Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2001

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


The Real Body is of the Light Divine

There is nothing in this physical body of the Swami, it is only a hiding skin for the Divine Light inside.

It is a clay model. It is perishable, it is to be thrown away, it will die.

Therefore you must constantly think of the Light, the Consciousness within.

The inner Heart of Love, the inner Mind of Knowledge, the inner Soul of God-consciousness - they must be the objects of your contact. Then you become a mystic yourself. Then you acquire supernormal powers yourself.

Swami Omkarananda

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1st week

I have come to serve.

I know the world and I have already conquered it in my heart. I am not trying to find fame or shelter here in Europe, I don't want a shelter on earth. If it is necessary for me I can walk though the burning fire, I have done it many times and I can do it again. I need nothing. I did not come into the world, I am not born on earth in order to find a little peace or a little rest, or a little shelter or a little shade. I have perhaps been sent by the Grace of God to work for Him, to the extent possible, under whatever circumstances, great strain, struggle and suffering - it matters not.

I am not fond of anything in life. I am already finished, the world is dead to me and I am dead to the world. Long, long ago that has happened, and no more I will open my eyes on the world. The world is not a temptation to me, but the world has always been a field of suffering for me because I am conscious of the Treasures there are in the higher Consciousness within ourselves.

2nd week

Planning is not successful.

I may forget your services but God will not forget you, or your services. He will always stand by you, He is watching you. It is God's Work that is going on. You know it is God's Work, and that is why it is growing, that is why there is so much of blessedness - by planning we can never do anything.

Man plans, proposes - but God disposes.

By plans you can do nothing. By calmness, peace, love and hard struggle God will do wonders through us. We should have patience and watch how God is working.

By our planning it cannot bloom. We don't want it, but everything is happening, happening - who is doing? - Nobody knows. God is doing! Recognising the fact that it is God's Work we must be supremely happy. God is most eloquently present here. He is invisible to us, whenever we are too human. He is visible to us when we are calm, dignified, standing back and seeing and marvelling at what is happening. Genius can achieve nothing, planning can achieve nothing. What man plans God disposes of - what God plans will be executed, even if we do not cooperate.

3rd week

What mighty difference is there between the Light that is in me or the Light that is in the Divine Mother? If you sit down and try to analyse and understand you will find that there is absolutely no difference between the Light that is in Her and the Light that is in me. The reason is this: My whole soul, heart and mind are in Her, and I am not separated from Her at any time. All my Joy, Glory,Wisdom, Strength and Power emerge from Her Light.

She is always with me, by me, around me, and I have done nothing in my life which was not Her work and Her Own Doing. Neither Europe nor Switzerland nor anyone in the world had the power to bring me here. She has brought me here. What She does I don't object to; all Her doings are acceptable to me because She Herself is doing and executing Her Own Plan.

Wherever She places me, there I am deeply happy in Her. Therefore there is absolutely no difference between the Light that is in Her and the Light that is in me; and the Light that is in Her is the same Light that is in Jesus. There are not two or many lights - there is but one Light.

4th week

Very clearly the mantra, myself and the supreme Divinity are one and the same. There is no difference, because all three are Consciousness. Mantra is Consciousness, the Master is Consciousness, Divinity is Consciousness. When you progress more and more your inner divine Consciousness will unfold itself, manifest itself, and you become one with the mantra, one with the Divinity, one with me. Then all the four become one and the same.

God is always with you, every heartbeat is counted, and He sees everything and He will guide you.

The Light of the Master you are looking for is here.

Use this Light as much as you want, and afterwards when you have a deeper and deeper experience you will see the real Nature of your Master.

Going up and dying and then to rise again is in nature. There is no reason for you to be sorry, because you are wasting time if you are sorry and unhappy.

God is always with you, everything is wonderful.

5th week

We must not identify the soul with the body. When you do it, all troubles arise.

Even when I have fever I do not identify my body with my soul. I say, I am different from this fever. Fever has nothing to do with me. It is nonexistent. It does not belong to me, it is something belonging to the body. Body itself is not mine. Myself - that is a secret of wisdom.

This is the right attitude and the right way. We have to look at ourselves in terms of God, or timeless Consciousness.

After one hundred years what will happen to all our earthly possessions? I will be no more in the Ashram, only wonderful work will remain there behind. So with all people. Where are these millions of people who are rich or poor, good or bad, who are doctors, professors, great men or presidents of nations. What happens to them after hundred years? None of them are there after a hundred years, and a hundred years will pass away like a hundred hours.

6th week

I think that I am going to die tomorrow, and that you must use me as fully as quickly, as completely as possible. You must think like that, then you will progress rapidly.

Why am I working like a mad person - quickly, quickly? Because I am thinking tomorrow morning I die; therefore, whatever good I have to do, I must do it quickly.

There are so many books written, but even that is not sufficient. More has to be written. More has to be given so that people may have sufficient food, so that even if I die they will not miss my presence.

That is why I am trying to do as much good as possible, as quickly as possible.

The greater the demand for God, the more I am forced to stay here. The greater your demand for Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Strength and Immortality, the more I will be forced to stay here.

