Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2018

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

Fear nothing, remember you are immortal. Do not identify yourself with bodily conditions, because the Breath of God is your very breath, the living Image of God in you is your real image, the Kingdom of Heaven is your real Heart.

If you identify yourself with your bodily states and conditions, you are cut off from the Strength of God, and you are crushed by the weight of the bodily condition.

When you look at people, let the eye of your inner heart look at the Divine in them. Connect your inner feelings and thoughts with the Kingdom of Heaven in all.

Don’t be oppressed by their outer nature and appearances. Let something in you, something in your love, in your wisdom grow conscious of the Kingdom of Heaven in others. Remind your mind that you are in the Kingdom of Heaven and in the immediate Presence of God and not in a purely physical universe.

2nd week

The future does not present any anxiety. The past does not burden the present, the present is absorbed in the Divine, in the joy of the Divine Presence. Before and behind there is an ocean of Joy, all around there is an ocean of Joy. The human story is an illusion, a temporary affair. All that has happened yesterday, the day before, two years ago, two lives ago, is all over, without leaving a trace behind. It is a dream. It is an illusion, it is not yourself.

The dream is not you, though it may be your dream. You are other than the dream; you are the Eternal, the Infinite. You are in the Heart of the Infinite, the Eternal, therefore do not worry, allow no sorrow, permit no restlessness, have no doubts.

Subsist always in boundless Joy. Never abandon the feeling that you are directly in the very Heart of the Supreme Reality, at all times, in all circumstances, in all manner of ways.

3rd week

Nature is unconsciously leading us to the evolutionary destiny. Nature is constantly, gently, with its own crude experiments, conducting man towards higher states of growth and development.

But for the spiritual aspirant, this evolution, this development, this realization of the Divine can be a conscious process, a methodical and systematic process. 

God is absolute, man is relative and finite. Therefore we say this limited individual is a product of the Unlimited; we say that man is a son and daughter of God, an expression of God, a manifestation of God, a self-formulation of God. Therefore God is always the Mother, something greater than that which is created as man is. God is formless and nameless. Although He can, and does appear with form and has appeared to men of God-Experience with form. He has always responded to a name.

4th week

Thousands of years ago some of the most towering Mystics of ancient India voiced the Truth which says, “from Infinity, if you subtract Infinity, Infinity alone remains”. If from Infinity you subtract a hundred Infinities, Infinity still remains. This is the mystical language, this is the language of the greatest Reality that is God.

When we become one with this God, this Divinity, when we achieve communion, conscious identity with this Divinity, the book of infinite Knowledge opens itself before us, and we begin to understand this language, this logic, this mathematics of the Mystical Consciousness. This vast, marvellous universe, which we see, is a petty little happening in the Mind or Consciousness of the Infinite. In any condition, at any time, and in anything, Mystical Experience discloses to us the Supreme Divinity in all Its Beauty, Perfection, Grace.

5th week

It is a story of only two days: we meet and we depart, no more to be seen. There is only one who can never depart from us: the Divine. From Him we can never depart. He is always with us, in life and in death. Befriend this eternal Companion. All your fears and worries will disappear. Rejoice in the thought of the Divine. That is the one treasure, the one valuable thing.

Reflect upon the immediate presence of the Divine again and again. Suppose you are working in a room, from a corner someone is always looking at you without blinking the eyes. What effect would this have on you? You would be keenly conscious of this person who is watching you. The spiritual heart feels the same way in relation to the Divine, as one being eternally watched by the Divine.

Live consciously and constantly under the eyes of the Divine.

6th week

Science is too primitive, yet it has made tremendous progress, unbelievable progress. But it will lose its primitive limitations the more it grows, the more it comes closer to the Spirit of God. And it will come closer to the Spirit of God by the very logic of its own growth. Already science has discovered wonders in empty space. Already science says, men and women and the whole universe are nothing but empty space.

This is a great achievement, this is something comparable to the experience of the Mystics. But science has yet to advance. Already science has discovered everything as energy. Everywhere it finds boundless energy, it reduces man and stone and everything to energy.

Already it has come to unitary experience. Already it is discovering newer and newer spiritual Truths, Truths which are discovered by Mystics, by men of God-Consciousness, by men who are inspired and uplifted by the Spirit of God.

7th week

There are Wonders within wonders, Splendours within splendours.

God is indescribable Splendour and this indescribable Splendour is dwelling in you.

And if you become aware of it, your life will be charged with everlasting Ecstasy.

