Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2017

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

There is a sight which sees into the future, which is not yet born. There are all kinds of perception, all kinds and modes of seeing.

There are Seers and Sages who see the Divine Truth. To their eyes, the mountains are not mountains, but the Presence of the Divine.

There are Saints who find the presence of the Divine everywhere.

There are Hearts of Love, which find a voice even in the table, and eyes in every pillow, and ears in every wall.

They can speak to the plants, and plants respond to them.

2nd week

The Divine Mother is the Embodiment of OM, She is called Omkareshwari. That is the supreme Queen of OM, that is the Divine Mother. She is everywhere. She is infinite Wisdom, Intelligence, Consciousness, Energy. 

OM is in everything. OM is everywhere.

OM is supreme Beauty. OM is supreme Life, OM is supreme Peace. OM is supreme Happiness. OM is supreme Purity. OM is the supreme Divinity.

There is no God other than OM. There is no God greater than OM. The Divine Mother is the embodiment of OM. And as you sing OM you are producing vibrations in the Heart of the Divine, you are touching the Heart of the Divine.

3rd week

Experience of the Divine is a thing that happens in the consciousness, something that happens inwardly. Deep spirituality is a matter of inner nature, inner condition, inner experience. In the consciousness the divine experience takes place. Where does the dream experience take place? In the consciousness, within yourself.

The Saints drink the OM, eat the OM. Their heart is OM, their body is OM, their eyes are OM. Their whole being is OM. They breathe in OM. They are made of OM. OM is their magic. OM is the Creator of all heavens. OM is the Sustainer of all heavens.

4th week

When a great spiritual person is born there are some extraordinary signs in nature; they are the expression of the nature’s joy in this person.

Nobody can become great unless one serves the Divine intensively, sacrifices for the Divine, sacrifices the energies, the time, the whole being.

No one can become great unless through intensive Service. Service and Love and Meditation – they go together.

One who meditates without Love and without Service makes no progress.

The greatness of a life lies in the extent to which it pours out the vision of the Divine it holds, through service.

5th week

There is mighty power in the mystical syllables. You need not to be a prophet in order to experience the Divine. You don’t have to read all the books in all the great libraries of the world in order to have Wisdom.

Experience of the Divine and abundant Wisdom automatically find a place in your inner Heart when you go on merely saying: “OM OM OM.”

You need not to fast for years, live in the mountain-solitudes, and undergo all kinds of ascetic practices.

Merely by the Mantra-repetition you can attain the experience of the Divine.

6th week

Physical sciences, modern sciences concern themselves with phenomena. They inquire into the “why” and “how” of external operations of the physical nature.

Science does not know and has no answer for the intrinsic “why” and “wherefore” and “how” of nature. Its field is restricted to the creation.

Whereas the spiritual aspirant or the religious seeker is pursuing the Creator. He is inquiring into the fundamental cause of the universe.

He is looking into a world, which is timeless and spaceless.

He penetrates into the mind of man and discovers behind it the fundamental principle of Consciousness.

7th week

Never underestimate the value of meditation, and during meditation again and again raise the pictures of the Divine. Let the picture of the Divine be always before the eyes. Know the pictures to be omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent.

Tell the Divine:

“You are everything, You know everything, You are all-seeing, all-loving, all-blessing. Liberate me from human ignorance.

Let me behold You as I behold others.

Let me hear You as I hear others.

Let me converse with You as I converse with others.

Let me abide with You for ever and ever.”

8th week

That which is true of God is true of you, for you are a portion of the Divine. The Spirit of God is in you, you are the Spirit of God. So is the flower the Spirit of God, so is the diamond the Spirit of God, so is a piece of lime the Spirit of God. So is the plant the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God constitutes you.

Everywhere there are Wonders.

Different sounds produce different states of mind.

Mystical syllables are extraordinary, they are all-powerful, but one has to be in the right mood and spirit.

