Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2010

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Week 1

  One of the best ways to be in relations with God is to have a Mantra, and this Mantra itself is the key to your endless divine perfections. It will unfold within you high divine powers. It will constantly put your mind and heart in the Divine, and not in any chaos, disorder or imperfection in the world.

When the heart is filled with the emotion of love for God, automatically there is joy. From this joy if you repeat the Mantra, the effect is more marvellous.

So when we say, “Om Namah Shivaya Om” let it come from the love of the heart. Let us do our things from the unending joy of the Divine emotions. Devotion is the secret heart of spiritual development.

Week 2

The real Lord is God alone. He is the Master of the whole creation, He is the real Lord of the whole creation, of all mankind, of all life, all intelligence, power, beauty, of all peace, of all happiness.

So, God alone can be really called Lord. And who is a Lord? One who has endless wealth, endless power, endless peace, endless happiness, endless beauty, endless perfection. Such a person alone can be called Lord.

Now, all these are most wonderfully signified in the Sanskrit word: Shri.

Who can be addressed as Shri? To whom can the word Shri be affixed? Only to God who is the real Lord of endless Wealth, endless Life, endless Beauty, endless Intelligence, Peace, Joy, Perfection, Power, everything.

Week 3

The wise person measures the progress of his life not by advancing age but by the number of things he attains and achieves with the passage of every hour. Time is for him exceedingly precious.

The most blessed life is the life of the spiritual individual, and therefore it is so rare to see real spiritual individuals. Artists there are many, scientists are being produced like bread in the universities. Scientists are common, statesmen, politicians are so common, writers are common, but it is difficult to find truly spiritual people. And where they are, there is the real culture, a real paradise, real progress, real wealth, real peace and joy, and the very presence of the Divine Itself.

Week 4

Dream-condition is not natural to us. It comes and it goes. So is our outer life not natural to us. The Consciousness, which makes possible the dreaming, – that is natural to us. That does not pass away, that is ever the same. It can manifest a dream-experience for us and dissolve that dream-experience. Even so, the same Consciousness can manifest our outer experiences, and can dissolve them.

Your every-day-life is not natural. It is a fallen condition, it is a kind of dream-experience on a longer degree. The Consciousness alone is natural to you. It is always there. Dream is never there when you are awake, or when you are in deep-sleep. And the waking-life is not there when you are deeply asleep, and it is not there when you are dreaming. Whereas the Consciousness is there when you are in your waking life, it is there in your dreaming life, it is there in your deep-sleep life. It is always there. It is all-perfect, infinite Light. It is God. It has to be known. It can be known only by the Grace of that Consciousness, God.

Week 5

What is the nature of the Guru, the Guide, the Master? Transcendental. Mind cannot lead you on the spiritual path. Today it says good things, tomorrow it says bad things, today it reads spiritual literature, tomorrow it dreams bad things. It does not know what is going to come tomorrow. It does not remember what happened in its childhood. Such an ignorant blind force cannot be the Guru. So who or what is the Guru? Who is the Master? The Master is the Light of the infinite Consciousness, the transcendental Being, the Reality. His Soul has become one with God and is the same as God.

Only that can be a Master which knows the present, the past and the future. Only that is the Master which is in all conditions the same Light, and which can lead us rightly, which can liberate us, illuminate us, truly guide us, which is all-beautiful, all-knowing, all-peaceful, all-delightful, all-powerful.

Now through the Mantras let us plunge ourselves into this wonderful Consciousness which is of the Master, which is of the God, which is of the highest Reality within ourselves.

Week 6

It is not poetry but a fact that when a good man or a devotee of the Divine is walking by, secretly the whole Nature – material and immaterial, animate and inanimate – delights.

In mythologies you find people saying, “Oh, trees be my witness!” Sometimes in mythologies you find that even matter, the Earth, are made to be witnesses. This is no poetry but a scientific fact. There is an all-seeing Intelligence even in inanimate matter and of which the matter does not know anything, even as in man there is the all-knowing divine Reality of which man himself knows nothing.

So all the Nature, the whole Earth becomes your dear one with the repetition of the Mantra. The whole Nature is indebted to you because with the Mantra-repetition you are releasing into Nature most harmonious, unifying, integrating, uplifting influences.

Week 7

All external knowledge is not of much use. It can only help a little in rubbing off the external spiritual blindness. All the real knowledge, endless, boundless knowledge, all kinds of knowledge – infinite Omniscience, is there in the inner Soul. This knowledge is recovered by devotion to the Divine.

In the inner being there is also the ­Omnipotence, the one, all-conquering, timeless, eternal, infinite Power. It can be touched, experienced, expressed through devotion to the Divine, through communion with the ­Divine. It has to be aimed at.