You will never know sorrow.

I do not know sorrow.

I do not know doubt.

I do not know death.

I do not know limitations of Intelligence.

I do not know limitations to Life.

My Life is eternal.

8th week

The seeker of the Divine inwardly meditates on the Nature of the Guru. Though the Guru may seem to be a person among the many persons standing around, the seeker of the Divine goes on meditating in the heart upon the nature of the Guru. Though the Guru may be sitting as a person before the seeker, and the seeker may be serving the Guru, the seeker even while serving, inwardly meditates upon the nature of the Guru. The Guru is Parabrahma, the transcendental Truth, the timeless Reality, – which is not affected by anything that is happening in the cosmos, not affected by anything that is happening to the body, not affected by the thoughts and feelings that He may use, not affected by the society He lives in, not affected by time and space and causation and circumstance. He lives as the timeless Reality, beyond emotions, beyond thought, beyond matter, beyond everything that matter forms. He is rooted in the transcendental Consciousness. He is in fact the transcendental Consciousness, the Ultimate Reality.

9th week

If you recognize that whatever is there inside and outside, everything you see, hear, think, is nothing but God and God Himself, then you know a tree to be God.  You stand before the tree and state, “You are all, you are Brahma, you are Shiva, you are the Divine Mother.” If you really say like that, then the tree reveals the Infinite and Eternal. – Brahma is in the tree and hears what you say and works from inside.  The tree as tree has no idea of it.  But Truth is everywhere, the Divine is everywhere.  Om is in all, and all is in Om, and the consequence of this is, that you must live a new kind of life from now. Your life must be ruled by your vision of the one Reality in all and everything.  If your behavior, if your thoughts and feelings are not in harmony with this great Science, this supreme Wisdom, you commit a sin. If you live like a normal person here on earth in time and space, and still say that all is God and God is all, it is sinful for you, because you do not want to live up to your best and real knowledge.  Sin starts where you live against your own better knowledge.

10th week

The moment you repeat the Mantra, at once the Divine hears it in America, at once the Divine hears it in India, at once in Australia, at once on the moon, the sun, in the stars, in every corner of the universe – at once the Divine hears it. It is so infinite that Its ears are everywhere. What you say is at once heard by space and all is the ear of God. God is so big that we call Him infinite, absolute. In His Ear all the universal systems are not even a small point. He hears everything that you say, no matter where you say something – even if it is within yourself.

Go on repeating the Mantra, even when you have no special taste for it, even if you have some difficulties. That is exactly why you must repeat it all the more, because you have a difficulty. Inwardly you can converse with the Divine. Inwardly you can perceive the Divine. Go on repeating the holy syllables and find new strength, peace and joy.

11th week

Even if we do not want this Divine Experience, even if we do not want God, even if we do not want to explore our own inner higher regions and discover this Kingdom of Heaven and behold the Divine therein, life’s experiences will force us to go that way. This way is a natural way for us. Even as every small baby has its destiny in the mother’s lap, it is our destiny to be in the lap of the Divine Consciousness. The attainment of divine Perfection is inevitable.

The greatest Researcher in the world is the Mystic. He is face to face with the endless Wonders of the Divine. Every minute of His life is a creative Joy. Worlds over worlds of Light are revealed to Him.

12th week

There are millions of beggars who are happy, in spite of having nothing to eat but a handful of rice per day, while you have a variety of food. Compared with them you are rich and to be envied. If you think the circumstances of your life are not so good, you still are able to create inner, subjective circumstances for being happy by your love for what is infinite Beauty, or God. This causes joy, happiness.

Yes, your love for the all-protecting and all-loving omniscient Divinity causes joy in you. To awaken great thoughts and to cultivate such thoughts brings about joy. And moreover, occupy yourself with creative work to increase the beauty around, with a work which renders bread for people, a work which does away with darkness and unhappy circumstances. This also is a source of joy. Pray without ceasing – now and here, intensively, with all your mind, from the background of your consciousness. This gives you a feeling of divine Presence.

13th week

There are two kinds of repeating Mantra: One can put one’s whole power into the loud-voiced invocation of the Divine, or one can also call the Divine intensively inside.

Also this inner repetition can be loud, without even moving your lips. But this is rather possible at a solitary place, whilst where other people are speaking loudly and there are noises here and there in the ashram, one better repeats Mantra loudly. Thus, you do not hear all these diverting noises but concentrate on the Divine.

