Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2009

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


The true lover of the Divinity experiences the Light of God today and tomorrow, always and everywhere. He finds in his consciousness an endless number of lights, shining for the Glory of the divine Presence, the divine Kingdom. He remains in the company of the Light which has created all the worlds, which is the Light of all lights, and is the immortal Soul of all souls.

Swami Omkarananda

1st week

What is cosmic consciousness? A consciousness pertaining to the cosmos is cosmic consciousness. What is the cosmos? This whole field of manifestation. This entire creation, inclusive of all the invisible worlds of stars, the immeasurable space, the timeless universe. So, if you are conscious of the Godhead in the cosmos, if the trees, the plants, the beings, the beasts are full of God-Consciousness for your experience then you have cosmic consciousness. If you are able to encounter, see face to face, an infinite, all-throbbing Consciousness, in the ocean, in the sky, in the plant, if in your eyes and in your experience no man is a man, no woman is a woman, but an embodiment of divine Consciousness and Light, you have cosmic consciousness

2nd week

The Avatar is God's infinite love taking a human form. It is the light of God descending on Earth in order that the soul of humanity may ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is an act glorious, indescribable of the infinite Consciousness presenting Itself in a form that could be sensed, seen, known by humanity. He is with us now not only outside us, but also deep in our own inner hearts.

This infinite love has its own power, this divine sweetness has its own power. The power of love and sweetness are far greater than the power of power. The power of power can break, it can be crude, it can be harsh, but the power in love is all-conquering, sweet, calm, serene, divine.

3rd week

The Infinite is always the Father of the finite. And the finite's strength rests upon the Infinite. The finite principle or form cannot sustain itself, independent of the Infinite. The Infinite alone can sustain the finite. The Infinite always stands in relation to the finite as a father stands in relation to a son. Let us take an example of a soap-bubble. There is air inside it. But the air inside is limited, is conditioned. The air outside it is unconditioned, illimitable. The difficulties of that bubble are resolved the moment the limited air in that bubble grows conscious that it is one with the air outside; that its present limitation is not inevitable, is only a temporary condition. Exactly so, every individual, every finite personality, acquires unusual strength and power the moment he is conscious that he is one with the Infinite Consciousness everywhere.

4th week

Supposing I am thrown into the sea, I am experiencing God even there in it. Supposing I am drawn into a most luxurious hotel in Switzerland, in Zurich, there also I am experiencing God. Supposing I am thrown into the fire, there also in the flames of the fire, I am experiencing God. So, there is no place, no condition, no circumstance, no situation in which we cannot and do not experience God when we are constantly conscious of His Omnipresence

Look upon all as children of God. There is no big man or small man, all are wonderful.


5th week

Remember the fact that all the world that we see, the world that is reported to us by the senses, by the mind, by the feelings and by the body, is a world primarily and essentially constituted of the infinite Divine Consciousness. If we see the flower, if we see the wood, the matter, the tree, if we see man or woman, or the bird or beast, let us not forget they are all configurations, formations of the infinite Divine Consciousness. That's why we have always found, in moments of our experience of the Divine, that walls are not a bar to our movement. In that Divine Consciousness, when all of our inner being is one with the Divine Consciousness, wherever we turn our eyes, we experience the same infinite Divine Light, Love, Power, Consciousness, Beauty, Perfection


6th week

The Divine Consciousness in you is all-creative, all-powerful, all-pervading, all-knowing, all perfect. And it is the only Power which is really existent. Matter which is a self-expression within Itself, Mind which is also a self-expression of the infinite Consciousness within Itself, are secondary, momentary: today they are, tomorrow they may never be. Trillions of years ago there was no world, no life on earth, and trillions of years later there may never be a world, no matter, no life, no mind but always the inner Divine Consciousness and Light was, millions of years ago, and it will be trillions of years later, and It is now. That is the central Substance, Source, Power, everything. Therefore, always and everywhere what is is the same infinite Divine Consciousness. God and God alone is.

