Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2012

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Week 1
All spiritual Institutions teach the same thing: God is One, Goodness is One, Truth is One, Life is One, Love is One. All highest teachings are the same. 

The path we have to go is the way that all the Saints have gone. What is the path all the Saints of the world have gone? The path is the same: the path of Love, the path of Understanding, the path of Wisdom, the path of Devotion to the Divine, the path of Service and Sacrifice – the grand road. It is an unalterable road, the path that is eternal. It is the same path, whether the Saint is of the East or the West, or the North or the South, it does not matter, whether of the ancient days or the present times, – the Path to God is the same.

Week 2
All sounds are generated, come and go. But Om has a transcendental aspect – soundless aspect. This Om is the uncaused cause in the universe. It is Truth. It is the nature of God, the name of God, the being of God. It is unending Joy, the Source of all knowledge, the Source of all experience. Om in its transcendental aspect is the absolute Reality, the only Reality. Om is the Soul of the soul. 

You repeat Om, that is the right way, but with every repetition of Om you must feel the divine Presence, surrender yourself to God, know God to be an embodiment of Love, know Om to be the name of the Lord. So you must reflect upon the nature and meaning of Om also.

Week 3

The whole world, inside, outside – everything – is filled with the boundless throbbing, thrilling Love of God.

God will never fail us, He is all-merciful, more tender than you can ever imagine.
We are children of Immortality, we cannot be destroyed – the body may break, but we go back into the lap of the Lord from where we came.

The Divine Mother is here and now. She was, She remains, for all Eternity, here. Human beings come, human beings go, times come, times go, worlds come, worlds go, – but She remains, here.

Week 4

All of God’s paths are for everyone. The development of love, acquisition of knowledge, discipline of our lower nature, manifestation of all that is best and wonderful in our consciousness, aspiration to reach higher and higher states of perfection, – this is common to all humanity, and common to all religions, common to all methods and yogas.  

Bhakti contains in itself all other aspects. There is reason in it, there is also action in it.

Materialization and all these wonders and miracles are possible. But the greatest wonder is the wonder of God-experience. That gives you supreme knowledge, power, peace, joy, perfection. 

Week 5
The Divine is the only Reality, the only Joy, the only Essence. All else is a dream, like the film on the screen. No pain is a pain, no joy is a joy, no reality is a reality, the Divine alone is wonderful, real, sublime. Cling to the Divine, be not touched and influenced by the world around. Beg the Divine to dwell in your eyes, in your face, in your heart, in your will, in your whole being.

You can never be in darkness. Even if there is no light in the room in which you are sleeping, there is the boundless Light of the Divine everywhere. Every wonder can happen anywhere at any time.

Week 6
Down through the centuries for the past thousands of years, hundreds of Mystics and Sages have arisen. Their life-stories are available to us. Some of them are still living. Purity of heart and divine Grace can bring us into contact with them. They are all-merciful, all-compassionate people. To the deserving aspirants they are accessible.

It is to these Mystics and Sages of highest divine Consciousness that OM and other mystical mantras are audible.

Vidya, Yoga, Jnana – all are one and the same: the face and heart of infinite divine Perfection. What is Yoga? Not a physical posture or control of the mind, but the state of the inner Self! That is Yoga. Self-identity, Self-realization, that is Vidya, that is true Knowledge.

Week 7
As long as we are caught in this body, this petty life, unfolding from karma, we are lost – we are subject to attacks by all forces from all sides.

Take a cup filled with honey. As long as you hold it in your hand bees swarm on you from all sides. Put the cup aside and take distance and you are free from their attacks.

Similar is the situation with the body. When we are caught in body-consciousness – a slave of time-space, slave of the energy of time – we are lost. But as soon as in our inner consciousness we let go of the body, karma and mortal life, we are free. There will be no further attacks from any side.

The Lover of the Divine jumps out of all states of time and space, just like a person in deep-sleep, where one is totally free and enjoys a timeless, spaceless peace and joy.

