A Glimpse of
Omkarananda Saraswati

his linage and mission





The Journalist of the monthly newspaper HINDUISM TODAY asked the inmates of your Ashrams to describe you. We know the descriptions of you by them and by thousand others. We need to have a description of yourself by yourself. Who are you, Swami Omkarananda?


Who Am I? Before I was born, I was. After I die, I will be. A timeless Being came from, and into, timeless Eternity. Time was formed, and time is dissolved, and I remain what I have always been, a Being with depths to which there is no beginning, and heights to which there is no end.

Since the supreme Divinity as the Timeless Eternity and as the Time Eternity Sadashiva Tripurasundari is dwelling in my Heart, Life, Consciousness, and as there is no difference between That and Me and Me and That, I am dwelling in the Soul of all Gods and Goddesses, all Saints and Sages, all beings visible and invisible. And, yet I am what I am, the Transcendent Reality. If you know here on earth the greatest Sage, Saint, Guru, the greatest clairvoyant, prophet, or anyone to whom supernormal power of perception, or anyone to whom daily contact with God, is attributed then, ask that person, who Swami Omkarananda is. He will confirm to you that the only true and correct description of Swami Omkarananda is the one he himself has given.



What is your Tradition and what is your Mission, Swami Omkarananda?



My tradition is the tradition of the Truth in your inner heart. It is the tradition of the Divine everywhere. I have no tradition as the learned intelligence understands. If I had a tradition, I would be localised. I would belong to some creed, some religion, some denomination, some Sampradaya, I would not be universal, not belong to all religions, all cultures, and yet transcend all religions, all cultures. I have no tradition except the tradition of traditionless self-expressions of the Experience of the one Truth.


I will not stop the activity of my being, not rest idle, until every creature in Creation and all of the Creation itself, is touched with the Light Eternal, until every individual entity gains in living experience the Love, the Peace, the Happiness and the fulfilment of the infinite One.




This version is from 1996
Here you can find an update from 2022 as a pdf-file:

A Glimpse of Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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