Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2015

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


1st week

Matter and the physical universe and the physical body are tiny realities, temporary, fleeting, changing, passing. God is the infinite Reality.
He is an unconditioned Love.

We are in Him, we can have the Kingdom of Heaven if we like, if we can only open our hearts. It is a matter of our inner consciousness, it is a condition of our inner consciousness. Through devotion, through prayer, through meditation, through intensive love we can elevate our consciousness into a higher state and experience God here and now.

Within each of you there is an endless sea of Peace, Joy, Power, Beauty, Divine Consciousness.


2nd week

Since God is the highest Reality and the world nothing more than a passing dream, you can remain certain of the fact that you are surrounded by God, that you are in God.
As you sit here, you can suddenly imagine a distant land where people are governed by you, and suddenly stop this imagination. What happens to that country? It has disappeared. Even so, this world that you are experiencing is purely an imagination, a thing that was not, a thing that will not be. The only thing that was and will be is the Divinity. That alone matters, with the knowledge of that alone we can live beautifully in this imaginary world.

Now, let us try to pour honey, milk and a thousand blessings upon the earth and humanity through our good works.


3rd week

Let not the ego come into operation, let God work through you, not the ego. To God all are equal, and the same. Never lose hold of this truth, always adore the God in all. Not the ego but God’s Love should work through us. Not our own energies but God’s unlimited Energies should work through us. Not our own cleverness, but God’s omniscient Intelligence should work through us.

Work is a great secret of progress and achievement. You go on working, and you automatically find all your talents, abilities unfolding themselves.
You will be judged by what you are doing and have done, and you are richer for everything good that you do every minute. Every act of yours is being counted, registered, and rewarded. There is an all-seeing law of God which registers everything and rewards.


4th week

The whole life is a big drama, and you may have to be called to play many roles. While playing those many roles, if you are caught up in any one of them, you are cut off from God. Play the role beautifully without being internally cut off from God.

Fix your mind upon the infinite Peace and unlimited Being that God is, and you will find your outer restless mind is calmed down.

Forget the mistake quickly, at once hold on to the Divine, at once reflect upon the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of the Divine. Put yourself in tune with the boundless Beauty, Love, Grace, creative Consciousness of the Divine Mother.


5th week

You are as strong as that with which you identify yourself. If you identify yourself with God’s Presence, your strength is endless.
If you are with a wise person, the world will say you are a wise person.
If your mind is with great ones, you are a great person, adorable, worthy of respect. So, constantly pull up your mind into the Saints and Sages and God.

The God who is appearing to hundreds of Saints, God, whom thousands of Sages have seen, God with whom hundreds of men of God-Consciousness have communed, that God is now with you, seeing you, hearing you, standing by you. Experience Him.


6th week

As far as possible try to see that the body is physically so perfect that you do not feel its existence. That condition is wonderful for more rapid development and progress. Take care of your health. Eat in order to grow and develop yourselves. And take only that much which your body can absorb into the system and produce and be converted into wisdom, will, love, light in your being. All the energies which you have taken from the food are to be converted into wisdom, love, light.
In a philosopher, the cup of milk that he takes, becomes greatest, immortal, divine wisdom.

Do all your works out of joy, from the love for progress, from the devotion to God, with the consciousness that God is standing by you, sitting by you, watching you, helping you, blessing you.


7th week

The heart of the Saint is constantly throbbing with the Name of God. Night and day – unceasingly like the earth rotating round its axis – night and day, the heart of the Saint is active, whether the body is working or at rest, the heart of the Saint is rotating around the Presence of God. It is revolving around the Presence of God with the Mantra. It is revolving around the Sun of God, even as the earth is revolving around our outer sun.

Now try to see that you expand in consciousness out of the body and in the divine Presence everywhere, and let the heart be full of Love, Devotion. Become one with all nature and adore the Divine. Let all Saints dwell in your heart and adore the Divine. Let all nature repeat the Mantra with you as you repeat the Mantra.


8th week

The life of the Saint is the most beautiful life. It is like the life of the river. The river does not drink its own waters, it exists in order the birds and the beasts may survive, in order the earth may be replenished and the fields that feed the human individuals may flourish, that the fields may be watered and the grains of the fields may sustain human life on earth. Many are the uses of the life-sustaining river.