Week 8
You are whatever there is in your mind. If in your mind there are millions of lights lit for the Glory of the Divine and the Appearance of the Divine, then your heart is a festival of joy and divine Consciousness.

So, mentally light millions of lights for the Glory of the Divine, mentally extend adoration to the Divine in all beings, mentally find yourself everywhere in the universe adoring the Divine. Mentally live in association with the Divine.

Everybody is always living in association with something or the other. A child is living in association mentally with her toy. E. is living in association with her cup of coffee, mentally. There is no one at no time who is not living with something or the other mentally. End this by constantly living mentally in association with the Divine, with the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-perfect, all-luminous Divinity, with the timeless, eternal, infinite, divine, absolute Reality, with the Ocean of Peace, Joy, Power, Energy, Grace, Light.

Week 9
The Lover of the Divine invites the Divine, begs the Divine to be present.

‘Come here, near. You are supremely adorable.
‘I am not asking you for bread. If I have you, automatically bread will be brought by thousand princesses. A thousand princesses will be my servants. Come and stay with me. If you are by me everything comes, if you are not by me I have nothing. Even if I have anything it turns out to be ashes and a source of sorrow, the cause of all problems.’ 

When the heart is good, one is a Genius, one is a Master.

Week 10
We live in a world of mirrors, we see ourselves everywhere. We read our own minds everywhere. If we are bad we think the whole world is bad, if we are good we think the whole world is good. If we are saintly we think all are angels, if we are sensuous, we think everything is an object of sense-pleasure. If there is God in our heart, we see everywhere God, no matter whether the person is good or bad or wicked or saintly. We see everywhere what is in ourselves, therefore always put in yourself God so that you may behold God everywhere. 

Ask the space around you to disclose the Divine, ask the earth to disclose the Divine, ask the air to disclose the Divine, ask everything to disclose the Divine. Ask your heart to disclose the Divine, – become the Divine.

Week 11
Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. It is only a crude barbarian who thinks of the Goddess of Wealth as Goddess of money. Her Wealth is not only money but every kind of wealth: wealth of Love, wealth of Virtue, wealth of Goodness, wealth of Spirituality, wealth of Intuition, wealth of Genius, wealth of Beauty.

Wherever there is Beauty, wherever there is Virtue, there the Divine is present, as an Influence, as a Power, as a Force, as an uplifting Presence – as a Figure also. 
So, the Divine Mother is Lakshmi. 

No Sages are so foolish as to beg for a wealth that the world can give, for every Sage has supernormal capacities, he can create wealth himself. He need not have to beg at the doors of Lakshmi for wealth. He adores Lakshmi for Her own sake, out of the fullness of the heart’s joy and devotion and love.

Week 12
Some people are very peaceful, even when you attack them they smile, that is their nature. This is a divine gift. We can never provoke them. This is a divine grace, this is the presence of Lakshmi. 
Some people are beautiful even in sleep, and intelligence is visible on the face, that is a grace, that is a sign of the presence of the Divine. That is a blessing of Lakshmi. 
Lakshmi is of many kinds and many forms. 

Lakshmi is the imperishable Wealth, sustaining the perishable wealth. And Lakshmi can create endless universes, and yet find that nothing of Her energy is spent, nothing of Her wealth is spent, even though She has created numberless universes and filled each of them with abundant wealth.

Week 13

Bless everything and you will be blessed back by everything. 
Everything will live longer if you bless everything. Everything serves you better if you bless everything. Carry a blessing heart, nothing will break around you, everything will be reconstructed, renewed, and rendered ever-beautiful. 
So, constantly carry a blessing heart and a mind illuminated by divine Knowledge. Let the fire and force of Mantra be constantly burning behind in the background.  

Wherever there is a little light, wherever there is a little altar, where one bows down automatically to the Divine, there is Lakshmi.