We repeat one Mantra after another and come in contact with different aspects of the supreme Reality. We adore the Divine in all manner of ways, and in all manner of forms and expressions.

Week 8

In the boundless sky, where is the heart? In the moon or in the earth, or in the sun or in one of the stars? The star can say, “I am the centre of the space” – and it would be true. The earth can say, “I am the centre of the space” – that would be also true. The planets can say the same, any one of the distant stars can say the same. So, in a boundless space, any point anywhere is the heart of the space. Since God is a boundless Reality, in anybody, in any heart, anywhere, He is the Centre of this Reality, the Heart of this boundless Reality. So, every aspirant, everyone who is open to God, conscious of God, is the Centre and the Heart of God.

In the boundless Reality, the Heart of God is every­where, it is One. It is a Centre without a circumference, the Centre is boundless, ­illimitable.

Week 9

Try to progress rapidly, do not waste even a minute, control the tongue, speak only what is most necessary, unnecessary talks waste away your soul-power. Only an empty brain speaks too many words and wastes away all soul-power. There are great Sages who have spoken only a few words in their lives. Their whole life is devoted to silence, they never speak; if ever they have spoken, those words could be counted on the fingers. By observing silence they gather soul-power.

Enormous energy is lost by speaking, that is why many people observe the vow of silence on the spiritual path.

Never speak unless it is most necessary. Conserve the energies, then your soul-power increases. Instead of speaking ten words speak one word, instead of speaking a hundred words speak two words. Conserve your energy.

Week 10

The Divine is the only Reality, the only Joy, the only Essence. All else is a dream, like the film on the screen. No pain is a pain, no joy is a joy, no reality is a reality, the Divine alone is wonderful, real, sublime. Cling to the Divine, do not be touched and influenced by the world around. Beg the Divine to dwell in your eyes, in your face, in your heart, in your will, in your whole being.

You are whatever there is in your mind. If in your mind there are millions of lights lit for the Glory of the Divine and the Appearance of the Divine, then your heart is a festival of joy and divine Consciousness.

So, mentally light millions of lights for the Glory of the Divine, mentally extend adoration to the Divine in all beings, mentally find yourself everywhere in the universe adoring the Divine. Mentally live in association with the Divine.

Week 11

We do not live in a material universe but in a mystical universe. All matter can be converted into energy. And all energy can be converted into Consciousness. Science has advanced so much in the 20th century that it now says: “The vibrating Consciousness alone everywhere is.” Two forms of this Consciousness are matter and mind. Matter is a manifestation of Consciousness, in Consciousness, as Consciousness. And there is at the other end the mind. This too is Consciousness, manifest in Consciousness, bearing Consciousness.

So, everywhere there is Consciousness.

Know that you are living not in a material world but a mystical universe.

All colours can be dissolved into one colour, all forms can be resolved into one formless form. All names can be dissolved into one Sound: OM. All sounds have come from one Sound: OM.

Week 12

Just look at the little boys in ancient India. There was one boy called Nachiketas. His name appears in the Upanishads. This boy was wonderful. He said to a Sage (Yamaraj), “Teach me that by knowing which I know everything else.” Yamaraj refused to teach and said, “I will give you a kingdom, I will give you wealth, I will give you every comfort.” The boy questioned, “By all this do I become really happy? Do I become immortal?” The Sage answered, “No.”

Nachiketas replied: “Then keep all these gifts to yourself! I want none of these, I want to have that knowledge by which I know everything. I want to know that which confers on me immortality, indestructibility. I need that by possession of which I possess everything else.”

Such boys are extraordinary. Imitate them, be like them. Do not be a burden to the Earth.

Week 13

By constant and intensive repetition of the Mantra the spiritual individual gains immense grace of the Divine. Every repetition is registered by the Hand of the Infinite which sees everything, registers everything. So, every repetition is a great gain, even when you do not know the effects, even though you do not know how the result comes. Every repetition has its own result. By constant repetition, by constant service of the Divine, by constant love of the Divine one becomes slowly and steadily purified and illuminated inwardly.

The more you are purified and illuminated inwardly, the more peaceful you will be. No matter how intense your work is, how distracting your environment be, you will remain peaceful, ever-peaceful, ever-satisfied. And this peacefulness and satisfaction become the foundation for spiritual development.

Week 14

This is a mystical universe where everything is in everything, and everything is in each, and each is in the everything, – all are in oneself, and oneself is in the heart of all. This is a mystical universe.