7th week

I am giving you the Strength and the Light of Wisdom. Therefore you must thank God, your stars, your birth's chart and your astrological chart that you have come across someone who could give you the Strength and the Light of Wisdom and put you on the path which belongs to you by your own right. One who can help you to see the gold in your own heart, to see the power in your own heart. Someone who is a pure and selfless person, who has nothing to profit by you, the world, or by anybody or anything, and whose pleasures, life and power are independent of his own body, mind and work, and the external world; therefore, when you have such a wonderful opportunity, you must thank God a million times every morning.

8th week

You are paid a hundredfold and thousandfold more for every little step and pain that you take on the spiritual path. No effort of yours is lost - not even the preparing of the cake and giving it to me is lost - it is an integral part of your inner movement towards perfection. Every wink of our eye is being noted down in the Registers of God. Even if you had given me a cake mentally, it has already reached me; so perfect are the Laws of God. God counts and values your heart's activities, your inner motives and thoughts. When your time for arriving at high divine Perfection draws closer and closer, naturally God Himself will build his Temple on earth through your hands.

What you have done in this Ashram for all humanity is what God has been doing through you all the time. That means your heart has been accepted by Him. If there were no acceptance on His part of you, He would not work through you. He works through no imperfect instrument, so He is always on the lookout for those ones who are ready. You are most blessed, and I humbly trust and hope you will continue to build the Temple of the Divine, the Church of the Divine, the House of the Divine more and more so that hundreds of people might move towards the Divine; for there can be no real faith, peace, joy or perfection anywhere except in the Divine.

In God alone is our Perfection.

9th week

I am wholly in the Arms of the Divine. I do not care for Europe, I do not care for India, I do not care for the world. I am always happy, peaceful; wherever I go people say they will give money; wherever I go people will say they will give me their house, and give me food. In whichever country I go, wherever I go, whatever place I go, everything is provided for me by the Hands of God, and the Grace of God.

If you follow what is being told you by the Divinity you will be most blessed, and you will be a chosen instrument in the hands of God for the spread of Love and Light. You will be blessed a millionfold, and you will see for yourself how peaceful and happy and illuminated you are, and how God's Grace works, and how all the world begins to love you.

Everything depends on you. You must shine as a great daughter or son of God, full of love, understanding, faith and power. Never forget that we have the greatest admiration and love for you. I beg you to shine as a god-chosen daughter and use me for the spread of your glory and peace.

10th week

If you ask me whether I am a master, I will say no. I am not a master. If you ask me if I am a prophet, I say no. I have no interest whatsoever, either in the functions of a divine Master, or in the divine Mission of a great prophet. My whole interest, being, life and intelligence, are rooted in the Divine, and that is all-sufficient for me. My joy and my delights are laid in the Kingdom of Heaven, my power and my strength are there laid in it, and I have nothing to do with this world.

So, if you find some activity in my life, it is not my doing, and with it I have no relations. I do not acknowledge the reality or the presence of all these activities and environment that you see around me. The greatness or fame accompanying the mission of a great divine Master are absolutely non-interesting to us. They cannot secure our attention.

If you see that hundreds are being guided by me and many have spiritual experiences as a result of my presence, and if many miracles are worked or many are healed I wish to tell you it is not my doing. It is the Self-expression of the Divinity. And I have not myself wished that God may so express Himself through me.

11th week

In my heart there is no wish at all. There is only one thing in my heart: my relations with the Divinity. I have no other mission in life except to keep my relations with the Divinity absolutely intact. Therefore it is difficult for me to say, "Yes, I am a guru, I will guide you!" It is impossible for my nature to say, "I am a guru," and I will guide you. However, I am full of love for all beings, and when somebody is in real need of help I am ready to any degree of sacrifice and help for that person. But this would be something that is the spontaneous expression of my inner nature. It is not something deliberated, something governed by logical processes, but something that has spontaneously escaped my inner nature.

And they get all that they seek or desire to get by that relationship they establish. That is the point. As for myself the world of this physical universe, of humanity, does not exist. What is, is an infinite divine Consciousness, and we are, in our own eyes and experience, Flames of that divine Consciousness. And we have no field of activity outside this divine Consciousness.

12th week

I have no consciousness that I am a divine Master, a prophet or a guru; all such thoughts are foreign to me. At worst my relations with people are governed by a great love. At worst I see in everybody the same Divinity. The idea that they should be taught, guided and led onward is not present in me. The idea that I am happy in their presence and that I must serve them in one way or the other is alone present. That is why sometimes I am very happy to carry a cup of tea to somebody who calls himself my disciple, devotee and slave. So I am always playing the role of apparently a servant for all these disciples of mine. Therefore there is no such a thing as a disciple in my eyes. All are my masters, all deserve my services. If you ask me if I want some services from them I have no wish. I don't want anyone to serve me in any way. And I have no respect either for their possessions or for their money, no respect for their talents and their abilities. I have overwhelming love for them, and I have the greatest respect for the Divinity they enshrine. All talents - if I want any - are already with me. And an all-fulfilling, all-wishfulfilling Divinity is always with me. Therefore I am all-sufficient in myself. Therefore I do not need anybody's services in order that my life may be complete. It is at all times, in all conditions, self-complete. And if you see something contradictory to what I am saying remember it is only an outer guise; if you break the outer guise you will find the truth of my statement inside.