Week 14
The Devotee prays to the Divine Mother: 
‘Come near, let me evoke You. Let me invoke You. Let me beg You to be present here. I am beginning my meditation. But I cannot begin unless You are present by me. I have to meditate on You, but I cannot meditate unless I call You, and make You stand before my vision. Therefore I beg You, please come, stand before me, sit before me, be by me, dwell before me. Then I meditate on You. When You are present, my heart is filled with Light, I am elevated, – I am in the presence of the boundless Light, indescribable Beauty, it is as if thousand Suns were rising before my forehead. You are the Wonder of wonders, you are the Wealth of wealth.’

Week 15
Thousands of people ask on what to meditate, how to meditate, and thousands of people are taught to make the mind empty. The more they try to make the mind empty the more the problems arise, the more all kinds  of thoughts and dirty pictures come before their vision. So, millions of people deceive themselves in the name of meditation; they don’t know what to meditate upon. 

The Divine Mother is the Fullness of Wealth, the Fullness of Being, the Fullness of Joy, Fullness of Life, Fullness of Knowledge. That is the object of meditation of the spiritual individual. 

Week 16
The Nature of the Divine is boundless Love and Light, it is boundless Beauty and Happiness. It is boundless Freedom and Perfection. It has nothing to do with your bodily conditions and your fortunes and misfortunes of life. Your bodily conditions and fortunes and misfortunes of life are made by you, – your thoughts, feelings, actions. These have nothing to do with the boundless Love, Light, Grace, Freedom of God. These are only your creations, the creations of your thoughts, feelings, actions. What we have done comes back to us in one form or the other. Doing good or bad and getting a corresponding result has nothing to do with the Nature of God.

So, try to lift up your consciousness and focus it intensely on the infinite divine Presence, the Light, Love, Grace, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Perfection of the Divine.

Week 17
Understanding the Truth, that God is unlimited Light, Love, Grace, Beauty, Freedom, stand above the chain of action and reaction, hate nobody, dislike nobody, criticize nobody, bring tears to the eyes of nobody. On the other hand, go on increasing your good Karma by making others smile. Having made others smile do not expect rewards for your service. Having made others smile at once offer that act of kind service to the Divine, and the Divine will bless you with more illumination and free you from the chain of action and reaction. And when you have illumination, your heart is always happy in all conditions, whatever may be the circumstances.

Week 18
A Saint is one, whose heart is constant sunshine. The outer sun shines only for twelve hours, and sometimes it does not shine when it is blocked by the clouds, whereas the Saint shines all through the 24 hours, and there are no clouds interfering with his sunshine. He is a person who is constantly uplifting the earth. He has unusual patience, unusual faith, unusual perseverance, and a completely and unconditionally forgiving nature. 

Now try with all your strength of heart and soul to become such a Saint.

Do not keep upon yourself any kind of Karma by a conduct which is contrary to the conduct of a Saint. Constantly exalt the whole being, however difficult it may be – if you do the most difficult thing, you are great.


Week 19
“Heaven” is not the condition of Truth-experience, it is a pleasurable place, where one has lasting pleasures, and higher senses, and fine conditions, luxurious conditions, no disease, nothing of the sort. Heaven is a place of enjoyment, but in that heaven again people are subject to the three Gunas. The whole creation is subject to the three modes, and in the creation heaven is included.

What is created is perishable, “heaven” is perishable, and those who are in the heaven are also perishable, they must be transferred to other worlds, when their bodies perish.

Whatever is created and whatever is in creation is subject to the three Gunas. Only the man of knowledge, who has become one with the Truth in his inner experience, is above the Gunas.

Week 20
Wisdom and rich experience in life will tell you that life as it is lived by people is essenceless, it has no real value, there is no real pleasure. Real pleasure, real value, real meaning can emerge only from That which is permanent, and That which belongs to the inner Divine Consciousness.