Both ways can be practised, according to circumstances: intensive inner calling the Divine, or outer loud repetition. Thus, you secure your progress on the spiritual path.

14th week

TAT TVAM ASI — The shortest Upanishad of the world. These three words are the whole content of the Omkarananda Upanishad. In this wondrous Upanishad we have everything; the teaching, the method and the experience of Swami Omkarananda; millions of holy scriptures, all Philosophy you may think of, originate from there; all Psychology, Sociology, every system of Knowledge and Science are built around this Philosophy, Wisdom Experience, Upanishad: “Tat tvam asi.” Every religion you may think of comes from this.

The repetition of the Mantra is a simple thing, yet therein lies the secret of all evolution, all highest attainment. Through that you attain infinitely more than a person would attain through the conquest of the whole world. You will attain infinitely more than the wisest and the most learned man in the world attains by his great learning.

15th week

We gaze into ourselves and discover a point of infinite Light. One says it is inside – but it is not inside, not outside, not above, not below but everywhere. Because on the way to this wondrous Temple, this Observer in us, it just appears as a trip towards inside. We want to regard this Observer in us. In this process of regarding the Observer in us there comes a point where we disappear into the Observer, and this is true Life. From there begins true spiritual life, divine life.

Amidst every atom there is the Glory of the Immortal. Amidst the atom there is the structure of all the movements in the universe. One should see oneself from this aspect of Eternity and know that every cell in our constitution must move towards revealing and liberating the Energy of the Divine.

16th week

An Ashram is a place where one uses one’s potential for God-experience to the maximum, occupying oneself with any kind of work as a means of God-experience. There are millions of cooks, ladies and gentlemen who are cooking all over the world, but they do their kitchen work either for money or for their own stomach. Here in an Ashram we cook in the name of the Divine and for the Divine. God eats first, and then it is distributed to all others. So, one cooks for God, with a divine attitude, divine spirit, without payment and holidays, without counting the hours. One does this work without interruption. Every day is a divine day, every hour a divine hour, and one lives, breathes, inhales and exhales for the Divine, in God, through God. One listens to Mantras when cooking, pronounces Mantras when cooking, living in the Spirit and Light of God as the Witness. The divine Light is the Witness of our spiritual and divine endeavors. All our work is divine and spiritual.

17th week

What is going on in your head or heart, nobody can see or touch. But it is written at once on your forehead to be seen by all the invisible beings around the world and in the universe. All can see it. If you think that the person next to you is God Himself, suddenly it becomes visible on your forehead. If you think a bad thought, it also produces a picture on your forehead and can be read. Your forehead is your TV screen on which all the most secret thoughts, even of ten thousand years ago, become visible. This computer of the human mind is the wonder of wonders, for even the infinite Perfection of the Divine is in your soul, and all this is not only visible in this, our universe here, but also in other, invisible universes, and moreover in the Kingdom of God Itself. All that you feel is suddenly there, is a picture on your forehead. Thoughts and feelings are pictures, and they have colour, personality, tongue, nose, eyes, intelligence. Everything becomes visible, and because the people in the Ashram know this fact, they constantly cultivate best thoughts and feelings, best attitudes, work hard in order to progress on this wondrous divine path.

18th week

When a magician utters a magical formula, at once that which is desired, is produced, is brought into existence. Infinitely more so it is with the Mantra. The moment the Mantra is uttered, at once the Divine Presence is produced. At once the Divinity stands before that person. The Mantra is the Magic of all magics, the Power of all powers, the Truth of truths, the Beauty of beauties, the Perfection of perfections. It is infinite creative Potentiality. There is everything in It. From It come all the universes. By It are sustained all the universes. Into It are dissolved all the universes. The Mantra is the highest treasure. By its repetition you can create a universe like this one.

The central triangle in the Sri Chakra indicates the descent of the Divine Grace. It indicates the coming down of the Heaven into the heart of man. The Light of the Infinite is descending into the heart of the human individual, transforming it and making it a Heaven.

19th week

Leadership is not easy. To be a leader in any particular field of work requires Grace. Not all can be leaders. In order to be a leader, one has to develop many qualities. Those who think, “Oh, I will only meditate all my life,” will never attain any knowledge of the Self or God. There is no such example. And if ever there is an example of a person, who has attained God only through meditation, it happens once in several thousands of years in human history and only because that person is one who in his past life has already purified and transformed himself through intensive service, devotion to the Divine.

Leadership qualities have to be developed. Give great respect for those who work with you, again and again trying to see in them the Divine. Give them full respect and also full freedom, not criticizing their work but trying to encourage them, trying to understand their psychology.

