Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2011

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Week 1
The Divine is the greatest reality in ­daily life. Not only is He the Soul of our soul and a boundless, infinite Being sustaining all the universes, He is an all-knowing Person, an all-loving Person, a Mother, supreme in affection, beautiful beyond description, peaceful with a peace which is unlimited, – perfect, infinitely perfect, carrying in Herself countless capacities, who can dissolve the universe in the twinkling of an eye, and in the same twinkling of an eye release into existence numberless universes, each perfect in each of its details and in its workings and in its expressions – a wondrous Presence, a mighty Presence. And since you are His baby, you carry His image in you. He has formed you with the substance of His own Consciousness, with His own Soul. It is His Soul that is in you, it is His blood that is in you.

Week 2
Divinity be near. Come near! Dev#m upa­hvaye. So much is in these two small words:

‘Come here, near. Be with me, be before my vision. Become the object of my adoration, dwell in my adoration and love. Love is the throne upon which I will make you sit. You are the life of life. Without you breath is not possible. Without you sight is not possible, nothing is visible, all is dark – though the sun is shining, – the Truth is not seen. Without you all is dark. Come, abide  with me.

‘And if you abide with me, all is light, I see the Truth, I see the Eternal, I perceive the imperceptible – I see everything, when you are present with me. You are the light, the sight, the life, the treasure, the power, the grace, the perfection, the grandeur, the indescribable Beauty. You are everything. Come, stay by me, stand by me, let me adore you. You are supremely adorable.‘

Week 3
What does a young mother do when her only child returns from school? The very first sight of the child makes the mother smile at the child. The child is the object of love for the mother. And so the first thing she does when the child returns from the school ­after such a long time, she smiles at the child. It is an object of love that she is smiling at. The very sight of the child makes her smile, a smile caused by love. How much more is the heart of the devotee smiling at the sight of the Divine. Since the heart of the devotee is perceiving the Divine all the time, it is all the time smiling. It is a perpetual smile. The life of the devotee is a festival of smiles – an endless festival of smiles.
The Divine is all-loveable, the Divine evokes infinite love, for the Divine is indescribable joy, beauty, wealth, perfection.

Week 4
Nobody can hide his meanness nor can anyone hide his greatness, everything shows itself in the face or in the action or in the pattern of life. So, greatness of the heart is to be cultivated.
Anxiety, worry, all these must be put aside and we must fill ourselves with love, understanding, peace, happiness, inner cheerfulness, and the trust that there is an all-just, all-good God, and He is the Father of all destinies, He shall make everything all right.
The first nature of God is Peace. With peace in your soul, perform all your works. In a few years you will become a God on Earth – that is, a person who bears in himself in his outer and inner life the nature of God.

Week 5
God is the Reality in the midst of you. And He is the Reality far, far away. He is there, He is here, – at the same time. He is everywhere, in this visible world, also in the invisible world, and beyond the visible and invisible worlds.

He is not a vague concept, He is not someone who is an invisible presence to whom every prayer addressed seems to be in vain. Such a presence He is not. He is a living person, while being the Infinite and the Absolute. He is there around you, as a person, as a personality, as an observer, as a lover, as a father, as a mother – ready to care for you. And He is sustaining you from within. He has boundless love in His heart for you. A living Presence, an all-knowing Presence, a responding Presence. If you are about to fall – there He is, miraculously seeing that you do not fall. At every step of your life, He is present.

Week 6
How do you feel if fire is lit all around you? It will be burning, hot, you are surrounded by heat from all sides. You will be sweating. With the same intensity feel the Divine Presence. Find nothing other than the Divine.

If you see the Face of the Divine, do not leave it until it talks to you, until it gets fixed up in your consciousness, sub-consciousness, unconsciousness.

This is the biggest science, the science of Reality. There is no danger and deception on this path. It is the path of infinite purity, truth, love, and goodness.

So, hold on to the Presence of the Divine, to the Face of the Divine, and leave it not until it speaks to you.

Week 7
God is more real than ourselves. He is not a distant reality but the closest presence. How do you feel if somebody is constantly standing before you, face to face – a person who is looking at you, looking at your eyes, a very close presence, a person who is extraordinary in His capacities, not only seeing you as you appear, but seeing into your thoughts, your mental pictures, very clearly, the workings of your heart, the stage of the evolution of your soul, – this is not all, what’s going to happen to you ten years later, what had happened to you a thousand years before, before you were born here. All these pictures are before Him. He knows all about you. So it is about everyone, everywhere, in all countries, in all continents, in all the worlds; in all the invisible worlds, too.

