Omkarananda Ashram

Diary 2006

Sayings of

Swami Omkarananda

for Every Week of The Year


Whatever may be the challenges, troubles and difficulties in our life, let us not loosen our hold on God-Consciousness. As long as we are in a position to preserve ourselves in this God-Consciousness, be sure we will get endless strength and power. Your wisdom will be great and the capac-ity to meet challenges and difficulties will be supra-human. The help and assistance of divine Grace will be constantly pouring into us.

Swami Omkarananda

1st week

What happens if a person begins to turn his footsteps towards the Divine while here on earth in the present circumstances? He is constantly aware of a divine Power with which he has some kind of relationship, by working out of his love for It and in consequence of his devotion and self-surrender. This is a great help when at the end of the day he devotes a few minutes to meditation. At the end of the day, if he sits down properly for meditation and spends a few minutes in meditation, that meditation will be successful, because all through the day he has been in a meditative mood while conducting the business in the world.

You have an attraction for holiness, why? Because something deep down in you is holy. You have a longing for unending Joy, because something deep down in you is made of joy, and wishes to recover itself in your conscious experience.

2nd week

Let us talk about that form of meditation which will be useful to us in our daily life, which will bring about a total transformation of our inner nature and illuminate it; a method of meditation by which we have better power, better health, better peace, better success in business, better happiness in life, and an all-conscious, continued awareness and experience of the Divine. We want that form of meditation by which we will be in a position to live in God, even when driving our car. We want that form of meditation by which we can enjoy endless protection, peace and power even while executing our household duties.

Even as the capacity for speaking is latent in every child born, so is the capacity to see, to feel, to experience and express the Presence, the Peace, the Joy, the Beauty, of the Truth of the Infinite, latent in all.

3rd week

Thunder should not make us frightened, nor death keep us under the bondage of fright. We are children of the Divine and therefore immortal. In fact we are infinitely more than the body we inhabit, infinitely more and other than the mind we use, infinitely more than the subconscious and unconscious riches of our inner nature.

Our positive thoughts, divine feelings and noble emotions can be the angel in us which can lead us to a quicker experience of God. We bless ourselves by our goodness. We illuminate ourselves by our wisdom. Therefore through these positive things, let us progress closer to God-experience. We have all that is essential and necessary for our union with the Divine. These capacities and powers for a dynamic and all-governing experience of God in daily life, will come into operation with the increasing purity of our inner nature.

4th week

Where is Heaven? All around us. Here, now. It has always been here, it is always everywhere. It is a condition of consciousness, available for our inner experience. It is not true that I am now in Winterthur. It may be a statement of the physical fact, but in truth, in reality, I am everywhere and the Kingdom of Heaven is with me. I am impure of heart if I have experienced a town or a city or a group of people. I am face-to-face, always, with the same all-seeing, all-knowing God-Consciousness. I wither and perish if something in my inner consciousness cuts off this experience. Everyone and anyone can experience this divine Kingdom. It is a condition of infinite, all-perfect Consciousness, into which we are released through meditation, through love of God - all-absorbing and all-consuming.

All that is created by God, is God Himself. The creature is as the Creator.


5th week

With the understanding of God's omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, and an attempt to realize it, there must also be an attempt to realize several other aspects of Divinity. Our whole life must be possessed by an intoxicating, all-absorbing God-Consciousness. Then the thoughts, feelings and actions that flow from us, will be flowing from this all-absorbing God- Consciousness. God-Consciousness will be the leader, the conductor and the guide of our lives.

Man is the never-sleeping, all-witnessing, allobserving Reality in a physical organism, and in a psychological entity that is subject to the conditions of sleep, dreaming and waking. Man is a self-contained absolute Happiness in a world of pleasures and pains, happiness and suffering.


6th week

It is true that the physical happiness always alternates with pain and suffering, or a neutral state which is neither painful nor happy. But all the external things are passing, changing, alternating, - and even through these temporary fleeting experiences of pain and pleasure, man is being conducted towards some wisdom, some expansion of experience, some understanding. As he grows, develops, evolves and understands, he is in a position to come back to the real source of Happiness, the unlimited and absolute Happiness, that is deep down in his own being, - God that he really is, God that he enshrines. This is absolute Life, infinite Peace, absolute Joy and unlimited Power, which is itself Love, which is also Beauty and Grace - the indescribable features, aspects, nature and attributes of the Consciousness in us.