20th week

Do not be deceived by your hate and your limitations, never be hypnotized by your little affection and your little jealousy and little hate. Be not hypnotized by the weakness of your body, nor be hypnotized by death. Do not fear death, it cannot touch you. It may claim the body as is its duty, for we cannot overuse the body, it has its limitations. Leave it, you can have another, a better one. You can choose the body you want. Your thoughts and your feelings are the great shapers of your future, they explain your present, too. Take care of each thought and each feeling, always let them be noble and positive. This way you will come closer to the experience of the Spirit of God.

Even if your thoughts and feelings are self-defensive, always let them be ensouled by something positive and let your knowledge of the Spirit of God guide you in the daily course of your life.

21st week

The God-lover makes all the universe his altar to adore the Divine. At this altar, he is always and everywhere present and face to face with the Divine. He adores the Divine and repeats the Mantra. And more still: his soul is rooted in that dimension of God which is beyond the universe where God shows His Omnipresence.

Difficulties are also Grace. Through these difficulties something good will come out. The gold from your heart will come out. Without suffering one cannot become a great Saint, without suffering there is no great Artist, without suffering there is no great Scientist.

22nd week

God Is Here

Try to live in a great spirit, in a great atmosphere. A great spirit and a great atmosphere and a great world are built by a great Heart.

If Saints see God, they see Him right here, where others do not see anything. The Saints do not run to Heaven in order to see God.

If a poet says beautiful things, those are things which he has seen right here, where others do not see anything. He does not fly to the Heaven and come back and writes beautiful things.

All Beauty is right here, God is right here, all Heaven is right here. A great thought, a great feeling, a great attitude will reveal this.

23rd week

Whether or not others are repeating the Mantra, go on repeating the Mantra. Whether or not others are perceiving the Divine, go on perceiving the Divine. Whether or not others are working, go on working. You are responsible to the Divine.

If others work, the blessings do not belong to you but to others. If the others do not work, they lose something precious. You are responsible for your own things. Therefore, constantly make the inner vision see the Picture of the Divine, the heart constantly repeating the Mantra, the hands constantly working.

If you are in this state for some months and years, great will be the wisdom you will attain without knowing. Great is the purity you will attain without knowing, and automatically your intelligence will tell you what is valuable, what is not valuable, what is divine, what is not divine.

24th week

There is a centre in you which is not subject to time. Without it there would be no possibility for you to know time at all. It is the timeless Being within you which secretly, silently and invisibly enables you to experience time. There is a timeless Being in you, which is the basis for your experience of time. You can withdraw yourself into that timeless Being and thus destroy time and with it death, with it all problems, all sorrows, all limitations. 

Where there is time, there is death. The world is ruled by time and therefore death rules the world. Not only man dies – the mountains die, the rivers die, the earth itself dies. Everything is subject to time. Your body is subject to time.

The moment you go into the objectless Conscious within, the Sanctum Sanctorum, where God dwells, there you have the timeless experience.

25th week

A musician spends his whole time practising music, he spends a lifetime on the same exercises. If this is necessary for mastery of a small art, how much more worthwhile would it be to spend a lifetime singing the Glories of the Infinite? It is nothing compared to the pains people take to master a particular section in any different specialized field. To spend a whole lifetime in the praise of the Divine is the greatest thing you can do.

The Divine Consciousness is not two but One – infinite, absolute, all-perfect. It is in all. It is everywhere, it is all-seeing, it is all-knowing, it is omnipotent, and it is something that was trillions of years ago, and will be trillions of years later. It is the Creator of all universes. This divine Consciousness is within us.

26th week

For spiritual progress prayer is one method. Inspiring thoughts are a second method; close your eyes and wish joy, peace and happiness to all mankind.

During waking-hours and conscious life we should constantly try to reflect upon the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of God. Something in your heart must constantly sense the Presence of God all around us. When we are intensely conscious of this Truth, all fear disappears. Supernatural strength takes possession of the whole body, fear disappears, anxiety vanishes, there is great peace and inner cheerfulness.

27th week

The moment mind becomes conscious of negative things, it cuts us off from the Light of the Kingdom of Heaven, and makes us weak. The moment we are aware of the body, we have a problem, we have weaknesses, we have vague anxieties, a number of human forces begin to operate. But the moment we are conscious of the Spirit in the body, of the Breath of God in the body, and know that Breath of God to be our real Self, strength comes in, peace takes possession of us and there is joy.