7th week

Before we can experience, realise and know God, we must try to behave as and be God ourselves. We must be in a position to think like God, feel like God, live like God, before we can realise God and express His infinite Perfection, Peace, Beauty, Light. How does God think, how does God feel, how does God work? God feels like this: Human feeling is limited, narrow, conditioned, relative, troubled. God's Feeling is unlimited, all perfect, untroubled. Human love is limited, mixed up with dislike and hatred, and governed by conditions and time and space. God's Love is unlimited. Therefore constantly we must seek to express unlimited Love

8th week

If you get spiritual experiences, don't make much fuss about them, quietly ignore them, and don't talk much about them to others. To talk of your experience to others means only feeding your ego and pride and vanity. And even the greatest prophets, when they are forced by circumstance to perform a miracle, try to see that the miracle is not announced and publicised. So we must try to be very careful and guard ourselves against all forms of pride and vanity. Ignore your experiences, go on getting bigger experiences. And when bigger experiences come, ignore them and get yet higher, yet higher experiences. Don't stop moving as fast as you can until you arrive at infinite Perfection. Let all in you become honey, light, gold, and full of God's Power and Consciousness.

9th week

There are many types of dreams. Some dreams are meaningful and significant, some dreams are purely chaotic and meaningless. The causing factors and sources of the dream-phenomena are different, from time to time. However, during dreams a personality other than the conscious mentality is operative. The dreaming personality is more free than the conscious waking person. Now, it is said that in dreams our astral body is at work. For the astral body, flying, jumping, anything is possible. For this astral body it is possible to penetrate through the walls, and for it it is possible to appear as a dog or a bear or a tree. It is possible for it to go to other regions and see other wonders; it is also possible for us to see the past and future. All these things are also possible. So, there are many types of dreams, many forms of dreams, many causes of dreams. It needs a big study.

10th week

I won't give you the Mantra if I am not myself the supreme Master of these Mantras, secret mystical Mantras. Now, if I am so, what is happening? I am living in a world of timelessness, a world of endless creative life, light, and wherein all the Gods are visible to us all the time. So we are establishing personal intimate relations with the higher Entities, who are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. With the result, our joys are entirely inside ourself. That's why I have always been so bold in my talk: Bury me in the earth, it does not matter, I am safe, you will see me walking in the sky. All this is because of exclusive attention to the higher mystical worlds, realities and experiences.

11th week

When we achieve a particular Yogic perfection, where we are in a position to project the astral body, we are in a position to dissociate the astral body from the physical body, and travel with that to the friend for helping him. So all that is possible. But that is not the right way. If somebody is suffering, attend to him medically first. Secondly, try to pray. So the best way is: try to grow in wisdom, grow in love, and contact God. Your struggle to achieve this projection of the astral body or dissociating the astral body from the physical body and working a yogic miracle, is purely a trick. And therefore it is more in the nature of a mischief than in the nature of a perfection (Siddhi)! It is only a clever feat. It will make you more egoistic and proud that you are able to do a miracle, and that egoism itself is sufficient to destroy you and also the patient you want to help.

12th week

The knowledge that belongs to the modern fields of human enquiry is a secondary knowledge. It is a knowledge of effects, of appearances, of matter, of nature. This is not knowledge. It is, as declared by men of divine experience, an ignorance. What then is knowledge? Knowledge is that which tears town the veils of nature and discloses to us the Divine Presence behind.

The greatest service to humanity is not by providing them food or cloth or so on, but providing them the spiritual eyes to see, to put them in touch with some divine Power which will not fail them, some infinite, divine, all-merciful, all-loving Heart which will constantly pour into them endless peace, strength whatever they want in resources. This is the greatest service.

13th week

Supposing if you want to walk on the water, in what way is that superior to the blade of grass that is floating on the water? So all these are silly tricks which are not countenanced by wisdom. So, achieve perfection, goodness, knowledge, wisdom, self-control, power. Some of the masters of the Himalayas are given these powers, and some of them may misuse, and some of them may rightly use them. Now, these men of highest wisdom and love also have endless number of divine powers but they are never used they are automatically used by the divine Wisdom, when and where necessary. There are many types of mystics, of men of God experience, and each differs from the other in his way, and in his methods and life. The possession and the conscious exercise of these high miraculous powers is no proof of their inner perfection or purity or greatness.