Week 8
“Now, my business, my duty is to release into the world a good thought, a good feeling, a blessing, a cheerfulness. Let me make one or two faces happy around me, by keeping a smiling attitude.” —So we have to say, and then this has an influence on the cells, on the mind, on the health, on the strength, and on the whole cosmos.

Modern science says you cannot move your hand without disturbing the course of the stars. The whole universe is an organic unity, it is a single organic unity. What is happening to you in your heart affects the plants, affects the flowers, affects your wife, affects the world, affects the humanity. Whatever is in your mind and in your heart influences the people.

Week 9
He is always with you, no matter who you are, good/bad, rich/poor, great/small, saint/sinner, – no matter who you are, you are His baby. He is always with you.

Whatever may be the conditions in which you are, He is looking at you with indescribably greater clearness than the clearness with which you see the flower here on the table.

He is standing before you, and at the same time He is standing behind you; at the same time He is standing on both sides of you. At the same time He is seated in your heart, watching every throb, counting every throb of the heart. At the same time He is in the deeps of your being, as the sustaining ­Essence

Week 10
When you turn to the sun, automatically you receive light. When you go to the sun automatically you receive light, without asking. When you go to the ­Divine, automatically you receive not only light and love but peace and joy, freedom and perfection, beauty and blessedness, infinite knowledge. You receive far more than what you ask. In the process of asking for light and love you are missing the person to whom the appeal is put, the Man who is asked, God. You are missing God in the process of asking the person. For instance I say “Please give me your fountain-pen”, or “Give me ten francs please, please give me ten francs, please give me ten francs…” – now my mind is on the ten francs. And it is not on you. “Please give me my ten francs, please give me ten francs” – my mind, attention and heart is on the ten francs not on you.

Well, ask for love and light in the beginning stages when you have no love and no light. But the moment you find there is devotion to the Divine, at once stop asking this, catch Him, – and not merely love and light but everything else will be added unto you. Your devotion is pure. Your whole heart is on the Divine.

Week 11
Thus the lover of the Divine constantly repeats the Mantra and says to the Divinity:

“Oh all-merciful Divinity, reveal yourself through all things, through all beings, through everything that is. You alone pervade the whole cosmos. There is no place where you are not, and there is nothing which does not bear you. Whatever is before me, behind me, above me, around me, bears your presence. You are everything, and more. Nothing can separate you from me, you are within me, you are all around me. You are everywhere. Being everywhere, you present yourself to our experience in all places and at all times.”

Week 12
Love is something we can easily define as affection subsisting between two persons. But that is not what is meant by love in this context, in the context of the Upanishadic truths and realities. In the context of the science of supreme Real­ity, Love is meant differently from love as we understand in daily life and in common speech. 

Here Love is not affection subsisting between two persons, whether the affection is born of attraction or of perception of value in the other person, or of expecting something from the other person, on whatever ground it is founded. That kind of affection, that kind of love is not meant here. Here, by Love, is meant the infinite Truth, the Reality.

And such a Truth and such an infinite Love cannot be described, it is inexplicable, it cannot be written. Here Love is not a moral attribute, it is not a quality of nature, but it is the very character of the Supreme Reality.

Week 13
The best prayers are prayers for blessings and Grace and not for material things, or any other instrumental things. But the most wonderful thing is: just cling to the ­Divine without asking for anything, – for all else shall be added unto you.

One cannot avoid oneself. God is in the very existence. A man who says, God does not exist, is loudly affirming the existence of God. For, that power, which makes the man say, God does not exist, is itself God. Without God no action is possible, no life is thinkable; there is nothing visible, nothing experienceable, nothing existent. It is the essence of every­thing. And at the same time It transcends everything.

Week 14
The nature of the Reality in you is Goodness, absolute Goodness beyond goodness and badness, absolute Joy beyond pleasure and pain. The nature of this Reality in you is total Knowledge, absolute Knowledge beyond knowledge and ignorance. That you are.

Guru is there only to show what you are and to give you methods – not one method but hundreds of methods – to rapidly attain this experience. This is the function of the Guru. He needs nothing from anyone, not from the Gods either. He is the Observer in the Gods themselves. What has He to gain from them? Whatever could be had is an illusion – nothing can ever be added to this timeless, spaceless Perfection, this Peace, this Joy, this Light, this Knowledge, this Beauty and Purity.

Week 15
“God is love” is a purely metaphysical, philosophical, transcendental statement. And “God is the end of love” is a purely human, empirical, evolutionary statement; here love has other functions.