One brick brought and laid for the Temple of the Kingdom of Heaven is infinitely superior than to build a kingdom and rule it for thousands of years.

Real wealth, real meaning and value and happiness, can only be in spiritual growth. This is real nobility.

So, let us try to do our best to go on doing good as much as possible in all conditions.

Week 21

God is a mighty Person, an impersonal Person, who can stand before every creature with a personal Form. He can multiply Himself into as many as there are creatures in the universe.

He is there with everyone, always, watching everything about everyone. At the same time He is filled with Love. You are His joy, you are His child. You are created by Him. You are a creature, He is the Creator. He is the Mother, you are the baby.

You are weak, He is all-powerful; you know little, He knows everything.

Devotion to the Divine Personality is indispensable for highest experience of the ultimate Truth. And devotion to the Divine Personality furthers spiritual development most rapidly.

Week 22
Veda is a living personality: Veda Bhagavan. The Lord is resident in the Veda, reveals Himself through the Veda. Veda is identical with the Supreme Reality.

Veda is understood by every heart of devotion. The grace of the Divine grants us insights into the meaning of the Vedas, even without having to read the Vedas. Vedas are timeless, they are eternal, they are part and parcel of the infinite Reality.

It is difficult for the greatest intelligence to understand the Veda. Even Sayana, the great commentator on Veda, is much criticised.

But the simple devotees understand the truths of the Veda, and express those truths in daily life.

Week 23
All good things, divine things, spiritual things are rare, and difficult to obtain. It’s only the Grace of God that can help us touch them, obtain them. When there is no Grace there is no desire for divine things, there is no capacity to do good things, there is no aspiration to meditate and experience God; and whatever aspiration one might have had in the beginning disappears even as the fuel disappears when burnt.

So, the fire of spiritual aspiration and responsiveness to divine things must be kept burning, by constant feeding of it with the fuel of aspiration, longing, devotion.

Recognizing the truth that love for God, the capacity to be good, the longing to be in search of peace, happiness divine, cannot come without the Grace of God, let us try our best to be more and more on the side of all that is wonderful, divine, blessed, good. No opportunity for prayer, for meditation, for good service of mankind should be lost.

Week 24
The Divine Word OM carries in itself the nature of God. Few know its exact nature. In truth, in reality, in fact it is God Himself.

When the human individual is rendered pure, when his consciousness is liberated from entanglement in the world of time and space, the Sage, with the aid of the word OM, releases himself into the infinite All. Even as the air in a balloon when punctured releases itself into the infinite air all around, even so with the utterance of the Divine Word OM, the Sage releases his consciousness into the infinite All.

Such a person alone is the true Master. Such a person is God. God dwells in him, works through him, lives in him.

With the aid of the word OM, the Sage drops his inner consciousness into the boundless Reality of the Absolute Consciousness and Beauty.

Even as a drop which is let into the ocean becomes the ocean, becomes illimitable, the consciousness in the Sage with the word OM is dropped into the illimitable Ocean of divine Light and Perfection.

Week 25
Nothing is worth buying in the world except a little grain of devotion, a grain of faith. Even if somebody sells you a grand palace, do not buy it, it is a worthless burden, you cannot take it with you when you die. “Buy” a grain of devotion and faith, that will be the secret of your strength and your power and your happiness. It will be the source of unending peace and happiness. Whereas whatever you may buy is only a burden, difficult in keeping, difficult in holding, difficult in managing, and the cause of much trouble, and at the death it does not accompany you. It wastes many years of your life, it deepens your ignorance and strengthens your bad Karma.

So try to buy one grain of faith, one grain of devotion, one grain of purity, one grain of love for the Divine, one grain of God-Consciousness. Apart from this grain, this seed, all else is useless.

Week 26
The space is not moving, only the earth is moving. And whatever is inside the space is moving: the clouds, the wind, everything that is formed in space is moving, coming and going. But the Infinite does not come, does not move, it is always everywhere.