9th week

The body of knowledge concerning the nature of the supreme Divinity, the body of the methods by which we can experience the Divinity, is a Science. In fact, it is the supreme Science. It is the Science of sciences.

Why is this Science of knowledge and the methods for God-experience the Science of sciences? Because the subject matter here is the Supreme Godhead, the unmanifested, infinite, absolute Reality.

The fire of universal Love, the force of cosmic feelings, destroy all the residual forces and potencies of your subconscious mind, like passions or dislike or hatred and so on, and illuminate your inner being, make you ready for the reception of the Divinity and divine Experience.

10th week

Develop a meditating mind. Just see the result, when you continuously meditate with closed eyes for over half an hour. How calm the mind becomes, how the nerves are energised, how the heart is filled with inner strength and happiness. This is the result of the meditation, and there are dozens of results. The meditative mind is permanently conditioned to these wondrous results.

A meditative person is full of inner peace, luminosity, strength, the Grace of the Divine, full of divine qualities, divine nature. Therefore develop the meditative mind. Let all works, all speech flow from the meditative mind. Let all thoughts and feelings arise out of the meditative mind. The more you develop the meditative mind, the more you become a Sage, and the closer you come to the Divine Truth.

11th week

Take your hands and use them to their full powers, move from one service to another, with greater surrender to the Divine than before. That is the way of rapid development and growth. Such hearts will be purified quickly. No purification is possible without such service. That is why you find people who go to holy places for 40 years, coming back with nothing, without any result. Results follow only from the purified heart’s prayer, and the heart is purified by constant self-giving, self-surrender, sacrifices, service. So, purify the heart, strain all your capacities to their optimum power, be full of the fire of the desire for progress.

Beg the Divine to be in your whole being, let all your services be a grand adoration, meditation, spiritual communion with the Divine.

12th week

One can not give anything to a truly spiri­tual person, or take anything away from him.

His consciousness is completely indepen­dent of everything: No father, no mother, no relatives.

The whole humanity is his family.

The birds are happy because he is there, the trees are happy because he is there, because he prays, because he does not ask anything from the trees and the birds but gives everything to the trees and the birds.

He prays for the Soul in the trees, the Soul in the birds, the Soul of every visible and invisible being.

13th week

It is true that there are dark forces in us. These forces belong to our animal part, they have no relation to the Divinity. The Divine Consciousness in us is not affected by the presence of these animal forces. These animal forces – subconscious forces, dark unconscious forces – are a constant threat to our inner purity.

Therefore we must seek to purify this area of the subconscious and unconscious in us, and seek to illuminate our inner nature.

So long as there is no surrender to the Divine there is limitation of every kind, and a consequent suffering. With the surrender there is absolute liberation - that is the glory of surrender to the Divine.

14th week

Spiritual life means: one looks inside and finds beyond all one’s thoughts and feelings a wonderful Observer, the Witness of our existence, our life. And this Witness is infinite Peace, infinite Joy, infinite Light – Surya-Narayana. Infinite Wealth – Lakshmi-Narayana. One encounters treasures above treasures in oneself through the spiritual life.

One discovers the source of infinite Love, of infinite Life, eternal Life, behind our feelings, thoughts, our psyche, our subconscious and so on. And one develops these qualities of the Divine in oneself. Divine or spiritual life means: to express endless patience, endless peace, fearlessness, freedom from worries, cosmic love, a radiant character. Spiritual life means, to find one’s consciousness rooted in boundless Peace. There is no cause for fear. With the death of the body, no-one dies. Fears come, fears disappear. Problems come, problems disappear. Life comes, life disappears. What remains is this Light of all lights in us, the Treasure above treasures.

15th week

The person who surrenders himself to the Divine is one who is infinitely rich in all directions.

Common people are dreadfully afraid of surrender. Surrender for them is slavery or loss of freedom or more problems under pressure. Slaves know nothing beyond these.

But the Devotee knows the secret of surrender.

Only in the surrender to the Divine there is infinite strength, unlimited freedom.