7th week

There is nothing in meditation except what is in your inner attitude. If your inner attitude is highly spiritual, every meditation is highly elevating. But when the inner attitude is not deeply spiritual, at once you know the differences: "This is good, this is not at all good, that is bad." All differences will come in. That is sinning, that is human nature, a fallen condition. But on the other hand if you are in a higher state of consciousness, in all conditions you will find the same peace, joy and divine Presence. So, try to elevate your mind to a higher consciousness, let your attitude be the best attitude. Wherever you sit, let that be a sitting directly in the Presence of the Divine. Wherever you may repeat the Mantra, let that repetition be the most powerful, devoted, sincere and earnest. Then you will be perpetually in Divine Consciousness.

8th week

The Divine is all-merciful, all-hearing: He hears everyone repeating the Mantra, and being allmerciful, He responds fully. When the spiritual aspirant has the strong feeling that the Divine is by me, all around me, watching me, protecting me, loving me, pouring knowledge, peace and strength into me, - the all-merciful God is deeply touched. At once He says, "This person is constantly thinking of me, this person says I am always with him. This person says I am pouring peace and strength and joy into him. Therefore I shall be with him, I will show him that what he is speaking is true. I will show him that what he is feeling is absolutely true." So the Divine grants this person purity, and purity unfolds the spiritual vision. And spiritual vision beholds and experiences the Divine, and is blessed by the Divine.

What is concentration? Being with one thing to the exclusion of all other things.

9th week

Thus the spiritual individual constantly divinises the earth, the space, the body and the whole being, and beholds the Divine everywhere. He is always inspired, always enthusiastic for progress, always serving more than others, always sacrificing more than others, always working harder than others; always progressing more than others; always more peaceful and joyous than others; always more noble, good and wise than others. He is always first, for the divine Reality Itself is first in everything, infinite in knowledge, power, beauty, perfection, joy and peace. Thus the spiritual individual progresses minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Every activity is a powerful spiritual exercise - no matter whether it is typing or floor-tile-laying. Everything is divinised, everything is for the Divine. So the spiritual individual becomes a marvellous entity, adored by the angels, respected by the immortal sages and beloved by the Divine.

10th week

The spiritual individual constantly generates the strongest feeling that in every cell of his being, there is the infinite Power infinite Peace, infinite Grace, infinite Love and infinite Joy of the Divine. And therefore he resolves to do the greatest thing in the shortest time.

The spiritual individual while repeating the Mantra, has the strongest feeling that he is drunk with the love for the Divine, that he is filled with the power of God, that he is a flame of God, that he lives and moves for the glory of the Divine. Always engaged in services for the Divine, always engaged in making the environment a little more beautiful for the Divine - always an artist, a scientist, a labourer or untiring toiler, with an unswerving resolve to be entirely divine. Thus the spiritual individual is a representative of the Divine.

11th week

Mentally light millions of candles for the glory of the Divine, and see them burning gloriously for the Divine. Enter into a conversation with the Divine, with the all-hearing, all-seeing Divinity. Create this inner state and remain in it. If you do this hour after hour, day after day, your life is transformed and illuminated. It becomes superhuman. All emotional states like fear, anxiety, worry, greed, jealousy and hate, all disappear, everything disappears. One becomes divine. Therefore again and again one has to meditate and create the inner state, and from that inner state all works have to be done. When there is no service the person becomes unbalanced and inner purity is not kept up. With service higher qualities of nature have to be developed: love, devotion, faith, patience, perseverance, forgivingness and understanding, all have to be developed.

12th week

With all your heart say, "Lord forgive the presence of the potency of anger in my being. Reject the potency of anger in my being, and implant there a power of unconditioned love. I love, I adore You, and You are unconditioned, absolute, infinite love. Let me have in my nature that which is in You. Make me like You, allloving, all-forgiving!"

There is a great fund of love in your heart. You are blessed. But this is a limited love, therefore you have problems and difficulties in life. Gently make this great love unlimited. Then life will show you that it is completely free of all problems, difficulties and worries, then life will conduct you to the Divine, here and now.

13th week

Spiritual progress is not a physical progress. Spiritual progress is dependent on the discipline of your emotions and mind.