The Reality which is the heart of my heart is not only in me, it is there in everyone. That is: I am myself in all beings. If others are eating, I am overjoyed, because it is myself eating. If others are rich, I am overjoyed, for it is myself that is rich, though my pocket is empty. If others are prosperous and healthy and young and strong and happy, it is myself that is strong and young and prosperous and happy. I dwell in all. All belong to me. Their happiness is my happiness.

The heart must be full of consideration for others, then God’s Grace will descend in that heart. You have to act by the truth and the principle: the other person is God, serve Him.

Week 15

Always be in an emotion of joy, an emotion of surprise. For wherever you turn your eyes, there the Divine is standing, with boundless Beauty. Is this not a surprise? Where there was nothing, there the Divine is most visible.

The whole building-place is filled with the ­Divine Presence. Here the Divine is standing, there the Divine is standing. All around the Divine is standing, by multiplying Itself into many. That’s a wonder. Live in an emotion of wonder. Live in an emotion of joy, a divine wonder, a divine joy, – a persisting joy, a persisting wonder. Live in the most exalted feelings.

Prayer when it is deep, sincere, earnest, becomes meditation.

Meditation is deep prayer, fruitful prayer.

Week 16

We live in a mystical universe. Whatever you are doing here, is visible everywhere in the universe. Whatever you are doing here is producing results everywhere in the universe. It is one organic whole.

If you drop a small pebble on the surface of the lake, the circular waves will spread all over the surface of the lake, until they touch all the shores of that lake, the banks of the lake. It produces a reaction everywhere. Whatever you are thinking affects the whole cosmos. Whatever you are feeling affects the whole cosmos. Sitting here, you can see what is happening in the distant star. Sitting there on the star, the Sages can see what’s happening here on earth. What is here is there, what is there is here.

Week 17

Persistence in spiritual effort is essential. Constancy in goodness is needed. Sometimes good, sometimes not good, sometimes very happy, sometimes not very happy, sometimes very spiritual, sometimes not very spiritual - that is the way of the ordinary person, the way of the bound, imprisoned, unhappy ignorant soul. Always good, always cheerful, always inspired, always pure, always conscious of the Divine, always constructive, always positive, always energetic, always successful – that is the nature of the good heart.

Adore all those who have been striving for spiritual perfection and those who have attained perfection.

Adore all the invisible servants of the Divine, all the invisible manifestations of the Truth.

Adore the omnipresent, omniscient, all-seeing, all-wonderful Divinity.

Week 18

In this space which you are occupying now, WHO was there millions and millions of years ago? THE DIVINE. Who will be there after everything is dissolved? The Divine. This ancient, timeless, eternal, ever-present Divinity is adored and contacted with every repetition of the mystical syllables. Become conscious of this.

Who was there millions and millions of years ago in the space around the earth? The Divine. Who will be there when all the cosmos is dissolved? The Divine. This ancient, ever-present, timeless divine Reality is contacted and adored with every repetition of the mystical syllables.

Nothing is more beautiful, more luminous, more wonderful, more valuable, more living, more precious than the Divine. Become conscious of the Divine. Live for the Divine, work for the Divine. The body whether good or bad perishes – cling to the imperishable Divine. The mind good or bad perishes – cling to the Reality which was here millions of years ago, is now and will always be there.

Week 19

You are dreaming, and in that dream world you see bad people, good people, evil people, criminals, Saints in the world of your creation. Well, who are these Saints and who are these bad people? Your own consciousness, in the dream-state. They are your own products, products of your own consciousness creation in the dream-state. And where are they dissolved? They are again dissolved into your consciousness. From where did they arise? They arose from your consciousness. Though your consciousness is untouched by the purity of the Saints, as also by the impurity of the criminals, in the dream it has experienced them. All these have come out of the consciousness, and yet they do not influence the consciousness.

Even so, though evil has emerged from the ­Divine, it has no influence on the Divine, it has no blood relations with the Divine. It is only an appearance. Whereas good has blood relations with the ­Divine, because when everything sinks into the Divine, and is dissolved, what is the nature of the Divine? We find the nature of the Divine to be infinite Peace, infinite Stillness, infinite Light, infinite Joy.

So, from this we understand these positive things are essential characteristics of the Divine whereas the negative things are only appearances.

Week 20

Being all-pervading, and all-knowing, God will visit you many times. If you are not repeating the Mantra, He will go back, He finds that: “This is no place for Me.” When God visits you, and if you are not praying at that time, God returns. Since nobody knows when God visits, one has to be praying all the time, repeating the Mantra always, so that when God comes He knows you are in prayer, that you are repeating the Mantra, and He abides by you.

