, the stones of knowledge, selflessness, service and sacrifice.

34th week

What is the quickest way to master all temptations?

The quickest way lies in concentration on and absorption of the Divine as the sole aim in life. Make God your central goal. Constantly reflect upon His immediate Presence and the infinite Wealth, the infinite Happiness, the infinite Power, the infinite Knowledge that He means to you.

If you wish to master the temptations of life, focus your attention upon the Divine. Once your attention is focused on the Divine, and you are convinced in your heart, that the Divine alone is your infinite Power, Strength, Knowledge, Peace, Blessedness, Light, naturally you will find, that all other temptations do not distract you.

If your life, thoughts, feelings, consciousness, experiences, activities are centred around God, then you can be sure you are above all temptations and all the praises of the world.

35th week

Everywhere there is nothing but infinite Happiness, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Perfection. Know this. Use your reason to reflect upon this Reality. Grow increasingly conscious of the wondrous Kingdom of the Divine Consciousness in which you are living and moving every day.

If you are not experiencing this wondrous Peace, Infinite Ocean of Love and Light and Grace and Knowledge and Beauty and Perfection of God all around you, it means you are living in ignorance.

It is time we get rid of the hold of this ignorance on us and experience the boundless, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-protecting, all-blessing and all-loving Presence and Consciousness of the Divine.

36th week

We must do that which is challenging, what is uncomfortable, and do that with joy, with peace, with the desire to conquer the will, to develop the power of the will, to conquer limitations.

Train yourself. Become a superman. In small things always do a little more than you can, always give a little more than you can, always work hard a little more than you can, always love a little more than you can, always be peaceful, a little more than you can and you will see, you will be rapidly evolving, growing. All virtues will unfold themselves in you. The excellences of the soul will slowly manifest themselves. That deepens your spirituality. And a deepened spirituality is the best foundation for God-perception, God-experience and great life. Constant spiritual evolution means constant growth in these virtues, in these capacities.

37th week

If you are amidst people you are directly amidst God. If you are hearing sounds you are directly hearing the sounds of the Divine. Make everything divine. What you are, alone counts, what you do, alone counts, others may make enormous and hard services, but the results belong to them, not to you. Only that belongs to you which you do yourself. You are judged by what you are yourself, not by what others are. Others may be great saints, it does not help you. Others may be very bad, that does not affect you. They may be punished, but that punishment does not belong to you. You are entirely responsible for yourself, in every way. If you are wonderful within, then everything is all right. Responsibility lies in your hands.

38th week

In the case of a Sannyasi, he eliminates from his life everything that prevents the development of universal love, everything that prevents the acquisition of Wisdom that gives new eyes, a new Heart, anything that prevents him from gaining a mastery over himself and his circumstances.

It is a great mistake to put our happiness in the hands of someone. Our happiness we must carry in ourselves. It must be all-independent. It must be persisting, and then we will be in a position to make others happy. If our happiness is in somebody else’s hands, we will be perpetually miserable. If our happiness depends on something external, we are perpetually unhappy. Our happiness must emerge from within ourselves. Our soul is of the nature of happiness; that is why the Sannyasi is called Ananda. Why is he called Ananda? Why is he called happiness? Because the soul’s very nature is happiness. He is soul, he is not body. He is Light. He is Consciousness. The nature of Light is happiness. The nature of Consciousness is happiness.

39th week

Let us not stop and contemplate our suffering, imperfections, weaknesses, difficulties, and deficiencies. This way we are only wasting our precious time and also our more precious energy. What is worse, we strengthen our difficulties, deficiencies, sufferings and unhappiness.

The wisest and the best thing for us would be to go on concentrating upon and pursuing happiness, purity, goodness, greatness, nobility, holiness and divinity. Always move towards the positive and the negative will die a natural death and in your life there shall be no more imperfections, etc.

What is more powerful? It is not evil, but goodness. Therefore, as long as you are pursuing the good exclusively and concentratedly, be sure the evil will never attack you. What is most powerful, and more powerful than goodness itself, is love of God and God Himself.

40th week

In truth, in fact and in reality, what is, is the infinite Consciousness of endless Wonders and Splendours. The limitations, the misery and the limited happiness we experience are our mental constructions and creations. They are the products of ignorance. In contradistinction to this ignorance, when we awaken and arouse the Omniscience in our inner being into activity, what do we experience? We experience nothing but God, God, God – here, there, everywhere. What are we in God? In God we have endless creative power. In God we can work endless wonders, miracles and marvels, because the divine Consciousness knows no limits, and our peace, perfection and power will be altogether unlimited and infinite.