The life of the Saint is comparable to the life of the river. It is full of usefulness to others. The Saint or the artist, or the scientist, keep themselves always bright, light, full of dynamism, vigilant.

The Saints are makers of light, they are a joy to themselves and a joy to the creation, they eat very little, and do not know what they have eaten, they keep themselves very bright all the time, therefore they grow rapidly. Therefore they are adored by humanity for all time to come. Their lives are truly fulfilled and blessed lives.


9th week

God who is all-witnessing and all-powerful will help you if you are sincere. God is all love and does not reject anyone. He is not unhappy with anyone. But you reject yourself by living in a weakness or a limitation.
It does not matter what the world is and how the people are, go on being good and an angel yourself.

God does not need your hands in order to build His Kingdom of Heaven. He can create millions of purer hands than yours in order to build His Kingdom. But you need God’s work.
God does not need you as an instrument of His Service and Love. You need His Grace and Light. You need His Protection and His Strength, His Peace and His Perfection.


10th week

Do you think all these greatest Mystics, philosophers, Saints, great men of the world are fools to have turned to the divine path, and to have found Light and given Light to humanity and to all beings? It is more than 2500 years since Buddha was born, and he is still in the heart of humanity. That is the greatness awaiting you if you choose the right path of goodness, sweetness, godliness.

Today divine life may be a talk for you, tomorrow you must make it your experience.

God’s work is not to be done by human hands, God needs only angels for His Work. If you are to work for God, you must become divine personalities.


11th week

Our way of life does not reject the world but transforms the world, uplifts it, and makes it a field for the experience of God’s Love and Light. The Mantras not only give salvation after death but now and here;  and not only fulfill the spiritual life inwardly but also fulfill the outer life outwardly. Fullness, royalty, dignity, these are characteristics of the outer and inner life of the people on the spiritual path of the Omkarananda Ashram.

The factory directors cannot be expected to be selfless and serving God. They have their own interests, and their own spirit of competition with other firms. The world of business is not blameless, neither economically, nor socially, nor morally, nor spiritually. Therefore there is a special need for special types of selfless divine work.


12th week

God-communion can be had not only through meditation. God can be adored not only through meditation, but also through action, through service. Every little good work that we can do for God is our glorious adoration of God, is our glorious way to God-communion. Every little service done in the name of God and for the welfare of all creation is also a powerful means of God-communion.
As the human nature cannot be expected to be in a high state of purity and slip away into God-communion through meditation, there is always the need for action. The human individual can easily work for God, be conscious of God while working for God, and make the service a grand means of communion with God. Selfless divine work purifies.


13th week

A fish in the depth of the ocean dreamt that it is in the desert. It was panting for water – while the truth is, it is in the depths of the ocean. Even so all of us are in the depths of God’s Reason, Love, Light, Being.

So, recognize this truth always, like the fish in the depths of the ocean, you are right in the depths of the all-seeing Divine Being. Be faithful to this Light, this Creator, this Protector.

Recognize, see, feel, experience, – inside you, outside you, around you, above you, – this ocean of Presence of the all-merciful Divinity.

If you do that, your joy will be infinitely greater than the joy of getting married and living with a woman, or a woman living with a man, for a million years.


14th week

Don’t take in the pictures of your everyday life’s experiences too deeply into your mind. Let God enter into your mind, in all manner of ways, through all kinds of means.

Let God enter into your mind through everything beautiful that you can see.
Let God’s Love and Light enter your mind through all the good that you can do.
Let God’s Peace and Joy enter your mind through all the good feelings you can have for everyone.

Hear nothing outside the Divine, speak nothing outside the Divine, be attached to no one outside the Divine, then God takes the whole responsibility for your life. Then you will be filled with power and strength, fearlessness and freedom, peace and wisdom.


15th week

Let there be utmost harmony and peace. Let the earth be kind to you, let the air be kind to you, let the sky, the space be kind to you, let all people be kind to you. Let everything and everyone be kind to you. Let there be harmony everywhere and in everything. And everyone is kind to you when you are yourself kind, and when your heart is rooted in the infinite, all-seeing Presence, – when your heart is in harmony with God’s Presence in the earth, in the air, in the space, in the people, in the things, in the time.

Everything depends upon what happens in your heart and in your mind. Put a wonderful Divine Consciousness in the heart and the mind and you will find a wonderful Kingdom expressing itself in your daily life.