Spiritual evolution is a matter of the discipline of our inner consciousness. That principle in you which makes all mistakes in your life is not your body. If it were the body, you could take eight baths a day and thus keep the body pure. That which makes mistakes in you, that which is the cause of impurity, is the mind.

The impurities in us are anger, passion, greed, jealousy, fears, anxieties and ignorance. These have to be thrown out. The inner being has to be made radiant and illuminated by love, understanding, wisdom, faith in the Divine and knowledge of the Divine.

14th week

Thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences that constantly flow from the depths of love, transfigure the human individual. Everyone is an image of God, everyone has love, everyone has life. Love is the cause of all aspirations. It is the sustainer of all virtues. It is the increaser of all blessings. Your wisdom is another face of love. Your peace is another face of love. Your longing for the Truth, for God or real Happiness, is another face of love. Your good works, your capacity to give joy to thousands is a sign of the presence of love.

It is not good to surrender ourselves to suffering, but it can happen. If suffering were not there nobody would think of God. The fact of suffering itself is a proof that we must seek for perfection, and perfection and happiness is the way out. So, let us try to conquer suffering before suffering can possess us.

15th week

Your treasure among treasures is: you are an immortal Principle in a mortal body. Your greatness lies not in the stature of your body, but in the love in your heart. No matter what forms love takes - you may be a scientist, a genius, an artist, a businessman or a housewife - it does not matter what you are, love is expressed through you. Even when the negative characteristics of human nature try to hide the hidden love, - you are an embodiment of love.

Love will finally triumph, will assert itself. The more the human individual evolves, the more he expresses love. One short span of life may not be adequate to develop love in all its dimensions. Therefore the evolutionary nature grants man more lives in order to develop this love. The final fruit of evolution is the union of the human heart with the Divine, the submergence of human love in the divine Love.

16th week

Never be negative, either in your thoughts or feelings or in your life. Always be full of faith, vision, courage, and peace. And remember, if the situations of life are very unsettled, unhappy and distressing, it does not matter because you are in a position to capture unending joy, unending peace, unending power and unending perfection. Let us suppose that the whole world is destroyed by flood and is completely deluged by ocean waters. Everything about you, around you, is all destroyed, and you alone are surviving on earth. Yet never lose hope, never despair, never become distressed. With tremendous faith and with the power which is in and around you, with a new vision, new strength and energy, by intelligent hard work, try to make a small paradise around yourself, all by yourself.

17th week

If with your emotional energy which is not yet purified, you try to conquer the emotion of anger, you will not be so successful. Try therefore to conquer the emotion of anger and other emotions by something positive - not merely control the emotion of anger, but also develop love. When the love becomes more and more powerful, the force and power of anger diminishes.

Only in God-Consciousness can there be safety, security, perfection, peace and joy. Only in God- Consciousness, can you have endless creative potentialities and possibilities.

Your restless search for peace, happiness, fearlessness and conquest of death, are all proofs that all these are already resident and present in you, and are demanding their realiziation.

18th week

We come closer to the discovery of truth in anything, when we proceed to interpret and see things not in terms of matter and motion but in terms of Existence and Consciousness. Existence is the Substance, Consciousness is the Force, and the movement and creativeness.

Man, - ignorant of the truth that his spirit is spaceless and therefore master of all space, timeless and therefore master of all time, - man is flying today in the space-ships, and exploring the outer space. To this external conquest of space, man has to add the dimension of a subjective conquest of space by the realization of the Spaceless Reality.

19th week

Let us also remember that though bad forces are operative around the world and are working towards a war, there are also good forces simultaneously operating and working for peace. And the greatest service that we can do to the world and to ourselves, is not to engage our attention upon the negative things in life and in the world. Let us concentrate on whatever good there is in us, and seek to develop it to an unlimited extent. Instead of expecting or watching the movement of humanity towards destruction, let us strongly and earnestly pray to God for peace, progress, growth, development and happiness for humanity. Our prayers bring blessings not only for others, but also for us.

Concentration is the secret of purification and illumination. How to train the mind which is never with one thing at any moment? By repeating the one name of the Divine constantly, again and again.

20th week

Some prayers go by the name of meditation. The prayer of knowlege consists of a constant and continuous awareness that God is always immanent in all the universe, that God is the basis and the background of all that is manifested and existent.