14th week

The whole secret of God-realisation consists in the Mantra-repetition. People have attained highest supernormal powers by the Mantra. Keep the Mantra a secret in your heart, divine matters are secret, divine matters are not for human ears. So the Mantra is a question of a relationship between yourself and God, and this relationship you have to foster in silence and solitude of your inner being. So, keep the Mantra a secret in your heart, until you achieve the highest divine perfection, until all in you becomes God, and God Himself becomes you.

This Godhead is all-seeing, He is just now with us. He is listening to me. And He is also dictating to me the words which I should utter.

15th week

All these great masters of the Himalayas, if they want to exercise powers against me even, they would not be in a position to do it. They may be successful with others, they won't be successful with me, either for good or for bad. This is because a Power that is the Power of their powers, is with us. An invincible Power of infinite Love and Wisdom and Presence, is with us. In relation to That even the highest miraculous power of these big masters or whoever they may be, is of no consequence. Therefore let us try to cover ourself with, and live entirely in, a Power which is power above all powers.

Beauty gives the seeker of God a mastery over the ordinary human nature, and inspires the person to transform it into the divine Nature

16th week

This Godhead is an infinite Power whom we cannot escape. Everywhere He alone is, in the darkness, in the light, at all times, in all situations, in all circumstances. Wherever we go, He is with us. He is the light of our light, soul of our soul, heart of our heart, and the consciousness of our consciousness.

Living in the world, we have to live in God. Having looked at the clouds and found them all cloudy and foggy, yet try to see in the fog and clouds the same white, beautiful presence of God standing and welcoming you, extending His arms to embrace you, and take you back into His infinite divine Perfection, Light, Consciousness and Power.

17th week

Your life's greatest good fortune consists in your little knowledge of this divine Principle. All your fears will drop away, you will have proper perspectives to life, all your anxieties will leave you, you will consciously conquer death. What is the meaning of conquering death? It does not mean perpetuating the life of the body for an eternity. When your shawl becomes dirty and somebody changes it for you, do you feel unhappy about it? Rather you feel grateful that a service has been done.

The soul seeks to gain oneness with the Infinite and Eternal through Dance. Dance is perfect Yoga, perfect meditation, wisdom, purity and discipline.

18th week

I need no police force. I need no external power to defend me in any circumstance. My Consciousness and contact with the Divine Power is so complete, that the demonstration of superhuman strength is a constant feature of my life. The demonstration of the truth that time and space are no barriers to me is a constant feature of my everyday life. This can also be your experience, because you are no less a son of God than I am. Nature has not put less consciousness in you and more consciousness in me. No, equally, all beings are equally omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient in their inner nature, divine nature

There are no two Gods. God is the same, man is the same, human demand for God is the same all over the world.

19th week

Mantra will be effective only when it is given from Master to disciple. All Mantras are like matchsticks, this matchstick does not catch fire until it is struck on the surface of a sulphur. That sulphur surface can be obtained only from a Master. If other people try to use the matchstick, it doesn't burn. And they will throw away the Mantra as useless. They don't know its secrets. Its power has to be unlocked. And the power of the Mantra is unlocked when the Mantra is taken from a Master who is the Master of the Mantra, one who has achieved perfection in the commanding, in the using of that Power of the Mantra.

Each has to serve according to his capacity, you serve best by your realisation of the Divine. If you repeat the Mantra, you serve the Divine

20th week

I can help you whether there is a Centre or no Centre. Our help is direct, does not depend upon correspondence, does not depend upon the distance. God is with us, God is in us, God is working. So, no Centre is necessary; also no form and mode of contact is necessary. So the Centre's justification can only be on the basis and foundation of your need for a Centre like that. If that is so, I am all praise for it. I feel your suggestions are purely divine. God has inspired you with that thought of the Centre. And if God wishes to materialise it, you can be sure that He will give you also the strength to do so. If things are automatically settled of their own accord, then you can be sure the Divine Grace wants things in this direction.

21st week

That universal all-encompassing Principle is full of every power, knowledge, light, beauty, peace and perfection. In order to have endless happiness you need not have to enjoy anything delicious, or possess something very expensive. You have highest and persisting happiness in this subtle, all-penetrating, all-pervading, divine Principle.