16th week

The more the Grace descends into your lives, the more clear becomes your intelligence, and the more clearly you see God in the intelligence, consciousness and life of all beings.

The more you receive God’s Grace, the more you become one with the inner Soul in all persons and beings.

Your joy at that stage will be unlimited. You will be consciously immortal, body ceases to be of importance. Even if it is cut under your nose and your eyes, you are not affected. The more you receive the Divine Grace, the more you have the capacity to create for yourself thousands of divine bodies if necessary.


17th week

Supposing you are repeating the Mantra, and without your knowledge, a tape-recorder is working, somewhere in the corner of the room, not seen by you. If, after your Mantra-Repetition is over, it is played back, you are greatly surprised.

Supposing you are doing something good somewhere in some corner, unseen by anyone – loving all, without expecting anything from others, saying kind things concerning others, secretly saying a prayer in your heart to God, blessing all creation in your heart – as these supra-electronic tape-recorders of God are working in every inch of space, if these are played back to you, you will be surprised to see that the heaven is given to you for nothing, almost for nothing, for no or not much labour. Remember, there are the all-recording tape-recorders and photo-cameras of God everywhere. All around you, within you, everything is recorded by the Divine.


18th week

Try to see that you are always in tune with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Indestructible, the all-seeing Presence of God. Let the whole consciousness try to be in tune with It. Forget your smallness. Look at yourself from the standpoint of the Eternal. Of what value is your badness, or goodness, to Eternity?
Your few days of mischief, and your few days of goodness – of what consequences is this to the Eternal and the Timeless? So, widen your perspectives, and dissolve your limitations. Pour infinite strength of the almighty and all-pervading God into your nerves; pour the boundless love of the Divine into your heart.

Love without expecting anything.


19th week

The worldly man works for his daily bread, the persons who have four factories or two factories are greedy for wealth and are accumulating the power of wealth which only brings them nothing but disasters at the end.
The person who is on the spiritual path is working very hard and is absorbed in work, not for bread, not for the power of wealth, not for any of these things, but for self-development, and for the reception of the Divine Grace.

We cannot underestimate the value of complete absorption in the work. A person who is completely absorbed in the work is a person who is completely protected from moral imperfections and failures of any kind. So, let us plunge ourselves completely in works which will purify us, uplift us, inspire us and bring us God’s Grace.


20th week

Under all conditions, in all circumstances let your inner heart say, “I am in the Presence of God, for there is nowhere where God is not.” Always let the whole soul say, “I am in the Presence of God, for there is no place where there is not God. I am in the immediate Presence of infinite Peace, Joy, Power, and Perfection.”
Always let the whole soul say, “I am in the immediate Presence of infinite Peace, Beauty, Joy, for this Presence in which I am, is infinite Peace, Power, Joy, Beauty.”
Without touching anything, enjoy the supreme pleasure; without opening the eyes see the whole creation; without thinking anything know everything about everything, everywhere. Achieve this experience.


21st week

Do not run forward to occupy the first position. Don’t push yourself upward and forward. Go on growing, serving, sacrificing, automatically you will be brought forward or elevated upward by the Hand of God.

Go on growing in inner goodness, and automatically you will occupy the first position in life and in the world, whether you want it or not.

The secret of greatness lies in constant and continuous constructive work. Work teaches work. If you are going on working, automatically the work itself will force you to learn more and work better.

Always a good heart says, “I will try”, and within itself it says, “By the Grace of God, it shall be possible!”


22nd week

Enrich the earth, enrich the world. You enrich the world not only by the physical labour but also by the fragrance of devotion you can express to God. Let the vibrations of your love for God circulate around the world all the 24 hours. Let the radiance of your spiritual knowledge purify the earth, purify the atmosphere. This is the way to enrich the world.
The world is full of all kinds of sounds and tones, most of them are negative, destructive, disharmonious, discordant. Therefore go on repeating the Names of God and fill the world with new harmonious, uplifting, transforming tones and sounds.

The secret of success in meditation lies in undivided, undisturbed, ever-pure, all-absorbing Love for God.


23rd week

The moment you think the body is yours and you are responsible, your energies are limited. But the moment you know it is not your body working but God Himself working, His Breath is working, then you find tremendous energy coming to you.