The spiritual individual is always conscious that he is living for the Divine, present everywhere in the universe. All the work he does is for the Divine. All the hard work he does is for the Divine in the universe, surrounding him. All thoughts and feelings are centred round the Divine.

28th week

No matter what you are doing, do it with the best attitude, with an elevated attitude.

Make your inspiration a permanent feature of your intelligence. Make happiness a permanent feature of your life. Make peace and strength and fearlessness a permanent feature of your life.

Always hold on to the Divine Mother’s Hand, the infinite Love, the infinite Treasure. She is the Diamond. She is the Gold. She is the Light. She is the Radiance. She is the Music. She is the Heaven.

Let Her dwell in you. Let Her work through you. Let Her live through you. This is the purpose of all the prayers in Veda. This is the purpose of all the Temples, for which they are existing. All Temples have only one aim, to relate man to God, to relate the finite life to the infinite Life, to give you an experience here and now of your Immortality, Indestructibility and Deathlessness.

Always express Goodness, express Love, extend Love beyond the bounds of the very earth on which you live, extend it to all creation. Extend your Love to invisible worlds, extend your Love to all nature, and thus you enrich it with Divine Mother Lakshmi.

Become God-conscious men and God-conscious women.

29th week

All that is limited and conditioned is not the Infinite. All that is external to yourself can only be a source of your unhappiness and be the cause of problems rather than a source of real happiness.

Only the Infinite in all these external, limited, conditioned things can be one with the Infinite in you.

God alone can become your very heart, nobody else can; for God is already one with your inner being, with God in you. You can consciously experience this Oneness through constant mantra-repetition and meditation.

Matter is heavy, the world is an enemy of the Lotus of the Divine. Therefore the inner strength must be constantly made manifest:  under the most trying and difficult circumstances we must sustain ourselves in Strength, Power, Peace and Joy of God. At no time, under no circumstances should our hold on superman-hood in God- consciousness be surrendered.

30th week

Express more faith in the Divine, more devotion to the Divine. When people are suffering they beg for relief in their prayers. When the suffering is over they forget God, they again do bad things. People should not go to the Divine merely for relief from suffering. There are good hearts who go to the Divine not because of suffering, not because of the pressure of suffering, but because of the impulsion of devotion. Wise persons go to the Divine, lead by Wisdom. That is the best way to God.

The spiritual character is a most wonderful character – rich with all kinds of qualities. It is very quick in adapting and adjusting itself to the situation. It does not weep and cry. It is always conscious of the Eternal, the Timeless, the all-seeing, all-protecting, all-wonderful Divinity.

31st week

Always try to be established in the highest divine Consciousness.

Nobody is your enemy in the world, except your own mind. Ask your mind, find out for yourself whether your mind is constantly thinking of what somebody said. Thus it is not occupied with God-consciousness. It does not think of God, His nature, His immediate Presence. It always thinks ‘what are other people thinking about me?’ It is always thinking about other people, their words, their actions, their behaviour.

In such a case, you are not only cut off from God, but you are on a dangerous path.

Your mind always thinks about your body, its interests, its future, and the world outside and the sense-impressions coming through the five senses. It is never thinking fully of the Divine.

32nd week

The spiritual path is a mathematical path, progress is in correspondence with your effort, and the results are seen unfailingly. That is why the great lovers of the Divine multiply their good deeds, multiply their prayers, so much that the prayer is kept up with unbroken continuity.

God in the world is called This; God beyond the universe is called That. Or in philosophical terms: immanent God and transcendent God. Is the immanent God different from the transcendent God? No. It is the same.

Is the mind of a woman different from her dream? It is not. But is the dream of the woman the whole of her mind? No. To dream is only one possibility of her mind, one among several thousand creations of her mind. Is God completely lost in the world He has created? No. God is not affected by anything happening in the universe, though God is in the universe.

33rd week

Let your mind be constantly in harmony with the exercise for God-experience, one with the picture of the Divine inwardly, one with the prayer without ceasing in your heart. In the background this prayer should go on, and all the 24 hours, in all states and conditions and circumstances of life.

This means to be in harmony with the inner spiritual exercise: maintaining this spiritual exercise in all conditions, day and night.

Only by being in harmony with this spiritual exercise, being one with the exercise itself, by sustained exercise, without interruption, one reaches the supreme goal of life and protects oneself from all false diversions in life.