Like space being present with you all the time, so is the divine Presence present with you all the time. You are living in the Divine though you do not know it. You are moving in the Divine, you are working in the Divine, though you do not know it. You are breathing in the Divine though you do not know it. If you know it you become a Saint, a Sage, a true spiritual aspirant, a person of great power, peace and joy.

22nd week

Even as the white light is divided into seven different colours, the supreme Truth, the white, infinite boundless absolute Existence, God, Truth, Reality manifests itself in the form of the variegated universe. One begins to wonder how the white light splits itself into seven different colours, and these colours in their various mixtures appear as yet more colours. The whole creation is a manifestation of colours. Everywhere there is some colour or the other, it is a world of colours, it is a world of appearance. What is the world of Truth? It is the white colour, the original colour, the supreme Reality.

A little faith in God is sufficient to make your life invincible, and make you the master of all challenges in daily life.

23rd week

We have to refine ourselves constantly. All the spiritual awareness that we are capable of must come into activity with each repetition of the mantra. Then you see that the mantra will begin to work. Mantra is a matchstick, it cannot catch fire until the striking ground is coated by sulphur. The striking ground is yourself. If your mind and heart are pure and radiant, refined, full of the sulphur of devotion, faith, vision, Godward longing, purity, then the moment you repeat mantra once, the Divine stands before you. All in you has to be sublimated, transformed, transfigured and your love for the Divine must be intensified. Great men have taken endless pain in order that they may see God face to face, what pains have you taken? You ask yourself

24th week

When a person in the world is working for an ideal, for the Divine, and trying to release into the world a number of beneficent forces which enrich the world and make it something like a heaven, giving joy to people when that person is at a task, if he has to die after 30 years, naturally these forces which are working there, and God who is seeing everything, He says, Now look here this work is most important, I must keep it up. And if the fellow dies at the appointed period (according to astrology), after 30 years, then the work stops there. Now his life must be extended. Oh, open the books and see, can it be extended? Yes, it can be extended. Make it 60 years, and try to see that within the 60 years so much of light spreads through him that all the work is finished, and after 60 years he can afford to detach the body. There is no such a law in Nature that it frustrates the efforts of good intentions to a great aim. And when that aim happens to be God himself, He is the source of everything and Himself the lawmaker, and the Master of law, and can relax the laws.

25th week

Let us say God gives you something. Let us say I have enormous magical powers, that is divine supernormal powers: I can make, unmake, construct, reconstruct humanity, and create palaces in the open space, and heavens in the open space. How long will it last? Several billion, billion years, and afterwards it must come to an end. What is this play and display? So says the Reality inside: away with it, I don't want this play! Nonsense. Truth for Truth's own sake, no dabbling in it. However, there is an established order, the humanity, and we want to liberate people who are caught in this established order, and therefore, well, service. Nothing is worthwhile except the Divine so sit, and relax in the Infinite, the Presence and Grace and Love and Light. Not even asking for Grace, only Love. We love Him, love Him, that's all. And Grace is a consequence.

26th week

As it is natural for the rose to emanate fragrance, so it is there this divine love here is natural emanation, it is not a cultivation of love. It is not, I demand, please, my heart, be good enough to love the Lord, it does not say so. Love is spontaneous and automatic, uncaused, unmotivated, not demanded by wisdom. It is there. This is totally a different state. That is Natural Love, Real Love. And this God will buy 2 francs of this natural love rather than million francs of normal love. It does not outweigh, and therefore you have the phrase, God is the slave of love. I do not want to love, it is there. And wherever it is there, that is the only place where He can stand. God cannot stand in any other place, not in matter, not in the temple, not in the church, not anywhere, He stands there where the love is there. And this kind of love is natural, divine, unquestioning, unwanting, untroubling.

