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This Moment You Can Be an Angel

Your Great Mission on Earth

A Great Blessing to the World You Are


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This Moment You Can Be an Angel

Just now, in this moment, it is possible for you to execute in yourself these great functions of an angel:

one, to flush your face with the warmth and light of divine love;

two, to close your eyes and intensely wish happiness, prosperity, welfare, to all mankind;

three, to say, with all the power of your inner being, ‚May Peace be to the North, Peace to the South, Peace to the East, Peace to the West!' -

four, to assert, ‚It is my responsibility to help mankind make a Heaven on earth, by myself being good, hard-working, serviceful, sacrificing';

five, to close your eyes and exalt your consciousness in inward silence, and say with all the heart, ‚Never was I at any time outside God';

six, to fill the mind with the reflection upon the Nature of God, upon God's omnipresence, omniscience, upon God as the immediate Reality of realities, as the infinite Peace, Love, Joy, Grace, Perfection;

seven, to stand back in consciousness, from the circumstances you are in, and gently affirm, ‚This trial shall pass away like a cloud; that pleasure too passes away. I shall seek and find the Delights of divine Wisdom, Peace, Consciousness and Experience'.

If you cannot do this in this minute, it can be that you would not be able to do it later on. With the passing away of this moment, you might be overcome by some weakness of your old nature. Therefore, right now engage yourself in the functions that are characteristic of the Angel within you. You can keep up this practice several times a day, and for several years to come. You will find yourself a point of God's Peace and Presence, Grace and Light.

Perfection has to be built up right from this moment. Now, you can become universal in your inner being, forgive in your heart everyone and everything that offended you, and radiate generous sentiments. This minute you can reflect upon some great spiritual truth, some great passage of the Bible, and sublimate and exalt your emotions and personal nature.

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Your Great Mission on Earth

Look not for a prophet to descend from heaven, and to redeem mankind. Earnestly say your little prayer now, and that shall be a little prophet. Expect not the birth of a saint in the world, to make a little sunshine in human environs. Check a wrong thought in yourself, and render strong a noble feeling, and in this minute feel the Presence of God. The earth, then, will be holy and joyous. Wait not for an angel to be sent down to the earth from somewhere in the blue vault. Let an angelic faith, wisdom, patience, sweetness, light, action, arise from within yourself. Wait not for the governments to make of the world a nice place to live in. This minute, make of your home, by the use of all your highest resources, a heaven, and all the world will gently turn to your way.

Hope not to be great one day. This minute, be charitable, self-restrained, devoted to noblest aims, goals and ideals, and a great man is soon bound to emerge from you.

Every time you forgive the enemies, bless all creation, thank for everything, attune yourself to the divine Presence, affirm the Kingdom of Love, Peace, Power, Grace and Joy, Christ is born in you. A St. Francis can now arise from your blessed heart, if only you permit yourself to be wrapped in the spiritual Consciousness in which he was clothed. Every time you ask big questions on the why and wherefore of the universe, on the nature of the inner Consciousness, the relations between man and Truth or God, a philosopher is born in you. Every time you liberate reason from the smoke of misleading emotions, prejudices, preferences, and study life dispassionately, a rare scientist is born in you. There are all kinds of greatest men, angels, powers and possibilities of God, in yourself. Know yourself more. You are hardly using five per cent of your inner energies and abilities. Demand more from yourself, and it cannot but be that your life is inexhaustible in its heaven-making resources.

Beloved of the eternal, unchanging, all-perfect Truth! Relieve the burdens of the world, at least by one-millioneth by the smile on your lips. A grain sown, a rose watered, a brother loved, a trouble taken, a joy given, a labour accomplished, a book of light studied, a gentle thought released into the cosmos, a silent sense of the Infinite, - these build the Heaven on earth. This is your mission today. It will inspire others to do likewise, and thus change the world. This is the way you can change the world.

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A Great Blessing to the World You Are

That love in your heart is a light. That noble feeling, that divine thought, that kind deed, is a light. Go on shining more and yet more in the light of your generous feelings, bright and broad ideas, grand and inspiring vision, faith, patience, action, life.

No light, however small, complains against darkness. Light is always triumphant, and its non-reacting, non-resisting, passive, luminous sweetness, carries in itself tremendous power. Express your Power by just being the light that you are.

Though the darkness in the cave is millions of years old, the light, when brought in dispels it instantly. Not all the mighty and overpowering darkness that has enveloped the world, can in the least affect the little light. Continue to be the light that you are, and observe the wonder your being is.

Bless the world by the Light your heart is, by the Grace your mind is, by the constant self-expression of your normal inner capacities, energies, abilities. Let your light profit everyone and everything around you.

Stars shine only to illuminate the pathways of other people. No river drinks its own waters. No tree eats its own fruits. No rose enjoys its own beauty and smells its own fragrance. Everything in nature lives and labours, for everything else. Service is its own reward and its own joy. As a star, as a river, as a tree, as a flower, - let your life be a blessing to all mankind.

Thereby, you grow more and yet more, and your capacities for true enjoyment and fulfillment of life, are exalted, widened, ennobled. Let all in you be divine.

Never underestimate your value to the rest of the world. Shine and shine; bless and yet more bless. Bless the world. Bless mankind. Bless the creation. Bless everything and everyone. Bless by a good thought, a good word, a kind act, an act of sacrifice, an act of selflessness. Let the world profit by the grand results of your achievements. Let others enjoy the solid results of your hard labours. The Kingdom of Heaven, the divine Consciousness within you, is inexhaustible in its treasures.

Kindly, unfold them yet more and more, and continue to bless the world.

May the omnipotent Hands of the all-loving Father protect you from all sides, and pour into your dynamic works the Grace that is fulfillment, happiness, blessedness. May God come into your everyday lives, as infinite Love, Light, Peace, Strength, Beauty. May Jesus enter into the structure of your consciousness and life, and stay with you always, as a Presence that blesses, a Goodness that works gentle wonders, and above all, as dynamic God-experience. May your purified hearts of spiritual sensibilities and knowledge enable you to see God in all things, and in all beings, and at all times.


Swami Omkarananda

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