13th week

It is because of the tenderness of Heart that I give mantras to people. Now, most of these people have no way out, and therefore I am moved, not by my judgement, but by a Heart other than the heart which is in my physical body. That Heart is the real giver of the mantras. Because my Heart is completely tender I am childlike, therefore the slave of everybody - somebody comes and puts me in the car and takes me away to Zurich, somebody comes and calls me to the hospital, somebody wants a letter to be typed, somebody wants me to come to their house, somebody prepares a programme without my knowledge and I have to be there. And hundreds of people say, "We all want to come today!" I say yes to everybody. This is my nature. There are no airs of Divinity or Holiness around me. There is no advertising board that I am a divine Person, and I gain nothing by the role of a divine Master. The fame of a divine Master or a divine Personality does not interest me in the least. Such a circumstance and fame I regard deep down in my heart as a tremendous nuisance from which we have to run many miles.

14th week

If I were not deeply interested in the welfare of all these people, if my heart were not constantly throbbing for the blessings for all humanity, how would the Divinity put me here now? What attraction have I here in Europe? What pleasure or gifts are you giving me? What am I enjoying here? - It is as though I am in a hell.

If I am putting myself in this hell you can understand how much more I love you than you love me. What greater sacrifice I am making for you than you can ever think of making for me? If I am in the hell of these circumstances here, it is by an overwhelming love for humanity. It is under the Command of the divine Grace and Light. I have seen wonderful women not of the earth but of the divine Worlds. There are wondrous Treasures in the Heart of the Divine and in the Worlds of the Divine compared to which all the wealth of the world is ashes and dust. Conscious of these Glories of the Kingdom of Heaven having had a direct experience of the Grace of God and all those Splendours of the Kingdom of Heaven it is impossible for our nature to be attracted by the greatest thing in the world or to be interested in any thing which the world considers most precious.

We are living in another World. And to live here on earth is a torture for us, not a pleasure. We don't feel this torture because the inner mind is constantly in the other World.

15th week

All is God's Grace.

Not I was coming. It is God bringing us. It is all divine Plans. We do not come, we do not go anywhere of our own choice according to our own plan. It is all set for us by the Hand of the Divine.

I am with you.

After six thousand years my photograph will be there. If you are thinking of me as the photograph I come to you as the person looking like the photograph so that you can recognise me.

I have no form, no shape, no time, no space, no body, no eyes, no ears, nothing because I am supreme Consciousness; I know what is happening in your inner Heart, you are thinking of me as the photograph, - well, I take the photograph's form, so that you can see me, and I will talk to you. The Divine Mother also does the same thing. You understand now? - A secret.

16th week

I never felt that I am in Europe, I am thinking that I am in the same place where I always was. I never for one moment had the idea that I am in Europe. Nothing has come to me that I am here, it has made no difference whether I am in India or here. I still feel that I am in my own room and still in the same India.

I have not allowed my circumstances and environments to make an impression on my mind, and if the ground from underneath my feet is cut out, here, I would not be sorry. I am not attached to anything here.

Nothing has interested me here, nothing has caught my emotions, nothing has enslaved me. I am attached to nothing, yet I am behaving as if I were attached to everything.

This is a great art. It is like living as a lotus-flower is living in water. It is in the water, but nothing of the water touches it. You pour endless water on it, not a drop sinks into it. On the other hand put a small piece of cloth in the water, it is full of water, it is wet. Put a lotus-leaf in the water and take it out - it is not wet. I am living like the lotus-leaf. I am not affected by anything around me.

It is dangerous to involve ourselves emotionally.

17th week

There is no need for control and correction, you are being protected by the Holy Mother. Spiritual progress and development is a slow process, we cannot hasten matters. It is an inner matter, we cannot see how we are growing. You are growing ever since your contact with me, but you are not able to see it because it is an internal phenomenon; all that you know is a few of the external effects.

Therefore, remembering these facts, I would tell you that there is no reason for correcting you, and no need for examining you.

The Divinity in me knows all about your progress, even if you are six million kilometres away from me. After death, wherever you may be, still the Divinity in me will know of your spiritual state and progress. Even if you are on Mars or Venus or on some other plane of consciousness and existence, it does not matter in which world you are - psychic world or astral world or physical world - the Divinity in me is conscious of your condition.

18th week

There is absolutely no need for examining and correcting you. The wonderful Corrector is seated in your hearts, He is correcting you always. He is already doing the work for me. I need not from time to time examine you and correct you. The Self-Teacher is already placed in your hearts. There is an intimate relationship between that Teacher and myself. That Teacher within your hearts will teach you more and more, as you are trying to become more and more pure, more and more full of longing for God-experience, more and more full of love for God, increasing practice of the Presence of God.

The path we have chosen is a path of love and wisdom, it is a path where there is no cheating, no illusion, no deception. While all the time you consider me as God, I am considering you, though you are the pupil, as my God. So there is God-experience here, God-experience there. We are trying to see, experience, know, live in the Kingdom of Heaven within each other. The Guru is seeing God in the pupil, the pupil is seeing God in the Guru. If the pupil has more purity, endless purity, he will be as wonderful as the Master, he will express in his daily life more of God's Perfection, Peace, Joy and Wisdom.

19th week

The very mission of my life, or everybody's life, is: we are sending constantly waves and waves of blessings and grace.

God in everything

I speak from the point of view of mystical experience - my experience. I don't see the corpse, I see God is in the corpse. I see another dimension because there is no thing where God is not present whether it is a corpse, or anything else whatsoever.