16th week

Whatever may be the nature of our life and our occupation, whatever may be the nature of our mental and moral and intellectual gifts, in and through these very things we must be in a position to experience God and express His peace and perfection. Therefore let us confine ourselves to that form of real meditation which brings about these results. 

All circumstances can teach a wise person; every circumstance can be a wonderful circumstance for progress.

17th week

Render your life more and more creative, productive, fruitful and dynamic. This is the secret of growth and development. Pains have to be taken, no great success is possible without pains. One has to develop one’s inner qualities.

Where there are a dozen people working, there the ego is tested and tried; it is there that one has to diminish the power of the ego. It is a blessed circumstance.

Just see how strong is your ego. Weaken it more and more. Give the people around the feeling, that you are their servant, a helper, – not a contradictor, not a misunderstander, – but an inspirer, an elevator, a self-controlled person, a person ruled by wisdom and love, a harmony-maker.

So, try every minute, every hour to do something wonderful.

18th week

So long as one identifies oneself with one’s problem, as is the case with the worldly person, one is lost in sorrows, one does not have the means to defeat these sorrows. The spiritual individual, in consequence of intuition of the Infinite, stands back from all tragedies, he becomes the Observer of the observer of the tragedies.

The tragedies are something, but the spiritual person is something else. Whereas in the case of the worldly person, he is the tragedy and the tragedy is himself.

19th week

The spiritual individual feels the Presence of the Divine intensively. How do you feel when there is a person right before your nose? So feels the spiritual heart in the Presence of the Divine. The spiritual individual cannot move his hand or shake his head or the body without touching the Divine. The Divine is the Reality of realities, the Body of all bodies, the Soul of all souls, the Air of air, the Space of space, the Intelligence of intelligence, the Light of lights. It is everything and everywhere. It is the greatest Reality.

20th week

Service and love are essential components of meditation. It is then that one becomes great. Unless one is great one is not illuminated. Greatness is essential, and greatness is the result of hard work, intense devotion, faithful service, dynamic service, perseverant and constant and patient service. All these have to be combined. The more the service, the more the Divine is pleased, and the more the spontaneous inner knowledge is born.

Glorification of the Divine is the greatest thing. It brings every kind of blessing, it “imprisons” God in your inner heart, with the result that all the great angels must visit you if they want to see God. So great is the blessing!

21st week

Spiritual development lies in straining one’s powers to their optimum capacities. Take your little faith and use it to its maximum capacity. Take your hands and use them to their full powers, move from one service to another, more dynamically than before, with greater faith, enthusiasm and greater desire for progress than before, with greater surrender to the Divine than before. That is the way of rapid development and growth. Such hearts will be purified quickly.

Don’t be satisfied with your small goodness, your moral life.

Always try to look at yourself in terms of an endless divine Light that is within you. And therefore your small love for yourself, your children and your people can grow into infinite Love, cosmic Love, universal Love.

22nd week

Take life for what it is, a golden opportunity for contacting that which is the Absolute and the Infinite. Whether you understand the Divine Presence or not, just try to feel it in whatsoever way you can think of, and the Divine at once understands and responds.

It is enough if the Divine understands that there is a feeling of longing for the Divine in you. That is enough, that will work wonders, that will persuade the Divine to abide by you and to attend to your needs. 

I pray to you to continue to hold on to the Divine Presence in your daily life, and I assure you that God’s Grace will flow into your lives in many ways.

23rd week

There is no impurity in the body you live in, provided you have made it a means of your God-consciousness. There is no impurity in the mind you use, provided you have made it the means for God-experience. Impurity consists in assigning to your body and mind functions which are animal and cut off from the awareness of the divine Presence.

 “Sadashiva” means absolute Bliss. God is absolute Bliss. Were God to be less than absolute Bliss, He would be no God. God is the supreme Principle, Life of our life, Intelligence of our intelligence. He is the intelligence of the computer, and in every point of space millions of computers are hidden with God’s Intelligence, in every point of space.