Constant inner consciousness of God is to be exercised: His Presence, His Omniscience is to be felt so that every moment of your life is a God-experience, so that every gaze on anything or on any person reveals a vision of the Divine, so that every noise one hears, is heard as a Mantra.

34th week

There is a small red point in the centre of the Sri Chakra. God is a point that is infinite, a point that is dimensionless, a point that is absolute. It is a tiny point, but it covers everything. God is rooted in your inner heart, and is at the same time all around you.

While repeating the Mantra, recognize the Truth that this Centre Point of the Divine is right here.

This red point of the Sri Chakra has no dimensions, it is smaller than the smallest, yet bigger than the biggest. It is one without a second. It is the seat and source of all creative powers.

It is the point of infinite Light, Grace, Beauty and creative Consciousness.

35th week

Mystics alone have the true joy of life. They alone can laugh at death as though it is nothing. They alone can love us all equally. They have the key to mysteries of life, time, nature. They have a continuous consciousness of the Supreme Divinity. Their experience itself is a floating on the infinite Sea of Light, Power and Grace.

Glory to the Mystics, who are the great Inspirers and Illuminators of the spiritual path. Our homage to them, and my homage and heartfelt adorations to you all, who are the future Mystics of the world, who are the Gods in the growing, the Saints and Sages in the making.

36th week

What is happening in the mystical experience? There is no such thing as God as an object and the experiencing individual as the subject, and the act of experiencing. All these three are merged into one.

We have a unitary experience. We have an experience which cannot be described.

The moment you attempt to describe it, mind comes into operation. When the mind is active, the mystic is a man, not a God. When the mind is suspended in its activity and the soul of the Mystic merges with the Soul of the infinite Being everywhere, the Mystic is indistinguishable from God. He is in God, God is in him. He is God, and God is he.

The Mystics are conscious of God in the world and God beyond the world. God in the world is called immanent, the immanent Godhead; God beyond the world is called transcendent.

37th week

The soul is always pure and always the same. You are timeless, spaceless peace, joy, silence, rest. “Ordinary” persons transfer the qualities and characteristics of the body to their soul. The soul is the timeless silence which you experience during deep-sleep state. The soul is neither man nor woman, it is without sex, it is timeless, formless, nameless, all perfect. But the common person identifies himself constantly with the body, and identifies the body with the soul, and therefore cannot recognize the presence of the soul or God.

The divine person constantly imposes the properties of the soul on the mind, saying, “I am infinite peace” – “Shantoham”. Thus, his heart and soul speak, “I am infinite Silence, Eternity, unborn, all perfect Joy!” Such thoughts, perceptions, intuitions ensoul the mind of a God-loving person.

The God-loving person is a heaven in himself, as the mind is used for experiencing the divine kingdom here and now.

38th week

Any spiritual practice will be most successful only when we have intense love and longing for God. Intense longing and love for God cannot be had if there is not an intense rejection of whatever is of the world, of the body. There must be a kind of internal disgust and detachment from the very best things in life. Even if you are made the princes or princesses, the kings or queens of the whole world, and given all the royal power and pomp, a life of exalted luxury and culture, even then that life is something of a worm’s life or a pig’s life, compared to the nature of the life that is ours in God-consciousness.

We are supposed to live constantly in God-consciousness, and not allow empirical things to dominate and enslave our inner being. But all the time we have to live and move in the empirical world. While all the time living, working, labouring here in the world, the inner consciousness must be rooted in the timeless Reality that is OM, God.

39th week

OM is called Brahman. What is Brahman? That which is infinite. What is the Infinite? That which is infinitely perfect. What is infinitely perfect? That which is all-sufficient, all-peaceful, all-joyous; that which was before the cosmos came into existence; that which is in the cosmos and is more than the cosmos, and that which will be when the cosmos is no more.

The immeasurable Everywhere becomes the immediate Here; the endless past and the endless future become the eternal Now.

When our heart becomes one with the Eternal in all that we touch, see and know, we are at once in all the continents; we are everything, and anything anywhere is here and now with us. Space has disappeared. Time has disappeared. We are in the inner Heart of the Eternal, consciously, in living experience. It is an indescribable joy. We have unlimited freedom. This is the true freedom; this is the true joy. This is the freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the joy of the Infinite. It alone is to be aspired after, by the human individual. If the human individual has this, all else shall be added unto him. If he has not this, it is just as if he had nothing.