So, always repeat the Mantra and always be praying. If you are not with the prayer or the Mantra even for a few minutes, during that time the Divine may come and find you not in prayer, not in Mantra-repetition, therefore He returns. So, constantly in the background go on repeating the Mantra and be in a prayerful mood.

Week 21

Nothing is more important than the Divine, and nothing is more real than the Divine. Nothing can sustain you truly as the Divine. Not to feel the Divine is to be insensitive. People are sensitive to the criticism of others, to heat and cold. People are sensitive to the vibrations from others, people are sensitive to pain and pleasure, sensitive to praise and blame, but they are never sensitive to the Presence of the Divine. Such people are insensitive. Only he is sensitive who feels the Divine – more than he feels the earth. Cultivate the sensitivity that feels the Divine.

The spiritual heart says,

“Oh, Divinity, live by me, stand always around me, let my eyes be never empty of your presence. Let the breath leave my body rather than your Presence leave my presence.”

Week 22

The heart of the spiritual aspirant is like the sky: Though a thousand changes take place in the sky, nothing touches the sky. Clouds come and go, the sky remains the same forever. Planets come and go, stars come and go, the sky remains the same.

The rain comes and goes, the thunder comes and goes, the smoke rises and disappears, the sky remains the same. So is the heart of the spiritual aspirant, it is always the same, it is untouched by the rain of sorrow, it is untouched by the clouds of depression, it is untouched by the planets of useless thoughts and feelings, it is untouched by the smoke of bad fate, suffering and sorrow and ignorance. All the life-experiences do not make any change in the heart of the spiritual aspirant. Like the sky it is unchanging, unaffected, untouched.

Week 23

The good heart finds every object glowing with the Presence of the Divine even as the sun is glowing with light and heat.

Everywhere it finds the luminous Presence of the Divine. Everywhere its inner ear is attuned to the rhythm of the Mantra.

It knows its strength to be in the boundless Divinity.

If billions and billions of times the Mantra is repeated, with earnestness and sincerity, in devotion and in knowledge, the whole human individual becomes dissolved in Light. One experiences the Divine which is dwelling within. One knows itself to be all-pervasive, present everywhere at the same time, unborn and immortal, eternal and timeless, beyond space, greater than anything conceivable, intensely happy, infinite in Knowledge, in Beauty, Power and Freedom.

Week 24

The artist’s love for his work makes him renounce all social pleasures, and thus concentrate his whole attention upon the artistic work. So, his love for his work secures greater powers of concentration. Thus love can be instrumental in developing the power of concentration. So devotion to the Divine does develop the power of concentration on the Divine.

Supposing if the artist is mean and indulges in low pleasures, is not cultured, what happens in this case? He dissipates his energies in vulgar pleasures. If the artist is noble, he knows how to control himself, elevate his life and personality, and discipline his being, and focus his most precious energies in obtaining his artistic goals. Thus he becomes an immortal artist.

A disciplined life, a moral life does help contemplative life. And therefore contemplation on God, meditation on the Divine, on the Truth, demands as a precondition a highly moral life, a life which is free from the distractions which arise from search for vulgar pleasures. So, moral life can also be an aid to the development of the powers of meditation. And meditation is the means of knowing God. Meditate and know God.

Week 25

Since God or Truth is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-wonderful, God or Truth responds to our meditation. With the result: we are not only enriched by our meditation, but we are enriched also by God who is responding to our meditation. The gain is double, it is manifold.

And God is not a distant reality. He is the highest Essence in you. You do not know it. But thousands have known it, and therefore they were called men of God-experience, they were called Sages, Saints, Prophets, meditators, men of prayer, persons who have walked with God, talked with God, walked in God, lived in God, and expressed a nature which is in a way comparable to the nature of the Divine. Their calmness is not like the calmness of ordinary persons, which comes and goes, but they have a calmness which is perpetual. It is a calmness which is full of wisdom, – or rather which creates wisdom.

Week 26

The best way to learn more is to form a self-teacher within. A self-teacher who always gives you the right guidance in every particular difficult situation.

An ordinary person needs to be taught in order he may be good and do the right thing, and to find peace and progress.

A bad person does not learn anything even when taught, does not do things even when told.

A good heart is different from the bad person and also the ordinary person. It does not stand in need of being taught. When taught it is extremely grateful, and never forgets whatever is taught, and rises up to the expectations of whatever is taught. — Not only this, but also teaches itself. It has a self-teacher in itself.

Before others could say – the others who are wise and noble and divine – it has already learnt the lesson. The goodness in it prompts the Light to function, makes the best advice come from within. It learns from within, it is full of reflective intelligence, an understanding heart.