24th week

Where is the Heaven? All around us, here, now! It has always been here, it is always everywhere, it is a condition of consciousness, available for our inner experience. It is not true that I am now in Switzerland. It may be a statement of the physical fact, but in truth, in reality, I am everywhere, and the Kingdom of Heaven is with me.

I would be impure of heart if I would experience a town or a city or a group of people.

I am face to face always with the same all-seeing, all-knowing God-consciousness.

Everyone and anyone can experience this Divine Kingdom. It is a condition of infinite all-perfect Consciousness into which we are released through meditation, through all-absorbing and all-consuming love of God.

25th week

There are many levels of consciousness in us. The deep-sleep state seems to be the one condition which discloses to us the foundation of a deep, vast, infinite Consciousness in us. On arising from a deep-sleep, we have the knowledge that we have had a deep-sleep. This knowledge is not conscious mental knowledge. If the conscious mind were active in the deep-sleep, then we would have had a dream. Therefore, the memory that is given us concerning the deep-sleep is by a consciousness that was not sleeping even when we were asleep in deep-sleep. There is a principle in us, which is never sleeping, though our body and mind fall asleep. This is the principle of Infinite Consciousness in us, which is self-luminous, all-creative, immortal, eternal.

26th week

Everything in us, around us, is slowly and steadily conducting us towards a higher step in perfection, evolution, growth.

Life is a story of unhappiness, restlessness, peacelessness, ugliness and weakness, only when it is powerfully governed by animal passions, impulses, urges.

Something of a little order and harmony and beauty enters when we seek to govern life powerfully by reason and knowledge.

But in our wondrous inner divine being, reason and knowledge are not the only two powers. There is something called love in us, there is something called goodness in us, there is something called appreciation and pursuit of beauty in us. There is a faith in the higher possibilities and divine powers. There is a deep recognition of Truth. All these powers must also take possession of our life and govern and guide us.

27th week

It is time we were awake and conscious of our relations with an infinite Divine Power and Presence within us. It is time we began to learn in consonance with the dignity of the Divinity in us. It is time for us to stop being ruled, governed, enslaved by the body we live in. We are born to rule the body, rule the mind, rule the external world. The powers of knowledge, love and consciousness in us are far greater than any power in the material universe.

As a matter of fact, life in itself does not carry all the resources essential for the conquest of the trying condition of life.

We need faith in that which created life:  God.

28th week

Our problems, trials and sufferings are made possible by lack of faith in God.

If only we could recognize the great truth that God is always with us, watching us, our lives would be liberated from all the errors which are the cause of our unhappiness.

If we could only have a little faith in the Omnipotence of the all-loving God which is surrounding us at all times and protecting us in all conditions, we would never make the mistakes that people generally do, and our strength would be inexhaustible.

29th week

For so long we have made the greatest mistake of using only the power of our hatred and dislike and desire for pleasure. Now let us try to use the powers of Love, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom that lie within us.

Till now we have been governed by the subconscious forces, let us now bring down the powers of the higher Consciousness in us, and rule and govern the conscious and the sub-conscious realms. Let us conquer ignorance, death and all forms of weaknesses and unhappiness. And this conquest is only possible by growth in wisdom and knowledge, only by development in goodness and purity, only by love of the Divinity which is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent.

30th week

Don’t look at yourselves in terms of a little knowledge and the powers of reason that you have, and mistake yourselves purely as educated individuals. This “education” is valueless and there is a knowledge in you which is all-knowing.

When you touch this divine, all-knowing Knowledge deep down in your own inner being, then the world is subordinated to you. You rule the world, you are given dominion over the world and the environment.

Your restless search for peace, happiness, fearlessness and conquest of death are all proof that all these qualities are already resident and present in you and are demanding their realization.