God’s Breath is unlimited in its energies. It is never tired, it has created millions of universes through billions and billions of light years. It is never tired, and it will go on creating more and more universes when this world of ours is destroyed, all the planets are destroyed. It will create again and again and again, endlessly. God’s energies are never tired, they are untiring and inexhaustible.

So, if you become conscious of this Truth, while you take a little rest, you will be refreshed, you become wonderful.


24th week

For a most successful meditation, intense Love for God is necessary. That object which causes in us intense Love, secures for us utmost concentration.

That meditation is powerful, when the soul in us, in its Love for God, melts in God, cannot think of anything else, because this God is all-interesting, all-wonderful, all peace-giving. He is the only Reality.

Today I might have gained one hundred wonderful houses, and have suddenly become a billionaire. That is not interesting, it is of no importance, no value, it is not a source of my joy. It is something else which is the source of my joy: God, the only Reality. Without Him, even if all these universes are given as a gift, they are of no value. Such a Lord is so joy-giving, so all-absorbing, that the moment we sit for meditation, the mind melts in Him.


25th week

Recognize that your condition is the result of your own Karma.

You have a position according to what you are, what you have done, what you have felt. In order to reach a higher position you have to work hard, make more sacrifices. You are to be elevated to a higher position by the results of your work, by the nature of your conduct. So, each is given a position according to his capacities, results of work. If you want to reach a better position, you have to work harder and harder.

Go on preparing yourself, working harder and harder, until the Grace of God descends on you, and you are elevated by the Grace of God to the highest position.


26th week

All good things are a special Grace and Blessing of God. They are not under our control, but if you go on purifying yourselves more and more always good things will happen.

The more we try to be wonderful, the more God’s Grace descends and helps us to be more wonderful. That is the law.
So, try to be richer and richer, and you can be yet more rich: rich in thoughts, rich in feelings, rich in works, rich in knowledge, rich in goodness, rich in peace and joy.

The realm of Bliss belongs to those who give up their assumed separation from God and seek refuge in His Perfection.


27th week

Try to see that the whole world is a heaven for you by keeping a heaven in your own eyes. Heaven or hell is in ourselves first. Put a heaven in yourself, a heaven is visible for you everywhere. Put a little peace in yourself, peace is visible to you everywhere. Put a little joy in yourself, and joy is visible to you everywhere.

Not wise men but children make all kinds of distinctions, not wise men but children are attached to the world and money and pleasures.

Let us recognize that Somebody is all the 24 hours, in all conditions, standing by us observing us.


28th week

To the planet earth, there is something called East and West, to the sun there is something called the four directions, to the planet Mars there is East and West, to everything in the sky there is East and West, to the nebula there is East and West, – but to the sky itself there is no East and West. To all things in the sky there is East and West but to sky itself there is no East and West. It is everywhere, and even so God is everywhere. There are no directions to Him. He is infinitely more than the sky. He is boundless infinite Light.

Establish endless peace in yourself, this is the way to establish peace in the world.

Establish in yourself boundless love, this is the way to establish love in the world.


29th week

God alone is important, all other things are useless, all occult powers are useless. It is the morally imperfect persons who look for occult powers. And they damage themselves by such an interest in occult powers. All these tricks are not present there in the Infinite, all these are shameless dabbling and nonsense. They are misleading paths, nothing is valuable except direct experience of God. Wonders are done by the dream-consciousness in man, no occultist can create the wonders that the dream-consciousness creates for you. Not wise men but children take interest in these occult phenomena. It is the impure heart that is distracted by these strange exciting sensational stories of occult powers.

So, try constantly to grow in love, peace, devotion, faith, spirituality, in supreme goodness, in God-consciousness. That is the supreme Power, That is the Power of powers, That is the Light of lights, That is the Heaven of heavens, That alone is to be aimed at.


30th week

In the dream a little boy of fourteen years dreams, that he has a family, dreams that he is sixty-five years old, he gets his daughter married, he is happy about his grandson, all that he experiences within minutes. And if that boy is a wise boy, very reflective and intelligent, the moment he gets up he reflects upon the meaning of the dream and resolves, “No more will I marry. Finished, I have had a family experience long ago. Let me discover that Light which has created my dream. Let me discover that Life which has brought the whole existence into being. Let me know That by knowing which I shall know everything. Let me enjoy That by enjoying which I enjoy everything else. Let me know That by knowing which I become one with the heart of all creatures. Let me experience That by which I obtain supreme mastery of everything, everyone.”