There are two types of love, one is the Supreme, which is the Reality itself, and the other is the human devotion to the Divine. And what is the end of devotion to the ­Divine? Experience of the Divine. In one place it is the character of the Divine, in another place it is the means, or the method­ology, or the instrument by which man reaches the divine experience.

When the soul is at one with God it becomes itself Love. It is in a perfect and fulfilled state of Love.

So in the preliminary stages, as an aspirant, we have to beg the Divine for pure love.

Week 16
All the needs, needs which nothing in the creation is in a position to fulfil, are fulfilled by Him. We have everything if we have Him: endless knowledge, endless peace, endless wealth, endless beauty, endless life, everything is added unto you.

Though man is basically a creation of needs, a structure of needs, yet because God is the constituting essence in him, there is everything in him.

The infinite Wisdom, the infinite Perfection that is called God must become personal for you. You must be able to talk to It, to hear It, to be one with It, to love It, to adore It. When you begin to love and adore, you are filled with ecstatic emotion. All the petals of the flowers of the heart and the psychic centres, open themselves, and the human soul pours itself in devotion, in emotion, in adoration, on the Divine, and the Divine pours Itself into the human soul.

Week 17
One of the significant processes of a God-experience, or the Truth-experience, is: internalisation of our consciousness.

Now, man is an externalisation of Consciousness. Man is the Consciousness in its outgoing nature, it spreads Itself and touches troubles and problems, it enters into dimensions. It enters into an expression, limitations, embodiment. And the way back to the experience of the Truth is to retrace our steps from this embodiment, expression, “outwardisation”, externalisation.

Thought is more internal to words, and intelligence is more internal to thought, and the knowing self is more internal to the intelligence, and the spirit of the universe is more internal to the knowing self, – and the Spirit of the supreme Peace, the transcendent Reality, the supreme Real­ity, is more internal than the spirit of the universe.

And when you touch the heart of the Spirit of Peace, you are one with the Divine.

Week 18
Life in the physical body is temporary, everything that it seeks after is also temporary. Anything temporary, no matter how pleasant it can be, no matter what it promises, is something that is going to fail us. Even if you have everything that the crea­tion can offer you, you will still be wanting, still there is something missing, still there is discontentment, there is some frustration, some fundamental and residual restlessness. Therefore wisdom compels the seeking and earnest heart to shift its central interest onto the Crea­tor.

Before the Earth under our feet quakes, let us bring down the Light of God to the Earth, and you can be sure the Earth will never more quake.

Week 19
This kind of fire ceremony here, also can lead you to the Divine experience. For the Divine is invoked into this sacred fire, and we are directly face-to-face with the ­Divine. Those who have illum­ination and are extremely pure and have contact with the Divine, can see the Form and Figure of the Divine in this fire. And when worship is offered to this fire, correspondingly the soul-purity in the man who is offering worship is increased, automatically he is inwardly illuminated.

Here the sacred fire is lit, with all the preconditions of purity, and into this fire, through Mantra chanting, the divine Presence is brought in. And the Divine is sitting in the fire, and the thing is offered. This is altogether a mystic science. Saints like Durga­nanda actually invoked the Presence of the Divine into the fire.

Week 20
The Existence in you is not involved in the dream-experiences you are undergoing. It is something distinct. You can say, “Oh, these are only dreams, I have nothing to do with them” and withdraw yourself. So, this I in you, yourself, is transcendent of all these manifested things. And what is there in these manifested things? Again it is the same Reality that is present in all these manifested things, therefore you say the Reality is immanent in all things.

Where is this Consciousness-Existence in you immanent? It is immanent in all the dream-persons, things, situations, conditions you have seen. Even so, the Divine, like the Existence in you which is not involved in your dream-experiences, but which is also present in your dream-experiences and in the persons and trees in the dream-experience, – even so the Divine is involved in the whole cosmos and creation, and yet He is independent of the cosmos and creation. Therefore He can be called transcendent of the cosmos, while being immanent in it.  

Week 21
Always thoughts are limitations, even if it is the most glorious thought. Thoughts are always a limitation, because the Reality is infinitely more than any thought you can conceive in relation to Reality, any conception of the Reality. Or, in other words, any thought that you can think in human experience, in the field of human experience, life and intelligence, activity, is a limitation imposed on the self-luminous, self-existent, infinite divine Reality of absolute Happiness, Peace, Freedom, Perfection, Power. And the human condition itself is a limitation imposed upon our essential Being. All spiritual practice is meant to dissolve this human condition and restore to us an essential knowledge of our essential Being. What is that essential Being? The Image of God in us, the Reality in us. Atman, or Brahman – whatever you like to say. And this is our essential Being, and all else is only a play. A play, play, play, play. Sometimes a bad play, sometimes a good play. It is a condition not desirable. And therefore even while living the wise man is liberated. Even while living in the body he is detached and knows his essential Being.