27th week

What will be the end of your ambitions and your ideals? The end would be infinite Perfection. From here, from your leadership of the company, you will be promoted to the leadership of mankind. From here you will be promoted to the leadership of the Gods and Goddesses, and universal forces, cosmic systems, other worlds. From there you will be promoted to the leadership of the domains of Truth and Beauty infinite and absolute. From there you will become the Divine Himself, One with the Lord. Indistinguishable from the Lord, you are the Lord, God is you, you are God. You don't lose your identity, you gain a marvellous identity, a perfect, absolute identity, absolute individuality. Human mind is hypnotising itself, and therefore it thinks to be in limitations and to have an outward structure is to have an individuality. It cannot think of a condition where without the limitations and limited outer structure one can have a wondrous individuality.

28th week

Human love in human relation, in interpersonal relations, is emotionalism, sentimentalism, romanticism, some kind of idealism. Well, that is the basis and foundation, through that we try to develop the higher dimensions of love. There is no way of arriving at Natural Love except through these layers and levels and grades of human love, in growth, in development and therefore subject to the time-factor.

In human history we see that in the ancient cultures the kings and the great generals of the army have always gone to the Sages, in order to receive guidance, wisdom, illumination. And to govern the country with wisdom and illumination, they have obtained guidance from the Sages. And the greatest kings have been those who have had the good fortune of such a guidance, spiritual guidance of spiritual teachers.

29th week

When God, the infinite Being, has to create a universe, what does He do? He has to delimit Himself, in order to unfold a universe, sustain it, maintain it, and develop it. So, the infinite Truth called the unmanifest, eternal Truth from eternity to eternity, that eternal Truth is on the top. The eternal Truth is there, infinite eternal Truth. And if It has to create universal systems, and universes, It has to delimit Its infinite capacities to a limited intelligence and limited resources in order to unfold that universe, sustain it, develop it. This delimited portion of the unlimited, infinite Reality, Existence, operative here as the Intelligence, creative Force, is Creator, God. This is called God, and this is God manifest. God with a personality, called the Executive Officer. And this, which is there (on the top), this is also God, unmanifest, not a personality, not an executive an unmanifest unlimited Being. And this Officer has to further delimit His powers, and distribute, diversify those powers, in order to execute different works in different parts of the universe.

30th week

Your inner potentiality is always greater than what is made patent, visible, outside what is manifested, or realised, achieved, however great that manifested thing be. Any leader who labours under the preconceived idea that he has exhausted his inner capacity in doing his best, is doing himself a great disservice, he is raising a wall against himself. That there is a limitation of materials, that he has only ten millions while his work demands twenty millions, that we can understand. But we cannot grant to him the idea that he has used his full ten millions in his inner resources, in brain and intelligence, and heart and will, and there is nothing more. No such thing. And since there is no such thing there, outwardly also there should not be any such thing. If there is a shortage of material, let him use his existing material to its optimum, then he will find that this gravitates to him more material.

31st week

The moment I say Elephant, at once there is the image of the elephant in you, in your intelligence. The moment I say Zurich at once the whole town is in your imagination. The moment I say Coffee, at once the idea of the coffee, the whole picture, image of the coffee is with you. The moment you repeat this Mantra at once God is there present with you. Whereas with Zurich, coffee and elephant it is only a mental image, ineffective, powerless, unless you operate upon them, act upon them, act by them, imagine them. With regard to the Mantras we find that when you utter this mystical syllable, even as the elephant is present when you utter the word Elephant in your thought, well the Divine is present, but not in the same way as the elephant is present when you hear the world elephant, but in a very solid, real manner. There are structural, organic relations between the Mantra and the Divinity.

32nd week

The infinite, unmanifest, beginningless, endless, timeless, all-perfect Kingdom of Heaven, God, Truth, Unmanifest Reality, is here, the Reality Supreme. Now the Reality says, something in It, Well, I shall manifest time-space orders, millions of universes I will create. So, the whole cosmos is created. This is the manifest universe. Some power from the unmanifest Reality desires, expresses, maintains the cosmos. This supreme transcendental Reality, motionless, immutable, all-perfect It does not move. Why It does not move? Where does It move, It is everywhere. The river moves, because it is nowhere, it has no one point. The ocean does not move because it is everywhere. The timeless and infinite Reality does not move, it is everywhere. Where is God? Everywhere. Now, this we called as unmanifest Reality, but in fact this unmanifest Reality is there everywhere in the manifestation.