There is a dimension in all these physical , dead , dirty, ugly things, and that is the dimension of the infinite Consciousness. Our contact is with That only.

Such is the wonderful nature of a man of God-knowledge that even if he gives poison with his hands, it becomes nectar. Even if he presents to you an untruth, it becomes a truth.

20th week

Don't doubt if I hear or not hear you. The hearing Light and Presence is right beneath voicing. You can always be sure that I am already with you before you had called me. Because I am not serving people as a personality, I am not doing anything by myself; something is done by divine Grace and divine Presence. That Presence is everywhere; It is prompting the thoughts in you through your prayers. Therefore you need not doubt.

Another point: Your real Parent, Strength, Life and Light and your unfailing Grace are God Himself. He is always with you. When you are thinking of men of God-experience or great saints like St. Francis and so on, God is immediately listening to you, and will answer to you in the way in which you are thinking. Your sincerity and faith in God is your blessing, your love for God is your magic. Wherever you are, He will always stand by you and protect you with His million Hands. Therefore, wherever you move, carry in your heart a sense of His living Presence. Living in your house, know that you are living in God's own house doing all the services in the house; know for a certainty that you are doing God's service and that you are doing everything for God. Eat in the name of God, drink in the name of God, make no difference between Jesus Christ and the omnipresent and omnipotent Godhead.

21st week

If you are insisting on approaching or seeing the Divinity in me, then you can consider me as Father, or as Beloved, or as Son - all these attitudes are wonderful - but all these attitudes are dangerous if you are not conscious only of that all-perfect infinite divine Consciousness.

There should not be the danger of your mistaking me for the body, no danger of confining your attention to the outer personality. Your business is with the highest divine Consciousness deep inside the Love of my Being. The moment you hear my name or think of me, always think of me as a Light, as a Consciousness, as a representation of God's Love. Then you are safe.

I never decide anything for anybody, because I am free, I am not here at all on earth. Internally I am totally different, my way and style of life and everything is different. Whatever you decide is all right for me, the decision lies with you. I never ask anybody to come here or anybody to go from here, they come of their own accord; they decide, and when they decide something, I am ready to help them in any way.

22nd week

If you follow the Light in your heart, God will not fail you. Try to be more good, more pure, more wise, and God will bring you the best forces, angels will guide you, your conscience will become brighter and brighter and guide you. Help comes to you in many ways, through noble literature or noble people. From most unexpected corners and quarters the help will come to you. Stand irreconcilably upon your aspiration, and all the great all-knowing Forces of God will work with you and through you.

Try to be the medium of God's Love, Power, Grace and Wisdom. Tell your heart, "I don't want to be the medium of any power less than God, less than Jesus Christ."

Try to be the medium of infinite Wisdom, infinite Love, unconditioned Joy, absolute Purity and absolute God-Consciousness. Don't fall down from this standard. God will fulfil your wish, you are blessed. You heart mixes and mingles with God's Heart and there is a perfect harmony.

23rd week

If God cannot teach you so well, the world is not going to teach you so well. God plans for our life the moment we stop planning for our life.

You are always planning. What shall I do tomorrow morning and the day after tomorrow? - If you are going on planning for your own life, how is God going to plan for you? In my life God is planning for me.

I don't want anything, I am never planning, God is planning. But you are not allowing God to plan for you.

God does not harm anyone, punish anyone, destroy anyone or disturb anyone - His very Presence is saving. What destroys you, disturbs you, weakens you, punishes you or troubles you is your own weakness. God is all-merciful, and He never punishes or destroys anyone. But the moment He appears with the repetition of the mantras, or when He wants it, our ignorance is destroyed. And when we are bad, our own weaknesses punish us, and we have to reap the consequent suffering.

24th week

The central strength of a man of God-experience lies in his inner truthfulness. The inner truthfulness has nothing to do with what apparently seems to be on the surface. Since Truth is the central strength of the man of God-knowledge, whatever he says will come true. If he says to somebody, "You will be all right," he will be all right. If he says to someone, "After one year you have this prosperity or this type of happiness," after one year he is bound to have this type of happiness and that type of prosperity. If he says that you have difficulties ahead, you are bound to have them. If he says, "Just repeat 'Jesus,' and you will get divine experience," you will have it. Whatever he says, God makes it absolutely true.

Such is the power in the words of a man of God-experience. His inner life is rooted in God, and as God is the ultimate Truth, the words of this man have great power, great value, and will come true - if not immediately, then after some time. The Power and Presence of God are resident in the words of this man even if these words may be apparently meaningless.

25th week

Until you are established in the infinite Wealth, Prosperity and Wisdom of the objectless, infinite, divine Consciousness, you should believe that whatever I am talking to you is absolute truth. If you disbelieve, you harm yourself. If you believe, your results are double, triple, fourfold, fivefold.

Remember, I have no interest in the world. That there is an Ashram here, I do not know. My heart is completely pure and detached from the Ashram and from the whole world. I am not interested in anything, I am merely watching what God is unfolding for the welfare of humanity. And God does for humanity only what His Wisdom and Will desire.

So, I am merely a witness of the grand expression of God's Grace for mankind. What I speak is charged with the Presence and Light of God.