Week 22
This woman, Mrs. X., is not a great contemplative practical philosopher. She cannot, like the practical contemplative philosopher, sit in the ivory tower and meditate on the Truth and describe its nature. Yet under the pressure of her deep difficulties she cries to God,  
“Oh God, is there no help for me?”

Within hours she receives the needed answer, she is greatly relieved.
She talks to other women,
“Oh, God has helped me, it’s a wonder how I found the solution!”
Such experiences are occurring every day, all over the world. These experiences can be increased, there is a responding Presence, an undeniable Presence, an all-enriching Presence.

Week 23
If you are able to encounter, see face-to-face, an infinite, all-throbbing Consciousness, in the ocean, in the sky, in the plant, – if in your eyes and in your experience no man is a man, no woman is a woman, but an embodiment of divine Consciousness and Light, – you have Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness, or God-Consciousness is not a joke, not a fiction, not hypnotism. Nothing of the sort. It is the central Real­ity of realities. That is the real nature of our inner being, that we are in truth and in reality. On the other hand, our present limited forms of life and our world are fiction, are a dream, are passing, changing, are a hypnotism, something, which is responsible for all our miseries, our limited pleasures.

Anyone who is continuously absorbed in the consciousness of the Divine in all the world, has Cosmic Consciousness.

Week 24
The methods for experiencing God are within ourselves, they are our natural capacities. Nobody needs to buy a meditation technique, nobody needs to make too much of the meditation, it is as natural to you as breathing. We don’t need unnatural techniques, unnatural techniques can never lead you to God. And natural methods which you need for God-experience, God has already laid in your Soul. Only by the capacity of the Soul in you you can experience the Divine. No master can give you that capacity, it is there in your Soul. It has to be employed, it’s a natural capacity. It is your property, even as God is your property – the central and supreme property, of infinite value and of infinite wonders.

Week 25
An all-perfect God dwells in you as You – as your own Self, your own very nature, your infinite bliss which you experience in deep-sleep unknowingly. You can enjoy this bliss in deep meditation, in mystic experience, in spiritual, divine experience.

So great is God’s mercy that He dwells in you always as God, as your own essential Self! God and you cannot be separated. God is your constant companion, God is your true countenance, your true life. It is possible to separate you from your nose, from your ears, from your body, from your mind, even from your subconscious; but never can you ever be separated from the God within you. God is you. You are God.

Week 26
The whole cosmos is in the brain of God even as the whole world of experience in your dream-state is in your brain. The subtlest world which the Divine is, is penetrating everything, is sustaining everything by being the inner essence in everything.

There is a dynamic energy even in the fog formation and the fog dispersion. And there is a tremendous noise even in the fog formation and in the fog dispersion. But our ears are so dull, that we don’t hear this.

This supremely subtle Being, called the Divine, is resident in everything as the ultimate Essence in everything. And this Essence in everything is so super-electronic, so subtle, so sensitive, so rich in capacities, that being in everything it feeds everything, sustains everything, and develops the highest capacities and possibilities of everything.  Even in the trees, it is the Divine that is sustaining them from within. It is the divine Essence in the plants that enables the plants to unfold the beautiful colours of their leaves and the fragrance of their flowers.

Week 27
In the mind of the dreaming person there is nothing but a nameless, formless consciousness. Suddenly the dreamer has the experience that he has fallen into a tank (a pond) and is struggling for life. In truth there is no tank there and no struggle for life. There is the same nameless, formless consciousness. For a moment it has appeared like the tank and the struggle for life. But in reality there is only consciousness, there is no tank, no struggle for life. Even so, everywhere there is the nameless, formless Consciousness of the Divine.

Momentarily, for the human mind, there is appearing something called the world. In truth there is no such thing as the world, there is only a nameless, formless, all-wonderful Divine Conscious­ness. Remembering this truth, constantly tell this deluding, disturbing mind which is the cause of your unhappiness, your human limitations, that this world is God Himself, that there is no such thing as the world, that there is God alone.