Week 27

In hundreds of ways, the invisible, all-responsive divine Presence leads us. Nothing in creation is so dear to the Divine as the human being, no matter how many mistakes he has made. He is the bearer of the Image of the Divine, and the Divine takes the responsibility of aiding the human individual to come back to Divine Perfection.

But on the part of the human individual there must be the aspiration. No child is served unless it calls for the mother. The call from the child must come. The call to the Divine must be ­issued by man, before God could help. And God is boundless in His Love, and responds to the call with overwhelming kindness, – with great kindness, unlimited kindness and love.

So let us meditate upon this marvellous Presence.

Week 28

When the Divine is lodged in one’s heart through the power of devotion or through the power of wisdom, one’s personality ­acquires immense value. All nature seeks the company of such a person. He is welcome everywhere. To have the Divine, to possess the Divine, to befriend the Divine, to dwell with the Divine, and to make the Divine dwell in one’s heart, this is the supreme and ultimate blessing. In consequence of this, numberless blessings follow.

To have the Divine is to have a Mother and a ­Father, who accompany us after death.

To have the Divine is to have a Friend whose friendship is eternal, unbreakable; whose sacrifices for us can be endless.

Week 29

The Creator is infinitely superior to every­thing that is created.

Everything in creation, no matter how precious and valuable it be, is infinitely less than the Creator. What do you need then, something in creation, or the Creator Himself?

Our universe is one among the countless universes that have risen and disappeared. And there will be a countless number of universes in the future. Who is great? This beautiful universe, or That which has formed this universe, that from which this universe has come as a temporary structure which will soon disappear, even if that ‘soon’ be millions and millions of years? Certainly the Creator is the greater.

Week 30

When the child brings one little chocolate to the mother and gives it, automatically the mother gives the child back a box full of chocolates. God being the supreme Mother of the creation, which has come out of Him, and to sustain which is His responsibility, this Divinity is by His very nature boundless compassion, He is infinite Love.

Liberation ultimate and absolute is possible because you are not a condemned creature in creation, but a creature bearing the whole of the Creator in yourself. This is the security and assurance of your total liberation and freedom.

The space is very, very subtle, very fine. Finer than space is God, the infinite Reality. He is more subtle than space. Space is like matter, when compared to the subtlety of God. God is very subtle.

Week 31
People want to know the future, “What is there in the future? Will there be a world catastrophe? What happens with the money-market? What about the environment? Everyone says it is becoming more and more polluted. There are dangers ahead.” One does not know one’s future. Everyone wants to know the future, but few have knowledge of it. The astrologists sometimes give wrong predictions, the palmists sometimes mislead. And people go to the clairvoyants, and they too sometimes deceive. Sometimes they say facts which come true, but they are difficult to get at, and mostly unreliable. We need someone who knows the future, in our daily life, and orders our future for us. Such a person, does he exist? Yes. The Divine. He knows all the future. He can help you. Befriend Him. Just say, “Lord”. That’s enough. He has heard it, He will never forget it. You will forget that you have said “Lord”. He never forgets it. He is infinite Intelligence. He remembers for a whole eternity. You are richer for that statement. Befriend the all-knowing Being. Have this astrologer, this palmist, this clairvoyant. He is the Wonder of Wonders. He knows all about your future, not only what is happening to you now, till you die, but also what happens to you after death. And He can modify your future.

Week 32

Everything that is visible in the universe is nothing compared to that which is within you.

That which is within you is greater than what is without (outside) you. What is without you? The whole universe, the sun and the moon and the stars, the planets, the entire world, the entire universe. All this is outside you. But what is outside you, no matter if it be immeasurable space, or endless mountains of gold and diamonds, or endless seas of milk and butter and honey, no matter what it is, what power it is, what value it is, – all this is smaller than what is within you. What is within you is always the greater. If you can conceive of something very great, be sure there is something greater than that, and that is within you. What could be that marvellous thing? It is the Divine, God, the Creator.

Week 33

The heart of the lover of the Divine is always talking to the Divine, it says to the Divine:

“You are the breath of my breath, You are the soul of my soul, You are the intelligence of my intelligence, I cannot live without You. Without Your knowledge nothing can happen, I live under Your eyes. Your all-seeing eyes are seeing everything, Your omnipotent hands are protecting me from all sides. Your heart of infinite Love is caring for me all through the day and night.

“You are the breath of my breath, let me glorify You with all the strength of my energies. You are the crown and glory of my life. You are the quintessence of my soul, You are everything to me. Let me live for You, work like a giant for You, think like a genius for You, serve You with unending patience and perseverance. Let me bear all the trials of life for the glory of You. Let me bear all the trials of life in order to create for Your glory a Heaven here on earth.”