If you have patience, your blessings are indescribable. If you are impatient, you will harm yourself now and hereafter.

26th week

In the forest I have been very close to deadly, huge snakes. Nothing could have prevented those snakes from making a good meal of me. I was only one foot away from them, yet instead of beating their heads on me they have beaten their heads on the other side, and got frightened and slid away. I have no power, I have no hatred for them, nor am I afraid of them, nor did I say, "Please go away from here."

Yes, there is a magnetism, which is all-wonderful, and that magnetism is an emanation of inner purity and goodness. If you have these two, the whole world and nature disclose to you the Secrets of God, and wonders happen - wonders in the outer life, and wonders in the inner life.

Constantly let the heart say, "I am the infinite Light, I have no body, I am unlimited, I am unborn, I am beginningless and endless."

Thus has my heart stated from early boyhood.

27th week

My blood is royal. The Nature of God is my nature. I am here to transfer all the Treasures of God to the earth. My nobility lies in my capacity to draw from the Heart of the Divine Light and Love, and pour it on the creation.

I am a beggar at no one's door, nor do I depend too much upon my genius and my capacities. I depend upon the boundless Love of the Divine, and I steal the Treasures of the Divine which belong to me from the Heart of the Mother Divine, from the Heart of the Father Divine, from the Heart of the Reality Infinite and pour them upon the poverty of humanity, spread them in all creation.

Let this be the story of your inner life. Accept nothing other than so great a task as your rightful task.

Great kings and emperors of the world have died like flies; that is not life, that is death which has enstaged a brief, petty drama.

Dissolve all that is human in your blood. Live, breathe in the Light and Love Divine, unlimited, infinite.

Let all your works, thoughts and feelings reflect the Grandeur and Glory of God.

28th week

It is impossible for you to understand me, unless you are in the same condition and state of inner Soul and Consciousness as I am.

My life is not on the surface, nobody can see it, not even saints can see it, because there is a contract between God and all great men of God Consciousness, there is a Law of God which keeps the personal things of a great man completely shielded from all scrutiny. Only those will be given an insight into it, whom that person wants or God wants, and that does not happen without the common consent of God and that person.

So, you gain much if you do not try to judge my actions. You can try to understand them only by development of your own inner purity and wisdom; to the extent you grow in purity and establish contact with God, to that extent my conduct becomes visible to you. Without this equipment your judgement will mislead you; it has no influence on me, but it misleads you, and to that extent the loss is yours. So try to suspend judgement. Whatever you think is wonderful assimilate it if you have the strength.

29th week

The highest Truth of our inner experience is that God is all-sufficient, all-wonderful, all-marvellous Reality. We have caught Him in the net of our divine Knowledge. We have caught Him in the ecstasies of our divine Love. We have received Him as a result of our inner secret occult practices. We hold Him in our experience as a result of His own boundless Grace.

My blood is so pure that the idea of the disciple never comes there. The joy inside and the light inside are so wonderful that great prophets and saints want to be my disciples: I will never look at them. If in daily life I pretend to be the master, it is purely on account of compassion and respect for the needs of the people who come to me.

That is purity. I close my eyes, there is only one object, God. I open my eyes, there is only one object, God.

I work hard, I have no time to repeat the mantra, only God is visible. That is Purity.

30th week

Look at me, why should I leave my joys in the Himalayan mountains and suffer here in the heart of Europe?

You are suffering with your body and your one family. I am suffering with thousands of bodies and thousands of families. For whose sake am I doing it? For the welfare of humanity. When I have taken this much of suffering on myself and under this suffering doing so much work, why not take a little suffering on yourself and demonstrate God's Power and Peace?

So, take your family life as your cross, and show that death is nothing, that trouble is nothing, that world is nothing. Say, "I have overcome the world."

Now, if somebody comes and spits on me, what has he touched? Nothing. I am the very soul and life of that person. I am the Lord of that person. So unless we have this experience we cannot be said to be really spiritual.

31st week

When a person is a pure Child of God he does not take in any impressions; the moment you take in impressions you are a sinner.

We should not take in the impressions, but we must be full of the Light, Power and Consciousness of God.

My body is being burnt, and I am being broken to pieces, yet there is not a disturbance either in my mind, or in my heart. I am full of joy and peace. I am a Son of God. Do you see the difference?


My power is purely a divine Power, it is not under my control; because it is so pure a power it is purely a divine Power. It begins to function and many miracles are done for many people, automatically. They think of me, it is done. Who did it stir? - No conscious human mind; and it was done in no conscious human way.

In some cases there is no answer. Why? - The Wisdom of the Divinity knows why. Where the Divinity thinks it is very essential to bring about the change, it brings about the change at once.

32nd week

There is time for everything. There should be no anxiety what God wants to do for mankind, He will somehow do it.

Patience and continuity of effort are necessary; you are on the right path, but try now to intensify your inner spiritual powers, touch the Divine in many ways and you will see the obstacles disappear.


As for me I have no duty, no plan. What is happening is happening by Grace. Grace is doing everything, and I do not know what Grace is doing. People say it is wonderful, it is Grace's work, and what the Grace is going to do tomorrow it is purely the Divine's business. We do not have to know; it is not necessary. It is enough for us to be in this minute in God-Consciousness, and go on expressing as much of love, power, faith, goodness and sweetness, as possible. Do it in the name of the Divine as a divine work, as your spiritual practice. Begin it with the Name of the Divine, and end it with the Name of the Divine. Feel the divine Presence, know that it is Its energies that are working.