The space is everywhere. It does not move. An object may appear in space and disappear, an object may move within space from one place to another, but the space itself does not move, it is everywhere. Infinitely more, infinitely greater than space is the Lord, God. He does not move. He is everywhere at all times.

That infinite Being which is subtler, infinitely subtler than the physical space, is the Creator and Maintainer and Sustainer of space.

Week 27
Each day, every hour, we have to bring back our consciousness to a grand reflection upon the nature of the Divine Truth as described here in the Ashram.

Our heart is of that Truth, we belong to It as coolness belongs to ice.

Unless we are purified totally, transformed completely, and experience this state of the Truth consciously, the problem of life is not over. Let our aspirations be yet more burning, let our wisdom become yet more luminous, let our heart be yet more pure and sensitive to the grand Divine Consciousness. Let us do all that we can in order that we may live consciously in a boundless Light and Love.

Week 28
The spiritual aspirants have an advantage over all other people in the world: that is, they live healthy, have smiling faces, brave hearts, strong will, untiring energies, and a life free from inner tensions and distractions. They grow old very slowly, their energies are conserved, and preserved, and transformed.

So, keep the best health, and also the inner being always smiling, happy, free from tensions. There is no problem which cannot be overcome. The Spirit within is greater than the outer problem. Where there is inner cheerfulness, and faith and trust in the Divine, there will be always success in all conditions and circumstances.

Week 29
According to the Omkarananda Ashram’s style of life there is no such thing as secular and sacred. The secular carries in itself the spiritual dimension. The secular and the sacred are one. The contemplative life is not detached and dissociated from practical life. Service is the means of attaining and retaining and continuing God-consciousness.

Life and God-experience are not two different things, but one and the same. Philosophy and life are not two separate things, but one and the same. From the highest standpoint the transcendental and the manifestation are not two different things but one and the same.

Whatever work the seeker may do is directed towards the Divine, is done as a spiritual exercise, as meditation on the Divine. He gives himself entirely to the Divine.

Week 30
Let the whole cosmos vibrate with the Mantra-repetition.

Let all the devotion of all the Saints and Sages of the world reside in your heart as you repeat the Mantras.

Let the Consciousness which is spread into the universe and humanity find its centre in your heart, in the space between your eyebrows, and repeat the Mantra.

Let your whole inner being become the boundless divine Fire of God-consciousness and repeat the Mantra. Let the Mantra disclose to you its fullest divine Light. See nothing inside and outside, except this all-colourful, all-splendid, all-nourishing, all-sustaining, all-delightful Divine Consciousness.

Week 31
Try to live like candles. The candle is there only to bless the world, to give joy, to illuminate, to serve, and to enable others to work in its light.

So, when you walk, move, let the world, let the Nature say, “Here goes a blessing, a candle, a Light.” In this spirit live, move, work.

With absolute devotion to the Divine repeat the Mantras. Completely forget the existence of the body and environment, submerge the whole attention, consciousness in the rhythms of the Mantra. Intensely grow aware of the various Powers and Personalities of the Supreme Being which are present here in this hall the moment we utter the Mystical Syllables. Be absolutely earnest and sincere. Feel you have only one hour more to live here on earth and pack into this one hour all your devotion to the Divine. Let there be an intense crying for Divine Experience inside your soul.

Week 32
By the Grace of the Divine, when the inner eye of the soul in us is opened, we behold everywhere a boundless Being of Beauty, Light and Consciousness.

What is the nature of the Divine? It does not matter how you like to term the Divine – as Mother, as Father, as Reality – no matter how you seek to address It, you find everywhere a marvellous, indescribable, all-perfect Consciousness.

When meditation deepens, the idea as to how you should call the Divine, and the differences between yourself and the Divine, disappear completely. You become the Light which you are beholding, you become the Divine Consciousness which you are experiencing.

You find the true nature of God by being God in this inner, highest, meditative state.