Week 28
The more good a man is, the more difficulties he has on Earth. The greatest prophets and philosophers were imprisoned, troubled, tried, in many ways. That is quite natural. A great Greek philosopher was given poison by the state government. Auro­bindo, a great Indian Sage, was imprisoned for several months. The mother and father of Lord Krishna were imprisoned. Some of the extraordinary Sages were brought before legal courts. It seems to be the fate of all those in whom God’s Love, Light is dynamically operative. Those who are dispatched by God, those who are Missionaries from God, have these difficulties. But from these difficulties great and wonderful results come out. These difficulties are very necessary for the stronger foundations of God’s work on Earth for hundreds of years to come.

Week 29
Reflect upon this great law, the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). In your present depression, there is the misfortune of the many past deeds of many past lives. Nothing happens without cause, so don’t create new causes and store up future suffering. Live in God, live for God, spend all your energies for God.

Let us abandon primitive conceptions of God, let us behold God as God is: an infinite Love, infinite Light, infinite Intelligence, timeless, endless, indestructible Reality. That is the Divine Mother.

Try to see that your nature is every day becoming more and more divine. Try to abolish artificial differences. In your heart, unseen by the other person, adore the other person as God.

To the divine Light which is resident in all beings in the form of their soul, my adorations again and again.

Week 30
The dimensionless Dimension of infinite divine Consciousness into which we can at any time rise is the only Reality; it is the only Perfection, the only real, unlimited and everlasting Peace. It is there that there is all knowledge. It is there that all power is present. The powers, the energies and the play of all forms of force that we see in the physical world, are in relation to God, the Supreme Power, like the fire painted in a picture, ineffective and inconsequential.

Look at the rising golden sun, right in the middle of the sun find the Divinity standing and pouring on you the rays, golden rays of transformation, purity.

Stay in this feeling for a long time, and with all the strength of the devotion of the heart, with all the concentration of the mind, dwell upon this blazing, golden sunrise of the Divine Grace.

Week 31
We visualise ourselves as sitting in the hearts of all people and repeat Mantra. We sit in the heart and soul of all living beings – from the ant to the elephant – and repeat Mantra. Suddenly we have grown cosmic, universal, one with all creation. It is as if the entire creation is repeating Mantra with us, or our repetition and that of all creation is one. We discover our identity with the entire universe. It is a fantastic experience.

Our consciousness widens itself, grows wider and wider and grows boundless. Such a Mantra repetition brings great gain. Our consciousness is centered in this wonderful one heart in everything and all. My heart, your heart, all hearts are the one heart, the one, wonderful, boundless heart. The soul in us is everything. The soul is subtler than space and therefore omnipresent.

Week 32
We identify the Infinite, Eternal, Invisible, Indescribable, Inconceivable – that which is beyond conception – the Absolute. We identify It, give It a name and call on It. And this Infinite and Eternal takes a form, sits before us, eats from our hands, yet remains unbound by the form it takes in our house. It is free from all that. It is here, there – everywhere. We perform Pujas. The Infinite becomes finite, a form, a living voice, a throbbing heart, a palpable personality, that can be experienced and whose company we can enjoy.

We offer the Divine – this indescribable, unfathomable, inconceivable, Absolute, Infinite – food, water to drink, clothes to wear. Here It turns into a Deity, a parent, a friend, a companion in life! This companion has been with us throughout all our past lives and will accompany us in all lives to come! He is there always!

An Ashram is a place where we see what is invisible, grasp what is boundless, enjoy what is absolute and establish human relations with this wonderful Light of all lights, the presence of the Divine.

Week 33
Tell yourself in relation to the world, “This is not the world, this is God.”
This has to be said millions of times until the old hypnotism and the fixation and the delusion of the mind disappears.

You have to repeat the Mantras thousands of times each day until your mind is hammered with the idea of God, the truth of God, the reality of God, the experience of God, until the idea that it is God destroys the old delusion and fixation, and reveals the truth that there is, not the world, but God Himself.

So, now let us destroy the human mind’s idea that there is something called space, human body and things around and people around, and reveal to the mind through the Mantra that there is no body, no space, no things around, everywhere there is God alone.

Week 34
If a person wants to start a business in the world, it is not difficult. Though it is comparatively difficult, yet it is not so difficult, and therefore every day thousands of new businessmen are arising in the world. Now, supposing you want to make a spiritual institution, it is indescribably more difficult than opening a new business. And therefore every time when in some ten different places of the world there is a struggle for the birth of a spiritual institution, it’s all broken up. The more good, the more valuable a thing is, the more difficult it is.
So, spiritual development, growth, are rare and difficult things. All spiritual things involve us in greater difficulties than worldly things. There will be every attempt made to frustrate and destroy the good. Therefore be very vigilant, and try to surrender yourself to the Divine. And then the Grace makes your spiritual enterprise, spiritual resolves, good works, good feelings and thoughts, successful.