40th week

Help will come to you – follow the light in your heart. God will not fail you. Try to be more good, more pure and more wise. God will bring you the best forces; angels will guide you. Your conscience becomes brighter and brighter and guides you. Help comes to you in many ways, through noble literature, through noble people. From most unexpected corners and quarters help will come to you. Stand imperturbable, with your aspiration, and all the great forces, all-knowing forces of God will work with you and through you.

Where there is a demand there is at once a supply.

With every repetition of the Mantra find everything suddenly illuminated with the Image of the Divine, the Presence of the Divine. Practise this discipline again and again, you will live in a world of the Divine Light.

41st week

In the spiritual world, in the world of divine Consciousness within, there is only persistence, eternity, endurance, subsistence, continuity. Therefore all these Saints who are supposed to have died long ago are still living. They are living in the Heart of God. They are indestructible, immortal. Their devotion, their divine thoughts are also living in the universe. Any true spiritual aspirant who is purified in nature and heart, attracts these immortal Saints to himself, and all invisible, immortal Sages, Saints, Mystics, help him.

There is no end to the Wisdom of God, there is no end to the Knowledge of God. There is no end to art, there is no end to science. Science and art are from the mind of God, and there is no end to the mind of God. There is an end to human happiness but no end to the Joy of God, to the Joy of the infinite Self, the infinite Truth.

42nd week

In the state of inner detachment from the lights and colours of human life, in the spirit of renunciation, in the condition of absence of all taste for any most valuable or most precious thing on earth, we have the right condition for a greater experience of God. In this we have the right condition for right prayer and right meditation. It is here that we are most safe, it is here that an intensity of concentration on God is possible.

     But if you recognise something as very valuable in the world, then your mind will be divided between God and that which you think is the most valuable thing in the world. Your love and your longing and your concentration are divided, and progress on the path is delayed.

43rd week

Mystical syllables are full of highest electricity. Like radio waves they reach every corner of the universe and touch every aspect of the Divine. There is a mighty power in them. Power, light, electricity are one and the same Consciousness. One can be converted into the other. Electricity can be converted into light, light into power, and power in itself contains highest Consciousness – the Divine Reality.

In the stone also there is light. Stone is stone for you. For other beings, other frequencies of light and energy, stone is like butter, or a cloud, or a vapour. All these mountains are but clouds for these beings. So there are worlds within worlds, one world can interpenetrate another world.

Every repetition of the mantra touches the whole of Reality and touches every corner of the universe, every part and aspect of the Divine Reality. Through Mantra-Repetition the human individual becomes increasingly transformed.

44th week

The consciousness in you, the consciousness which is behind your mind and the unconscious, is full of endless powers. It can help you to obtain Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence. There is an infinity of Peace, Happiness, Beauty and Wealth in the Divine Consciousness within. Hundreds and thousands of people unknown to human history have silently achieved this state.

The whole nature means us to live a life which aims at realisation of these higher powers. Nature is so designed as to help us arrive at this high destiny.

Because nature is designed that way, no man can really be happy, can really be peaceful, no man can have real satisfaction in life unless he gains realisation of his own true inner nature, his innermost Self.

Since God alone is real, since God is the only Truth, in meditation experience nothing but God alone.

As you repeat the Mantras, let earth, oceans and stars join you and repeat the Mantras.

45th week

Is love a characteristic or a quality of matter? Certainly not, it is a characteristic, a quality of the spirit of God in us. It is because the spirit of God is in us, that we have larger impulses, wider views, greater thoughts, faith in the Divine and instinctive admiration and appreciation for the teachings of great Saints and a readiness to do everything in order to follow the footsteps of great Saints who lead us to Salvation. Because there is the spirit of God in each of us, constantly there arise spiritual aspirations in us, constantly there springs up a mood to pray, constantly there arises a demand to know God, to feel Him, to recognize Him.

One can know the Divine only by being the Divine. One can understand a Saint only by being a Saint. One can understand a genius fully only by being a genius. So, it is a law that in order to know the Divine one has to develop an extraordinary divine nature.

46th week

If a spiritual aspirant is meditating, he finds millions of Saints sitting around him and meditating. If he is meditating, he sees nothing within and without except the Image of the Divine. Every part of his being and body is filled with the Image of the Divine.

To such a heart all human emotions and thoughts and problems are unknown. All knowledge comes from within, the knowledge of the Mantras, the knowledge of the omnipresent Divinity. An answer to every problem comes from within automatically. The whole heart and soul and will and being are vibrant with the consciousness of the Divine. The spiritual aspirant always hears the Mantra, concentrates on the Image of the Divine, converses with the Divine, dwells in association with the Divine, and the Divine is the most dominating and central experience for him.