Week 33
What is in the Divine Consciousness? Endless Knowledge, knowledge of everything. All that science will discover a thousand years later from now is also there in It. All that any greatest philosopher may think ten thousand years later is already there in It. The history of every leaf, every pebble, every being of every cycle of creation is there in It. Yet, – there is nothing in It. It is all-pure Fire, golden-like, boundless, illimitable, all-wonderful, with numberless planes of existence.

The Consciousness Divine, as the Mother Divine, is not touched by all the creation. It is all-pure. Its name is Purity. Its nature is absolute Purity. Its nature is indescribable and unlimited Joy. It is this God we adore. It is the God of our experience, the God known, seen, experienced by the divine Consciousness in us.

This is the Divine Mother.

Week 34
Know the truth and validity of a thing by its results. How to know whether the meditation was valuable or not valuable? By the lightness of your body, by the luminescence of your intelligence, by the brightness of your heart, by the fearlessness of your life; by the numberless good actions and divine actions you constantly do untiringly; by the constant capacity you have to remain above the temptations, allurements and limitations of human existence.

The world, dominated by darkness, does not understand the spiritual style of life. What is more bad, it misunderstands it, suspects it, is suspicious of it. But if the worldly wisdom is patient, and keeps its eye open, then it has chances of witnessing the great validity, importance and results of every spiritual phenomenon.

Week 35
For a most successful meditation, intense Love for God is necessary. That object which causes in us intense love, secures for us utmost concentration. If there is not intense love for the object of meditation, mind wanders, mind sits on the other things which it loves, and therefore the meditation is not powerful.

That meditation is powerful, when the soul in us, in its love for God, melts in God, and cannot think of anything else, because this God is all-interesting, all-wonderful, all peace-giving. 
He is the only Reality.

That is the secret of our inner progress, – to offer everything to God.

Week 36
When you are deeply meditating, if you feel there is some distraction going to trouble you, at once repeat the Mantra mentally and generate a sense of God’s living Presence. Whenever you feel and suspect that you are repeating the Mantra mechanically, arouse in yourself a kind of inner spiritual fervour, and try to reflect upon the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of God. If God is intensely present everywhere and in all things, if He is omnipresent, then it means, while meditating, there is no meditation room, there is no you, there is no other person, there is no this and that, there is no sound, everywhere only God is there.

Week 37
When you repeat the Mantra, charge everything around you, inside you, about you, with the Mantra Power and Consciousness. Then what happens? Your consciousness becomes unlimited. Now your present consciousness is limited to the four walls of this room. Your idea of the world is as big as the horizon here. This should go. You must have unlimited Consciousness, unconditioned Awareness, illimitable Light of Intelligence and Consciousness, all-extending, all-pervading Power of God.

Mantra-repetition always must come and emerge from the heart's love, the mind’s knowledge that God is now here, listening to it. He is Himself the Mantra.

Week 38
That personification and personality of the supreme Divine Consciousness which breaks and destroys all obstructions to spiritual perfection, and demolishes all obstacles to the success in all good works, is called Ganesha. Therefore, if you want your meditation to be successful, you must touch that Power of God which destroys the obstacles to your meditation. If you don’t want to encounter obstacles, and wish to be successful without facing many difficulties in a good work that you have undertaken in the world, you must touch that aspect of the supreme God which removes the obstacles.
Every day before you meditate and repeat your Mantra, say, 
“Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Om”. 

Develop in your daily life all those qualities which are there in the Divine. Develop them intensively, quickly.

Week 39
Today I might have gained one hundred wonderful houses, and have suddenly become a billionaire, that is not interesting, it is of no importance, no value, it is not a source of my joy. It is something else which is the source of my joy: God, the only Reality. Without Him, even if all these universes are given as a gift they are of no value. The Lord is so joy-giving, so all-absorbing, that the moment we sit for meditation the mind melts in Him.