33rd week

When we are communing with God and we become one with Him, we are masters of all that He has created, and we have become one with His Consciousness which has created this. And so we have completely transcended our limitations. And this can happen even when we are individuals, working in this universe as limited creatures. We can have this knowledge of our infinity, immortality, eternity, infinite happiness. We can talk to God as we are talking to each other, we can see God as we are seeing each other. So in such a state divine qualities come to us automatically. And even when the divine qualities are expressing themselves, people cannot recognise these divine qualities because they think they are human qualities. What is the Swami? Swami is expressing love, he is a kind man, he is a loving man says a person. But this person does not know what that love is. He does not know that it is a selfless love, that it is a pure love, that the Swami is loving others not because He gets something from them.

34th week

One can be a monk in thought and spirit, not necessarily bodily a monk. One can be a renunciate in thought and spirit, in attitude, in feeling, in style and pattern of inner life.

The whole Milky Way is nothing but a small earring on the head of the Divine. So mighty and beautiful and wondrous is the Divine. As you repeat the Mantra go on reflecting upon this wondrous Presence of the Divine.

You will never suffer so long as I am by you.

35th week

Supposing the man of illumination desires something, it happens immediately. Creative possibilities, anything can happen. So creative possibilities are there. And the soul's very presence is a creative self-expression. When you are plunged in the joy of the Divine, well, many of Its beauties reveal themselves to your perception and experience. You find wondrous beauties. Its capacity to be present everywhere, Its capacity to know everything, Its capacity to manipulate everything, Its capacity to be infinitely still, all these are beauties.

Progress is very normal and natural, because the Reality is all-perfect, all-true, all-Science, there is no irrationality there.

36th week

Mantra is given to you as a most powerful help in order that you may, with each repetition of the mantra, generate in yourself a spiritual experience. It is not meant to be repeated mechanically but with all the love that your heart is capable of, all the wisdom and knowledge of God that your mind is capable of, all the longing and earnest yearning after the Divine that your whole inner being is capable of must come into operation with every repetition. Every repetition means such a tremendous generation of heat in your system, the fire of Godward longing, that it melts away the impurities in the system and makes you gold, refined, and ready for the reception of unfailing infinite divine grace.

Purity of heart enables the human being to see the Divine everywhere.

37th week

There are spiritual songs, spiritual music, devotional songs, devotional music. And, apart from this, there is spiritual music which is received in revelation, received in high states of inner spiritual inspiration. It is the same as this music, but the rhythm, the tone, its impact on us, its inner content, essence, spirit, mood, all are different. It is inspiring, elevating, soothing, pleasing, these are some of its characteristics.

The joys of divine thoughts and feelings are far greater than the joys of the earth. You do not know how wonderful it is to be a divine personality, but you will soon know it, prepare yourselves.

38th week

Supposing if I am at the building place, what happens? I not only take work from them, show them an example, work hard, and they are tempted to work more hard, but also see what is the time now, who is weak, who needs a little rest, who needs a drink, who needs a little encouragement, who needs to be sent away to some other work? All this, a dozen things are going on in our head and heart. I put human considerations first, and taking work next, taking work is ten percent. With the result, what happens? Even if Swami does not call anyone, does not want anybody, all people come and gather round the Swami. Because the unconscious in them understands, his personality is a perpetual invitation. When the personality is inwardly rich, and full of love, and understanding, it is a perpetual invitation to others. And they are like flies attracted to the honey, they are attracted even when you want to push them out. This is a field of love, light, ó sacrifice, deep spirituality, unity, oneness, no man big, no man small.

39th week

The most important temples of India where the Presence of the Divine is very living and dynamic and responsive and all-seeing, there also we can initiate special forms of adoration for our welfare, or for our spiritual enlightenment. Why one would do such things? Because that is the direct means of keeping ourselves in communion with the Divine. There is a living Presence, when you make an offering to the living Presence of the Divine, ó say a leaf, or a plantain, or an apple, or your heart of love, to such a Presence, naturally the Presence immediately understands it, reacts to it, responds to it, and there are consequent results reaped by us. Therefore it is a powerful means of forging special links with the Divine, obliging the Divine. Every time you do something like that, it is something like getting into a treaty with the Divine, coming in direct contact with the Divine.