31st week

This Divine Consciousness is not two but one, infinite, absolute, all-perfect. It is in all. It is everywhere, it is all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipotent, and it is something that was trillions of years ago, that will be trillions of years later. It is something that is the real Creator of all universes, and all phenomenal experience. In this Divine Consciousness within us, we are immortal, eternal, all-perfect, children of the Divine. Is the realization of this Godhead and its infinite Powers possible? Can we know God and experience perfection here on earth through this body? Yes, it is possible. Hundreds have done it. We can also do it. Even if we don’t want to do it we will be forced to do it.

32nd week

What is the ego? When the Divinity had created us, He has created the world and ourselves perfect. We are constantly living in His infinite Perfection. Yet we do not know this Truth. This is ignorance. Added to this ignorance, there is the ego – the ego which is the separative principle in us, the ego which tells us we are different from others, the ego which asserts itself as a private, personal, selfish entity.

Ignorance has robbed us of our knowledge and our relations with the Divinity in all, everywhere, at all times. And ego has protected our ignorance and our darkness, and our misfortune. The ego is the cause of all our pettiness, our selfishness, our identification with our body as the sole reality in ourselves. It is the cause for our mistaking our small earthly possessions as our all.

33rd week

Clean this inner Spirit of the ego, the ignorance, the desire. Wash this inner Spirit of its human and earthly limitations, exalt it in an Infinity of Love, Light, Knowledge and God-Consciousness, then it becomes one with the Divine. Then we become one with the Divine.

The people who are trying to enjoy life are being constantly overcome by disease, ignorance, death, weakness and unhappiness. Only those who are devoted to a pursuit of Divine Knowledge can enjoy life. Real enjoyment is only for those who are wise and good and full of inner power.

34th week

The mathematics and the field of God’s experience are totally different from what we experience in daily life. If not today or tomorrow, one day we must sink into this ocean of God-experience and God-consciousness. We have unnecessarily, by our experience and lack of knowledge, cut ourselves off from the ocean, and our experience of the ocean has been lost. The sooner we recover our union with the ocean, the better for us. Even a mere faint approach to this God-Consciousness can light up our daily life with light, peace, inspiration, joy.

35th week

To the problems of material life, wealth is not the answer. A material paradise created by sciences and technology and commerce is not the answer.

To the problems of life, faith in That which created life is the answer, faith in God, who is the Life of life, the Soul of our soul, the Heart of our heart.

We are given the power to conquer the whole world in love, for love. When faith rises in our inner hearts, many blessings flow from our personality to the world. We become points for the radiation of wondrous vibrations which profit the whole creation. Faith unites our inner soul with the inexhaustible treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven.

36th week

As you walk along the streets, why not radiate a few blessings upon all humanity? For God is subsistent in all humanity. This way, every man or woman that we see in the street or anywhere, would become for us a manifestation of God’s Presence.

Thus each act of our life could be converted into a powerful adoration of worship of the omnipresent and all-knowing Godhead.

Even so simple an act as sleeping could be rendered a divine act. There is no place where God is not present. You can easily feel that you are on the lap of the Infinite, and one day you will find it to be true, – because there is no imagination here, you are acting in relation to an all-seeing Power.

37th week

It is true that the physical happiness is always alternated by pain and suffering, or a neutral state where it is neither painful nor happy, but all these external things are passing, changing, alternating, and even through these temporary, fleeting experiences of pain and pleasure, man is being conducted towards some wisdom, some expansion of experience, some understanding. And as he grows, develops, evolves, understands, he is in a position to come back to the real source of happiness, the unlimited and absolute Happiness, that is deep down in his own being, in the Godhead that he is, in the Godhead that is enshrined in his inner being.

These are permanent: absolute Life, infinite Peace, absolute Joy, and unlimited Power, which is itself Love, which is also Beauty, which is also Grace. These are the permanent and indestructible features, aspects and attributes of the Divine Consciousness in us.

38th week

When we begin to accept our house as the Lord’s property, as belonging to God, as something that has to be kept for the sake of God in us, when we begin to take our whole life itself as a gift from God, as something that is given us in order that we may properly use it for our profit and high evolution – what happens?