Week 34

Life comes to a fulfilment only in companionship with the Divine.

You are richer for having the Divine as your companion. All that you need to do is merely to think of the Divine, or merely address yourself to the Divine. It does not matter if you do not know the Divine, and it does not matter if you are not able to observe the response from the Divine.

The flower before your eyes which is so real, is not as real as the Divine, though the Divine is invisible, though the Divine is impalpable, though the Divine is imponderable, too subtle to be felt. Inspite of it, it is the most real Reality. Without that, the flower has no reality, your bones have no hardness, your intelligence has no light in it. Without that, your life has no existence. Everything is what it is, by the Presence of the Divine, on account of the ensouling Essence that the ­Divine is.

Week 35
Nothing is easier than the contact with the ­Divine, for the capacity to contact the ­Divine is the most natural capacity in you. You have a difficulty, and you say, “Let me think. Ah, I have the idea. I will do that, and it will be all right.” From where did you get the solution for your problem? From the intelligence. What did you do? You contacted the intelligence. How did you contact the intelligence? You said, “Wait a little.” You closed your eyes, you focussed your attention here, somewhere on the forehead, perhaps between the eyebrows, and you devoted a few seconds to thought. And that has established contact with the intelligence, and from it you have drawn out the solution. Exactly the same thing you have to do to contact the ­Divine. And that is meditation.

Week 36

Everything that you say is heard by the ­Divine. You have only to think of the Divine, and there is the help. Even when the help is delayed sometimes, and even when the help is not visible, the help is undeniable.

Therefore none can be so unwise as to leave God out of the scheme of life. Bring Him into the daily program of life, and you will be richer for it in every way. You have the greatest Friend, a Friend who will walk with you, always, even when you die. Not the dearest of your friends, not your father, not your wife, not your darling daughter will follow you. There is someone who follows you instantly when the soul leaves your body.

That is the greatest Friend. He is also the greatest Teacher. You look for the best school in the world, the best cultural institution, yet you find there everything wanting. None can give you greater culture than the Divine. Make Him your Teacher, your Friend, your life’s Companion. And you will find that you will have the highest education, the highest culture.

Week 37

Seated within you, He says to you,

“I am infinite Peace, be peaceful. My peace is within you.

“I am infinite Joy, be joyous. Even though your body is paining, even though your house is burning, even though the earth is quaking underneath your feet, not a little hair of yours will be touched, I am with you. I am the infinite Power. I am the wonder-worker. You are protected, you are dear to My heart, I will not leave you. I am ever with you. I shall remain inseparable from you.

“I am infinite Wisdom, your knowledge shall be endless.

“Recognise the dignity that I have bestowed upon you. Rise up to the endless dignity with which I have invested you.”

So says the Divine seated close to your heart, – the best teacher, the best educator, the best friend, the best father, the best of the companions, the best power and protection.

Week 38
A scientist has six children, and they make too much noise. He closes himself in his study-room, and goes on, works on the problem. He has renounced the company of his children, he has denied taking the food, he has taken out the connection of the telephone. He is remaining calm in his study, he is thinking about a solution for his problem. Just that is what is necessary to contact the Divine. Call that a meditation hour, or meditation minutes, a little detachment to make oneself calm, to keep the flame of intelligence unflickering. And that steady intelligence gets an insight into the nature of the Divine. That steady intelligence can perceive the Power behind the intelligence, can perceive the Power that pervades all the universe, be inspired by the Presence of the Divine, reflect upon the nature of the Divine as experienced by the greatest of men, as found in the lives of the greatest Saints, as described in the greatest scriptures of the world – as it suggests itself to your simple intelligence.

Week 39

Everything is within you.

There is infinite music within you, and that’s why you are restlessly seeking for the delights of music. And even when you are Bach you struggle and strive after greater melodies. That which is in you is infinite harmony, infinite melody, and you shall not find satisfaction until you have discovered That which is in you.

And all the wonderful music produced in the world is a mere poor apologetic invitation to the enjoyment of the endless music within.

Where is the end to the striving after the musical perfection in the great musicians? Only in the endless music, in the infinite music. Till then the musicians will be always born in the world, no matter that each is greater than the preceding one, yet they will be striving after greater and greater perfections in the field of music. In this tendency is revealed that there is infinite harmony, melody, music within oneself.

Week 40

There is nothing wrong having beautiful houses, two millions as the bank-balance, and nothing wrong in having good health and wonderful family. But we are totally cut off from God the moment these take complete possession of our mind and heart.