We can cure a diseased body, not only by medicines and vitamins, but also by right and elevating thinking, positive emotions, faith in God.

An effective prayer is a prayer that proceeds from the deepest energies of the human emotion of love, a prayer in which the whole inner being of a human individual arises as a single flame and touches God's presence and Consciousness. That prayer is the most effective prayer.

21st week

The spiritual individual constantly clings to the Divine. He says to the Divine, "You are omnipresent, at no time and in no place can I be outside you. In all places, at all times I am within you. You are the Reality of realities, Life of life, Heart of heart, Soul of soul. You are everything. You are all-knowing, all-perfect and allpowerful. You are my only refuge, my only strength and wealth. Let your will be done, not my will. Let your thought rule me, not my thoughts. Let your feelings rule me, not my feelings. Let your actions find their expression through me, not my actions. You are the breath of my life, the strength of my being. Wherever I be I am peaceful, happy and strong, because I am in you, surrounded by your omnipotence, within the Knowledge of your omnipotence, guided by your Will and moved by your Love. My whole life is an adoration of you, all my activities are your activities for your glory."

22nd week

This infinite, indescribable, unlimited, absolute Consciousness, this unborn, uncreated, formless, nameless Being, can take any number of forms if It so wills. Has not the manifested universe come from His unmanifested Being?

It is conceited to think that prayer is a mode of demeaning ourselves for another person before someone called God. It is no such thing, for God is not a person external to you. He is the Kingdom within you, around you, everywhere. He is an infinite divine Consciousness and Presence. He is omnipotent, absolute Knowledge, absolute Delight, absolute Light and Peace. It is inevitable that the human individual, conditioned as he is in limitations, must touch this absolute power and peace and joy, in one way or the other, if he is not to be shattered by his own limitations, if he is not to be torn to pieces in mind and will.

23rd week

A name can be given to our bodies, a name can be given to our mind, a name can be given to our subconscious and unconscious, - but the infinite Divine Consciousness residing deep down in us is nameless. It is one, it is universal, it is cosmic. You fall asleep, into deep-sleep. In the morning you wake up. You feel that you had a sound, deep, undisturbed sleep. Remember your conscious mind was suspended in its activity, and your unconscious mind also was not active, because if it were active you would have dreams. Yet you have a memory that you had sound, deep, happy sleep. What reports to you that you had a happy sleep, what gives you the memory of this deep sleep? It is this infinite Divine Consciousness in you. It is never sleeping, It is an all-witnessing Consciousness in you.

24th week

The Divinity who is all-compassion, taking notice of the progress of the person, grants him a vision or two in which he beholds the Divinity. After many such experiences and visions of the Divine - sometimes in dreams, sometimes in waking consciousness, - the day arises when the person is in a position to talk to God directly. At that stage God might ask the Master of the person to initiate him into yet higher mysteries, or the Divinity Itself might make arrangements to take him to higher stages of evolution and perfection. So I say it is a secret path, because it is a matter between God and the person.

Devotion to the Divine must be intensified, increased, and deepened. It is only then that one rises to a condition of inner enthusiasm and inspiration. It is from such states that the perception of the Divine becomes easy and the mind is illuminated.

25th week

Life as it is - within the boundaries in human nature, and under the pressure of ignorance - is subject to misery, unhappiness, diseases, death and sin. But a life lived in a growing love, expanding consciousness, ever-widening knowledge, a life that is exalted into a divine nature, God- Consciousness - which means a life of unlimited, unquestioning service, sacrifice, a life from which a powerful consciousness of the Divine is never absent - such a life becomes the instrument for the marvels, the splendours and the wonders of the Infinite Consciousness.

The more you are purified and illuminated, the more peaceful you will be. No matter how intensive the work is, how distracting your environment may be, you will remain ever-peaceful, and eversatisfied. This peacefulness and satisfaction become the foundation for spiritual development.

26th week

There is the discipline of mental worship of God, and there is the discipline of the unceasing prayer of the heart, in which you are conscious that it is not you acting but God acting. A prayer in which you are conscious it is not you living but the Infinite living through you; in which you are not conscious of any power that could be yours but only the omnipotent power that God is.

Thus, by constant and intensive repetition of the Mantra, the spiritual individual gains the immense grace of the Divine. Every repetition is registered by the hand of the Infinite who sees everything. So, every repetition is a great gain even when you do not know the effects or how the result comes. Every repetition has its own result. By constant repetition, by constant service and love of the Divine, one becomes slowly and steadily purified and inwardly illuminated.