Week 35
Supposing you have a spiritual thought: the whole cosmos is affected by the peace, the light, the inspiration of the spiritual thought. And the whole cosmos stands happy on account of the spiritual thought that rose from you. Supposing a divine feeling arises in you, at once the whole universe is affected by the peace-giving, blessing feeling. And the whole cosmos, universe, loves you, adores you, reveres you, is happy in your presence. Science has also today proved that even the falling of a leaf, a dry leaf from any tree, definitely influences and produces its own reactions even in the distant stars. Even the blooming of a bud into a flower, has its reaction and influence and impact upon the entire, vast, immeasurable universe.

The modern world’s tragedies, catastrophes, calamities are the direct consequences of the bad thoughts, the predominance of bad thoughts and bad feelings in the people.

So, everything that is happening in your heart and mind has its tremendous impact upon the whole universe.

Week 36
Stay in a state of consciousness to which God alone is real and everything. If the bodily thoughts or the sex thought do not arise in you, you are already half a saint. Therefore all saints try to remain single, to lead a single, blessed life. To conquer the sex thought or body thought is itself half the spiritual development. Even if a person does not believe in God and has not progressed on the spiritual path, if he has no bodily thoughts or sex-thoughts he is already half a saint.

Therefore protect yourself in this state of innocence of purity to which the distinctions between man and woman, good and bad drop off, – and only God remains, in all conditions, at all times, in all things, in all beings; whether it is night or day, whether it is a good experience or a bad experience, whether it is good weather or bad weather, whether the people around are good or bad.

So, try all through the day to repeat the Mantra powerfully, the moment you see someone, the moment you see something.

Week 37
Generally people turn to God when they are miserable. They forget God when they are happy. That is a human tendency. A human body imposes on the soul which is from the Heaven, the heaviest limitations. The senses completely ­destroy the true freedom, true peace, true happiness of the soul, and the consciousness instead of living in the divine Kingdom of peace and happiness and power, lives in the body and its sensations.

Therefore, try to escape from the sensations. Then you are pure, then you will have all-knowing knowledge, then you are omnipresent, then you will be given an experience wherein you will find that you are in the heart of all creatures; then you will be given the experience of being in all the flying planes around the world, and the most distant star will be for you not even a quarter of a metre away. Your consciousness expands so much that you are everywhere, know everything and have unending happiness, unlimited happiness.

Week 38
By continuous repetition of the Mantra, generate powerful and tremendous God-Consciousness. Fill all the atmosphere with the God-Consciousness.

At the end of your life if you are asked, “What have you seen in life?” you must be able to say:
“Only God!”
“What have you experienced in life?”
“Only God!”
So fill yourself with God from all sides. The relations with God alone are supremely valuable.

One who has conquered the mind is the Master. How many Masters are there in the world? Not one among the billions of people. He is a Master, who has conquered the mind, only He can teach others, only He can be the Light of the world.

Week 39
The discipline of food, the discipline of the body are two of the most important factors contributing to the spiritual progress of the human soul.

For calm nerves and better meditation, the right kind of healthy, spiritual food is necessary. That is, some foods do have spiritual qualities or influence in their chemical constituents, – such as some special fruits. But too much of them can be poison, can be harmful, so they have to be taken in limited quantity. Wisdom and discrimination have to be exercised at every step.

Whatever beautiful thing that you see, let it be a symbol and manifestation of God’s Beauty.
All is divine.

Week 40
Look at the sun in the tropical regions, specially in Asia. How powerful is the sun. It scorches the earth. It  is so brilliant, it is so powerful that it is keeping the Earth, the moon and the other planets in their orbit. How heavy is a small stone of two or three square metres’ size? And how heavy is the Earth itself? This heavy Earth is being kept in its orbit by the sun. And so are all the planets being kept in their orbits by the power of the sun. Observe the might and the power of the sun. The solar system is so vast, so marvellous; round the sun rotate all the other celestial bodies. The heat, the light, the magnetic power of the sun are so great that they influence the celestial bodies which are thousands and millions of kilometres away from the sun. Infinitely more powerful than that physical sun is the Image of God in you. For it is the Image of God in you which has at the beginning of creation formed the sun.  The Image of God in you is more wonderful, more powerful, more full of fire, heat, magnetism, than the outer sun.