So, we must be very vigilant, alive in intelligence, and slowly detach ourselves in our inner being from all these, and deeply attach ourselves to the Godhead, or the Infinite. 

We have to surrender our life and heart and mind and possessions to God and reaccept them for His sake as His trustees, – and we won’t be bound any more, we would be full of inner renunciation. Having a family yet we would have no family, having all the pleasures of the family life, yet our central pleasure and chief delight in life would consist in the consciousness of the Divine.

Week 41

Now, let us meditate upon the infinite Light and Happiness present in every point of the infinite space, – all around us, within us. Supposing your consciousness or mind’s attention dissolves itself in this contemplation of a boundless Light, Happiness, Consciousness, – you will be called a liberated person, a person of boundless Happiness. Why are you called liberated? Because you have gone above the limitations of matter, time, space. You do not know that you are in the world, in a particular place; you are always happy, all places are your places, in all places you have the same Happiness. Your consciousness expands. Wherever it looks, it sees only the Light and Beauty and Happiness, and Grace and Consciousness.

Many have attained such states. It comes through meditation and concentration.

Week 42

In his search for wisdom, in his search for perfection, even a carpenter wants to be perfect, the ironsmith wants to be perfect, the cobbler wants to be perfect. Everybody wants to be perfect, be it in their field of work, in the field of their knowledge, in the field of their skills, or in the field of the entire life. Perfection is what every man aims at, and thus he reveals in this what is hidden within himself: the infinite Perfection.

Express more faith in the Divine, more devotion to the Divine. When people are suffering they beg for relief through prayers. When the suffering is over they forget God, they do again bad things. People should not go to the Divine merely for relief from suffering. There are good hearts who go to the Divine not because of suffering, not because of the pressure of suffering, but because of the impulsion of devotion. Wise persons go to the Divine under the guidance of wisdom. That is the best way to God.

Week 43

There are many seekers of the Truth. The devotee, the lover of God just loves the Divine, develops devotion, purifies his nature, attains spiritual illumination and divine Grace, and sees and experiences the Divine. This is easy, the path of love, the path of wonderful devotion and surrender to the Divine. There is the path to the Reality which is abstract, intellectual, and which is pertaining to the Unmanifest Reality – the conception of God as an unmanifest, transcendent Being, inconceivable, beyond intelligence, beyond notion and conception. And to meditate upon this transcendent Reality, that is difficult. It is a hard path, very few will attain that. And it requires enormous devotion to the Transcendent, and also constant disciplines in divine knowledge of the Transcendent, cognitive disciplines – disciplines in perception, in cognition, disciplines in intelligence. It is the highest Vedanta, it is the science of the transcendent Reality.

On God you can easily meditate as Love, as Peace, as Joy, or in the form of any Deity, of Krishna, or Shiva or the Divine Mother and so on. This is very easy. It is graspable to us, palpable to us, we can progress step by step through this.

Week 44

Our nature, which is in reality the infinite Happiness of the infinite Consciousness, is lost to our experience and understanding and therefore we are looking for happiness, searching for happiness. All the empirical search for happiness is an outward attempt to look for happiness which is lost. But this happiness cannot be had by search, because it is already there. We have not grown conscious of it. A person who absentmindedly puts the wrist-watch on his wrist, and yet goes about searching for the wrist-watch all over the house, does not find it, – unless somebody comes and tells him, “What a fool you are, why do you search, it is there on your own hand!” Even so we are not able to find the infinite Happiness for which our whole life is longing, because it is right with us in our heart. It is right wherever you are – in every point of space, at all times, in all conditions, no matter whether it is snowing or very hot, no matter whether the news is good or bad, no matter whether the body is old or young, no matter whether the body is diseased, troubled and painful, or young and pleasurable.

Meditation is the art of somehow catching the Fire of this Happiness. It is the art of getting rid of the absent-mindedness, and making life a perpetual delight in all conditions.

Week 45

Let God rise from your eyes, from your hairs, from your body, from all around you. See only God, feel only God. Express only God. Work for God, live for God, breathe for God, eat for God, do everything for God, be inseparable from God as the shadow is inseparable from the person who is walking in the sunshine.

     I am supremely happy – happy because the Godhead, the all-wondrous Godhead is face to face with me now in so many forms. I am happy, supremely, because the infinite Peace has presented itself to me in so many vibrant forms. I pay to you not only my regards, my salutations, my homage, but my deepest adorations.

Week 46

Instead of saying “Lord give me this, give me that“, and worrying and being a beggar and begging for this and that, why not try to reflect upon the Nature of the Divine as boundless Peace, all-seeing, all-knowing Reality, a thing that understands you, knows you, and responds to your inmost needs. That would be a better meditation, instead of saying, “Lord, give me grace, give me light, do this for me, do that for me.”