We see God as you see people around you. God is the greatest reality. God is the literal Mother and literal Father, is the literal Bride and literal Bridegroom, they talk to us, they breathe, they receive food from our hands. They speak to us, we speak to them, we are face to face with them. All our thoughts are their thoughts.

Week 40
Collective or group meditation is wonderful. When you are alone, you are not so powerful as you are when ten other persons join you in God-communion. When you are alone, you are only one light, and when there are ten lights around you, you profit by the illumination coming from other lights also. And, if someone were to look at you, from outside, he will think that you are shining with the light of ten “candle-power”. If you are alone, your light is as brilliant as a single candle-power. In the group meditation, one helps the other, one profits the other, and a tremendous divine atmosphere is created. Instead of one mind being concentrated on God, ten minds are concentrated on God. Such a place where the groups meditate regularly becomes completely divine and holy. That is the value of group meditation.

Week 41
God will not give you His experience and His Kingdom because you may be the emperor of this world. He may give His Kingdom and His experience to any beggar anywhere, lying in the forest or on the mountains.

With God your position, the nature of your work do not matter. What matters to Him is the peace in your soul, the faith in your soul, the love in your soul, and the spirit with which you are doing your work. 

Let us repeat the Mantra as if we have only one hour more to live here on earth, with all the sincerity, earnestness, faith. With all the devotion and passion you can command for God, repeat the Mantra. With the full conviction that God is immediately present here with us, address your whole heart and soul to the Divinity and repeat the Mantra. Great will be the results of such a repetition.

Week 42
Everybody is responsible for his own detachment from or attachment to God. God has given us almost unlimited freedom. He does not cease to exist because you deny His existence, nor is he going to be a little stronger in His existence because you attribute existence to Him. God is not going to be angry with you if you don’t love Him. He is all-merciful and He accepts you with all your limitations, unconditionally. He accepts you whether you are a saint or a sinner, whether you are in heaven or in hell.

But when you begin to love God, you draw Him to yourself – You get God’s Light, God’s omnipresent Grace, God’s Protection.

Become intensely conscious of the million powers of the supreme Divinity as the Supreme Mother of unbounded Love, Grace and Power.

Week 43
Man is born in order that he may become the Superman in love, in goodness, in purity, in gracefulness. He is born for greater things, to conquer matter, to conquer time and space, and to express a giant-like strength that is born of love of God, and of knowledge of the Truth. Let us try to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth by constant development of the highest qualities and excellences, divine nature, within ourselves. We can have peace, endless peace, unending peace, the “peace that passes understanding”, only from resting our heart in That which is timeless, imperishable, eternal, all-perfect. We have to achieve a happiness that is perfect, absolute, unlimited, and which emerges from a true knowledge of our relations with God, and the manifestation of God's Nature in our outer daily life.

Week 44
The best condition for complete success in concentration on God is an intense love for God, a love which has excluded from its field all interest in the greatest things and valuable things of the world. This is the true purity of heart, this is the true child-like nature, this is the poverty in spirit. Has the child any attraction for anything most valuable in the world? Nothing. The child – the two weeks or three weeks, or four weeks child – it has no attraction for anything. It has no love and longing for anything, it has only one attraction or one longing, and that is for the mother. Apart from the mother it desires nothing. It needs nothing. If we are in this condition in our relation to God, then we can be sure of the complete, best form of meditation on God, and the immediate fulfilment of our inner spiritual life.

Week 45
First of all, you go on developing your love, your goodness. Go on growing in your divine consciousness and goodness. Say your prayers, repeat whatever mantra you have. Be good, do good. Never harm anyone. Silently, secretly, pour the vibrations of your love upon all Nature and all beings. Be truthful, hard-working, and full of divine Love. Constantly remember God, who is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

Let your faith that there is someone called a divine Being, who is inside you, outside you, watching you, seeing you, knowing you, grow. Then what happens? You are ripe and spiritually mature for higher practices. If the all-knowing, all-merciful Divinity feels a mystic mantra is necessary for you, you are bound to get it.