27th week

The greatest men of purity sit in one pose continuously, even without opening their eyes for ten days, ten months, ten years or one whole life-time. They are the greatest personalities, they are the embodiments of infinite peace. Hidden in the world somewhere there are still one or two who are sitting though 2000 years have passed. They are still meditating in the same position. Such examples are rare, but they are real, they are existing. They are extraordinary personalities, they are filled with infinite peace. They don't need to put their body in ice in order to preserve it. Their inner condition of meditation itself maintains their body. Such personalities are extraordinary. All spiritual individuals who can sit still for a long time are also wonderful. It is a sign of purity, of inner rest, inner understanding, inner wisdom and inner enlightenment. So, recognise the numberless blessings of the Mantra-repetition. Make progress. Condition your life to peace, intense service and meditation. Outside these you should know nothing. Then your life becomes more and more wonderful.

28th week

The more you settle your concentration on the Divine, the more the inner nature stands transformed. When the inner nature is transformed, automatically there is purity, light and much wisdom. The knowledge dawns that the soul within is immortal. Things are not as they appear, there is some other dimension in them which is awakened by the mystical syllables. This changes your life, strengthens you from within, and secures high spiritual evolution for you.

Cultivate the habit of getting up early in the morning. That is a great achievement. It has many blessings. Among them the most important blessing is freedom from bad dreams. Generally dreams which are not good occur between 3 and 6 am. Your spiritual nature increases when you get up early in the morning.

29th week

Life seems to be a bundle of worries. On everybody's head is a bundle of worry, life presses a person down. The Divine is the opposite. He is infinite joy, He strengthens a person and fills the person with boundless joy.


Spiritual development is marked by increasing inner strength and happiness. At no time, in no circumstance can you make a man of God, a saint, unhappy. No matter what the tragedy, no matter what the circumstances, nothing can affect the heart of joy that the spiritual individual is. The spiritual individual dwells in timelessness, in boundless light, in everlasting life, in boundless treasures, strength, wisdom, power, beauty, light, love and perfection.

30th week

The ordinary man , because of his deep ignorance, does not know that there is much electricity in his body. He thinks there is electricity only in the cable and in the burning light, he has no knowledge that his body is also full of electricity. Mystical syllables are full of highest electricity. Like the radio waves, they reach every corner of the universe and touch every aspect of the Divine. There is a mighty power in them. Consciousness, power, light and electricity are one and the same. One can be converted into another: electricity can be converted into light, light into power, and power in itself contains highest consciousness, and consciousness in itself contains the Divine Reality. All matter is a manifestation of power, power carries consciousness in itself. Thus every repetition of the Mantra touches the whole of the Reality, - and touches every corner of the universe, every part and aspect of the divine Reality. The human individual becomes increasingly transformed.

31st week

By constant repetition of the Mantra, the knots of ignorance are broken. When the knots of ignorance are broken, there is light in the soul which perceives the divine Reality. The whole nature is transformed and one is ruled by the divine knowledge, by the eternal knowledge.

When you are not in a higher spiritual state, the mind makes mischief. Those persons who are not in the meditation now are doing something which is not in harmony with the highest spiritual consciousness. Their mind will be wandering. It is best to condition oneself to spiritual activities. Whether one likes them or not, whether they are interesting or not, if one tries to condition oneself to such spiritual activities, afterwards the spiritual activity becomes most interesting.

32nd week

With every repetition the spiritual individual is engaged in a conversation with the Divine. The spiritual individual also enters into conversation with the divine Image. He converses with the infinite Peace, infinite Joy. He is aware of the infinite Beauty and Perfection. Always he is in conversation with boundless Wisdom, boundless Goodness. His resources are numberless. So try to converse with the Divine with every repetition of the Mantra. Converse with the Divine even when you are working. Even when you are at work the heart can be made to adhere to the Divine inwardly.

Life is serious, it is a challenge. Before it is too late, make the maximum progress. Always let the heart be crying for the Divine with joy, strength, peace, wisdom, understanding and with the fire of aspiration.