31st week

Even as the whole field of experience, all objects, the diversity of things, seen in the dream, are the products of a simple, pure, luminous light of consciousness, – the whole creation, the world around you, the people around you are purely a creation, a product of the one single Divine Consciousness.
So, in meditation gain a deeper knowledge and experience of this one infinite Divine Consciousness, God, which is appearing as the world, as the people around, as the sounds, as the colours and the things around you.
The people around us, the things around us, the world – all these are only appearances. What is within them, above them, around them, is God alone. It is God appearing as this universe. Don’t be deceived by the appearances but experience the Substance, and the Substance is of the nature of infinite Light, Peace, Joy, Power, Grace, Beauty.


32nd week

Harmony, order, beauty, efficiency, success, growth, achievement, – all these are God. They are the characteristics of God’s Presence. These must be manifest in your work every day.

These must characterize your department, the field of your work.
Your department should be an altar where your heart adores God and is in communion with God.

Always ask yourself, “Is it good for the other person?”
An angel forgets itself, and only thinks of the welfare, happiness, health and progress of others. It has no thought of its own comfort, that is the nature of an angel, that side has to be developed.


33rd week

Close your eyes from time to time and extend your heart’s immense love for everybody.

Practise this exercise from time to time, and whenever you see somebody in the Ashram, at once feel, it is God standing or God walking, or God sitting.
Take the responsibilities. Give your helping hand, and God will give you unlimited energy to help more. Count the number of hearts you have made happy during the day, and try to do your best.
Here in the Ashram everybody is an equal child of God.

In the heart of every creature in the universe there is the wonderful Infinity of God-Consciousness.


34th week

What is the meaning of “Swami”? Swami means a person who has complete mastery over himself and therefore mastery over the whole creation.

What is the meaning of “Yogi”? Yogi means one who has controlled himself completely, and therefore he is the controller of the whole creation.

Yogi means a person who has complete control over himself, whose senses are completely under his mastery, whose mind is completely ruled by him, and he cannot be ruled by his mind. Such a person becomes the master of matter, the master of mind, the master of the creation, and he is in communion with God.
Yoga has two meanings: on the lower plane it means complete self-conquest, on the higher plane it means complete union with God.


35th week

The moment the thought of God occurs, the human individual derives great peace, strength, happiness. The moment the thought of the body comes in, he becomes weak, has problems, difficulties. So, judge your strength from where your heart is. Is it on the Divine or on the body? Is it on the Divine or on external conditions and circumstances and internal preoccupation with passing thoughts and emotions? If it is in God, you are to that extent strong, relieved of the problems, happy, energetic. So, try to see all through the day that something in your heart is exalted into awareness of God. Always try to identify yourself with the infinite Light, Grace, Love, Light resident in the inner being of all beings.

My heart is constantly in communion with the Spirit in all beings. My intelligence is organically tied to the intelligence in the minds of all beings. My heart is tied organically to all hearts in all beings.


36th week

You are never safe until you become cosmic and supra-cosmic. As an individual you will have problems. As the Universal and the Infinite, you have no problems. Don’t trust the pleasures of your “individuality”; they are dangerous, they fail you.
A work, however hard it may be, without peace in your soul, is a useless work. A work however wonderful it may be, if it has not within its heart devotion to the Divine, surrender to the Divine, is a useless work. It is so much of labour wasted.
God does not need your work. He is infinite Perfection. You are doing this divine work for your own perfection.


37th week

Let us develop a helping hand, a harmonizing behaviour, an uplifting behaviour. Let us always be in the mood which says, “Can I help you? Can I in any way be useful to you?”

Let us try to efface the ego, always say, “Can I be of service to you?” to everyone, in your inner spirit. And when there is a real need for help, when they call for your help, yes, at once help with great joy.

And supposing you are taking the help of someone, don’t think that you are important, that you are a head or a great person, and that you have a right to command the people who are working with you or working for you. You have absolutely no right to command the people who are working with you or working for you. You cannot hold your position unless you are ready to be the servant of the people who are working with you.