Week 46
There is no possibility of making any paradise on earth by the powers of this mind. There is only one place where the paradise can be experienced. There is only one place which can be called a Kingdom. There is only one place where we can find the highest and most intense form of pleasure. There is only one place where our body never ages, where our flowers never fade, where our delicious dishes are never turned into waste matter, where our palaces are eternal, indestructible; where we have a royal pomp and a colour and a light which are imperishable, where our wealth is inexhaustible, – and that place is the Divine Consciousness in us. That place is the God in us, the Truth in us, the Reality in us.

Week 47
Mantra is all-powerful. It is part of God, a power of God, eternally present in the universe. It is unborn, and therefore it can never die. Worlds will die, because they are born, but these words can never – they are God Himself.

Most of you have some common mantra. Don’t underestimate its power and value. It is a tremendous key to your evolution. If you can repeat it properly in faith and in love, and make every repetition a means of direct experience of God’s omnipresence and omnipotence, – then I assure you, you too will acquire extraordinary internal divine powers.

Week 48
My joys are endless. I can live in a cave and submerge myself in the wonders of God. I have no interest in the world, I have nothing to gain from any side, and from anyone. Yet how is it, this circumstance is being formed which necessitates speaking of spiritual truths? It can be explained only by the fact that God is all-merciful and will have His own way of presenting His own truths to all humanity. 

The Grace of the Divine opens up the springs of divine Knowledge within you.

Week 49
Let us feel that all good work in the world, pure work in the world, noble work in the world, divine work is upon our shoulders and that we must individually do something for God. God does not need our work, we need Him, and therefore when we say we are working for Him, let us not forget that it is for ourselves that we are working. God does not need liberation or illumination, you need it, and therefore you are doing a divine work. So, divine work is a necessity with you. God has no necessity for any such work, but He agrees to your work, in His all-mercifulness, because He knows that it will help you come to Him. So, He places a word of sanction on all divine works, and in His all-mercifulness accepts the divine works as His works, for our sake, for our liberation. 

Week 50
The secret of quick progress on the path of meditation lies in total concentration and intensity. Complete concentration on prayers and on the object of prayers, the Divinity, is essential. This concentration itself is not sufficient, there must be intensity, a complete throwing of our heart and soul and will and mind and consciousness upon the Divine. That is the best way of meditation in which you see nothing other than the object of adoration. There is nothing in this meditation except a unitary experience of the Divine, and from this concentration and intensity comes tremendous power, strength, peace, joy and illumination. And in order to ensure intensity, feel as if everything hangs upon this minute experience of God. Feel that the whole universe has become your heart and is crying for divine experience. 

Week 51
What are the qualities and characteristics of God? Yes, Love is the central characteristic, the all-embracing characteristic. And the Love is Light. It is Consciousness Itself, it is God Himself.

Divine Love is not the same as our sentiments and emotions, though our sentiments and emotions can be charged with something of this real Love. Divine Love is the essential nature of life within us.

In meditation you must at once train the mind and say, “Here is God Now”, and feel intensely the Divine Presence. Feel that you are repeating the Mantra right into the Ears of God. Then, you will see your mind is completely calm, and in touch with the Divine Presence.

Week 52
Feel the Divine Presence all around you. Pray to the Divine Mother to pour into you abundant Grace, Love, Light to make you an instrument for building Heaven on this earth. Ask the Divine Mother of infinite Love and Consciousness to pour into you intelligence, genius, all kinds of capacities for building a Heaven on earth here.

Feel you are sitting right in Her lap and She is blessing you. Ask Her to pour into you endless strength and power, beg Her to make your heart the Centre of cosmic feelings. Pray to Her that nothing wrong may escape your heart or mind, or thought or feeling, or your hands or life. Pray to the Divine Mother to convert you, your whole being, into Herself, and try to live like the Divine Mother.

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