The richest life on earth is an ascetic life, such as you can see in the lives of all Mystics, Saints and Sages.

41st week

You may see God in the fire or in the stone, or in the wall or in the cow or in the man or in the woman or in the flower or in the iron or in the inner being. In any manner He can become visible, He can present Himself to you in every form, because He is infinite and everything is possible for Him. He is the Wonder of wonders. And you are also a wonder, because you are bearing in you, as you walk, as you move, this Wonder of wonders.

Have a little faith, that God is with us now, supporting us, sustaining us, and that His love for us is unlimited, that we are children of His Heart and that He loves us immensely, under all conditions and circumstances. He never forsakes us, He never gives us up. It is our faithlessness that is responsible for our separation from Him.

42nd week

You are imperishable. This can be experienced. This can be understood. This can be perceived. Through meditation, through purity of heart, through devotion, through disciplines, through self-transcendence, through self-conquest, the intelligence becomes sharp and luminous. You will be able to perceive the Self within. You will become the Self-seer. You are weak, unhappy now, you are ridden by problems, you are possessed by desires, because you have lost contact with the endless resources within you.

You don’t know yourself. You know everything else. You know the flowers on the table, the people around you, your body, your knees, your life, your society and so on, but you don’t know yourself. You begin to know yourself when you touch the fundamental Consciousness in you. That fundamental Consciousness is God Himself. It is the Image of God. The Image of God and God are not two different things. It is God Himself. The Eternal is in you. The Eternal is the Reality.

43rd week

No man is strong except a Sage of Truth-experience. No man is rich except a Sage of Truth-experience. No one is immortal except a Sage of Truth-experience. Be such a Sage. I will be your servant. I will be your adorer. That is the goal of life. It is for this, you are born.

All other functions in life, all other duties in life are secondary. First possess the knowledge of the Divine, then move and live as you like. Then do all your works in daily life.

You will have surprising inner strength, surprising and continuous inner joy. You will be fearless. You will experience your own divine Nature. And in that divine Nature you will experience the Presence of God, the immediate Presence of God.

Directly experience it, not through the agency of any instrument of knowledge. When you touch this, you are blessed.

44th week

The very utterance of a single word “OM”, or “God”, opens up to the inner vision and to the uplifted heart of the aspirant splendid worlds of experience. The moment “God” or “OM” is uttered, there is a tremendous conviction, that one is living, moving and having one’s whole being in the boundless Light and Happiness and Peace of God.

The Glory of God is immeasurable, indescribable, ineffable. It is so splendid that no physical eye can ever perceive it. It is the eye of the inner consciousness which is identical in its nature and substance with the nature of the Divine that can perceive it.

Try to enrich your lives in an immeasurable manner, even by a mere memory of the word God or the mystical syllable OM which is nothing but God Himself. It is the Truth, OM is the Truth, OM is everything, OM is Consciousness, OM is boundless Wisdom, Peace, Happiness. This is a scientific fact.

45th week

The final State is God-Consciousness. God-Consciousness is a condition of infinite Perfection, Power, Joy, Life. That is our destiny, that is our goal, that is the Breath of our breath, that is the Life of our life, Light of our light, the Substance of our substance. It is everything. It is the Kingdom. It is endless Knowledge, Joy, Peace. It is Eternity, Immortality. This is natural to us, this is our destiny, this is our real condition.

Keep up your continuity of Mantra-repetition with the background consciousness of the omnipresent, all-loving Divinity. Do not look upon God as a judge, but as Mother of mothers, as someone who does not care about your mistakes and limitations, as someone who embraces you with unlimited love, as someone who is surrounding you with infinite Beauty and Grace.

46th week

Deep sleep state is one of the Graces of God which not only makes life possible on earth but also forms the board upon which we can stand and glance into the Reality of God and understand His Nature.

God is present in us as the unmanifest divine Reality, even as our unmanifest deep sleep state, where we have no experience of two things but only of one thing, where we have no experience of time and space, where we are all-pure.