38th week

The first nature of God is Peace. With peace in your soul, perform all your works. In a few years you will become a God on earth – that is, a person who bears in himself, in his outer and inner life, the nature of God.

All work must proceed from a heart which is loving, kind, sweet, understanding and self-effacing.

God is all around us, within us, watching us now, seeing us, protecting us, guiding us. They who have eyes to see can see Him. They who have the real heart to feel Him and experience Him can experience Him now, in this hour, in this condition and circumstance. There is nothing that is more real than God.


39th week

The world outside is what we are inside ourselves. The world is like a mirror. If you look into it, it looks back into you. If you have divine Love in your heart, divine Love emerges from everywhere, when you look at the world, and looks into you. If you have peace and happiness in yourself, the whole world reflects the peace and happiness that you have. If you have God-experience in yourself, the whole world reflects back God-experience for you from everywhere.

So, put in your head and heart thoughts of the Divine, pictures of the imperishable Truth, pictures of the infinite Beauty and Fullness of God.

In all that is beautiful, behold the Presence of the Divine.


40th week

Make God-consciousness the normal characteristic of your daily life. At all times, in all conditions and situations of life, the background awareness of yours should be rooted in the consciousness of God. Never for a moment forget that you are children of God. And let the feelings that arise in you be divine. Let the thoughts that flow from you be divine. Let your works be divine.

Remain in endless fearlessness that comes from your consciousness of your relations with the omnipotent being that God is. No power either psychological or emotional, external or internal, no force whether good or evil, whether from a friend or a foe can influence you and affect you. Grow intensely conscious of your relations with the omnipotent God.


41st week

Recognize, that Somebody is sustaining your breath now. Know this Person. Recognize, that Somebody is standing all around you. Experience this Person.

If you have a number of works, which are worldly, and have no relation to your God-experience, and which are not selfless, and which do not help you and manifest your inner divine Nature, at once turn your direction towards those works which assist you to unfold your spiritual divine nature.
Start your experience of God, right from now.

Let your heart constantly throb with cosmic feelings. Always the welfare of humanity should be at your heart.


42nd week

In this minute, in this second, try to have some kind of knowledge, experience and felt awareness of the Divine. Do not recognize the physical wall to be a physical wall but a structure of God’s Beauty. Do not mistake the physical forms of the physical people as physical forms, recognize them to be structures of Light of the infinite God. Try in all manner of ways to establish contact with God now. It does not matter how weak this attempt is, in a few weeks or months it becomes very strong. So go on trying from this minute, resolve to realize God now, this day.

This is the way to arrive at solid results on the spiritual path.

In Truth, God alone is everywhere.
Matter is not as real as God.


43rd week

Always have something good to do, something absorbing, something that engages your attention, your intelligent activity. This is the way to make life constructive and progressive. The moment you rise from the bed, till you fall asleep, there must be some activity, some work, something which engages your best attention, and which demands the use of all your energies. This is the way, also, to triumph over all common human problems.

I have no time to think that I helped someone. I am busy going on helping.

When the mind is controlled, man becomes God.


44th week

Avoid silly company, and try to see that you always select the better.

It is better to take an inspiring spiritual book by a man of wisdom, selflessness, who does not love himself but loves everyone, who has no human tendencies in him, and therefore is a true impartial judge, – and therefore even to think of him is a joy, to contact him is to be deprived of our problems. Even to think of him or contact him is a source of strength and inner peace.

Let your discrimination constantly work, in order to practise the discipline of contact with only those people who deepen our peace, calm down our emotions, who by the purity of their nature truly sympathize with our problem, and give us the needed light and strength in order that we may outgrow our difficulties.
So always make the better choice.


45th week

Just see how wonderful is the consciousness in the dreaming-state. It creates all kinds of things. It creates fire. It creates cities. It creates oceans. It creates many types of experience which are real as long as the dream lasts. All-creative capacities are resident in the consciousness. Let us not hypnotize ourselves to be nobody. There is gold in us, the gold of the Divine Consciousness. There are priceless treasures in us, there are numberless higher divine talents in us.

We grow by constant work, by constant creative constructive work. We grow and multiply our treasures by constant giving. What we keep for ourselves rots, and what we use brings us wealth and multiplies our wealth.