40th week

The statement that the world is unreal, please remember, is pronounced from the standpoint of the experience of the Absolute, from the experience of the transcendental Reality. We are talking about the standpoint of the experience of the transcendental Reality, as It is in Itself, Reality as It is in Itself. From that standpoint nothing exists other than Itself, all is wonderful in Itself. There is no need for all. All comes in because of a human concept. It is an indescribable, nameless, formless transcendental, all-perfect, One Reality without a second, not even the world as a second to It. Neither the world is external to It, nor internal to It, it is just not there, in that condition. This is a state of illumination.

41st week

When God comes down and says Now I want to unfold a universe, the moment He says Now I want Ö He becomes an Executive Officer. And thereafter what does He do? He goes about searching for means. The first means that are available to Him are His hands, left hand, right hand, two legs, and His tongue, and His eyes. What is His tongue? Goddess of infinite Wisdom, knowledge, speech, Arts. What is His Hand? The God of Work in the universe. What is His Heart? The God of Beauty, Abundance, Love, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity in the universe. So there is a God of Heart/Love, there is a God of Tongue/Knowledge, there is a God of Speech, a God of Arts and Sciences, and there is a God of Death, and a God of Life, and so many departments.

42nd week

Even for the outward management of an organisation it is inward deep spirituality that can unfold all the necessary qualities and qualifications essential, for a harmonious development. The Spirit of our organisation, because it has emerged from the divine Grace, can never be killed. The better the organisation, the more the Spirit expresses itself. One unique feature of the organisation, its main distinguishing feature and its heart is that the Grace of the Divine seated in the heart of the people around here manipulates them. So in a way the Chief Executive of the organisation is the Divinity Itself, the divine Grace Itself, because It prompts in them the feelings and the thoughts. The thoughts that they have, they are prompted by the Divinity within, the divine Grace. In a way, and largely, the Divine Grace Itself is the leader here.

43rd week

The Divine picture is no more a picture, but a living personality, with which one can converse; which can constantly elevate and uplift. Why are the great temples of India so famous? Why are they still existing though six thousand years have passed away? They are there even three thousand, four thousand years before the birth of Christ. And still they are there. And they contain nothing but a stone idol. Yet the temple has survived six thousand years of history. What is the reason? Many persons, seekers of the Divine, have meditated upon that stone image. Out of that stone image the Divine emerged, has appeared to them, blessed them, granted them immortality, high spiritual experiences. That image in the temple is no image for the real aspirant, but something from which the Divine may at any time emerge in response to the devotion of the heart.

44th week

God the Father has another dimension, another aspect of His Being which is unmanifest. You can't call the eternal Truth as Father. The moment you call Him Father you are personalising the eternal Truth. And if He responds to you, He comes to you as a Father, then it means He comes to you as a limited Being though His limitations are not our limitations. Our limitations are enormous, infinite limitations, whereas God's limitations are totally different. He is omniscient. That is His limitation. He is omnipotent, all-powerful, that is His limitation. He is omnipresent, that is His limitation. Now, is there a dimension to this Father God who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, which is unlimited? Yes, there is: the infinite Reality, unmanifest Reality. That is more then omniscience. It is Itself alone there, there is nothing else apart from It. We cannot attribute omniscience or omnipotence to It, It is the boundless Reality.

45th week

The history of a temple shows, seven hundred years ago a great man has experienced the Divine emerging from that idol. Two thousand years ago, another great heart of devotion has experienced, conversed with that idol, the Divine. And prior to that, dozens of persons have found the Divine just coming out of the idol, emerging from the idol. Again and again they have had spiritual experiences in and through that idol. In consequence, they have become the world's greatest poets, though they were completely uneducated; they have become the world's greatest philosophers, founders of new religions. So completely they were changed and altered, that their lives were superhuman, divine, rich in qualities, capacities. Such wonders have happened through those idols. For the spiritual individual the picture of the idol is no more a picture or idol, but a living Personality, all-hearing, all-seeing.