Have you ever heard of any man in deep sleep state committing an error, thinking wrong thoughts, doing some mistakes, suffering, disturbed? Nothing of the sort. If it is true that he is sunk in deep sleep, be sure he is happy. Be sure, he has an experience of stillness, be sure he has transcended time and space. Be sure in that condition he is pure.

47th week

The constant offering of everything that you do to the Divine, liberates you from the ego, makes you total master of Karma, the law of cause and effect.

I have done something, I spoke something, it has a result. Whatever that the result is, I don’t need that result, I need the Divine, not the results. But whether I want it or not, the results come. When the result comes, I have what is called Karma. If I don’t want Karma, but want infinite Perfection – that absolute Purity, upon which nothing is visible, nothing is written, no effect is seen, no happening is taking place, and therefore it is absolutely pure

if I want to rest in that absolute Purity, which is also absolute Happiness, absolute Knowledge, absolute Perfection, well I have to be the master of effects of my actions.

I can be the master of the effects of my actions only by one way. There is no other way, and that is to surrender myself to that absolute Purity that God is, and that is to offer every effect of everything I do, to the Divine.

48th week

You should offer everything that you do to the Divine. You have gone to the town to post letters etc. for the Ashram, the result of that, offer to the Divine. You have typed a few pages, offer that to the Divine. You are about to take something, offer that to the Divine. After you have taken that something, again offer the result of that to the Divine.

Thus make of your whole life pattern and activity, a continuous, unbroken, grand, uplifting, self-offering. Persist in this practice, you become superhuman, you will attain boundless Peace and Happiness and Knowledge and Perfection.

Nobody can take the results of your work away from you, no government, no employer, no one. Your work is governed by invisible laws. You are blessing yourself by your work.

49th week

The world of time and space binds you in limitations. To transcend these limitations in the immediate experience is virtue, saintliness, Godliness. To be limited by anything that is around you, to be oppressed and to be ruled by anything that is around you, that is sin. To be ruled by the boundless Love of the Truth or God, to be always in the same state of love and peace and inspiration and joy, this is the first step and the conquest of the time-space world around us, that is the real conquest of sin.

You sin, because you don’t know your infinite purity. You sin, because you are not in a position to accept the fact, that you are infinite purity, and go on expressing the purity increasingly. You go around the world for finding peace of mind. This is sin. Virtue consists in the ability to be where you are and experience boundless peace, the peace that passes understanding. That you can experience wherever you are, in whatever condition you are. Boundless Happiness, Peace, Beauty, Presence of God is a fact, the first and fundamental fact, the greatest fact. To know this and to increasingly experience this is real virtue, is the first step in saintliness.

50th week

God is the Strength of your strength, Life of your life, the indestructible Element in your life, the eternal and infinite Happiness in your happiness, the boundless and absolute Peace in your peace, the endless Beauty in the beauty of your inner being.

Why do you run away from such a God?

He is the Source of every excellence, you would like to perceive in the outer world.

He is the Source of all values, that you seek to realize or possess in the outer world.

This God you are carrying with you always, Him you can experience always.

The purpose of life here on earth is to seek for the Divine Mother, to experience and enjoy the Divine, the Perfections of God, even in an imperfect body, imperfect surroundings, in an imperfect world.

51st week

The Divine Mother is an embodiment of Reason, Art and Sciences.

Through these arts and sciences, through the constant exercise of reason, revere Her, adore Her, come closer and approximate to Her Perfection, in knowledge, in reason and in science.

She is compassionate in abundance, let your life be governed by compassion, and show forth abundance in your outer life, abundance of goodness, abundance of wisdom, abundance of love, abundance of dynamic activity, be creative and productive. This is the way we can honour the Divine


She is all-seeing divine Presence, She is one with the Heart of the Divine, She is all-knowing, She is all-pervading.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can feel Her, know Her, experience Her.

52nd week

You are a boundless Light in the infinite Beauty. This is your nature. This is how God has created you.

You have lost knowledge of this fact. Therefore, you have anxieties and problems and difficulties. A heart that loves God or Truth can never more be unhappy, can never more be peaceless, can never more have a problem which cannot be easily resolved.

There are limitations in the physical universe. There are problems in the universe. But you are infinitely greater than every problem that can confront you. The mere knowledge of this fact liberates you.

Use your inner joy, inner peace and strength to meet and encounter effectively every problem that may arise.

God’s Grace expresses Itself through the Masters and their activities.

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