33rd week

By constant Mantra-repetition the heart is purified and always in a mood of wonder, of admiration and of adoration. That is purity. Wherever someone is like that, know that person to be pure. Even if this person does not love God, God loves him immensely; even if this person does not want God, God always dwells in him and dwells by him. Where such a purity is there there is heaven, there is always satisfaction.

The opposite is the worldly man. He is always dissatisfied, no matter what happens to him. When he is enjoying a pleasure he forgets his dissatisfaction, but the moment the pleasure is over, again he is a victim of his dissatisfaction - that is the nature of the worldly man. The spiritual individual who is pure, who is always in a mood of adoration, of wonder, is always satisfied.

34th week

The spiritual individual has always a metaphysical mind, for the divine Reality is the central subject of metaphysics. Therefore internally every reference is in relation to the ultimate Reality. The whole framework of intelligence is led in the Infinite, is illuminated by metaphysical knowledge, the knowledge of the metaphysical Reality. Everything that we can see, hear, know and feel through the senses is physical. That which is in the physical 'reality' and of which the physical reality knows nothing, and of which the physical senses of the human mind see nothing, that is metaphysical, that is above and beyond the physical.

Different sounds produce different states of mind. Mystical syllables are extraordinary, they are all-powerful. But one has to be in the right mood and spirit.

35th week

God-experience: It is happening in Consciousness. One beholds new dimensions to this world, too, and discovers the face of the Divine everywhere. As you sustain yourself in this state, afterwards even if you open the physical eyes you see the same divine Kingdom. You are filled with the vision of Heaven, the experience of Heaven. It is an inner matter, it has nothing to do with what the spiritual individual is doing. He may be cleaning the street, typing, cooking, painting, gardening, or driving a car. No matter what he is doing, inwardly he is established in the divine experience.

Don't be jealous of anyone. Don't create artificial problems, and don't complain. Get what you want by your service. You are paid back for your service.

36th week

Render your life more and more creative, productive, fruitful and dynamic. This is the secret of growth and development. Pains have to be taken, no great success is possible without pains. One has to develop one's inner qualities. Where there are a dozen people working, there the ego is tested and tried: it is there that one has to diminish the power of the ego. It is a blessed circumstance. Just see how strong your ego is, weaken it more and more. Give the people around the feeling that you are their servant, a helper, an inspirer. Be an elevator, a self-controlled person, a person ruled by wisdom and love, a harmony-maker, - not a contradictor, a misunderstander. So try every minute, every hour to do something wonderful. All circumstances can teach wise persons, - every circumstance is a wonderful circumstance for progress.

37th week

So long as there is no surrender, there is limitation of every kind, and consequent suffering. With the surrender, there is absolute liberation. That is the glory of surrender to the Divine. The devotee surrenders himself to the Divine. Added to this virtue of surrender, he is untiringly serving the Divine: Selfless service, service for the sake of the Divine, service in the name of the Divine, service with the background consciousness of the Divine. Unquestioning, unbroken selfless service which is ensouled by wisdom and divine love. Such a heart does not say, "The others are not working - why should I work?" It says, "Let me work, let others sit. Let me work for a thousand persons, and the Divine will give me the strength to work for two thousand persons."

38th week

Bring all the best flowers from all the gardens of the world, mentally, and lay them at the feet of the all-seeing, all-knowing God. Remember it is not imagination - the act of the mind is more real than the physical act. God does not judge you by your physical acts, God judges you in your motives, intentions, and mental activities. And if in your inner mind you are full of these lighted candles and beautiful flowers brought in adoration of the Divine, remember that God who is all-seeing and all-responding accepts them. That mental activity liberates you from your human narrowness.

Some people are afraid that they may become stupid by being with only one thing. They think one has great intelligence if one has many thoughts. That is a false logic, that is not true. The greatest geniuses have the fewest thoughts!

39th week

Human mind experiences the outer world through the sense of sight and the other senses, presents to you a world of opposite experiences, of limitations, of appearances; a limited world which is constantly changing, perishing, arising - a world of time, space and causation. As long as you are experiencing this world, your glorious philosophy of the Infinite is nonsense. Your wondrous mental vision of the Kingdom of Heaven is profitless, useless. Your fine philosophy that you talk so well, so beautifully and eloquently, is of no value. Your claims for spiritual life are hypocritical. You will be judged by your real practice. You will be estimated by your experience.