33rd week

It is the Infinite from which you have come and to which you are going to return. You may be a Napoleon and have conquered half a dozen countries - at the end you will end up in a prison and your empire is destroyed. You are never safe anywhere except in the Divine; you can never be happy anywhere, except in the Infinite. You can never hope to be really strong, wonderful and wise, unless you are in the Infinite.

The world will always fail us, it is not self-sufficient, it is full of limitations. Sons have killed their fathers, wives have betrayed their husbands, daughters have murdered their mothers.

This is a world where friends turn out to be enemies, enemies turn out to be friends. It is a big drama, and nobody is safe in this drama unless he is in God.

By divine Grace everything has been wonderful till now. Now consider what is happening now also as wonderful, and face it most bravely.

34th week

You are bound to become divinely perfect; already the saints in you are rising up. This spiritual path is the most wonderful path. It gives to you immortal, eternal Life, eternal Joy and eternal Peace.

God most eloquently lives in the hearts of His saints. My heart is more delicate than the petal of the rose. How it has become so delicate? - Through years of love of God, life with God, years of intimate conversation, years of complete, total purity and total meditation. Even my blood is full of God-Consciousness. Whether my eyes are closed or opened, they are face to face with God.

Nothing interests me except the all-sufficient, all-marvellous Divinity, God. Whatever may be the work, it is all being done by God, in God, for God. And who are the people who are sitting around me? - They are not people for my heart; they are God Himself for my heart, because I am not in contact with their outer personality, I am in contact with God in them. I am adoring them, because I am seeing God in them.

35th week

The inner Heart is for ever.

Christ was deprived of his body. Christ may be deprived of his religion, He may be deprived of anything, but not of His Heart. That is of His inner Reality, of the Father in Him, of the Truth in Him, of the subtlest Essence in Him. That is the Kingdom of Heaven, and so long as Christ has that Kingdom in Him, and lives in It and lives of It, he can make any number of heavens. He loses nothing by the death of the body.

Therefore endeavour to recognise this central possession of yours, this central wealth of yours; it should be dearer to you than anything else on earth, for everything in life changes, nothing can be trusted. You can be deprived of everything; everything can be burnt down, destroyed or removed out of your experience by the hand of time, but the inner Reality cannot disappear from you. And so long as you have it you can create any time-space-order.

You can create any world of experience. You have unending peace and happiness, you have unending knowledge.

36th week

Do not forget who you really are!

Man carries with him all that he inwardly gains here on earth, nothing is lost. We survive beyond the grave, and we carry with us the result of everything that we think and the fruits of our feelings, endeavours, strivings, longings, and our desires in self-expression. We are the Creatures of the Immortal. We are artists by nature, we carry infinite genius in our soul. We are not matter-moulded forms with a brief history on earth. Our destiny is timeless, and outlives the body in which we live. We are blessed but we need saints to tell us this. We need men of God-Consciousness to lead us on this path. We need true education and culture that give us a hold upon the Indestructible, the Infinite and the Timeless. We are neither moths nor flies that can come to a close in a brief time.

We are Children of the Immortal, we are Children of God. Our relations with the Divine are inseparable and inalienable. These relations have to be recovered in conscious experience and in every aspect of daily life.

37th week

I am responsible for you for eternity.

The moment you touch the mantra you are touching the Infinite, the moment you repeat the mantra you are claimed as a Son of the Infinite.

So on account of me all these powers of the Godhead are always around you. Your mantra has got Life and Consciousness from me; therefore what is happening? All the gods who are managing several domains are frightened of you because your power is greater than their power. Therefore, angels are always around you.

Grace redeems man from death.

That is really life which is blessed with the thought of the Divine. That is real, abundant and everlasting life which is devoted to the Divine.

Life without God is worse than death. People who are completely lost in a godless life do not know the true joys of existence, they mistake their wretched condition for happiness. This is disease, and remains as such until they are awakened one day by Grace; then their standpoint changes.

38th week

An extremely poor man who finds it difficult to get food, finds himself in heaven even if he gets only a little food. An exceedingly rich man is not happy if he gets lots of money. He wants more, he is full of regret that he gets less.

Standpoints are different. Those who are devoted to the Divine have the highest standpoint, from their standpoint life with all its riches and pleasures is worse than death; it is essenceless, it is without support and without name, it is devoid of colour and fragrance. It is only the Touch of the Divine that makes life real life, full of creative possibilities, full of endless Peace, Joy, Light and Grace. It is life liberated - a life illuminated. It is a life infinitely enriched, it is a life that is blessed with all-independent joy, a life ensouled by the peace that passeth understanding, a life which is full of splendours and beauties. Therefore the spiritual individual, with all the strength of his heart, quickly clings to the Divine.

39th week

Trust in the Divine works miracles. Miracles need not be something extraordinary but can be just normal and silent; even the unfoldment of a bud into a flower can be a miracle. There are miracles of numberless types or forms.

A person who has love for the Divine and devotion to the Divine is full of trust in the Divine. Everything will be ordered wonderfully by the hand of the Divine. The Grace of the Divine is unfailing and the Love of the Divine is unfailing even though when things are at the last end.