Our whole inner psychology begins to change, our attitude begins to change. We are more and more God-centered, centered in our thought in God. We are living and moving with the specific purpose of God-experience and God-realization. Therefore all forms and modes of our daily life become part of our procedure towards God-experience.

39th week

Emphasis on suffering and sorrow hinders us from progressing quickly. Mind has a tendency to get caught in that upon which it is thinking.

The more you think of the suffering of human life, the evil or the imperfection of human life, the more difficult it is to conquer them.

The more attention you pay to imperfection, suffering and unhappiness, the more strong they become.

The best thing is, to leave these negative things as they are and always proceed towards realisation, experience, achieve­ment of something Positive.

40th week

If, with your emotional energy, which is not yet purified, you try to conquer the emotion of anger, you will not be so successful. Try therefore to conquer the emotion of anger, and other emotions, by something positive. Not merely control the emotion of anger, but also develop love. When the love becomes more and more powerful, the force and power of anger diminish.

By your own power, strength and wisdom you cannot completely conquer negative emotions such as anger. A power higher than your own, a will other than your own must also be brought into play in order that your conquest may be perfect and immediate.

41st week

When we become pure, more pure, more pure, and full of love of God, naturally something of the Omniscience of God slips into our heads. The past and future are disclosed to us, as an open book. We not only see what has happened 10,000 years ago, but also the inner consciousness is in a position to see what is going to happen 10,000 years later. All these are unbelievable to the scientific mind, to the human mind, but they are everyday experiences of the inner mind, our mind.

Only in God-consciousness can there be safety, security, perfection, peace and joy. Only in God-consciousness do you have endless creative potentialities and possibilities.

42nd week

Our body is bound to perish tomorrow. With it we lose absolutely nothing. All our power, our grace, our inner richness of contents are safe. We are infinitely more than the body we live in, infinitely more than the small mind that we use, infinitely more than other principles within us that are visible to us.

A science which relates to the mortal things, changing things, is no science. We collect endless knowledge about a thing, when it constantly changes; one cannot call that a reliable science, it changes, alters, it is made obsolete, and discarded. True science concerns itself with that which was, is and always remains, the reliable. And the source of this real science is God Himself, the Truth Itself, the Reality.

43rd week

Our positive thoughts, divine feelings, our noble emotions can be the angel in us which can lead us to a quicker experience of God. We bless ourselves by our goodness. We illuminate ourselves by our wisdom. Therefore, through these positive things let us progress closer to God-experience. We have all that is essential and necessary for our union with the Divine.

These capacities and powers for a dynamic and all-governing experience of God in daily life will come into operation with increasing purity of our inner nature.

44th week

One day everyone is bound to exceed the limitations in which life has sought to set them, and enjoy the infinite Delight that is there in the Godhead in each heart. The whole meaning and significance of life on earth is the unfoldment of this Divine Perfection which is absolute Bliss, absolute Knowledge and absolute Life.

You know that there is a Supreme Power, and this Power which is God is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-responsive. That Power is now with us. The more fully we seek to attune ourselves with this grand, all-responding, all-seeing Power, the quicker is the transformation of our entire nature, and the more perfect and effective is our meditation.

45th week

Not only is suffering not something permanent in your nature, but there is the other fact which is permanent in you: that is, Bliss or Delight or Happiness. Endless Peace, endless Wisdom, endless Life, these are permanent features of the inner soul and consciousness of every human being. Because there is in man, latent, this infinite Happiness, man is seeking for happiness on earth. If there were not in him Happiness, then there would be no call for happiness even in the external world. 

It is not good to surrender ourselves to suffering. Suffering is characteristic of life around the world. If suffering were not there nobody would think of God. The fact of suffering itself is a proof that we must seek for perfection, and perfection or happiness is the way out.  So, let us try to conquer suffering before suffering can possess us.