The wise sages who have communed with God know that what is happening around is only an appearance, and therefore there is no use being affected by it.

40th week

Wealth, however great it may be, is not a guarantee for happiness and peace. A beautiful, healthy strong body is no guarantee for peace, happiness and joy in life. Most beautiful wives and wonderful sons are no guarantee for peace or happiness.

Everything depends upon how you react to things. If you react to these divine songs by powerfully feeling the mighty oceanic presence of the Divine, if you find yourself before the effulgence and beauty of the Divine, then your mind just now is wonderful. It is pure, it is with God.

In order to be blessed, be a blessing. In order to be great, be humble and develop great qualities.

41st week

The body of knowledge concerning the nature of the supreme Divinity, the body of the methods by which we can experience the Divinity, is the supreme science. It is the science of sciences. Why is this science of knowledge and the methods for Godexperience the science of sciences? Because the subject matter here is the God.

When a great person of service and sacrifice is sent to the battle-field, what does he do? With utmost urgency and under all kinds of challenges, difficulties and problems, he tries to help as many wounded soldiers as possible. He tries to finish off his work as quickly as possible. There is no jealousy, no egoism possible. There is no time for pleasure, one has to urgently attend to one's duties. Even so, the spiritual aspirant considers himself to have been sent into this battlefield of the earth, and he is here to urgently do the best works, the good works.

42nd week

When divine Mantras are being sung in this manner, if your whole intelligence is filled with peace and light, then you are progressing rapidly on the path. The impact such divine sounds have on your being, determines the nature of your mind and the extent of your spiritual development. How do you react to such things? As you are listening, if you have suddenly found the whole world disappearing into boundless Love and Light of the divine Presence, if you have found that the whole world is disappearing in the beauty and grace of the Divine, - if you have felt a strong presence around you which you feel in the same way as the wind blowing through the windows, - then you have progressed very much on the path and your heart and mind are pure.

43rd week

A truly good person is good under all conditions, and at all times. He does not say, "Others around me are not good and therefore why should I be good?" He does not feel that the whole world is bad and therefore he has no reason why he should be good. He does not say, "The good are suffering in the world, the bad are prosperous in the world: it is difficult to be good and easy to be bad, and therefore I choose the easier way." The truly good person continues to be good whether or not others around him are good. A truly good person does not waste even half a minute in seeing the defects, deficiencies and the bad side of others. That time involved in perceiving such defects is utilized by him for making so much of good that even if ten persons in the world do some bad it is not proportionate to the great good that this good person has done.

44th week

There is no possibility of investing man with infinite dignity unless we see man in relation to the ultimate Truth. It is that which makes the human individual the crown of creation, it is that which gives him a proud and glorious position and mission in the scheme of creation. Today science has reduced our world to a speck of dust: it has robbed the world of all its worth, value and dignity. Today psychology and psychoanalysis have reduced the human individual to the level of one among the animal kingdom. We have to restore the human individual to his essential glory, worth and dignity by understanding the divine Principle that he bears in himself.

Be always illuminating, a sunshine, and never expect any light from anyone or anything. This is the law of life. Be serving, never expect anyone to serve you.

45th week

Music has an intrinsic relation with the infinite divine Truth. The rhythms that we find in the cosmos are an outward expression of the inner harmony and music that is resident in the Infinite. The very nature of the Reality is infinitely musical. It is infinite harmony. There is absolute silence, and in the silence there is endless music, an infinite variety of music. The fingers of the Divine are countless, they are operative everywhere in and beyond the cosmos. Wherever the Reality is present there is boundless Beauty. Beauty is Music, Music is Love, and Love is Truth. Truth is Joy, Joy is infinite Peace, Peace is eternal Life. We are rooted in the eternal Life.

No cultural force is so powerful and effective for the transformation of the unconscious and the nature of man as music. Music is the heart of God. It is the language of Nature, and Nature is identical with the Divine in its inner being.

46th week

This divine Reality is a rhythm in Itself. It is Pranava, It is movement, It is OM, It is timeless mystical sounds. Sound is movement, sound is light, sound is love - beauty, art, science and perfection are all embodied in it. When the Lord dances, the universe comes into existence. Through the same dance He can dissolve the universe, and by the same dance He can sustain the universe.