Every individual is a miniature God, is a nutshell of the whole of the Kingdom of Heaven. From this nutshell the entire Kingdom of Heaven can emerge.

Every man carries in himself the rays of infinite Knowledge, absolute Peace, infinite Power, absolute Beauty and all the countless qualities of the Divine?

When one day or the other man is shaken to the foundations there arises from him that which is godlike.

40th week

The lover of the Divine is full of trust even in the jaws of the tigress. So that is the reward of trust in the Divine: Not only miracles are worked by trust, but in all situations, in all difficulties, the trust of the Divine works wonders; not necessarily where the question of saving life from certain dangers is concerned

Maybe the divine Grace waits until the very last second before the miracle is worked.

Ordinary persons completely lose trust at the very first step. It is only the true lovers of the Divine who keep up this trust even when all seems to have been completely lost.

The rewards of trust are indescribable; not only that, but the health improves, the inner nature becomes all-resistent, the peace inside is undisturbed, the happiness within is self-sustaining, and one is calm even under the worst challenges.

41st week

Love is the inextinguishable Flame in the inner Being of man. In the bad it is completely hidden; in the good it shines dimly through veils, and in the pure it is fully visible. This Flame of Love has in it Beauty, Power, Art, Science, Heaven and Perfection.

God is Love. The living Presence of this Love in us awakens our aspirations, urges us to do good, impels us to seek higher knowledge, causes in us the longing for perfection and sets our will and energies striving for the attainment of true freedom, peace and illumination by the transcendence of human limitations.

Of Love we are born, by Love we are sustained, and in Love we shall subsist for ever and ever.

If God were not Love, our breath would be pain and our life an inextinguishable sorrow.

If God were not Love, the human affections and sympathies would have no foundations.

If God were not Love, a flower would be neither colourful nor fragrant, there would be no desire in life to live, and hope, faith and trust would be nonexistent. If God were not Love, truth would have no substance, beauty no reality and life no meaning. Love is all.

42nd week

For Love, the world is beautiful, and everyone is wonderful and worthy of service. And Love has the strength to make the world beautiful. It has the all-conquering softness and wisdom that ejects venom from the bad man and makes him an angel. Where love is limited, and therefore human, it does not always succeed, and fails as it should. Such a love is not love, but only a semblance of real Love.

Love feels the world with the Heart of God. It sees the world through the Eyes of God. It enables you to live in the world with the Life of God. It breathes Peace, emanates Wisdom, and disseminates Light. Its substance is Truth.


Never be in a negative state of mind, don't be anxious. The body is not everything. Why do you say that you are losing trust? It is not so! I want to tell you one small thing: You must understand there is no refuge for you except God. This God is all-merciful, you are dear to Him, infinitely more than your own son or daughter is dear to you.

43rd week

You accept every trial as an answer from God to your prayer, because from the trial will be born your Kingdom of Heaven. If there were any person who should have complained against God and who should have lost trust in God, it was Jesus Christ, because though He is said to be always praying to God and always in meditation, always in God-Consciousness, He was the person who was most deserted by God. He was insulted, beaten, called names, abused and crucified. Is this the answer of God to the prayer of Jesus? So I beg you not to judge the Answer of God from the outer conditions. Let them be what they are, you go on loving for loving's sake, keep up your love, trust and faith under the worst circumstances. Tell your heart and mind, "Dear ones, now you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, you are most blessed. Experience His Presence most intensely, enjoy heaven here and now, behold the wondrous Presence of God".

This is the Truth. Your outer condition of imperfections has nothing to do with you, it is purely a temporary affair, and it does not affect you so long as you are with God. Let us not pray for relief from suffering, let us pray for a stronger faith and a stronger love.

44th week

True spirituality is a matter of the inner Heart. Spiritual people are full of nobility, full of the highest wisdom, full of peace and trust in the Divine. God is the best place, the best treasure, the best protection, the best answer to all problems and the source of unlimited strength and intelligence.


If your heart is always moving towards the Divine and there is a sense of security and full faith and trust in the Divine, and the trust that everything is wonderful in the knowledge and in the protection of the Divine, then be sure your heart is becoming divine, spiritual and pure.

Believe in God, trust in God, and go on with your work.

45th week

When love becomes devotion and when devotion ripens, it puts forth a million eyes. One begins to see the Divine everywhere; one discovers the Divine in the walls, trees, flowers, stones, air, space, table, spoons and in all beings everywhere at all times. Only such a devoted heart is the true discoverer, the true inventor, the true scientist.

Scientists discover merely a few laws in nature. All these discoveries are like children going to the seashore and bringing home a few pebbles. They are just the discovery of something present in the effects of the phenomena, the creation. Nobody knows the cause. Nobody has the capacity to discover the cause which is full of treasures, splendours and wonders.

It is only the devoted heart that perceives everything, that penetrates into the cause of all creation. It discovers the Divine everywhere - therefore it is quite natural for St. Francis to see the Divine in the sun, the moon and the river. That is a primary experience, it is the first discovery. This discovery extends further until the Divine is experienced in all Its dimensions.

46th week

Try to perceive the Divine everywhere - in the mirror into which you look, in the plate from which you eat. Speak to the Divine in the open space, in the water, in the air, in the earth.