46th week

It is even said in the scriptures that there are Divinities for everything, there is a Divinity for the blood, there are so many Divinities in the body of man, for different functions. The God of intelligence in one place, the God of love in another place, the God of power in another place, the God of procreation in another place, so many Gods in the body, they have discovered, apart from the Chakras. In the Chakras also there are Divinities, Deities. There are many Powerhouses of the Divine, Powers of the psychic body, and so on. The psychical comes first always in spiritual matters, the material is only an outward base.

The purity of the heart and a grand and strong hold on the truth that All is God, comes as a result of the Grace of God through the Master.

47th week

Merely the thought of such a Divine Personality makes the whole being calm. All the desires of the heart are fulfilled, or rather dissolved. Life is fulfilled, one is calm and peaceful. All the restlessness which the desires create has disappeared. The desires themselves have disappeared. One is supremely satisfied in the Divine.

Goodness in its absoluteness, patience in its absoluteness, beauty in its absoluteness, knowledge in its infinitude, and peace in its infinitude, perfection in its infinitude, they are found only in the Divine.

48th week

Thousand varieties of illusion are there, illusions, hallucinations, visions, deceptions, all these. And of illusion itself there are many categories. In the desert you see an oasis it is an illusion, mirage. All these are examples of illusion. In the dream you experience lots of things, this is again another example, another form of illusion, a jugglery of the mind. In this way there are many types of illusion. Among such illusions our actual experience of pain and body is one. In order to see how illusory the things are around, we have to gain a deeper experience of the Divine. Now by saying it is illusory we are not disrespecting the reality, nor is our action in this illusory world less efficient, less successful, less wonderful. On the other hand, our action is trying to introduce into this illusory world of experience and events and things, a factor of permanence, emanating from our knowledge of the Eternal.

49th week

Some animals can be such that the inner heart is always conscious of something, but it has not the facility to work it out, so it is hedged in very heavy limitations. Love can be present in the animal, a vague knowledge that there may be some kind of God, can be present. Wisdom is there in the animals, common-sense and reason is there in the animals, love is there even in the animals, but under specific limitations. Therefore it is a very rare gift to have a physical human body, that is the first great gift of God, for through that body man can become God, through having a body or the human birth, as we say. So rich is the organisation of the human brain and heart and so on, there are so many capacities which can be used and employed properly for the attainment of divine perfection.


50th week

Can you deny that you are in space now? In air? You cannot, for the space is a universal, all encompassing Principle. It is in the one space that you see millions of things. Greater than all the million things that you perceive in space is the space itself. There is nothing which is not within space. Space is greater than everything which it contains in itself. Space is inseparable from everything. Can you separate yourself from space? That is impossible. Can you banish the space within your physical form? You are inseparable from space. Within you, around, above - everywhere is space. More real than space, though more subtle and more invisible is the Divine. From this Divinity you can never be separated. Be sure wherever you may be you are in God, with God.


51st week

Even the most illiterate peasant in India has some such philosophy, about the world being a myth, a Maya, an unreality, an illusion. The point is, it is a powerful call for aspirants to come up more quickly to spiritual experience, but it does not mean that their life is negated, their world is negated. They have qualified themselves for such a high state of illumination, where they can actually experience it to be so. But having experienced the world to be unreal, yet they do not just disappear into the Absolute, they may come back from the Absolute with the transcendental experience, and in this unreal world work for the redemption of those who are not yet freed from the unreal world. The Ashram assumes the world to be an expression of the Divine, and in and through the world the Divine has to be experienced. And when the Divine is experienced one has to express into this world something of the treasures of the Divine.


52nd week

The moment you look at your car and say Om Shri Maha Tripurasundari Arpanam astu (may this be an offering unto Thee), it becomes the property of the Divine. When it is the property of the Divine, the upkeep of that property is the worry of the Gods, the divisional Officers of God's Kingdom must keep this up, because the heart inside said It belongs to God, I am only a trustee of it, it is God's property, my Father's property, the Truth's property, not the property of this perishing body, not the property of this dissolvable ego, not the property of this changing individuality.

The meaning of namaha is: I adore you. The meaning also is: I am nothing, you are everything. So, namaha is said to God, we are saying it to God.


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