46th week

Life is slowly leading you towards this grand experience of the Divine. We will have no real peace, real happiness, power and immortality unless and until we settle our whole being in continued God-consciousness. We will have to develop the whole of our nature, exalt all of our being. Our eyes must be charged with love of God. With every breath let us draw into ourselves something of the Power and Strength of God.

Though we are seated here in a room, let our thoughts and feelings rise and envelop the entire world in love. Let the power of love and vibrations of that power circle round the earth, and reach the universes themselves, and reach the Heart of the Divine.

47th week

Whatever may be the challenges, troubles and difficulties in life, let us not lose our hold on God-Consciousness. So long as we are in a position to preserve ourselves in this God-Consciousness, be sure we will get endless strength and power. Our wisdom will be great, and the capacity to meet the challenges and difficulties would be something superhuman. The help and assistance from the Divine Grace will be constantly pouring into us.

By not fighting the evil forces, but by preserving yourself in the centre of your devotion to the all-seeing, all-responding Divine Presence, you will be in a position not merely to dispel the evil forces but also to cause in yourself a great and tremendous invincible power.

48th week

We are not bound for misery and unhappiness or limited power, limited knowledge, or limited life and limited happiness. The very genius of the evolutionary nature in you which is every day pushing you forward to acquire more power, more pleasure, more happiness, more peace, will take you closer to an experience of unlimited Happiness, Peace and Perfection. 

We are unnecessarily prolonging our unhappiness and suffering by not pursuing this perfection, by not realising the Divine Power in ourselves, around ourselves, in others, everywhere. The more earnestly, sincerely, urgently we pursue the path of divine Life and divine Perfection, the better for us.

49th week

However difficult it may be to remain positive when we are deeply suffering – try. What happens? We may not succeed, – because the sorrow and suffering may be so great, that our attempt to be positive does not succeed. It does not matter, try again. And try for the third time. Try it for the twentieth time. Slowly a little strength comes. Try for the hundredth time, – more strength comes. At the hundred and first time, to be positive becomes very natural and spontaneous with you. 

Not only this. If you don’t want to be positive, what other way is there to escape from the suffering?

It is not good to surrender ourselves to suffering.

50th week

Let us remember the simple fact that the greatest power, the mightiest power, the almighty power, is God Himself. All powers in the world, all the forces and energies in the universe are subservient and subject to the central Power of the Infinite. It is good for us to go on generating noble thoughts, great thoughts, positive thoughts, but this is not sufficient, our own strength is inadequate. Let us add to our will-power, our thought-power, the Power of God. 

Therefore, you would be in the best position to drive away all the negative thoughts, or the influence or the impact of bad evil forces, by not only generating noblest, holiest, divine thoughts, but also by constantly loving God and asking God to give you more and more of His Grace.

51st week

The central, hidden, fundamental capacity in all is God’s Being, God’s Nature, God’s Soul. His perfection is our perfection. When? When we experience it on the levels of higher development, and stand on the highest step, then we are one with the Divine. This little particle can experience its infinite Being, its infinite capacities. Unimaginable is the creation of the Divine, and in every little ant there is held the entire Kingdom of God.

There is no body, no time and no space in Reality, and yet the ordinary person experiences these and is a slave of these. The Truth-loving person lives in the Heart of the Truth and experiences a timeless, spaceless universe, constantly. Everywhere he is in a timeless, spaceless Peace and Stillness and Joy, in a timeless, beginningless, endless Light of Consciousness.

52nd week

Mind is a principle that operates in the world of dualities. Mind is something that tells you: “It is night now,” something that tells you: “It is cold now,” something that tells you: “There is the tape-recorder.” Something that gives you the understanding that the person next to you is your enemy, something that makes you feel that the person opposite you is your best friend.

So, mind is the creator of this world of limitations, of oppositions. It is a principle that functions in time and space, whereas the Divine Consciousness in you is beyond time and space; the kingdom of heaven within you or the Divine Consciousness in you is timeless, spaceless, infinite, unlimited. That is God in you.

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