The air, the earth and the space all become your friends. The mirror, the table and the plate all become your friends. All open their heart to the impact of your love and adoration. It becomes easy to perceive the Divine in them. They help disclose the Divinity they conceal and of which they know nothing.

So, the most aesthetic, the most blessed, the most scientific, the most divine heart is the heart of devotion. Develop devotion. Devotion is not sentiment, nor is love sentiment. Sentiment prevails in human nature. Love is ensouled by wisdom, by reason, by intelligence. Love itself is supreme intelligence; it is wise, dignified, self-controlled, powerful, all-embracing, all-penetrating, all-revealing and all-illuminating; it is self-sustaining and it is self-contained.

If you want the wonder of wonders, possess devotion!

47th week

Carry complete belief and trust in the Divine. You see in daily life how people do not believe in the Divine, even though they cannot subsist without It, even though no life can be life without the Divine as the foundation of it.

Even though the Divine is the Soul of all souls, the Life of all life, yet people do not believe in the Divine.


Trust God more than anything else.

Continue to love God more than you love those people. Continue to place your trust and faith in God more than you would in anything else. Don't take the responsibility of any good result that emerges from your services to these people. Whatever help you could give them, feel that it was the help given directly by God's Grace and that you have done nothing and you have no reason to be happy or proud about it. Then what happens? - Your capacity and power to help them becomes stronger and bigger and bigger.

48th week

Like the blooming of a bud into a flower, the spiritual development of the inner Being is imperceptible. Common observation labours under the deceptive feeling that there is no progress even though one is working hard spiritually. This is only a deceptive feeling. Even as the flowering of the bud is a gentle, invisible process of time, so is the development of the soul an imperceptible affair. But every little mantra-repetition, every little thought and reflection upon the divine Being and Its Nature, every earnest appeal to some infinite, invisible Intelligence, Power and Grace contributes tremendously to the inner unfoldment.

Ordinary persons do not perceive this progress. The physical mind cannot perceive and understand this subtle process of unfoldment, as it is accustomed to crude realities which subsist on a single band among the millions of bands of experience that the human individual can attain to.

Though a physical mind is unable to perceive the spiritual realities the progress is there. Whether one observes it or not it is unmistakable and it produces certain specific results. Though these results are not startling, they seem to be startling only if a person perceives them after the lapse of a long time.

49th week

Devotion is the first thing which can enrich your personality and make your life full of the quintessence of joy. A man of devotion, no matter how humble, how small, or insignificant he is, is the real king of the world. He has the magic which no other has. Everything comes to him, he is always constructive, he is the Mouthpiece of God, the Heart of God, the Temple of God.

If God wants to dwell somewhere He does not dwell in the Vatican, though that is the richest church in the world. He does not dwell in the heaven, though the environment is most celestial there. He looks for the heart of the devotee to dwell in. 

What is this surrender to the Divine?

Why should you surrender yourself to the Divine? Because it is the Imperishable; whereas everything that you love and surrender yourself to in the world, is perishable.

50th week

God helps only when the strength of man is fully exhausted.

People work far below their capacities and abilities. That is why they are the same old miserable people without any progress and no matter what they have done. Unless we work to our full capacity, to the strength of all our capacities, energies and abilities, God does not help. He helps only when our strength has come to an end.

God's Intelligence takes possession of us and leads us further only when we have used our intelligence fully. God's Will works through us only when we have used our will fully in the divine service. God gives wealth only when we have used up all our wealth. God gives us unending Happiness only when we have expressed all the hidden cheerfulness within. God is satisfied only with that work which demands complete and full employment of all the energies, capacities, abilities and possibilities of an individual.

51st week

Truth and our inner experience are one and the same. As to victory, the Nature of Truth itself is victory, it wins over death, wins over every condition of life, every challenge of fate or whatever you will, every circumstance, every situation. It does not touch Omkarananda. A truth which has to be helped to win is no truth, is a half-truth, a worldly truth. It introduces no change.

You see, nobody can offend Omkarananda. If you write endless nonsense and insults or calumnies, it means absolutely nothing, and does not touch him. If you scold space, what harm do you do to space? - Nothing.

It is wrong to demand a victory for Truth, for we do not need it. Truth itself is Victory. But the world recognizes this Truth now or later, or once recognizes it and then no longer recognizes it, or recognizes it at a later period - but this is the human mind. In the human mind these opposites are always there.

52nd week

There are many Aksharas, many sounds, tones, and syllables which are immortal and indestructible. These are there in the cosmic Consciousness. Beyond these manifested Aksharas, Saguna Aksharas, there is the Nirguna Akshara, the Non-manifested, the Immortality, the Indestructibility, Reality, the Never-passing.

The Divine Mother is indestructible. She never dies, She is eternal, infinite, absolute. She is Reality, not illusion. Our world, our life, our cosmos are illusions, passing things. The life of every human being in the world is illusion-centred. You think, you have firm ground under your feet, that is self-deception. Nobody has firm ground under the feet except the God-loving person, the one who is beyond desires and whose consciousness is filled with the Divine Mother's Grace, Light and Nature.

Only the person who loves the Divine Mother is immortal, eternal. His foot is on Truth, Reality, Immortality, Indestructibility. Akshara means all that. No one can destroy it, no one can grasp it. There is no other power apart from this Akshara.

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