Unless our hearts are rendered sensitive and susceptible to the Divine Presence, there is no possibility of any response to His universal Divine Presence within us and around us. By many types of discipline and processes of self-transformation, by liberation of ourselves from all dark forces, instincts, and urges, by years of practice of virtues, by much suffering and much knoweldge, we come closer to a responsiveness to the eternal Presence within and around us.

47th week

Our nature is transformed when we eliminate all kinds of unnecessary dirt and dust and so on from our inner being. It is only then that we can think of lighting the candle. Every day in our life we must be very busy and vigilant inwardly and constantly seek to eliminate every form or energy of the lower nature from inside us. There must be a constant exercise of self-conquest, an exercise of self-mastering. We should not be led away by the impulses and instincts, we must grow conscious of their pressure on us and give them a new direction, turn them towards constructive purposes.

A longing for earthly pleasures must be turned into a longing for higher pleasures - the pleasures of the mind, of service, of pursuit of knowledge, and of artistic activities. All these will liberate us from our lower nature and give us a sufficient and adequate freedom from excessive body- and physical consciousness.

48th week

God is all-perfect, all-beautiful, all-peaceful and full of inconceivable and endless harmony. He is not a judge, He is our Beloved, He is one who pours His blessings on us. It is His very nature to illuminate our path, enlighten our minds and make our lives full. Imperfections, weaknesses, crimes, evil, and darkness are non-existent wherever God is.

When a person commits suicide he commits no crime in the eyes of God, but in his ignorance he damages himself. He has done something unnatural, and therefore he suffers from his unnatural death. He is punished by his own action, he is not punished by God. The inflictor of punishment is his own action.

49th week

Life is a passing show, a fleeting phenomenon. Behind this life there is the eternal Truth, the Mind of God, the Presence of God, the Reality of God. This Reality contains all kingdoms, all wonders in Itself. It is everlasting, It is not passing show but ever-abiding Truth, Reality, Joy, Peace and Perfection.

The human individual is lost and absorbed in the passing beauty of the external things. The blessed aspiring individual is conscious of the divine Beauty behind the beauty of nature, and therefore he is absorbed in the abiding indescribably beautiful Beauty of the Divine. The outer beauty in nature has acted as a stimulus for absorption into the Beauty of the Divine behind.


50th week

Be sure you can never be without Him, even for a twinkling of an eye. He is always with you. The wise man and the saint, the blessed, the spiritually illuminated, see this Reality more clearly than you now see two candles on the table.

No great saint, poet, sage, philosopher or prophet has ever succeeded in describing the beauty of the Divine, so wonderful is the Divine. It is indescribable. Even if all the heavens were filled with persisting beauty it would be ugliness in comparison to the indescribable beauty of the mere presence of the Divine. Try to understand this more and more. This understanding is the greatest thing that you can carry with you after your death.


51st week

The deep-sleep state teaches you that there is unending, infinite, immeasurable happiness and peace in being with the One. There is endless stillness in being with the One. But the moment you are conscious of many things, of the body and environment, the moment there are two thoughts in you, troubles arise.

How to be consciously with this one Existence, with this one God of infinite Peace and Happiness? There is the method of constantly thinking of only one thing, of the Divine. How do you think of the Divine constantly? By repeating the name of the Divine, the same name you repeat again and again; and as you repeat the name of the Divine your mind is automatically brought from different things back to the Divine.


52nd week

A person who is becoming master of the Mantra, though he is seeing many things, is only with one thing. He is a man in 'deep-sleep' though he is talking to us and working with us. He is a man in unending Peace and Happiness, in Illumination and Knowledge, though he is talking with us, asking us what is a typewriter and how does it work; though he is seeing the movies, or though he is amidst people; though apparently he does not know how to make a tomato soup, and is watching how it is being made. He is a man in deep-sleep state. His state is comparable to deep-sleep state, with a great difference: in the deep-sleep state you know nothing, from that state you cannot talk, you cannot work, you are not conscious in that state. Whereas here in this type of deep-sleep state you are full of inner Light, you are full of the Consciousness of the Divine, you can talk and move about. You are fully conscious of what you are experiencing.

L ife has to be fulfilled in That which is infinitely greater than life. What is it that is infinitely greater than life? The Divine. There is nothing greater than the Divine. Be intoxicated by the thought of the Divine, live for the Divine, breathe for the Divine, be inspired by the knowledge of the Divine. Swami Omkarananda


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