Week 41
As one meditates, the spiritual fire, psychic fire is generated. The whole system becomes warm, specially the heart and the head. Sweating is quite common. So while meditating see that the spiritual fire, the psychic fire is generated. Psychic fire is generated by intensity of concentration. Your whole attention can be uplifted towards the forehead, and the attention focussed on the Divine.

However weak may be the sunlight, when it is collected through a magnifying glass and focused on a piece of paper, the paper burns. It is because the sunrays, spread to the extent of the circumference of the magnifying glass, are collected and focused on a point of the paper, and then the paper burns. So it is with concentration and meditation. Power is generated, fire is generated when we meditate rightly. With every repetition of the Mantra, establish infinite Power, infinite Peace, infinite Beauty, infinite Presence and Grace all around you, in every cell of yours. You have to dissolve the whole of your individuality in an ocean of Peace, Grace, Happiness. Find nothing inside and outside other than the Divine.

Week 42
Try to free yourself from sensations, do not be covered over in your intelligence and heart by the blanket of the sensations.

Body is a great limitation and a danger, it has cheated the wisest of men in the world. The moment God Himself assumes a body He is limited, therefore He never assumes a body, – He is ever bodiless, unborn, timeless, transcendental, unmanifest. He assumes a divine body only when there is the greatest demand from the purified, illuminated heart of the Saint or the Mystic. Or He may assume a divine body for a short period in order to destroy the evil in the world and restore happiness to mankind.

The best way of protecting ourselves from the body and its thousand dangers is to constantly make the heart long for God, live in God, pant for God.

Week 43
There is a spiritual aspirant who has found communion with the Divine, – a real communion, not the communion which the Christian European Saints have shown, but the communion of the true Sage who has explored the dimensions of the timeless and eternal Reality, – who has begun his spiritual life with the Cosmic Consciousness as the foundation and the beginning and the ABC of spiritual life, and not as the Christian European Saints and other World-Saints have done, with the dogmas of the religion in which they are born as the ABC of their spiritual development. Such a person finds the whole world drama that is going on now every day in the universe, and even that drama that is going to be unrolled for thousands of years more, finds this world-drama, this whole cosmic manifestation and the whole of the millions of years of future to come, as a small screen on which the whole drama is being shown.

In the heart and consciousness of this Sage the whole cosmic drama is in some small corner being enstaged somewhere.

Week 44
God does not come and go somewhere. He is everywhere at all times. We speak of movement, coming of God or going of God, because with a body we are conscious of finitude, of ourself as one object among the million objects. There is a coming and going for a finite thing, there is no coming and going for the Infinite.

When the spiritual aspirant says, “God has come into my life and God has gone”, he only means that he was enabled to see God and that his ability to see God has been lost. And God, who is everywhere, may make Himself appear in a form to the spiritual aspirant. When He makes Himself appear to the spiritual aspirant, the spiritual aspirant thinks God has come into his life. But the truth is that God was always there. He is there, and will always be there.

So, though God is the unlimited, infinite, absolute Presence everywhere, He may make Himself appear to the spiritual aspirant, here or there or anywhere else.

Week 45
Always take a new attitude to things and persons.

When a man sees a woman, when he thinks it is a woman, bad human feelings arise. The moment he changes his mind or his attitude, and says “It is the Mother”, then elevating feelings, reverence, affection, readiness to serve, begin to arise in him.

When the heart is pure and radiant, auto­matically divine knowledge dawns and flows from one’s heart. Automatically one begins to see that God is more real than the material thing that is before one’s eyes. All materiality of the matter is lost like mist before the sunrise, and one beholds the Face of the Divine everywhere.

Week 46
One is quite correct in thinking God to be infinite Light, or infinite boundless Love and Peace and Happiness, but how to concentrate on this abstract infinite Light and Peace and Happiness and Beauty? It is not so very concrete. In order to experience it quickly we can make it concrete, we can give it a Form, a limitation.

Meditation is a process of being close to the Divine, in the Divine, of the Divine.

After meditation, if you have a calm mind, strong nerves, happy heart, ready to serve, ready to do good works, ready to make of life a fulfilment, an abundance, a paradise – for yourself and for others, – then your meditation is a real meditation.

Week 47
God, or that supreme divine Light, is present even in the form of sleep in all creatures. Have you ever come across a creature which does not sleep?

So, sleep (Nidra, conscious sleep) is also a form in which the Divine abides in the human soul. From all sides we find we are inescapably bound to the infinite Truth.