47th week

The true spiritual heart always lives the life of the Guru. The whole world belongs to him, all the Heaven belongs to him, everything is his property, everything is enriched by him, everything is respected by him, everything is rendered beautiful by him, no matter what sacrifice he has to make, no matter what pains and difficulties he has to take.

The blood of the spiritual aspirant is very noble, though the aspirant may be born as the poorest man in the whole world. No heart in the world is more generous than his heart, no blood is more noble than his blood, no attitude is more inspiring, elevating than his attitude; no life is more self-sacrificing, self-giving than his life. He has the capacity not only to live and work but also to help a hundred others live and find a work.

He is always harmonious, never misunder­standing. Even when there is real reason for misunderstanding, he dismisses it and tries to make harmony.

48th week

Try to establish inwardly, very intimate deep relations with the infinite Divinity. It is by such personal relations with the Divine that the spiritual individual finds his increasing inner illumination. Automatically the object of meditation constantly stands before one’s vision.

The Divine is not only more real than the air we breathe, but Its Intelligence is so remarkable and wonderful that It is at the same time everywhere. It is a supra-electronic Intelligence.

By intimate and personal relations with the Divine the seeker finds a total inner transformation. The experience of the Divine in all Its ranges and multiplicity of nature, being, status, is one of the results of these inner constant relations with the Divine.

49th week

By the continuous and unbroken repetition of the Mantra, the earnest seeker of the Divine sees the Face of the Truth inwardly. How is the Face of the Truth? What says the deepest experience of the Truth? The Face of the Truth is indescribably beautiful. It is brilliant beyond description.

Language with its limitations can say it is like ten thousand suns rising up at the same time. So brilliant is the Face of the Truth. That is to be contemplated. Therein is the supreme art, and the aim, aspiration and objective of all artistic endeavour. It is the supreme artistic object. It is the supreme object of the soul’s striving.

It is a great Grace to have a task in life, such as dedicating one’s life to Art, or God.

50th week

There are states and conditions of consciousness in which we seem to exceed the limitations of any particular experience. In states of poetic experience we transcend the conscious mentality to some extent. In states of “unconsciousness” we go beyond the conscious being. In deep-sleep the conscious experiences do not belong to us. In conditions of super-conscious experience, the conscious field of experience is completely put away. The true joy of life, the true richness and content of life consists in living from this higher level of our being. Our highest power, our real strength, our real delight do not lie on the surface.

You cannot depend upon tomorrow. Whatever good you wish to do tomorrow, do it now. Whatever noble thought you wish to think, or grand feeling you want to entertain, or charity you wish to do tomorrow, do it now.

51st week

The God-loving person in an Ashram is characterized by three main principles which are:  hilarity in all circumstances, situations; dynamism which does not let one second pass unprofitable, for every moment is a moment of the Divine and precious to him; and enthusiasm.  These are three special characteristics of the God-lover. 

Meditation increases his inner insights constantly. Meditation means: being a thinker who constantly thinks of the presence of the omnipresent, omniscient, all-seeing Divine with endless dimensions, qualities, powers. 

For everything he needs in life, the God-loving person turns to the Divine in himself.  As we know, God is in him, and God is everything. 

For all problems of life, the Divine alone is the solution. There is no real solution outside the Divine.

52nd week

Everybody bears his enemy and his friend in himself. The enemy is the human mind whilst the friend is God, – that which you enjoy in deep-sleep state, which is timeless peace, joy, silence, calmness, perfection. It is this peace and joy in your soul which is the centre of your soul and heart.  But instead of experiencing this during waking-state through exercises, constant self-discipline, expression of devotion, prayer without ceasing, constant work, meditation on the immediate divine Presence, selfless service every moment – and thus enjoying the Perfection of the Divine here on earth already, instead of this you fall victim to your own mind, to this enemy which destroys everything by suspicions, fears, envy, jealousy, devilish feelings and thoughts, laziness, stupidity. All this is in your mind. All kinds of complexes are there, and all this destroys the enjoyment of timeless peace, silence, joy, of our true Friend – God, the Divine Mother – which we would enjoy otherwise.

There is no greater task in life than becoming one with our true Friend in our soul, and to transform or do away totally with this enemy, the human mind, which is the cause of all problems, evils, the centre of ignorance, egoism, arrogance, all negative qualities you may think of.

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