46th week

People who retain the memory of their after-death state have reported of the various possibilities of the soul after the physical body is discarded. And those of us who are spiritually advanced and have high divine experiences, and developed their spiritual consciousness in a special way, can actually see the leaving of the soul from the body that is discarded, and observe its capacities and powers in action.

In spiritual states of experience, also higher powers of our being come into operation. There are all powers in us, all capacities in us, because God made us in His own Image, because it is God’s Breath that is in us. It is God’s Consciousness that is in us. This can be experienced.

There are methods by which we can grow spiritually and have immediate experience of God, thousands have done it. Greatest minds of the world have examined the possibilities of and investigated into the nature of the Ultimate Reality.


47th week

Our own empirical experience in daily life shows that though we may have all kinds of luxury in life, there are hours and days when we are made to think seriously of life, we are made to see the limitations of existence, and new longings and new aspirations arise in us which demand of us to exalt our consciousness to a state where there is no more any limitation, any unhappiness.

The search of God, the demand in the human soul for experience of God cannot be avoided, it is an organic process. As it is natural for the physical body to breathe, so is it for the soul to aspire after the experience of God, and until there is an experience of God, there is no true strength in life, no true peace in life, no true happiness in life, no true knowledge and power in life.


48th week

God has given us so many wonderful capacities and talents. There are thousands of wonderful powers in our inner Divine Consciousness. It is a dishonouring of God and an injustice to God not to unfold these higher capacities and possibilities of our being. The best way to adore God is to develop these higher capacities which God has gifted us with. Our little love must become universal Love, our little intelligence must become a universal Mind, our little life must experience the eternal Life. Our finite human individuality must touch the infinite God who is within us and around us, and makes a heaven of our life.

This is the best way of adoring God. This is the best way, and by this alone we can be true to our real Self. Let us try to do all these, and spread sunshine in the world. Let our lives bloom in every type of power, beauty and perfection.


49th week

The age of the body can be rejected. In consciousness we can remain ever young. Everything is according to what we feel and think, and the resources of the Consciousness within us are endless. We can keep ourselves in a state of Heaven all the 24 hours, if we so will.

We are the beloved children of God and God is always with us, inseparably.

Now, let us try to offer conditions in order the Mystical Syllables may completely transform our nature and disclose to us even in the material world the spiritual worlds of indescribable Beauty and Perfection.

To a wise person, a real spiritual aspirant, all life is spiritual life, all life is the field of spiritual actions and experience.


50th week

The Mystical Syllables give you the deepest insights into the Supreme Reality. If you have patience and allow your inner nature to be purified and transformed, the Supreme God, as these Mystical Syllables, will act through you and disclose to you even in this world other worlds of spiritual beauty and splendour. When that happens, you will live in indescribable inner happiness, and even in the walls, even in the people you will behold a splendid world of divine Beauty, Grace, eternal Perfection. It takes time, you have to be serious, earnest, sincere, and struggle hard to move forward with all the strength of your will, heart and soul.

Let us perform our works with great devotion, in peace. From peace alone can arise fine creative thoughts and feelings.


51st week

Progress is possible only by leaving the steps, which have been already covered behind. So, the divine bliss that you have had, leave behind, look for new bliss, higher bliss, greater bliss, more lasting bliss. No wise man enjoys the same bliss twice. He always moves to higher and higher bliss, to higher and higher realms of light, of freedom, of peace.

Be not controlled by your emotions, control them. After all you are greater than your emotions. Emotions come and go, but your true Being does not come and go, it is always there.

The Divine incarnates Himself in the universe again and again and sustains the spiritual life of mankind.


52nd week

Do not insist on your individual standpoint. Your individual standpoint is dictated to you by your present human limitations. Therefore, boldly address the Truth to give you Its standpoint, and when It gives you Its standpoint you are a person of right judgement. Everybody will listen to you, every one of your words will have power, have authority, people instinctively take up your words.

So, let your inner heart address the Divine and say, “Divinity, disclose to me Your standpoint, lay down for me Your standpoint, let all my actions be performed from Your standpoint, so that I think and live and feel and move and progress from Your standpoint. Your standpoint alone is the best standpoint and the most perfect standpoint, for Your very nature is Perfection.”

So, replace the human standpoint by the standpoint of the Infinite. Replace the standpoint of human nature by the standpoint of the all-seeing and all-knowing and all-perfect, indestructible God.


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