Though even Gods sleep, the Sages, who have contacted the Supreme Reality, sleep no more. They have transcended the creature-hood. That is the highest state. They abide as the Truth. They are all-seeing, all-awake. That all-awakefulness itself is their total and absolute rest.

Until the human soul experiences this state, it will have problems and difficulties.

So, let us grow conscious of the Truth, and fear nothing in life, be troubled by no difficult experience in life, and with patience and persistence make of life a song of happiness, peace, fulfilment, joy.

Week 48
When you want to drive a car, what do you do? You don’t go behind the car and put your arms around the car and push it. You make a small wheel, driving-wheel for the car, and sit there before it and begin to operate it, manipulate it, then the whole car is dragged by one small manipulation of a small point in it. So, your idea of God as infinite Light, unlimited Beauty and Peace and Joy and Grace and Perfection is wonderful, it is true. It is like you having a car, it is all right, but of what use is that car to you until you drive it? So, of what use is this infinite unlimited Peace, Beauty, Light, Love that you think of, if you have no real living contact with it, and use it through some point?

So, you can reduce this unlimited Love, Light, Beauty, Peace to, say, a flame of a candle. Or, more easily, take a picture of the Divine, and make it the point, the driving-wheel of the infinite Peace, infinite Love, infinite Beauty, infinite Knowledge, infinite Perfection, infinite Power. This way you have immediate results, and this way you are prepared to experience the unlimited Peace, unlimited Light, unlimited Power.

Week 49
God or the supreme divine Light is resident in the form of Knowledge in all creatures. Look at the animals, all of them have knowledge, some of them more knowledge than man. They can even see the future, they travel thousands of kilometres sometimes if necessary in order to arrive at their food and their comforts, in seasons. They have instinctive knowledge, even of the coming tragedies  for mankind. They are remarkable, they are more like prophets in their knowledge. Like the cock announcing the dawn of the day before it knows anything about the dawn, like the birds singing before they have yet seen the light of the dawn, – most of the birds have a pre-knowledge of even the coming events.

So, God is subsistent in the form of Knowledge in all creatures.

Week 50
The flame is not so suggestive to all minds as the picture of the Divine. The heart wants to see the ­Divine, talk to the Divine, speak to the ­Divine, and be spoken to by the Divine. It would be something like funny if one were to talk to the flame, speak to the flame, feed the flame, dress the flame, offer flowers to the flame. Because we wish to develop intimate relations with the Divine, we offer the Divine food, we offer the Divine flowers, we offer the Divine lights, we offer ourselves to the Divine. Afterwards, the picture becomes infinite Consciousness, Light, Knowledge, Power.

The experience of the Infinite is not possible unless the mind has been previously trained by concentration on something finite.

Week 51
Look at the scientific and technological development today. When you look at the Earth from the moon, the whole Earth is reduced to a football, of the size of a football. Even physically it is possible to find the whole world nothing more than a small football! Upon this football where are the boundaries existent? Where are the boundaries of Switzerland or of Germany or of France, upon this football? And where is your house, however big it may be, and though it may be the greatest and the widest palace in the world? Even physically seen the world is no bigger than a football! Go to some other star, not even your sun is visible and the Earth is even less visible. The sun itself is not even a dust, a speck of dust. Even physically it is so. But when we rise into spiritual Consciousness, the whole heaven, all the stars everywhere are in some small tiny corner as a speck of dust.

Week 52
It’s a wonderful Consciousness. It is the Mother of millions and millions of world-cycles, cycles of creation. It is a grand Mother, the highest Mother, the Mother of Gods, the Mother of Angels, the Mother of mankind, the Mother of the animal Kingdom, the Mother of the world of matter, the Mother of the world of mind, the Mother of the world of soul, boundless, unlimited, all-seeing, all-powerful, all-enjoying.

What is there in this Consciousness? Nothing but Light. What is there in that Light? Every­thing you can conceive of. Is there music in it comparable to that of Beethoven or Bach? Yes, there is extraordinary music in it, celestial music, timeless music, – compared to which the music of Beethoven and Bach is like children crying.

From where is the music of Beethoven and Bach derived? It is from this original, wondrous, indescribable, ‘inaudible’ divine Music.

With His Omnipotence, with His boundless Love, His indescribable Beauty, the Divine serves you. The very nature of the Divine is service, to protect His children. Love is service, real love expresses itself in spontaneous service. The Divine is the Essence of real Love, and the Will of the Divine is supremely good. The Divine wishes for you nothing but supreme Goodness and Welfare. That is the Will of the Divine for everyone.

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