Yes, you can ask for illumination, but that is because it is more a purer form of asking, it is an abstract form of asking. So it is virtuous to ask for illumination, but then even that is inferior than to merely love the Divine for the Divine’s own sake.

Love the Lord with whatever understanding you have, it does not matter how low that love is, how primitive that love is, how imperfect it is, how imaginary it is. It doesn’t matter how it is, begin with whatever you have. And that increases the love for the Divine, and that brings you more grace and more illumination, and that further deepens the love in turn.

Week 47

What are the Vedas aiming at? What is their end, what is their goal? They are aiming at the Infinite Reality. That is their end.

What is the ultimate objective of these Vedas? The infinite Reality. So, a science or a knowledge dealing with the infinite Reality is Vedanta, the End of Knowledge. Vedanta literally means “the End of Knowledge”.

Vedas are books of knowledge. What is their aim, what are they leading to? The End of Knowledge, Vedanta. They lead to Vedanta. And what is the knowledge about? The supreme Reality.

All that is created is perishable. All that is born is perishable. The sun, the moon, the sky, the air, the space, the time, all that you see is perishable. And there is another thing in contrast to this, and that is the Imperishable, the Divine, the Truth, the Reality, the Absolute, God.

Week 48

The differences that you find in the Upanishads are introduced by the differences in the Sages, and their experiences. Mundaka Upanishad is not the same as the Katha Upanishad, Katha Upanishad is not the same as the Isha Upanishad. They are different like the different Testaments, different Gospels. There are different Sages, they have stated it differently, – in the context of their experience, and in consonance with the needs of those who are hearing the message.

And also there are differences in the definition of the Divine:

“Love is the Supreme.”

“Oh love is not the real, love is only an attribute and therefore love is something palpable and experienceable, love is not God, That which transcends love is God.” – defines another Sage.  And one Sage says, “Love alone is God, it is the supreme Reality.” Their statements are dependent upon the manner and the modes of their experience of the Truth, and the context in which they spoke.

Week 49

When through the practice of Yoga the Yogi has full power over his body he obtains a new spiritual body of fire, spiritual fire, which is beyond illness, old-age and death. Now our body is exposed to illness, old age and death. But when once we achieve the internal Yogic condition of consciousness, we transcend the body and bodily limitations. At that time we experience the never-aging, the unborn, the ever-perfect, the everlasting inner Spirit. And at that time we are said to have another body, the spiritual body, as our real body.

Your knowledge must be synthetic, integral, many-sided. You must have a knowledge of the Immanent, you must have a knowledge of the Transcendent. And also you must have a knowledge of the Divine as a personal Friend, a personal Being, and personal Form.

Let our knowledge and experience of the ­Divine be integral, many-sided, all-inclusive.

Week 50

The Sages can see the Soul as a small flame in the inner heart.

This has nothing to do with the aura, aura is something physical, gross, external, it is magnetism, it can be felt, it can be touched, it can be seen by the occult faculty.

Soul, the inner divine Soul, it is perceivable only to those who have experience of the Divine, and in a special way and in a special manner.

The aim is to be one with the infinite Divine Reality. And the same infinite Divine Reality is operative in all beings as this Light in the Soul of all.

Week 51

The consciousness as such has no limitations, the consciousness when it enters a mental body or a physical body, is bound. When the consciousness enters a feminine body it is called a feminine being. When the consciousness enters a masculine body it is called a masculine being. But consciousness by itself has no gender, it is neutral.

It is not both, nor is it neither, it transcends both, it is above.

The higher Self in us is neither masculine nor feminine, and is perfect in Itself.

Upanishads are not theological religious treatises, they are statements of inner spiritual experience and perception. This is not rationalisation or verbalisation of the scriptural statements of Truth and Truth-experience. These are actually perceptions, spiritual perceptions, they are spiritual intuitions, they are inner experiences, they are inner revelations of a Reality.

Week 52

The experience is more marvellous than the books, and therefore it was a wonderful statement in the Gita which says, that the man who is a Yogi or who pursues the spiritual path and has the taste of the Divine is above and beyond the words of the scriptures.

Because it is so interesting, it is so marvellous, it is indescribable.

When there is purity, automatically wisdom is born.

Week 53

God dwells in the holy personality. God we have not seen, but we have the grace to see holy men. By adoring them we have delighted the heart of the Divine, and to see God now becomes very easy. Let us glorify the Divine, in all manner of ways, and above all seize every opportunity to adore the Saints, the manifestations of God, the living expressions of God’s Love and Wisdom and Peace.

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